Ratings: So You Think You Can Dance Falls, The Voice Stays Steady

Last night’s ratings via TVByTheNumbers

The final results for The Voice averaged a 3.5 rating with adults 18-49. Its hard to make comparisons for the Wednesday 8pm show, particularly with last week’s show being impacted by the President’s address. It was up 0.2 from last Wednesday, but it was down 0.9 from Tuesday’s two hour performance show. Overall, The Voice was great news for NBC, but I expected a bit higher for the finale results show. For anyone interested, The Voice drew a 3.3 A18-49 rating for the first half hour and a 3.8 for the second.

America’s Got Talent was up 0.1 from last week to a 4.0 adults 18-49 rating, its best Wednesday 9p results since last September 15.

So You Think You Can Dance was down three-tenths from last week to a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

10.77 million viewers tuned into The Voice last night to watch Javier Colon take the crown at 8/7c pm. 13.30 million viewers tuned into America’s Got Talent at 9/8c pm.  So You Think You Can Dance attracted 5.34 viewers. OUCH!

The Voice results are a little disappointing, but not surprising. The producers need to figure out how to put on an entertaining results show.

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  • Elliegrll

    The Voice results are a little disappointing, but not surprising. The producers need to figure out how to put on an entertaining results show.

    They also have to figure out how to get people to become invested in the contestants, so that they stick around to see what happens.

    I don’t watch SYTYCD on AGT, but it’s amazing that the variety show does so much better than the dance show. I don’t get the point of either show, but I’d rather watch people dance than see them doing silly acts.

  • Pam

    The ratings for SYTYCD keep getting worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show gets cancelled after this season. Braining in these celebrity judges as guests this season has turned out to be a bad idea imo.

  • tomk

    They also have to figure out how to get people to become invested in the contestants, so that they stick around to see what happens.

    I agree – I don’t really mind the “speed” of the show – but the fact is that we only got to see how many individual performances? 3? (not including the blind audition) We aren’t really basing the overall winner on a very big body of work; and they didn’t do anything to really make us like or dislike a contestant – and as much as I really do hate that aspect of these shows, I am also a realist: Having heroes and villains is what keeps people tuning in.
    That said, the ratings for a show that started very late in the spring season and lasted into the early parts of the summer are very strong. I am sure they would have liked a ratings spike for the grand finale though.

  • Mike M

    Something seems out of whack with SYTYCD this season, though I absolutely cannot put my finger on what it is. I do know that by this point in the season, I have usually settled on and become emotionally invested in a favorite, but this year, while I admire the talent, I’m not really invested in any of them.

    In fairness, I have to admit that I have never voted on the show and never plan to, but I do not miss an episode. I find it endlessly entertaining, but there is just something kind of “blah” about this season. I know I did like it better having choreographers on the judging panel instead of guest stars.

  • Sq

    I wonder if they take in DVRs into account?

    I still don’t understand why all these shows are on at exactly the same time…

    SYTYCD and perhaps most of the other have all forgotten about the journey – what I loved was watching dancers/singers/puppeteers? develop – how each week they got better and better. At this point almost any of the top 20 would beat out the winners of years gone by.

    Nigel made a huge goof last week in the dancers he cut – leaving a lot of great – but similar – dancers. People don’t invest in SYTYCD as much because the judges make the decisions for far too long. It was nice to see a choreographer judging again – though if anyone understands Little C it isn’t me…..

    At this point we have SYTYCD, SYTYCD Canada, Glee project, AGT and how many more??

    Part of the drama was watching to see if there would be a train wreck but the talent is sooo high now it’s just turned into a great dance show – which is nice but not something that will get me turning on the TV on a lovely summer evening.

    AGT still has trainwrecks! Heck even the cooking shows know enough to throw challenges at the contestants that will trip some of them up.

    Maybe SYTYCD needs something to livin’ it up – improv? Blake boot camp? Props? We could see how they would do at Wipe Out just for fun…

  • Listening

    IN regards to SYTYCD I sort of get the decline people probably don’t really care about the contestants like me I have no favorite. I kind of care about Melanie and Marco I think they’re both real good and the front runners but I wouldn’t be broken up if they lost. The only other one i’m beginning to care about is Tadd and that’s only b/c of his Arms. To be honest some of the dancers actually annoy me and the judges raving about the girls bugs me too, they’re basically equal. Oh and doesn’t appear to be much diversity at least that’s the impression I get a bunch of contemporary dancers.

    I don’t vote never have but have watched every episode. I’m a little surprised the ratings have declined though b/c even though I don’t care who wins their are still a few great dancers. Now granted the performances aren’t all awesome like the judges claim but their have been a few legit beautiful performances.

  • Mike M

    I should also have mentioned that I record all talent shows but usually watch on the same night, sometimes only minutes behind the live event. Just can’t stand commercials.

    SQ, you might have just hit on the problem I’m having this year. They are all so polished and professional. Even the B boys seem more ready for the diverse styles. It was fun to watch Twitch and some of the others progress and grow as the show went along. Now, it’s kind of old hat. We know it can be done.

    I also just don’t think there is enough judging going on. It’s much the same as it was with Idol…all love all the time. Maybe that’s just another indication of the quality of the dancing. There’s just not much negative to say. I don’t want them to criticize just for the sake of criticism, but it does add a taste of drama when you know that is at least a possibility.

  • plays strings

    I must confess that I’ve become a big SYTYCD fan over the years. Never thought that would happen. But, some of these kids are flat out amazing artist/athletes. I don’t know that this show would ever draw a huge audience because of the technical component.

    I mean, most of us think we know a little about singing and there is follow-up in terms of a career. These folks seem to be in front of us for a brief time and then what happens to them.

    This Melanie and Marko tandem is gold and the whole kissing fiasco was at least great theater. But what happens to a “power couple” what does that get anybody but maybe some extra weeks. Maybe if there were an reward for that as well it would provide some additional incentive. And maybe something immediate for the choreographers as well.

    Just something to chew on. Would hate to lose this show.

  • Allison

    Something seems out of whack with SYTYCD this season, though I absolutely cannot put my finger on what it is

    Too many contemporary dancers and routines, maybe? After a while they all blur together. That’s why it was a mistake to get rid of Nick. And we need good, young ball room people.

  • gangreen29

    The Voice finale was beaten out by an episode of AGT in 18-45?! LOL

  • anovich

    Something seems out of whack with SYTYCD this season, though I absolutely cannot put my finger on what it is

    They eliminated one of the most popular contestants last week? I think Nick was the type of contestant viewers could have gotten attached to as the season went on and he was challenged to keep going out of his comfort zone. He was the only one I was even remotely interested in this season.

  • chessguy99

    I wonder if they take in DVRs into account?

    There are separate numbers for DVR recordings and registered views. But, since commercials can be skipped on replay, they carry significantly less weight than live viewer numbers.

  • TwigLA

    I watched most of The Voice online and it was just so-so. It certainly didn’t seem like a Finale.

    I watched SYTYCD on TV and really enjoyed it last night. These kids are major talented. The kiss thing was LOL funny.

  • MBane

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t get cancelled SYTYCD.

    I know you don’t have the mass appeal of an 18th century side show, and are hopelessly encumbered by the weight of your contestants’ talent, but I know you can pull through.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. make the dancers perform out of their comfort zone more, and see who sinks and who swims. (at least two or three performances that are FAR out of the pair’s comfort zone)

    2. be more critical; particularly when they’re in their own styles. I know that the judges are being just as critical as usual, and making fewer criticisms because of the talent, but it is always possible to raise the bar (speaking as an artist with LOTS of experience on both sides of criticism).

    3. perhaps, this is simply the fatigue that all shows experience, and a significant change will be necessary. How about some episodes where young, aspiring choreographers work with the pairs?

    4. if all else fails, you can toss a miget on stage with a unicycle and fireworks up its ass, and hope for the best.

  • 611Juniper

    I’ve been a devoted watcher of SYTYCD since Season 3, but I confess, I’m not watching now. Once the top 20 were picked, by reaction was – “Gee, just a bunch of hip hop dancers.” Now, all the dances seem to look alike … and like something we’ve seen dozens of times before on the show.

    The absence of variety in dancer backgrounds is a huge problem. The only dancer that really excited me was Nick, and he’s gone now.

    Oh, and after having watched Idol this year (for the first time), I think I realized how biased the judges were on behalf of certain contestants. The comments all seem as if they’ve been written weeks ago. No longer “must see” tv. Sad because over the years, we’ve seen some incredible dancing.

  • hcpoirot

    Wow only around 6 million viewers in the dancing episodes? Some thing is really wrong when the first episodes attracted around 9 millions.

    The routines maybe become more and more the same. I know its hard for the choreographers cause they had to come out with new routines each week. But its look pretty much the same. Not to mention this season there are only contemporary and hip hop dancers left. And Jess from broadway.

    Where are others dancers?

    Maybe the pros dancers in top 5 can spark the rating again.