Top 11 Results

Top 11 Results – Recap

A picture named Top11ResKevinb.jpegKevin Covais goes home

This is going to sound crazy, but I’m kinda sad to see Kevin go.  I was a little ticked when he was advanced passed Will Makar and Gedeon McKinney–both superior vocalists–for the Top 12.  And the only reason he did advance, was the positive, and sometimes patronizing attention he received.  From the chicken little comparisons–to declaring him a sex symbol–to Randy and Paula gushing over his vocals when he was clearly not all that, while Simon played the meanie.


A picture named Top11LisaSafe.jpeg

It appeared that Kevin was being set up to play the foil, spoiler and class clown.  ‘Cause ya know, it’s good Tee Vee.  And if he had managed to outlast some of the vocally superior, but lesser pimped contestants like Elliott or Bucky–it would have started water coolers across America buzzing–but could have gotten ugly for 16 year old Kevin.  So, like a big sister, I found myself defending him.  And in the process, I grew to respect him–he really is a tough, spunky kid–even if not a great singer.  And, his old MySpace–which I believe is no longer available since he became a Top 12 contestant–revealed a smart, self-deprecating teen with a sharp sense of humor.  Kevin really grew on me.

Don’t misunderstand, I would have been upset if he had outlasted Elliott or even Bucky.  But damn, I really wanted Kevin on the tour!  I found him way more entertaining than the vocally superior but Disney-fied and ultimately boring Lisa Tucker.  Happily, though, Kevin went out on a high note, with his personal best.  And he left before he outstayed his welcome–which could have become gruesome–and for Kevin, an unpleasant experience.  

A picture named Top11BarryManilow.jpegA Plea to the Producers

Please, please ditch the dull not-so-current guest stars performing not-so-current tunes from their latest whatever CD.  Barry Manilow singing the dated, corny “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” was absolutely, totally an experience I could have lived without.  PLEASE bring back the tacky, cheesy, hilarious group sings.  Make sure there’s lots of crappy choreography.  And make sure it’s a medley, Ok?  Thank yeww.

Dang, I miss those group numbers.

A picture named BarryandBobby.jpeg

But, Ok producers.  I forgive you this time.  Seeing Bobby Bennett get the chance to meet his idol, Barry Manilow, was actually worth sitting through Barry’s craptastic song.  Could Bobby have been any more excited?  What should have happened was Bobby and Barry dueting on “Copacabana.”  Now, that would have been awesome…

And then there were 10

It only took 10 minutes to go through the elimination process.  I liked that.  Ace Young – safe.  He did not sing well Tuesday–but pimp spot and judges tongue bath–yeah, no kidding he’s safe.  Elliott – pleasebesafepleasebesafepleasebesafe (he scored dead last in the Dialidol A picture named Top11Bottom3.jpegstatistics–which so far hasn’t proven to be very good at predicting the loser) — Safe. YES.  When Kellie parroted “What’s a ballsy?” when Ryan repeated what Simon said about her performance (that it was “ballsy”), I thought, “Ok, America….you all  see how FAKE this is right?”  Either the producers are feeding her these stupid lines, or she’s making this crap up off the top of her head.  Either way, I think tonight, Kellie Pickler officially jumped the shark–she’s now a parody of herself–if it’s possible to be a parody of a parody.

The Bottom Three–the contestants sitting smack dab in the middle of the front line–Bucky Covington, Lisa Tucker and Kevin Covais.  Lisa is sent right back to her seat.  Drat.  I really thought she’d be going home.  She’s too young,  and her performances are dull.  Poor Bucky is yet again right on the bubble.  He looked like he was going to pass out.  I couldn’t blame him–the difference between 11th and 10th place is A LOT of cash–to be made on the Top 10 summer tour.A picture named Top11BuckySafe.jpeg

Paula was crying.  And what was she babbling about at the end when she was giving “advice” to Bucky and Kevin? Ever the drama queen. 

When it came down to Bucky and Kevin–I was rooting for Bucky.  Besides the cash windfall, I think his making the Top 10 means a lot to his family and friends back in his little hometown, Rockingham NC.  And, he is the better singer.

A picture named BuckyandKevin.jpegBy the way, getting rid of teenagers before the Top 10 actually works out well for management–not only do they have to house the contestant–but the contestants guardians too when they make the tour.  The more adults on the tour–the better the bottom line. 

So in the end, I guess it’s all good.  Nice memories, and a classy, mature exit for Kevin.  Bye Kid.  Good luck in school.  In Levittown, yer gonna be the man…