Spoilers are few and far between this week, kids.  Actually, they’re non-existent. Sorry ’bout that.

Here’s some fun and hints from the highly amusing Taylor Hicks “Goldfish Patrol” thread at the Official idolonfox.com boards.  “Ray” and “Lamont” have been holding court there for the past couple of days.  Here are a few of their hints: (edited my own speculation — and remember, these are rumors–deep breaths, kids…and “Ray” and “Lamont” are the names of Taylor’s Pet fish?  Duh.  I need some things spelled out…thanks jena)

  • “Look for Daddy to perform the only pure and authentic Stevie Wonder song of the evening.”
  • “Look for Pauler to say that Daddy’s more authentic than even Stevie Wonder.”
  • “You know how one contestant has a cap protruding from his back pocket? Wait til you see what protrudes from Daddy’s”–ETA: Taylor might be playing harmonica? Or maybe it will just be sticking out his back pocket…
  • “Watch for Pauler to stand in ovation for Daddy tonight, as she noticeably transfers her affections to the next American Idol.”
  • “Ryan will be totally respectful toward Simon tonight, but will totally humiliate Pauler.”

I have no idea who these guys are–they sorta popped out of nowhere far as I can tell.  But, I’m guessing they could be privvy to what’s been happening at the rehearsals.  We’ll see tonight.  Thanks to the kind reader who pointed me in the right direction.

Oh, and Soul Patrollers?  I don’t post but I do lurk. Hee.

There’s been speculation that Paris Bennett will be performing “Signed Sealed and Delivered” and Chris Daughtry, “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”.  But ya DIDN’T hear that from me–this is purely a message board rumor.

More info on the roommate situation at the Idol apartments–Bucky Covington is rooming with Kevin Covais and his parents!

The TV Guide channel “Idol Chat” program has been re-tooled.  It’s now called Idol Tonight and will feature Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez Live on the Idol “red carpet” at 7 pm.  One of tonight’s guests is AI3’s  Jon Peter Lewis.  Watch for JPL in the Idol audience tonight, too.

Here’s a spin-filled USA Today article on the Top 12.  Interesting factoid: AI5 is running 12% ahead of last season’s ratings.  The spin? The producers have toned down their manipulations.  And this year’s talent pool is much deeper than last.  I haven’t sat down and done a real comparison between the seasons, but my gut tells me that isn’t true.  Geez, those journalists they interviewed from Rolling Stone and Daily Variety? Sound like PR flacks.