Chris Daughtry at Home

Chris Daughtry at Home

Chris Daughtry is back in North Carolina after wrapping up the recording of his upcoming album, “Daughtry”.  This Friday, November 3,  he headlines the North Carolina State homecoming concert in Raleigh, NC.  Here’s a recent interview with the Greensboro, NC News Record.

About the sound of his upcoming album, “Daughtry”:

I think there’s some heavier songs on that album, but there’s definitely the radio songs and a couple ballads on there. I think it crosses all doors , and I think it reaches out to a wide audience, but it’s all rock at the end of the day. It all has that edge to it.

That’s who I am, so it’s very important. For me to make a career out of something that’s not me would be miserable. It was the most important thing entering into this project. What I write, what comes out of it, it’s gonna sound like a rock song. (But) I do have a soft side, and you’ll see that on the album.

Chris’s album is set to drop November 21.