News Roundup Part III

News Roundup Part III

A couple of articles I missed yesterday:

Here’s a fairly in-depth interview with Simon Cowell written by Bill Carter, media reporter for the New York Times.  You will need a NYT registration (free) to access the article.  Simon talks about some of the projects he has in the works, including an Idol-style inventors show and another talent show for NBC that features Las Vegas-style entertainment.

I missed this Access Hollywood online article completely.  It covers a lot of the same ground as the on-air interviews I posted yesterday, but there are a few added tidbits:

  • Melissa McGhee is the currently reigning “Miss Sunburst” and Idol producers have gotten a hold of the footage and plan on featuring it.  I wonder if we’ll see footage from Kellie’s pageant days?  Ha.  That would conflict with her Idol image that she just sprung from a cabbage patch (not a spinach patch, of course).
  • Idol hair stylist, Dean Banowetz, says that he plans to make Taylor Hicks’s salt and pepper hair a little darker.
  • Katharine McPhee swears there was no dust-up over her wanting to sleep at her home in Sherman Oaks, rather than the hotel with the other Idols.  Whatever you say, Kat.
  • Eliminated Idol contestant, Ayla Brown says that if she had made the Top 3, she would have given up her b-ball scholarship to Boston College.
  • Math is Will Makar’s favorite subject.

Thanks to the reader who informed me that Barry Manilow’s record of 50’s tunes is currently out and doing very well on the charts.  Yesterday I posted that the CD would be released shortly.  I was mistaken.