Next Week: Songs of the 21st Century


Mark your calendars for Tuesday’s show at 8/7c to see who masters the music of the 21st century. Then, come back Wednesday, 9/8c, for the results  (thanks for the heads up on this, commenters)

“Music of the 21st Century” is a broad theme that allows the contestants to sing current music.  The Top 6 last year (Season 4) used the same theme–only it was called “Songs of the New Millennium”.  Bo Bice performed “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin Degraw and Constantine sang, regrettably,  Nickleback’s “How You Remind Me”.  Constantine was eliminated the next night.  The theme should help the current fav, Chris Daughtry, stay within his comfort zone for another week.  But, I think the broad theme will help all the contestants pick songs they can perform comfortably

After I posted my recap last night, I expected a lot of you to post, “Are you crazy? I’m so glad Kevin’s gone!”  But I’m pleasantly surprised to see some luv here for Kevin.  Leaving 11th place, he didn’t overstay his welcome.  That’s a good thing.

I failed to mention this in my recap:  Although I could have done without Barry Manilow’s performance last night, I think he did a wonderful job with the kids. He obviously knows how to get the best out of each singer he works with.  His music isn’t my style, but I do recognize that he is a talented producer, composer and arranger.  I think Elliott and Kevin especially benefited from Barry’s coaching.