Fantasia’s Sophmore Effort Drops Today

Fantasia’s Self-Titled Sophmore Effort Drops Today

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Taylor Hicks isn’t the only Idol with an album dropping today. Season 3 Idol Fantasia’s self-titled sophomore effort drops too.  You can listen to her entire album here courtesy of AOL Music.

Like her fellow Idol Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia took control.  She recently left 19 Management  to join Violator Management,  a firm that specializes in R&B/hip-hop artists.

And she took charge in the studio.  When Fantasia began recording, she told her producers that this time, “I wanted more live music and up-tempo tunes.”  She says, “I remember going into the studio early on, and it just wasn’t right…I wanted a modern-day Aretha Franklin meets Tina Turner…They finally got it. I told them to give me something that makes you feel good.”

The result is mostly uptempo beats, with a few ballads thrown in the mix.  Fantasia was joined in the studio by a roster of heavy hitters including Big Boi, Missy Elliott, Aretha Franklin, Swizz Beatz, Babyface, Sean Garrett and Dre & Vidal.

The buzz has been good on this one.  We’ll see how it fares on the charts next week.