Spoilers — Top 10 Guys

In case ya’all need your memories refreshed, here are the spoilers for tonight’s Top 10 Guy’s performance show:

  • Will Makar – “Lady” –  by Lionel Richie
  • Ace – “If You’re Not the One” –  by Daniel Bedingfield
  • David Radford – “The Way You Look Tonight”  –  Standard, by Frank Sinatra and others,  recently done by Rod Stewart
  • Taylor Hicks – “Easy” –  by The Commodores, I believe
  • Bucky Covington – “When the Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks
  • These did not come from the same place as last night’s fake spoilers, so I think we’re good.

    Some gossip from around the net:

    Look for Bucky Covington’s new hairstyle tonight.   His sister was getting her hair done during the show because she was too nervous to watch.   When the stylists found out who she was, they rushed into another room to check out her brother.   They were so horrified by his hair, a team from the salon, located  in North Carolina, decided to fly out to LA to fix it–after his sister cleared it with the producers.   The team cut his hair (but kept his ponytail intact at his request) and freshened up his highlights.   Watch for the results tonight.   Thanks to HH by way of TWOP for that tidbit.

    That rumor about Katharine McPhee leaving Idol  had a kernel of truth to it.   Rumor has it, all of the contestants are feeling the stress and exhaustion from the show’s long hours–which showed in last night’s low energy performances. And, when Katharine, who lives in the local LA area, wanted to leave the hotel to go home  and rest–some of the kids complained.   After all, most of the  contestants are miles away from their own homes, without the luxury of family nearby, like Katharine.  They felt allowing her to go home just wouldn’t be fair. The producers made  her stay, but her mom was insisting that she  be allowed to leave.    Mom said that if she “doesn’t get the rest that she needs, ”   they would find somebody to get  Katharine medically released from  her contract.   This happened over the weekend–and you will note that Katharine is still with us–so not to worry.    That tidbit, making its way around the internets, originally found at Survivor Sucks.