X Factor UK Headlines for 11/18/12 – PART 1

The Guardian interviews Louis Walsh, Tulisa branded a “homewrecker”. Susan Boyle does Gangnam Style dance as she performs with Donny Osmond.

Louis Walsh, X Factor judge: ‘I act the eejit. That’s my role’
Louis Walsh, pop impresario and X Factor judge, talks about music, false accusations, facelifts and hair transplants. Oh, and his idea for improving ratings (get rid of Gary)
Ach, Louis Walsh. You know the one – lisping Irishman on The X Factor, cries easily, tells contestants “I really, really believe in you … you are the real thing”, puts through terrible people (Wagner, anybody?), pronounces Wagner with a W, makes his acts sing rubbish songs, votes for acts if they’re Irish, responsible for Jedward’s infamy. You’re never quite sure why he’s there, but he always is.

Walsh walks into the London hotel in a Prada suit, pink shirt, looking smarter and stronger than X Factor Louis. He sits down, grabs a coffee, starts talking and doesn’t stop. A whirlwind. “What music do you like?” he asks. “I love music.” And before I know it he’s raced through the history of soul music, glam rock, Roy Orbison’s wife Barbara, Bowie’s early appearances with Marc Bolan, and the conversion of Cat Stevens to Islam. Phew! Exhausting. “I’m a fan,” he says with a huge grin. “I like music even though I’m working on X Factor.” He laughs at the absurdity of it all.
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District 3 lose battle of the boy bands as they are voted off X Factor after sing-off with Union J
District 3 were voted off The X Factor on Sunday after going head-to-head with fellow boy band Union J.

Their mentor Louis Walsh refused to chose between his two acts, meaning it was up to his fellow judges to decide with a majority vote.

Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger both opted to save Union J, meaning Tulisa’s would-be vote for District 3 would have been over-powered.
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Backstage drama! Rylan Clarke sheds a tear as he says his goodbye to District 3 in intimate behind the scenes snaps
He’s been in the bottom two consistently since the start of the live shows, and the fact that Rylan Clarke was saved from the sing-off on Sunday night baffled him as much as viewers at home.

In intimate behind the scenes photographs of last night’s X Factor results show, the controversial contestant was seen shedding a tear as he looked on how District 3 was voted off by the judges.

Rylan cuddled up to audience favourite Ella Henderson as they watched the dramatic turn of events which saw the young boyband booted off the show.
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Another chorus of boos! Christopher Maloney faces abuse from the crowd after he’s saved by the public AGAIN on The X Factor
He’s one of the lucky few X Factor contestants who hasn’t been in the bottom two yet.

But although Christopher Maloney was saved by the public vote yet again this week, he was met by another chorus of boos by the audience.

Although the Liverpudlian crooner has proved overwhelmingly popular with the public, he is allegedly not so popular with the X Factor staff after missing and turning up late for rehearsals.
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Dresses Are Forever! Tulisa Contostavlos follows in the footsteps of a true diva and dons a gown worn by Shirley Bassey THREE years ago
She may have turned heads with her unusual 1920s-style dress as she took to The X Factor stage on Saturday night.

But it would seem Tulisa Contostavlos’ choice of gown was by no means original.

In fact, the shimmering Temperley London number was first donned by none other than Dame Shirley Bassey at a charity event three years ago.
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Tulisa’s flagging again in X Factor style wars as Nicole Scherzinger trounces her again in flowing maxi dress
After a bizarre attempt at rocking a faux-bob on last night’s show, Tulisa Constostavlos walked on to the X Factor looking like her usual self.

Her raven hair was blow dried to perfection, and she coordinated her satin poppy with a slash of red lipstick.

However, her dress, a bodycon number with sheer panelling, was perhaps too daring for the Young singer to pull off.
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‘My little muffins are all grown-up’: Tulisa’s protegees Little Mix return to X Factor as they perform their new single DNA
Nearly a year after they won The X Factor, Little Mix returned to the place they found fame.

The four-piece showed off their figures in futuristic military-style outfits as they performed their new single DNA live on Sunday’s results show.

One person particularly excited to see them was their former mentor Tulisa Contostavlos.
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‘This is just the start for us’: District 3 vow to start gigging and writing their album after being voted off X Factor
When many acts are voted off a reality show, there’s a fear that they may fade out of the limelight but not District 3.

The boyband, who made a shock exit from X Factor on Sunday night, have promised to make the most of their experience on the ITV1 show and certainly seem positive about their future.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday morning, Greg West said: ‘We’ve had the most amazing time and we’ve made some great friends. It’s just the start for us.’
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‘X Factor’ District3: ‘Christopher Maloney is being treated horribly’
Eliminated X Factor contestants District3 have said that they “respect” Christopher Maloney for standing firm against the “horrible” backlash to his survival on the show.

The trio were sent home yesterday (November 11) after falling into the bottom two with fellow boyband Union J, but Maloney was apparently the least popular act with the studio audience, receiving boos when it was announced he had been saved.
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Chris Maloney considers quitting X Factor after producer blasts him with foul mouthed rant over continued lateness
Christopher Maloney has become public enemy number one on the X Factor after turning up late yet again to rehearsals.

The Scouser was on the receiving end of a foul mouthed rant from an under pressure show boss who called his behaviour ‘f*****g unacceptable’.

Chris, 34, was hauled to one side and screamed at by executive producer Mark Sidaway who, according to reports, lost the plot as he erupted.
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‘I’m surprised she didn’t judge it on the singing. I was annoyed’: X Factor’s Kye Sones blasts Tulisa for saving Rylan Clark
His X Factor dream came to an end last week when Tulisa Contostavlos opted to save controversial contestant Rylan Clark following a tense sing-off.

But Kye Sones has now blasted the talent show judge for her decision, admitting he was ‘annoyed’ and ‘frustrated’ that she didn’t pick the best singer to remain in the competition.

He told new! magazine: ‘I’m surprised Tulisa didn’t really judge it on the singing.

‘I was annoyed because when Carolynne [Poole] was in the bottom two, she voted to send Rylan home. That was a bit frustrating.’

Despite his X Factor journey having come to an untimely end, the 30-year-old chimmeny sweep has vowed to continue with his hopes of stardom, and is even hoping to work alongside former mentor Gary Barlow and his Take That bandmate Robbie Williams in the future.
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‘We are sync with one another’: X Factor’s Ella Henderson reveals all about that ‘romance’ Union J’s George Shelley
They have been the talk of X Factor, with millions wondering if Ella Henderson and Union J’s George Shelley have fallen in love.

And as the competition heats up on the X Factor the 16-year-old talent from Grimsby has revealed all about those romance rumours and how a duet with Beyonce could be dangerous for her health.

Ella, who was about to start sixth form when she secured a place on X Factor is keen to dispel any romance or showmance rumours.
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Sparking controversy! Tulisa Contostavlos in trouble with council after breaking the law by smoking backstage at X Factor
Gary Barlow shocked fans when he claimed she had ‘fag ash breath’.

But now the Tulisa Contostavlos has sparked fresh controversy by enjoying cigarettes in her dressing room.

The 24-year-old singer has been smoking backstage on The X Factor show, breaking the 2006 Health Act which bans smoking at work.
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He’s no Dumbo! X Factor’s Rylan Clark takes the mickey with James Arthur at Disneyland Paris
It is billed as a magical kingdom where dreams come true, and no, we are not talking about X Factor… but Disneyland Paris.

X Factor’s Rylan Clarke and James Arthur were part of a group finalists invited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the park this week and certainly embraced the magic.

With balloons, inflatable gloves and Mickey Mouse ear muffs Rylan, 23, was every inch the Disney fanatic as he strolled through the park, at one point in the day grabbing James’ jeans
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Scream if you want to be in the final! X Factor’s Ella Henderson sprinkles her Disneyland magic on a rollercoaster with Union J
She is the sweetheart of the X Factor competition and Ella Henderson sparkled some Disney magic in Paris on Tuesday.

the 16-year-old was seen screaming with laughter as she took to a rollercoaster with Union J, who narrowly avoided leaving the competition on Sunday evening.

Ella took to the ride minus Union J’s George Shelly, 19, who she is rumoured to be dating, and was seen screaming with laughter as the log flume whisked the young finalists around the park.
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Dreams really can come true! X Factor’s Ella, Union J and Rylan perform under the stars at Disneyland Paris
A few months ago they were at school or stacking shelves at Asda.

In a plot which could have been plucked straight from one of its films, the X Factor finalists went from rags to riches as they performed in front of an packed audience at Disneyland Paris.

Even Rylan Clark appeared stage struck as he took performed a Spice Girl medley before the audience of 1,200 to celebrate Disneyland paris’ 20th anniversary.
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A whole new world! X Factor contestants get into the Disney spirit as they perform on stage to celebrate Disneyland Paris’s 20th anniversary
They perform live in front of the X Factor studio audience every week.

But the remaining contestants performed to a slightly different crowd on Tuesday night as they took part in the Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary concert.

They’ve been there since Monday and the wannabe stars certainly seem to be settling into the Disney way of life.
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Nicole Scherzinger jets to Los Angeles to attend grandmother’s funeral with Lewis Hamilton after she shed tears on X Factor
Nicole Scherzinger was particularly emotional on Saturday night’s X Factor, but the reason behind her tears has been revealed.

The former Pussycat Doll’s grandmother had passed away on Saturday morning and some of the songs performed by contestants had brought back memories of the matriarch.

Nicole, 34, was joined by her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, 27, who was accompanying her as the couple were seen arriving at the airport on Monday.
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‘She’s destroyed my family’: Tulisa Contostavlos branded a ‘homewrecker’ by pregnant girlfriend of Newcastle football star Danny Simpson
Tulisa Contostavlos has been branded a ‘homewrecker’ for romancing Newcastle ace Danny Simpson by his pregnant girlfriend.

The 24-year-old singer is believed to have been on a string of dates with the footballer.

However, Stephanie Ward, 25, who is three months pregnant with Simpson’s second child said she has been dating him on and off for seven years, and alleged the footballer has gone behind her back with the X Factor judge.
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I’m not singing about that! Jahmene Douglas sends X Factor into chaos as he refuses to perform song about ‘boozing’
Given his troubled past, it’s not suprising that Jahmene Douglas would rather not perform songs on X Factor that are about drinking alcohol.

But according to reports, it led to chaos behind the scenes at X Factor as bosses are trying to plan this week’s show.

The teetotal singer was set to join other contestants in performing Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night in the upcoming Sunday night group, but point blank refused to take part because the song’s lyrics glorify drinking.
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Why X Factor’s opening doors
(..for Rylan’s mum)

X FACTOR star Rylan Clark has revealed what he will spend his winnings on if he triumphs in the show — a new FRONT DOOR.

The flamboyant singer — who dropped into TV Biz yesterday to be our special guest editor ahead of tonight’s X Factor — said he was desperate to splash some cash on the house he shares with his mother, Linda, in Essex.

“If I do win I have promised my mum a new front door,” he said.

“She wants one of those nice ones. I’ve said I’ll deck the garden, too.

“If I ever have money I would treat my friends and family. People look at me and think I’ve got money just because I wear make-up and skinny fit jeans. But I remember when I got on the first live show I only had 38p in my bank account.”
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Susan Boyle as you’ve never seen her before! Singer does Gangnam Style dance as she performs with Donny Osmond
One’s a mezzo-soprano singer and the other’s a much-loved song and dance, but now Susan Boyle and Gangnam Style have come together.

The two internet sensations have merged with the 51-year-old star trying her hand at the funny dance moves with the one and only Donny Osmond.

In an exclusive interview, which follows Boyle as she travels to Las Vegas and prepares for a performance with her teenage idol, she can be seen trying her hand at the dance which accompanies the hit single by South Korean pop artist PSY.
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Amelia Lily becomes Princess Fiona for Children in Need ‘Shrek’ show
X Factor star Amelia Lily has become Princess Fiona for a special performance of Shrek: The Musical in aid of BBC Children in Need.

The ‘You Bring Me Joy’ artist sang a duet of ‘I’m a Believer’ with the titular ogre as part of ‘POP Goes the Musical’ 2012 last night (November 14).

Following the performance at London’s Theatre Royal, Lily posed for a photo with the show’s full-time Princess Fiona, Hollyoaks star Carley Stenson, as well as Richard Blackwood (Donkey) and Children in Need mascot Pudsey.
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Joe McElderry on being Digital Spy’s ultimate ‘X Factor’ act – video
Joe McElderry has expressed surprise at being voted the ultimate X Factor act by Digital Spy readers.

The 21-year-old, who won the sixth series of X Factor in 2009, topped a poll made up of 27,000 DS users back in September.

Speaking to Digital Spy ahead of his one-off charity performance of rock musical Tommy, McElderry thanked fans for the “very flattering” accolade, but admitted he had no idea why he had been picked.

“I don’t really compare myself to anybody else that’s been on the show, but it’s nice to know people have voted us as that,” he said. “Very flattering.

“I don’t know why they would have picked me, but thanks a lot anyway guys.”

He continued: “The show was a brilliant part of my life and I would do it all over again, and to see that I was appreciated on the show is really nice.

“I just wanna keep getting better and progressing more, and that obviously proves I’m doing something right, I think.”
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‘I’ve met some deplorable people’: Leona Lewis opens up about the people who betrayed her in the past six years
She’s usually very mild mannered and soft spoken.

But now Leona Lewis has spoken out about the ‘deplorable people’ she’s met over the course of her fame and the ‘betrayal’ she felt when people abandoned her.

The star shot to fame after winning the X Factor in 2006 and despite being a successful pop star, she revealed it hasn’t always been easy.
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Leona Lewis confirms new single ‘Lovebird’ – listen
Leona Lewis has confirmed the title of her next single.

The singer will release ‘Lovebird’ on December 3 as the second cut to be lifted from her recent album Glassheart.

The track was co-written by Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Britney Spears), Joshua Coleman and Lukasz ‘Dr Luke’ Gottwald (Ke$ha, Rihanna).

Lewis previously announced ‘Fireflies’ as her new single, but that release has been postponed until further confirmation.
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