More news from Taylor Hicks

More news from Taylor Hicks

The Taylor Hicks publicity machine keeps rolling.  Here are a few articles for your reading pleasure.

Taylor has been keeping details about his upcoming album under wraps, but he does let out little bits of information here and there.

In this AOL music news story, Taylor reveals,  “There have been some great songs that have been given to me, a Bryan Adams [track] being one of them…He sent me a song that’s just so killer, man.”

 Bryan Adams has written many hit songs–for himself and others–including “Heaven” and “The Summer of 69”.  At first blush it seems a little weird that Taylor would get so excited about a tune written by a bland 80’s pop guy.  However, Adams has written songs for Bonnie Raitt and Joe Cocker–two fellow blues-inspired artists–so I’ll take a wait and see attitude on this one.

Taylor’s people also scored a short interview for him in Relix magazine, which covers the Jam band scene.  Relix is a real music lovers mag–definitely a major boost to the cred post AI:

Despite the moans of “What is Relix doing covering the winner from American Idol – a show many probably find to be the antithesis of what this publication is all about – it should be known that Taylor Hicks is one of our own. Whether it was picking up the harmonica at 15, seeing Widespread Panic and Phish in the mid ’90s, promotion his own Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and Derek Trucks shows or opening for Robert Randolph, Hicks has stepped himself in the live music tradition. In fact, he credits much of it for his win.

Lastly, this MTV/VH1 article spills even more info on the album.  Pedal-steel guitar player, Robert Randolph, will play on one of the tunes.

“I opened for Robert Randolph when I was trying to make it [big], and we actually ran into each other not too long ago, ” Hicks said. “There is a song on the album that I think he’ll really do well with.”

Taylor played impromptu harp on a tune at a Randolph gig a few months back. 

Also, Taylor has co-written a song with John Mayer:

“Me and John Mayer wrote a song together, ” Hicks said. “He’s got a great brain. And we come from the same background.”

Songs written by Taylor pre-idol will also be included.   His album drops December 5.

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