Kevin Covias Says Goodbye

Not many interviews with Idol Bootee Kevin Covais online yet.  I’ll post more tomorrow.  In the meantime, Kevin tells MTV:

  • About his performance, “I would say this was by far my best week. I was never into the song as much as I was this week. The song was perfect for me, and everything seemed right. So the fact that I was eliminated is a little bittersweet, but it’s nice to go out on top, knowing you did your best, so no harsh feelings at all.”
  • About talking back to Simon, “I think I won respect. As far as the votes, maybe people voted for me for it, maybe people thought I was arrogant and didn’t vote for me. I wasn’t expecting to say what I said, but when I said it, I was happy I did. I had taken four weeks of negative comments from him and I flipped the script on him, and I think he actually respected me for it. He was testing me, and I apparently passed the test. So there’s a mutual respect now between me and Simon.”
  • About the ladies, “I can honestly tell you that before [“Idol”], I was pretty confident with girls. The only difference was I didn’t have celebrity status. I’m more confident now, of course. I’m sure certain girls will just want a celebrity who’s been on TV, but I’ll watch out for those girls.”

Kevin is confident with the girls, and says so.  That’s awesome.

Apparently, “Chicken Little” came out on DVD this week, and has been advertised on all week.  What a coincidence?

And here’s Entertainment Weekly’s interview with Kevin:

  • About the Judges feedback, “I try not to analyze it and say Simon’s opinion is 10 times more important than anyone else’s. I take what each of them has to say and I respect what they all say. But I love the feedback I’ve gotten from Randy best.”
  • Best advice he got from a judge, “I think what Simon said to me, which was, ‘You had a lot of courage. You’re a really brave guy on the show.’ I’m going to take that with me, because I know if I can stand up to Simon I can stand up to anyone.”
  • About this week’s Ford Commercial, “It was a bit uncomfortable, being in all that sand. It was actually on this raised board, and they propped me up and I had to hold myself like that for 20 minutes. But when all the attractive model girls came over, it was all worth it.”
  • About the Sex Symbol thing, “The sex-symbol thing… In all honesty, it was like a joke. I was just trying to be funny and lighten the mood. People sometimes can’t tell when I’m serious or joking, and that was me joking when I said I was a sex symbol. I consider myself a pretty funny guy.”
  • About “Chicken Little”, “Actually, that was during Hollywood week. She (Paris) said, ”You look like Chicken Little!” and would yell out ”Chicken Little!” from across the room. And then all the remaining contestants, all 108 of them from Hollywood week, knew me as Chicken Little. The show asked me if I was okay with the comparison and if they could use it on the air and I said, ”Go for it. Let’s make good TV.” The show would never take advantage of me. All the gangsta stuff, the sex-symbol stuff, the Chicken Little stuff — a lot of it was my idea.”
  • About his future, “I definitely plan on pursuing the entertainment business. I was a little leery about the whole Hollywood thing when I was a young kid. I didn’t know if I would fit into that. But doing all this press, it’s really exciting. I think I do okay with it. I’d like to pursue television, maybe movies, and definitely music.”

When Kevin was compared to Chicken Little on the show,  there was some angry reaction from fans who felt the producers were forcing Kevin into a humiliating position.  But, just as I suspected, Kevin was totally in on the joke. And it seems that, not only was he complicit in his portrayal, he actually helped the producers create his “character”.  Smart kid.

All about Paula

It seems like every couple of weeks, there’s a rash of “Paula iz craazy” articles in the press.  This week’s fresh crop includes this Defamer post, where Paula is quoted telling Rolling Stone, about why she doesn’t rip into contestants,   “It’s not my role. Why should I, when the guys to the right and left of me [Simon Cowell] will crush them? And that’s on top of the fact that I have a vagina. Though I do check between my legs to see if something else is sprouting down there.” 

Alrighty then.

And I’m sure many of you have seen this from Jeannette Walls, where Paula blames her “goofiness” on Simon and the “things” he whispers in her ear.  Yes Paula, they are all out to get you.  Insiders also claim that Paula is upset that Kellie Pickler values Simon’s support more than hers.  Paula’s prolly just jellus that Simon didn’t call her a “mink”.  MEOW. 

This bit of gossip claims Paula was almost fired earlier this month, because she was “crying all the time and arriving late for meetings”  That she cries all the time is something I’ve heard over and over again from people who’ve been exposed to Paula.  However, crying doesn’t sound like a firable offence to me.  And I can’t imagine the producers wanting to replace Paula with Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears. How dull.  Some commenters here suggested Deborah Harry of Blondie as a replacement.  Heh.  Debbie has said to the press that she’s a big AI fan.  Interesting idea.

But face it, nobody could replace Paula.  Her loopiness and unpredictability are highly entertaining.  Can anyone who saw it, forget her giant meltdown when Constantine Maroulis was booted last year?  I’m sure the producers know they’d be hard-pressed to find that kind of unintentional hilarity in a mere “star” like Britney or Jessica.  Pauler’s money, baby. 

Last thing tonight: Here’s an interesting article about whether or not older singers can succeed at Idol.  Personally, I think raising the age limit last year really improved the show.  A performer who’s got a little experience and more of an idea of who they are,  is way more interesting to me than somebody who doesn’t.