Phillip Phillips Visits Live With Kelly And Michael (VIDEO)

It was a big day for Kelly Ripa! She officially introduced her new co-host, Michael Strahan AND she had American Idol winner, Phillip Phlllips, drop by to sing his hit song, “Home”. OK, that first thing was the really big news. But still!

As an extra added bonus, Aly Reisman and Jordyn Wieber from the US Olympics Women’s gymanstics team were also guests. They name checked Phil as one of the “big stars” they’ve met. Of course, y’all know by know that “Home” became the girls’ theme song during the London Olympics.

Phil chatted with Kelly and Michael about overcoming his kidney problems, and the surprise success of his tune “Home” before strapping on his guitar to sing the coronation song. Check it out below.



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  • ri2

    Phillip has a way to go before he gets comfortable being interviewed in front of a large audience, but he always comes across as very humble and sweetly sheepish.  I could tell he had “morning” throat when he was singing. Just saw him Saturday evening on tour and his voice was strong and clear, but not so much here. Still it’s a great song and I was so thrilled to hear Aly Raisman think of him when naming the “big” celebrities she had the pleasure of meeting. That made me smile.

  • CanadianLady

    Don’t normally watch but did because of Phillip. I thought he did well, but to me he still seems a bit fragile health-wise. I think he probably needs about a month of down-time after tour to go home and rest. Don’t know if he can get it or not. Even a week might help.

  • jpfan2

    Not even an hour since the show is over and the song has already jumped to 

    #5 on iTunes.  

  • thirdtime

    I watched him on TV this morning – he did great.  He was charming and funny in the interview, and sounded good on the song.  Great job Phillip!  I imagine he will get another big boost on itunes today.

  • angiedb

    I never get tired of this song or of Phil singing. I find him endearing in every interview I see. So excited to see where success takes him.

  • lila6089

    I thought he sounded great!  He is such a lovable kind of guy!  

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    he omited the ooohhss and only sang the uuhhss hahaha.

  • tucker davis

    I like the way he scaled down the song & allowed time for a chat. It was also a good move to relate the song to Michael making the show his ‘home.’ Hope Phil thanked the gym girls for their shout-out! lol

  • hoosiermama2

    My local station ran a (stupid) political ad into the Home performance, so I’m glad to see the intro here–thanks MJ. Nice of Phil to dedicate the song to Michael on his first day as co-host. I thought he sounded great. Cute interview, too. Good job, Phil!

  • durbesque

    Michael and Kelly both said “CD”.  Is it a CD? or did they mean Download?

  • wordnerdarchie

    Michael and Kelly both said “CD”.  Is it a CD? or did they mean Download?

    Weren’t they holding up his compilation EP?  I think that’s what they were referring to…. does it have his live performance of “Home” on it?

  • wkstrack

    I think they might have confused some people. Because Michael said “debut cd/album”…I THINK…..When it’s just his Idol compilation album.

  • durbesque

    That’s right, Kelly held up the compilation.  Home is not on the Download, which is what I have.  It might be on the CD, idk.

  • OffLeash

    Comfortable or not during his televised interviews, P2 is his own best promo. People seem to like what they see and relate to him as a person as much as to the song, because every friggin time he appears on a show, people rush to iTunes to buy the song.

    Jumping 2 spots already so soon after the interview and with all the mega hits in the top 5 right now is quite the feat! P2’s personality will definitely help his career, he’s so likable.

  • OffLeash

    Aly Raisman seems to really like P2, and from what I’ve seen, P2 sure seems to return the favor. They’d make the most adorable couple IMO, what with both being American idols and all, and how fate connected them via “Home.” How romantic it would be. Of course his girlfriend might disagree lmao.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    I was going to say, I don’t think Hannah would like that too much! But, if P2 were going to move on from the hometown girlfriend for someone “famous”, then an Olympic sweetheart would go over better than an actress/singer/model type. Not that I’m wishing for a breakup or anything! LOL

  • SaSa8

    I watched this morning.  Good for him that he got a sit down interview during the show.  I do like the song (and think he has been incredibly lucky with it) but I did not think he sounded in “full” voice this morning.  He even said he was going to “try” to sing it so I guess he realized he was a little rough this morning.  He also sang the song with his eyes closed during most of it.  I think he still needs to work on this and his interview skills.  He does comes across as humble and personable but just not very articulate and confident. 

  • OffLeash


  • p2fan

    I love hearing Phllip laugh best of all during interviews.

  • p2fan

    I like Hannah and wish them the best. That is one thing I admire about PP – not spoiled by all the attention he gets from his fans.

  • Leandro

    He’s always avoiding the low notes like the C3 when he says “home” or the high notes, like the high A in the  “ooohh oohh”. 

    Home is a song too big for him. lol

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    plop! low C in home??? what are u talking about?? there is no low C in that part, and if he doesnt sing the ohh is because he doesnt want it, and in the last radio gigs he sang the “home” part, very low as he did it during the finale. 

  • Leandro

    C3 in “home”. Well, he avoids it many times. And the high notes of the catchy melody in the end too. Maybe you’re right, maybe he has a quite good range, he doesn’t want to show it.

    He did a good rendition, anyway.

  • wordnerdarchie

    The low note in Home is a C below middle C, and if my piano is in tune, the upper note is an A above middle C, but he is singing the lower & upper note today (but hitting the underside of upper one).  But I’ve noticed he doesn’t always sing that low note in his tour performances, which is fine.  He can interpret it however he wants to ’cause it’s his song now.

  • TheOther

    Home is still #5 on Itunes.  Every time Phillip makes a TV appearance, he gets a nice bump.  I’m sure Michael Strahan will remember the intro.  Phillip was the first singer to appear on his debut show.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Bwahaha, still wearing grey. Love it. xD

    I think he will improve w/ interviews like Kris did over time, but will similarly still retain some laid-back, private vibe. That’s him, I think. There won’t be some drastic change in personality and that’s cool. Home is still hanging in there at #5. Looking forward to single #2, whenever it appears. :D

  • trolls

    Personally, I find his modesty refreshing:)  Also, like Kris Allen, he has a strongly INTROVERTED personality.  On one board that I regularly post to, one member stated that she felt Phil was ‘untalented’.

    Needless to say, I STRONGLY took her to task about her post and she felt a little hurt.  Only questionn I have is do the AI honchos–Iovine included–know how to promote him properly.  I have my doubts.

    IOW, were I ‘managing’ him–plus maybe some of the other AI11 Top Ten–I would actually use his[and the others] Twitter fans to help.  For example, if Phil agreed, I might have Phil do private house parties for members who ‘bid':)

    There was a post I saw on this type of ‘new school’ marketing that I will have to find:)  But that is how I would do it.

  • sdmama

    Wow, that was the best version yet.  Slowed down a bit, and cut the chorus a bit for the perfect length, to make it not too slow, and the whole thing was so heartfelt. It sounded like Phillip sang it with more care and tenderness than usual.  I started to feel warm and fuzzy all over the place.  I can see this song being used by many different occasions to mark a beginning of good things: engagement, new school, new team, new job, new partner.  I completely understand why people run to iTune when they hear it.  What do we have to do to convince radios to play it more?