News Roundup Part II

News Roundup Part Two

I downloaded a 15 minute Access Hollywood Podcast from Idol Forums here. Some highlights:

  • When asked who he thought would win, Simon Cowell said, “Paris or Chris…no Kellie or Chris”  Then he said, “I know who America will like…Kellie, Chris, Taylor, Mandisa and Ace.”
  • The Top 24 had to do their own wardrobe, hair and makeup.  Katharine McPhee helped Kellie Pickler with her makeup and the girls in general helped the guys.  Help with styling begins with the Top 12
  • Chris Daughtry confirmed that the band Fuel offered him a spot as lead singer.  Chris said that he turned it down–he wants to keep the “momentum going here.” I’m sure it had nothing to do with that iron-clad contract. heh.  He’s hoping to eventually write songs with band member Chris Bell.

The secrets of the Top 12 finalists according to TMZ. Ace Young really really really likes Michael Jackson.  Paris Bennett didn’t like Brenna Gethers (but who did?) and don’t mess with Katharine McPhee’s song choice.  Hey, can anyone slide me the email address of that hotel employee with all the gossip? Eh, I hear the kids are moving to a “gated community” soon.  Maybe the security guard? Nah, prolly not.

Anybody interested in attending an Idol taping might want to bookmark this site.  On Camera Audiences provides free tickets to tapings of many TV shows, including American Idol.  Right now, tickets are available for this Tuesday’s Dress Rehearsal.

Appearing on Idol

According to J records (warning-music blares when site is opened–ugh).  Barry Manilow will be performing on American Idol Wednesday March 22.  He’s got a record of 50’s music coming out shortly.  Maybe that week will feature the kids singing 50’s tunes?  And Rod Stewart will appear, Wednesday April 19.  Rod has been recording standards lately.  Could be that week’s theme is the Great American Songbook.


I receive lots of comments and questions throughout the week.  Again–thanks to those who leave links, tips, corrections, opinions, etc.  I can’t say thank you enough.  I appreciate the kudos and even the hate mail.

Speaking of which, I only got two hate letters regarding what I posted about Katharine yesterday.  I know you are, but what am I?  I don’t post every bit of gossip that comes my way.  But when I hear something more than once, from more than one person, I pay attention.  And no, my sources aren’t 12 year olds.  I post it as rumor–the stuff folks are talking about.  Choose to believe it or not.

3D wrote to tell me that last year, The Top 20 semi-finals were live.  I said previously that the semi-finals had never been live, and that Season 4 went live for the first time with the Top 11.  EEEHHHHRRR.   Wrong.  Thank you, 3D for setting me straight.  I went to my torrents (maybe I shoulda done that in the first place? DING.) and here’s what I found:

  • Top 24 – Taped
  • Top 20 – Live
  • Top 16 – Live
  • Top 12 – Taped
  • Top 11 – Taped
  • Extra Show – Live (wrong phone numbers were flashed on screen for a few contestants Tuesday. The votes were thrown out.  A live show featuring performance reviews and voting was hastily put together for Wednesday. The results were moved to Thursday).
  • Top 10 and beyond – Live
  • All results shows are Live

I was outed last Monday.  Some IDFers wanted to know whether I was a boy or a girl.  Well, the last time I checked I was female…yeah.  Chris Ambler wrote to say:

So now that the word is out that you’re female, and everyone knows that in addition to being a domain superslueth I’m also a glamour photographer, I suspect everyone will agree that you need some photos posted :-) (hey! put down that knife!)

Trust me, the last thing this site needs is my picture.  I’ll say “you’re welcome” in advance.  But thanks anyway, Chris…

Michael from posted the following:

You should post your comments and opinions within one hour of the show, even if you add to them later

I’m seriously,  the slowest writer on the planet.  And a procrastinator.  I usually manage to get them up by morning.  Like 4 am in the morning…

One last thing.  A few people have accused me of being biased.  Well yeah.  I post my opinion here, and opinion by nature is biased.  But don’t worry.  Eventually I’ll get around to criticizing everyone, including my favorites.  I look forward to pissing off each and every one of you. 

Keep writing! Thanks.