The Voice: Chris Mann and Tony Lucca blame Loss on Feud

Tony Lucca and Chris Mann seemed to be front runners coming into The Voice finale, but instead, after all the votes were counted, they came in 3rd and 4th respectively behind runner-up Juliet Simms and unlikely winner, Jermaine Paul.

What went wrong? They both theorize that the nasty feud between their coaches, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera may have poisoned their chances. I’d normally tell losing contestants to buck up and not make excuses, but I actually think this scenario–voters were so turned off by the pettiness displayed on both sides that they cast their votes elsewhere–is plausible. Here’s what Chris and Tony had to say to Reality Rocks

When asked backstage if he thought this might be the case, Chris (who admitted he was tired of talking about all the drama, but still graciously answered the question) told Yahoo!’s Reality Rocks: “Sure, I do. There was a lot of hate going on [Monday] night, and I was really sad to be a part of it. Having sung three inspirational songs for the night, and then to basically see anti-Chris tweets because of the feud, was a rude awakening. It was an interesting dose of reality of being in this new sort of realm of attention. So that was not fun.”

Tony, the season-long target of his former “Mickey Mouse Club” co-star Christina’s wrath, answered: “Yeah, [Chris and I] may have negated each other’s votes somehow,” before expressing delight over Jermaine Paul’s victory and theorizing, “Maybe the whole takeaway here is America is not that inspired by drama and petty exchanges.”

Tony admitted that he, like Chris, was frustrated that the drama between the judges this week detracted attention from the show’s singers and the music itself. “It became something that wasn’t flattering for anybody….I’m really sad that this ongoing exchange has been like a dark cloud over this whole thing, and sort of diminished some of the other great stories of some of the other contestants. And I’ve apologized for my role in that,” he said.

Chris Mann

Tony Lucca

HA HA HA HA. Tony says he won’t be surprised if Adam Levine stays involved in his career post Voice. Don’t hold your breath, bud.

In the meantime, Christina apologized to Tony Lucca

“She just wanted to clear the air a bit,” Lucca, 36, explained to Us Weekly of the private chat. The “Dirrrty” singer “apologize[d] that this became much more of a dramatic thing than she ever intended it.”

Lucca (who called Aguilera “pathetic” backstage on Monday’s show) responded in kind.

“I said to her, ‘I hope that we can be cool moving forward,'” he told Us. “I take pride in the fact that my whole career has been a career of integrity, and sound relationships.”

 USA Today

Cee Lo Green, who stayed out of the drama on camera, speaks out on the feud.

“We all caught wind of what the song was going to be and then there was a little bit of internal affairs around not being able to do it. So I wasn’t even sure if [Tony] was going to do it at all,” Cee Lo explained to reporters after the finale.

“But it was a higher degree of indifference last night,” he added. “I’m being politically correct to say that because I’m not involved. Adam hasn’t come to me and spoke to me about it, neither has Christina. But whatever it is, I hope we can get over it because it isn’t something we should carry over into a season three.”

Although Cee Lo admits that there’s a lot of fun and games going on behind the scenes of the show, he also confesses that the tension between his fellow coaches is starting to rain on everyone’s parade.

“It’s getting a little old and inconvenient to everyone,” Cee Lo explained. “When it’s fun, it’s fun but when it’s not, it’s disappointing. I don’t want disappointment to be associated with this show in [any] way. I want the integrity of the show intact.”

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  • justshootme

    Tony Lucca is a douche.

  • Amanda

    Haha. Tony Lucca is actually one of the nicest, most genuine people on the planet. And above all else, he’s an artist — all Christina has is a good voice.

  • Sparkles

    I guess that they didn’t get the memo that American Idol winners are WGWG’s
    (White Guys With Guitars) and The Voice winners are BBG’s (Bald Black Guys)

  • Jeffrey Christian

    Wow. Will neither one of them – or anyone – admit that maybe – just maybe – Jermaine won because, oh, I don’t know, HE’S BETTER THAN THEM!?

  • pj

    Christina called Tony one-dimensional and didn’t appear to remember him. To me he IS one dimensional and doesn’t know who he is as an artist.  Adam and Tony took it to the next level. I thought it was fake, but perhaps not.  Shame on Adam and Tony for using a song to diss her for doing her job of judging. 

    Oh, and to blame the judges for a white guy not winning?  Get over yourselves.

  • koshka

    I’m not a fan of Christina’s, but in my world you got those names switched. Well, except for nicest… but then from what I’ve seen of Tony, I don’t think that applies to him either.

  • Anonymous

    Lyndsey –  With all the back bitting and drama behind the scenes it was so nice to hear your professional interviews – Good job!

  • Eilonwy

    Maybe the whole takeaway here is America is not that inspired by drama and petty exchanges.

    ^^^That. On a t-shirt. And maybe a bumpersticker.

  • randi

    Haha. Tony Lucca is actually one of the nicest, most genuine people on the planet. And above all else, he’s an artist — all Christina has is a good voice.

    an artist who for the last 15 years or so since the Mickey Mouse Club hasn’t been able to make a career or name for himself?? 

    Christina is much more than just a good voice and it was HER direction that sent Tony in the path that landed him in the finale to begin with. 

    I agreed with Christina that Tony’s song was deragatory towards women and thought it was inappropriate for him to sing. I think THAT is what landed him in 3rd place not the “feud” between Adam and Christina. 

    As for Chris Mann, he’s a male opera singer.  If he were a female he might’ve had a shot at winning but everytime he sang outside his genre his voice sounded strained and less than appealing. 

  • Kirsten

     Sparkles, never change (and I’m already anticipating your recap of the Idol tour)

  • randi

    Adding in if I remember correctly Jermaine made it through to the finale with 123% of the vote in his category and Juliet had 122% of her vote.  It makes sense that they would be F2 given those numbers.

  • Jenna

    I think they can blame the loss on neither of them being very good…

  • pj

    I think the voting has more to do with not having an unlimited 2 hour vote.  Idol would be more exciting if they weren’t wanting all that ATT money and bragging rights about how many ppl voted. I suspect that plays more of a part than anything else.  Well, Jermaine is cute and women vote.

  • Tinawina

    LMAO. Kwit yer whinin’. You got beat.

  • Jessica Gleason

    Christina, Adam, and Tony are all at fault. Christina certainly was extremely harsh in her critiques of Tony but he and Adam also played a role in it. They chose songs (and while Tony performed them great) to make digs at Christina and not to showcase the best Tony is. I have been a fan of his since MMC and even a true fan like me can see that the song choices were shots at Christina. While I loved “Baby One More Time” and thought that was a lot of fun to do, 99 Problems took it too far, was aimed at Xtina and made it ugly. Adam should have been a better coach and worked with Tony on singing his best song and not instigating Christina. I am glad it worked out the way it did. Tony and Adam at the end played “DIRRTY” (pardon the Xtina pun) and it served them right. He sang his final song as an insult and not trying to win. After that he didn’t deserve too.

  • mmb

    Eh, I think they lost because they appealed to the same people and split votes….i doubt the “feud” has much to do with anything

  • Lisa Vita

    Why Is Tony Lucca a douche??? He was very humble in his interview. The only idiot is Christina Aguliera for making her comments so personal. The only person she knocked was Tony Lucca. She never even said anything derogatory to any of the other contestants who really didn’t sing well. She didnt even say anything  to that model on Cee lo’s team who couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag. Give me a break she was constantly singling Tony out. It was really ridiclious !!! Christina dug her own grave buy alienating alot of viewers with her unfounded rudness toward only 1 contestant. Therefore poor Chris Mann had to suffer because of her personal vendetta against Tony and even Adam. Beleive me theres obviously a reason  why so many people say she’s a nasty person. Personally I feel since she can’t keep her personal feelings in check she really shouldnt be a judge.  With all her money she’s still such a miserable woman.   

  • randi

    I just watched Tony’s video and to me he sounds drunk.  He’s slurring his words and can’t seem to articulate himself very well. 

  • Pam

    Sparkles nails it every single time.  I’m with Kirsten.  Please Sparkles, never change!  Hee! I’m too am looking forward to your tour recaps this Summer!

    After seeing this short clip, I really can’t stand Tony Lucca but on the other hand, of these two, the one of feel the real sympathy for is Chris Mann.  He should have gotten the 3rd place finish and didn’t because of this silly drama and I don’t see their comments as sour grapes as to why the finished where they did.  I think there is some merit here as well.

  • Anonymous

    Lucca sounds like an asshole, probably why Levine liked him so much, birds of a feather. To diminish Christina as an artist is ridiculous.

  • Reflects On Life

    Neither of those 2 WGs was going to win.  Tony didn’t even have the popular vote from his team, and Chris was just too niche.  It was really only ever btwn Juliet & Jermaine.  With Jermaine probably picking up a sizable chunk of Jamar’s votes, plus holding onto his own votes, he was Juliet’s only real competition.

    I’m so over misogyny.  And Tony playing the innocent pawn in the judges game?  I don’t think so.  Truly classless and tasteless.  Is The Voice trying to turn into the Jerry Springer of singing competitions?  Count me out if that’s where it’s headed.

  • randi

    Christina dug her own grave buy alienating alot of viewers with her unfounded rudness toward only 1 contestant. Therefore poor Chris Mann had to suffer because of her personal vendetta against Tony and even Adam.

    Christina is just fine, regardless of whether Chris Mann won or not.  She’s still a multiplatinum grammy winning artist. 

    I think Tony Luca was pissed from the beginning because she didn’t know who he was when he auditioned.  I believe she turned her chair around for him and yet he picked Adam as his coach.  He probably has a bitterness and resentment towards Christina, Britney and even Justin for succeeding when he didn’t. 

  • windmills

    I don’t know what kind of effect it did or didn’t have but I like the idea of the 2 famous coaches being called out for doing something that may have backfired on the artists they’re supposed to be nurturing. Though, it seems to me Tony Lucca poured a lot of fuel to the flame too. Maybe he thinks it’s his ticket to post-show publicity too, and maybe he’s right.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “And Tony playing the innocent pawn in the judges game?  I don’t think
    so.  Truly classless and tasteless.  Is The Voice trying to turn into
    the Jerry Springer of singing competitions?  Count me out if that’s
    where it’s headed.”

    That was a joke, Tony was fanning the flames and a big part of the feud being more than it should have been. I do think that Chris was innocent and simply used by Christina to slam Tony, which sucked.

  • Anonymous

    I agree totally.. the only truly innocent victim in that whole scenario was Chris

  • Anonymous

    I would hardly consider Adam a victim of Christina.. he was just as obnoxious

  • pj

    Here’s the thing. If you were on the Mickey Mouse Club and still haven’t made 20 years later?  That’s the breaks.  Doesn’t mean you aren’t talented. It means that you had an opportunity that others haven’t.  The Voice is about second chances.  It’s not about unknowns.  On that level, Tony is on a level playing field.  It’s his lack of singing talent and off screen disses that did him in. If that’s how Adam coached him, then…

  • Anonymous

    Waaa, waaaa, waaaa.  Cry me a f@cking:disqus  river!  The bottom line if they had nailed it on Monday they would have won.  Jermaine killed every damn time he was on stage.  I didn’t watch the show, can’t waste my time, but the videos that Mj posted, omg, Jermaine was masterful, and they were on the one hand gimmicky, and on the other hand stodgy.  For those viewers who didn’t hear about the silly drama before hand, and just tuned in to see the finale of a show that started so gangbusters earlier this year, they saw dude nail three songs in three different genres and doing it will style, and a bit of a flair that I didn’t know he had.  Even Soul Man, which would usually have me both smh and rolling my eyes, actually had me bouncing, and the staging for all three were perfection.

    Of course the drama had some people turned off, but in the end they were just all lulled into a false sense of security.  Chris should never have even made it that far, I mean seriously miss POP/Soul icon?  Popera guy?  Lol.  That was an even worse choice than some of your most heinous outfits.  Adam who I stan for his obvious talents both physical and musical, is such a douche.  How unprofessional was this, and to use his contestant like that was just the most ridiculously shallow thing to behold.  What the hell were either he or Xtina thinking, that this could end well?  Laughs on them!

    I must admit I am sorta laughing my ass off at the whole thing. This show was supposed to be what idol isn’t and it is.  It’s ridiculous, and gimmicky, and so not about the contestants.  Kudos for making the choice so clear!

  • Tiffany

    I didnt think Jermaine had much of a chance until Monday night.  His solo was very good but his duet with Blake, imo, made all the difference.  I kept thinking, why didnt he do more of this kind of music and show that personality on the show?  I found him kind of intimidating in his demenaor on the show, few smiles, etc.  But in the duet, he really let loose and came across as a fun guy.  Also, last year when Adam had Bieber tweet his followers to vote for Javier, Blake said he was going to ask Taylor Swift to do the same for his finalist this season.  Anyone know if Taylor sent out such a tweet?  That would be a huge fan base to solicit votes from. 

  • Reflects On Life

    “That was a joke” – somehow misogyny is still considered funny & tolerable. If Adam/Tony had picked on CeeLo for being black, I’m not sure that would have been considered a joke or tolerated as one.  IIRC Isiah Washington was fired from Grey’s Anatomy for calling his costar a f**.  But Adam gets to call Xtina a c***?  Tony singing Britney was clever retort, but but this was not.  IMHO the zero-tolerance policy should extend to include 50% of the population (females).

    FWIW I do agree re Chris being innocent. If anything, he actually seems nurturing and supportive towards women – always warm toward Xtina & Lindsay, inviting 2 women to sing with him (Lindsay, Katrina).

  • Gwen

    I’m still laughing at that win today.  Hehehe!  Love it.

    I never expected Chris to win, so there’s that.

    Tony, meh.  I never warmed up to him.

    The Christina/Adam feud was annoying, mainly because it got caustic for reasons I didn’t understand, and Tony got sucked into it…not involuntarily.  It’s all stupid, and now the contestants can fade back into oblivion.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh no, when I wrote “that was a joke”, I meant that Tony trying to portray himself as such an innocent in the feud was a joke, not that the misogyny was a joke, which it clearly wasn’t.

  • Trish Martin

    Tony Lucca is not a douche by any means.  He took the high road when it concerned bad mouth Christina.  I wondered all season what her problem was with him and now I know.  Christina is a mother to a young son so she really needs to check herself.  Not only is she a foul mouth person but what she had on last night was outrageous!  First her body does not fit that outfit and second it looked like she was wearing underwear.  Whoever is her stylish really needs to be fired.

  • Trish Martin

    Wow all this Tony bashing.  Remember he didn’t start this “fued” Christina did.  He has every right to defend himself.  I don’t personally know him and I am sure none of you on here do either. 

  • Anonymous

    Xtina is the far from most likeable person in the world, but I still don’t see what she did that was so wrong. So…she didn’t recognize a guy she hasn’t seen for 20 years — back when they were probably in middle school. Is that really a crime?

    The worst critique she gave Lucca was that he was “one-dimensional.” If such a benign remark had come from Simon Cowell, it would’ve been considered drama-challenged. The woman was doing her job. It would be nice if JLo & Steven Tyler both took note.

    During the battle rounds, Xtina actually said that she was “PULLING FOR” Lucca, which must have sucked for the other singer.

    Lucca can’t blame Adam & Xtina for his loss. When Adam suggested that he insult Xtina from the stage (yes, that’s what it was), he should have refused. Adam is a jerk, but Lucca happily played his wing man. No sympathy there. He showed his true self.

    Chris Mann probably didn’t lose because of this drama. He’s an opera singer. I doubt many die-hard opera fans watch “The Voice.” Considering what a niche artist he is, he actually did quite well.

  • Listening

    Christina called him one dimensional and said something like he was just moving ahead b/c of his connections or didn’t want him to just move on b/c of connections. She was relentless in her dislike of him just hammered it in, seemed unnaturally enthusiastic. She just came down real hard on him and nobody else even when she’d have to admit he’d given a good performance she’d always add a snide remark.  I kept thinking her dislike had to be personal did he DO something to her it seemed sudden as soon as she realized who he was. I’m like umm what went down why is she so brutal towards him.

    Oh well Chris and Tony don’t have to deal w/ it anymore. As for Adam and Christina don’t think they’ll be anymore collaborations between them. Christina strikes me as someone who’d hold a grudge. Adam probably more annoyed w/ Christina w/ how things went down than anything is my guess.

    I don’t care more interested in the Adam and Blake interactions. Their bromance is cute and Blake is hilarious.

  • Leandro

    Jermaine was pitchy more or less through ALL THE SONGS he sang, including the Blind Auditions. His rendition of Living on a Prayer is one of the msot comical this season, including Erin Martin and RaeLynns performances. The only day he wasn’t pitchy was last Monday he won the show. It’s quite hilarious.

  • Jake Williams

    She said he was one-dimensional. That is the truth. He is one-dimensional. I hate him as much as Stacy Francis. Can we ship them both off to a far away land.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Oh no….MUST hate Stacy more. You simply MUST. ;)

  • mickeybordentwo

    I actually thought (or at least considered the possibility) that Christina picked on Tony to help Tony get votes. I figured she and Adam conspired.

    It would seem not.

    I like Christina on The Voice because she is acerbic, when none of the guys are. But that puts her in a particularly difficult situation.

    Simon could get away with unadulterated nastiness because that made people regard him as the truth teller. But when Christina says less than positive things, she’s regarded as a bitch.

    Sadly, it would be even worse if the panel were 2 men, 2 women. If the other woman was a Paula Abdul type, Christina would be regarded with even more hostility.

    I guess it really is a man’s world.

  • Leandro

    You made me remember Stacy Francis so i looked her on twitter right now to see what she’s doing and…HOLY CRAP! She has 450k  followers now. She ended the show with something like 35k and now she more than all the other contestants? Did she get all these fans just fame whoring? Or she has now a successful career and we don’t know anything about it?

  • Nele621

    And above all else, he’s an artist (Tony) — all Christina has is a good voice. 

    Her good voice must be trumping his artistry, because she sold over 50 million albums and is an international superstar. Tony sold – ?

  • Leandro

    I think if Juliet had a slightly better song and if she weren’t ill she could easily beat Jermaine. But she didn’t even rehearse her songs, she was on vocal rest for 4 days. Actually her performance of Crazy was the first time ever she sang the song. 
    A retrospective analysis, Jermaine had one zillion factors that allowed him to win, he’s one of the most lucky singers on these contests ever.

  • No Thanks

    Fame whoring over Whitney’s death.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I checked Stacey’s twitter stats and she’s made huge gains in followers since late February (after she sold her story about her altercation with Whitney to the tabloids?), when she had 59k+ followers.

    Since then, she’s gained 375,650+ followers, with 180,350+ of those followers since April 20 (2 1/2 weeks).  Wow!  I have no idea if she’s doing anything special to account for this kind of increase in followers.


  • Anonymous

    I was rooting for Juliet, but she did not sing well on Monday night. I only have so much sympathy for illness. As they say, the show must go on, and once you step out onto the stage, you leave your excuses behind (Do you hear that, Phillips?).

    Juliet’s bigger problem on Monday was song choice. “Free Bird” is famous for its great guitar riff, not for its vocals. The lyrics are pretty thin and stupid, and the vocal melody doesn’t give any singer a chance to explode (Bo Bice is a great singer, but he was just as boring when he sang this song.)

    I personally think that any talent show contestant should be immediately disqualified for singing “I Believe I Can Fly,” but that’s just a matter of taste. As much as I hate that song, Jermaine did smack it down hard. Congrats to him.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Tony Lucca, just STFU.  And, you ARE one dimensional.  That should not have been news to you.  I bet all of the record companies that have turned you away in the past 15 years also agree with that assessment.  

    You wanted to be the cool guy and join Adam in his petty, immature “feud” and it blew up in your face.  Deal with it dumbass.  

  • Tera2

    The votes went the way I expected it to – I dont think either of them deserved to win feud or no feud.  I think Jermaine deserved the win – he’s better vocalist than both of them and he has a strong voice.  Jermaine is my 2nd favorite after Jarmar Rogers.  I dont like how Christina was being rude to Tony Lucca through the season though.  The poor guy had to put up with her put downs.  Its not enough for her ego that she’s a big star and he isnt even though they started together.  Anyway, I liked Tony Luca and I enjoyed he and Adam on that Beetle’s song.  Chris Mann did well in the finals and he and Christina were good on the “prayer’, but he’s not strong on his opera style singing as I expected him to be.  His vocals is a little above average most times to me.  Chris didnt deserve to be in top 2 – I liked Lindey Pavao more than him from Christina’s group actually.  

  • Anonymous

    That show would have been pablum without the feud.  If it affected anyone, I would think it would be Tony Lucca, but probably in a positive way.  Odd Ceelo didn’t know what would be sung, but came with his own pre-made tee shirt to counter Adam’s.  I think this feud is baloney.

  • Anonymous

    Should someone tell Ceelo that he’s overweight and should stop dressing like a pimp — or does such ridicule only apply to woman and their bodies?

  • Anonymous

     Christina didnt do her job of judging—she obviously had to say something rude about Tony every chance she was given. Who else “judges” like that, on ANY of the music reality shows?  Remember “Well if this doesnt work out, you can always start a Britney cover band”-?  What did that catty remark have to do with judging?  Christina has really set a new low for music reality TV judging.

  • Leandro

    Stacy Francis and Tony Lucca must use the same program to cheat twitter and get more followers.

    None of them seem to have a big fanbase outside twitter.

  • Anonymous

    If Christina wasnt being such a bitch towards Tony, no one would have thought that 99 Problems was directed at her.  Don’t dish it out hon, if you can’t take it!

  • Anonymous

    I think christina should just have let go with that ‘bitch’ word in a song. She didn’t have to feel targetted because she didn’t do anything wrong (she didn’t recognize the guy at first, after 20years, so what!!  and her critic of uni-dimensional, well it was her job to critique and it is what she tought at the time, it was tough but I never tought she was being a bitch to say that).
    I guess she felt falsely accused like many other could have felt at her place and she did not properly compute that on the spot. I’m not liking her less for that. Same for the other 2 guys

  • Tera2

    Ceelo isn’t wearing underwear as clothing with his ass hanging out.  He wears loose clothing from what I’ve seen.  Nothing wrong with being overweight just dress well to cover it if the person have any tact of what’s appropriate.  I’m female and I don’t have a problem with stars dressing skimpy, but it looks like a joke on Christina now that she gained so much weight.  But if you think that looks good to stuff a big wide butt into a sparkley underwear and wear it on stage like shorts then that’s your thing.  I think she can find more flattering things to wear that’s still sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, you’re not aware that CeeLo is a stud (even though he’s obese with freakishly small, T-Rex arms).   :)

  • Leandro

    Facebook pages : 

    Juliet Simms – 52.224 liked
    Jermaine Paul – 31.125 liked
    Tony Lucca – 25.333 liked
    Chris Mann – 22.931 liked 

    Chirs Rene: 176.257 liked
    Melanie amaro : 130.340 liked 
    Josh Krajcik: 81.465 liked 
    Stacy Francis: 20.405 liked

    I think these numbers on Facebook show exactly the size now of their fanbases. Its pretty obvious that Tony and Stacy are using a program to increase the number of followers on twitter. Couldn’t be mroe pathetic.

  • Christine Heeren

    btw- Chris Mann has TWO facebook pages. He’s got another 15,000 on his personal/music one.  also- Chris Mann’s Voice Page has over 24,000 right now.  Your numbers for everyone might be a little old, but I’m sure they are increasing every hour.

  • Christine Heeren

    She’s not a judge.  She’s a coach.  

  • Anonymous

     If Ceelo started showing us his (man-)boobs and bare backside like —umm some people— then yes, people WILL start telling him to stop showing us what we dont want to see!!

  • Leandro

    ok, that’s not my point. I was talking about the huge ammount of followers Stacy and Tony have on twitter, totally out of proportion with the size of their fanbases on other social networks.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Christine….not sure what your point was.  I was responding to pj who said “Shame on Adam and Tony for using a song to diss her for doing her job of judging.” My response is that she didnt do her job—neither as judge or coach—by injecting petty personal grudges or whatever was motivating her.  Yeah it would have been better for Adam and Tony to ignore her and not go down to her level, but Pj seemed to condemn them while totally whitewashing Christina’s original provocation in all this.

  • Anonymous

    I was glad Jermaine won just because I like him. If it could not be Juliet, then so glad it was Jermaine. But that is because I liked those 2 best. Also what is not being talked about in articles is that Jermaine has his best night and all his songs were very good on Finale Night.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think that Blake really did help Jermaine win. He was by far the most likeable coach this year followed by CeeLo. I think Christina and Adam did hurt Chris and Tony’s chance of winning. I would say viewers really disliked Christina the most out of all the coaches this year and Chris did finish last.

  • Anonymous

    Jermaine really did nail his performances Monday night. He and Blake’s duet was fabulous as well.  Jermaine also was stellar last night in all the group numbers he did. He stood out.  He improved the most over the season of the final four..he really did a good job and deserved the win. And good for Blake for not stirring up controversy and bickering with other judges, props to Ceelo and Juliet too.

  • Anonymous

    Jermaine was impressive Monday night.  It helps that Monday night was his best night ever on the show. That is when it counts.

  • Anonymous

    This show has made me really like and know more about Blake and Ceelo, love them both as judges. 

  • Anonymous

    Agreed and I ended up being very happy Jermaine won. He did great on Monday night and he seems like such a nice guy too. 

  • Anonymous

    I hate Christina and her bitchiness.  If she is going to be a judge, she needs to be more responsible to her job and not be disrespectful towards other judge’s contestants. 

    There is no excuse for her to be texting and looking at her phone while Tony was performing.  She also needs to judge with an open mind and not be extra critical towards a contestant because she has a personal vendetta against them or the judge.

    I would love another female judge in that chair, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    When she said negative comments about Tony, it was clear that she was being bitchy and petty towards him personally.  It was her body language speaking loud and clear.  She could not stand to look at him.

    She was not being a critic (ala Simon Cowell), she was being a bitch towards Tony. 

    It’s over and it’s a shame.  I wish success for Tony and Chris!

  • pj

    I stand by my statement.  Her job is to give commentary on the performances and she did that.  I don’t think her comments were off the mark.  He is one dimensional.  Was she targeting him?  Maybe.  Seems to be standard fare for judges on reality shows.  Her motivation?  I don’t know.  I thought it was a fake feud, but apparently it wasn’t.  

    ETA: Tony is a few years older and he said they weren’t really hanging with the same crowd during Mickey Mouse. If anything, I think it’s a feud between Adam and Xtina and he made the mistake of opening his big mouth and getting in the middle of it. Do I feel bad for him? Not one flipping bit.

  • Anonymous

     Christina is just  reinforcing that catty, bitchy, meangirl stereotype of women . I fail to see how that is making any women look good. I agree that they need to look for another female coach.

  • Anonymous

    If it was just the “one dimensional” comment, PJ, I might agree with you that she was just doing what reality show judges normally do.    But when it became totally unnecessary snide asides like “Well if this doesnt work out for you, you can always start a Britney cover band”…comments that made you flinch because you could feel that it was a PERSONAL dig….then it started to sound more like the Jerry Springer Show than The Voice!   It may be standard fare for judges to pick on a contestant in who they choose to give criticism or not, however that comment was unrelated to the performance, and it was undeniably sarcastic and snide.  Unless you want to say that Tony doing a Britney cover was such a nasty attack on Christina that her snide response was warranted?  If thats the case, what does Britney Spears have to do with some apparently deeply-rooted hatred  between these two? Hmmm……  

  • pj

    I think it was a reference to his rip off of Marty Casey’s version of that song.

  • Anonymous

     Hmm. If Christina wanted to give credit to Marty Casey, she could have said something like, well, “And lets all give credit where credit is due to Marty Casey who first covered that song” ….? 

  • Jennifer Dunn

    To all who are write mean spirited comments towards Tony Lucca. You have no idea who he truly is as an artist and or a musician. He has been doing this music thing since 1997. He has been during it on his own and not using his famous friends to get him ahead. Yes in the last week he did get catch up in the Adam/Christina feud. But remember he did not start this feud he was only gracious to all the judges throughout the season. It was Christina that took things to the nasty first. I say good for him for the most part staying above it all for most of the season. To be honest I would have snapped along time ago.  One last thing I know that I am bias to Tony because I have been a fan since 1991 when he was on the MMC.

  • Anonymous

     I find it very interesting that Jesse Campbell was not at The Voice last night. He had some negative things to say about his coach Xtina.

  • Anonymous

     When did Tony “open his big mouth and get in the middle of it” (Besides opening his big mouth to sing a Britney Spears song)-?  By the way, I’m not a big Tony Lucca fan, I wasnt particularly rooting for any of these top 4.  And I’m not generally a Christina Aguilera hater. I just thought she made the poor choice of broadcasting her for-what-ever-reason hatred of whichever guy/guys (Tony and/or Adam) through her comments, which came of as a very personalized passive-agressive sarcasm (the likes of which I cannot remember from any other example of AI/XFactor/The Voice judging).

  • Anonymous

    Christina has not said anything about Tony that is worse than the comments that Simon Cowell and other judges have said about contestants on these types of shows. So, she called him one-dimensional. That is her opinion. And opinion that I and others agree with. An opinion that she is being paid to give. So she made some crack about him being in a Britney cover band. That is not the worse thing that has been said on these types of shows. Someone brought up the comments that Simon made about Mandisa’s weight. That pales in comparison. What does that have to do with someone’s performance? Mandisa had to watch that on television. If Tony can’t handle the little comments that Christina made then maybe he shouldn’t have come on this show. And none of the comments that she made warranted him performing 99 Problems.  And he certainly did not stay above it. After Christina gave her first criticism, Tony and Adam decided to make digs at her through songs. They certainly helped escalate the “feud.”

    The only “innocent” person in the whole thing was Chris.

  • Leandro

    I miss the rock edge of this song….this is so cheesy and boring

  • glennethph

    One word: Dirrrrrttttttttyyyyyy.  And I laugh at someone who clutches at her pearls saying a song is derogatory when she sang lyrics that tells a man to rub her the right way. 

    That really chaps my assless chaps.

  • Reflects On Life

    “Simon could get away with unadulterated nastiness because that made
    people regard him as the truth teller. But when Christina says less than
    positive things, she’s regarded as a bitch.”

    ITA w/this!  When I heard Xtina say “you could start a Britney cover band” to Tony, the first thing I thought was “hey that sounds like something Simon would say” – clever, acerbic, and spot-on.  At least in Simon’s AI days…

  • Anonymous

     The problem is I believe that Christina is turning viewers off with her attitude and comments. The ratings are lower this year. The large amount of money they are paying her is a waste. Kelly Clarkson or countless other female music artists would make a better female coach and be a better fit with the others. It is all about the ratings and they have to look at Christina if the ratings continue to be low.

  • hcpoirot

    Judging on Top 8 votes when jermaine trounce Erin votes by a big big margin, viewers should speculate that this guy had votes.

    Karma is a BI***.

    The producer since day one want to kick out Jermaine badly. He always got to sing first or second in live round. Never got any pimp spot or second pimp spot.

    Blake choosing all 80-90 cheesy songs for him to sing and he still win. It show that somehow viewers connect to him and not others.

    At least now he is not a back singer anymore. With the right songs for him, who knows. Congrats to Jermaine.

    THis is the best surprise winner of any singing competition handsdown after Kris defeat Adam in Idol.

    Blake probably didnot put his 100% effort like last year when he mentor Dia and Xenia and turn out he is the winning coach.

  • sf3456

    It’s Christina’s fault?  It can’t be Adam’s and Tony’s fault because of the way they were acting?  They’re the ones who went crazy over one valid criticism.  They’re the ones who had three weeks of passive aggressive song choices toward Christina, culminating in calling her a bitch on national television.  What am I talking about?  It’s never the man’s fault.  It’s always the woman’s.

  • sweetmm

    Jermaine has the votes in the bag; I think Tony & Chris believe in their own hype.  Regardless of the feud the race will still be between Jermaine and Juliet; the demographic of The Voice voters is yet to be as conclusive as AI.  White guys do not have the advantage here, so don’t be sour grapes and accept that Jermaine is the highest vote getter among all the finalists :)

  • Mojaommel Alvar

    Christina is just such a bitch. i don’t know what Tony did to her in past but she’s really a bitch. 

  • Kariann Hart

    I was watching the Finals today, and actually Christina was worse than what I thought the first time around.  She was screaming when Adam took off hius jacket to show the Xtina shirt.  While he was talking she was screaming, and also told Tony that she motivated him.  Yes, I would like to see her replaced, but then maybe people wouldn’t watch the show?

  • Tiffany

    I read that the judges were to perform together, that didnt happen.  I think the feud went down and Adam and Xtina both had negatives but she was bitchy to Tony all season.  Besides her poor attitude, Im tired of seeing her manmade boobs dragging the floor.  After Paula left Idol, didnt think I would have to have a set waving in my face every week.  Wrong!

  • Former Viewer of DWTS

    I was disappointed in Xtina’s attitude this season. The Diva act is a turn off. I was so tired of her outfits which looked soiled and too tight and what’s up with the bathing suite outfits. Xtina looked very weird. I luv her voice but not her attitude. By the way, did she and Tony Luca ever date??? that maybe the reason she was so hostile toward him.

  • Former Viewer of DWTS

    Luv you Blake, Adam and Cee Lo!!!!!!