Rollingstone Cover Story

Randy, Simon and Paula are on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone.  An excerpt from the article inside,  is posted here.  I just bought the magazine and plan on digging in tonight. I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

Here’s a longer interview with Idol bootee,  Kevin Covais, from, which usually posts a pretty good transcript of the big conference call interview the bootee gives the next day.

Not much new in this interview.  Here’s a comment about his roomate Bucky Covington, who stood on the seal with Kevin,  “…me and Bucky were in close quarters and me and Bucky were really tight.  Bucky is an amazing guy and I’m just thrilled for him that he’s going to continue on this journey.”

And about breaking up with his girlfriend as a strategy to win more votes, “Just for the record, I broke up with my girlfriend before the voting even started.  You can tell that to all the people.  But no, I mean, it’s ridiculous.  It’s tabloids trying to come up with stuff.  Honestly, I broke up with my girlfriend because I just wanted to be friends with her.  I’ve got nothing for you, I’m sorry.”

ETA: A commenter here just jogged my memory (thanks J).  It was Kevin’s girlfriend who initially said they broke up to improve his chances in the competition.  In fact, she makes a passing reference to it in this video.  TMZ, who reported the story,  overblew a throw-away remark, but they didn’t make it up.