X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 8

A lot of people could argue that every member of the final five could’ve been in the bottom two tonight, but for three of them. I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Two acts needed to pull something extraordinary out of the bag to avoid the bottom two. And the fact is they did not. So this bottom two shouldn’t be truly shocking to anyone.



I am really glad that Jiordan Tolli finally did a Lana Del Rey song like I’ve been telling her for weeks. And honestly she sounded great on it. Jiordan’s voice is best when the song is a bit slower and it is a bit haunting. I loved her commitment to the song. Makes me wish she had done something like this sooner. In another valiant bottom two showdown, THIRD D3GREE did awesome on “Thrift Shop.” If these were the performances we saw last night, instead of the ones we did see, who knows Jai or Taylor could be in the bottom 2 instead. Yeah, probably not, but maybe. The judges decision to go to deadlock in my mind sells short the body of work that THIRD D3GREE did. Because Jiordan hasn’t been doing all that awesome for a while, and 3D only had a major misstep with “Smooth Criminal” and “Battle Scars.” But ultimately the viewing public got it right and 3D stayed to fight one more time against the unstoppable force that is the final 3 of Jai/Taylor/Dami. THIRD D3GREE you need to take the biggest chance you have ever taken because you are supposed to be the ones out next week. Fight like your entire career is on the line. Natalie please in your finite wisdom please pick them a great song. I want a ballad and I want something fun. Got to be careful though.


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  • I LOVE Britney

    Really glad that 3D made it to the semi-final! They really need to have a great song with a great performance next week!

  • Listening

    Hmm thought jiordan was just okay in her sing off which is weird b/c Lana Del Rey songs are soft and melodic perfect for the vocal style she excels at. I love that song Young and Beautiful but I don’t think she did it justice. I know she was fighting back tears b/c she feared leaving so that could of affected her vocals and I know she was trying but her eyes were kind of blank. I didn’t feel like she put true emotion into the song anything I got was from the lyrics which I love. Jiordan didn’t add anything to it.

    Jiordan never lived up to her pre live shows for me. I absolutely loved her voice then but since Red Foo got a hold of her i’ve been dismissive of her and doubted my initial reaction to her. Red Foo kept picking the wrong songs for her and tried to turn her into something else, this upbeat/uptempo singer. That wasn’t her she was emotional and melodic.

    Jiordan had been doing this other character so long that I feel like she lost her ability to return to her pre live show quality. It was like she couldn’t connect to an emotional song anymore.

    It’s one thing for her personality outside of singing to be fun and vivacious as Red Foo kept alluding to when he’d introduces her but it’s a totally another thing to try to reflect that in Jiordan’s music. Jiordan could never pull that off, Red Foo never got that.

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    So glad THIRD D3GREE survived the bottom two they didn’t deserve to be there. They were the best of the night but we all knew they were going their b/c Dami, Taylor and Jai are dominate favorites evident from their rankings on Itunes.

    I just prayed the others wouldn’t try to get rid of them b/c they were competition. When it was Roanan’s turn to vote I was begging him not to put it to dead lock. You could actually see it in his eyes his entire thought process. THIRD D3GREE were definitely better than Jiordan. If I had to watch a performance I’d want to see them BUT their so good they could knock out one of my guys next week. What should I do will the public know i’m just trying to keep my guys save if I vote against them. Oh forget it i’m taking a shot then he takes it to deadlock. I never prayed so hard for THIRD D3GREE to make they deserved it so much it would of been so unfair if they had to of left. I let out a huge sigh of relief and chear when they made it. :)

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    So i’ll say it THIRD D3GREE and Jiordan shouldn’t of been in the bottom 2. It was Jai who was the worst of the night and nearly a coin flip between Taylor and Dami. But I threw Taylor in the bottom based on the fact i’ve liked more of Dami’s performances recently.

  • Bluebeat

    Well….at this point the show will go on a predictable route.
    Here’s who I think will go next week; Third Degree

    Final Top 3 rankings;
    3. Dami Im
    2-1. Taylor & Jai.

    To those who think Dami Im has a chance at winning are blind. The show and the public always feature Jai in their commercials. You guys should’ve figured by now that the Boys category has a HUGE advantage over other categories this year(they want a Boy to win). Dami is just there for the show’s ‘entertainer’, the one who boosts ratings and gets everyone excited to watch like Bella Ferraro last year. If I’m wrong, she might even finish fourth instead of Third Degree.

  • Listening

    Who I Think Will Win: Dami – She’s just always high on Itunes
    Who I Want To Win: THIRD D3GREE

    Who I Think Will Get Eliminated Next: THIRD D3GREE
    Who I Want To Get Eliminated Next: Jai – He’s the weakest singer

  • crackinthewall

    Having two boys in the finale will seal the deal for either Dami or Third D3gree. Taylor and Jai, who should have been in the bottom two, both pander to the same market so there’s bound to be some vote-splitting in the finale.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    I think that Jai is the Bella from this season. Bella also was the most featured on the commercials, both Jai and Bella had the most pimped auditions, once you acessed the X Factor channel their auditions would play, and both were suppose to be the most marketable, but it doesnt show on the sales. Sure, Bella >>>>>> Jai.

  • Lielle Hart

    “The show and the public always feature Jai in their commercials.”

    I’m guessing you aren’t Australian or have never seen a commercial.

    EVERY SINGLE commercial after bootcamp showcased Dami with the most airtime. So much so, that people were complaining that others were being shut out.

  • bostonred

    I do not believe Roanan or any judge would potentially screw up someone’s career for the sake of giving one of their acts an advantage. I believe what he said, the he did not want to be the one to eliminate a judge from the competition. He for sure was leaning to saving 3rd degree, but with the audience screaming “deadlock”, he chose not to. Thankfully, Australia got that part right.

  • Rosscoe

    When are all the 12 and 13-year old girls gonna realise that they’re NOT gonna be Jai’s girlfriend; just like they’re not Bieber’s or One Directions’.
    His voice is weak, his range is limited and he doesn’t have the life experience to make most of his performances believable. There have been at least 2 performers – Jiordan is one – who should still be on the show ahead of Jai.
    I hope puberty kicks in and his voice breaks this week.