Taylor Taylor Taylor

Taylor Taylor Taylor

Listen to  sneak previews of 3  tunes from Taylor Hicks’  upcoming self-titled album.   You can find streams  running at Gray Charles,  Taylor Hicks.com and Taylor’s My Space.   My verdict on the three songs?   “Runaround” is a great record with  a  big sound and  a big beat.  It reminds me of the classic radio songs  of the 60’s and 70’s–but with a modern  sound.   Me likey.  “Dream Myself Awake” is a  Rob Thomas  ballad.   It’s a bit syrupy  for my tastes, but I  can imagine it becoming a Hot AC hit.    “The Right Place” was written by Bryan Adams for Ray Charles and it’s goose-bump beautiful.    Taylor’s vocals are front and center  on this one.   His take is gorgeous and  moving.  

Taylor has a short period of time to produce this first  record.   And, as the American Idol, he’s expected to move a lot of units.    Honestly, I’m not expecting a lot from this first outing.   But,  so far, it appears that he’s managing to produce some quality music despite the constraints he’s working under.   I’m encouraged.

He’s re-doing a few of his old songs–“Soul Thing”, “The Deal” and “Hell of a Day”.   Plus, he’s recording a cover, “Gonna Move” that’s a standard of his live set.   I’m very interested to hear what new twist he takes on these old tunes now that he has  some money and resources  at his disposal.  

More stuff:   Rehearsals.com put up the “real” rehearsal of   “Do I Make You Proud”  today.   Except that Taylor still can’t resist singing “Do I Creep You Out” instead of “Do I Make You Proud”.

I think I like this version best. Hee.