Interview with Dean Banoweitz

Interview with Dean Banoweitz, Idol Hairstylist

Dean was interviewed by Kiss 95.9.  Check out both interviews posted on the site.  He had some interesting things to say about the Top 7 and 8.

  • According to Dean, during the Top 8 Results show, Elliott was “horrified”.  Apparently, he knew he would have to sing that night.  However, the contestants had no idea they’d be seeing film clips of their loved ones that night.  When Ryan asked each of the Bottom 3 to sing, the reaction was, “Are you kidding me? I have to sing now?”
  • Who Dean loves more after seeing their family video packages:  Katharine and Elliott.
  • Who Dean loves on the show:  Elliott, Katharine and Taylor
  • Dean on Taylor: “He’s hysterical to work on…like if I put his bangs down, he puts them back up. He does the exact opposite of what I do.”
  • Dean thinks if Chris got booted tomorrow, he’d still have a successful career.  He thinks he’s a pretty nice guy, but obviously doesn’t spend much time with him.
  • Dean’s nightmare final two: Ace and Kellie.  Said Dean,  “Go ahead and shoot us now”.
  • Dean on Ace: “He’s just weird”  He agreed with the DJ that Ace was “creepy”  That “Constantine didn’t take himself seriously, this one does.” And that Ace is “contrived.”  Dean had no kind words for Ace.
  • Dean on Kellie: He thinks she really is stupid.  “She does so many ridiculous things, you can’t even imagine.”
  • Ford sends a stylist over to do the contestant’s hair for the car commercials.  They cut Taylor’s hair, much to Dean’s annoyance.
  • Dean on Paris: She likes to try something new every week. 
  • Dean on Bucky:  He liked when he wore a hat.  He really hated that Bucky shaved his hair underneath.  The DJ called the hairdo “trailer trash.”
  • Dean on the competition, “It’s a big ole’ popularity contest.”
  • Dean swears the Bottom 3 is strictly calculated on votes. “It’s all for real”.
  • Dean liked Ryan’s beard.  The one on his face, that is.

thanks chuck