Monday Ratings: The Voice and Smash Rise

Ratings are in from TVByTheNumbers

NBC won the night with adults 18-49 and total viewers led by The Voice which was up 13% from last week (when the Daytona 500 was delayed into primetime) to a 6.1 adults 18-49 rating. Smash also benefited rising 17% to a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating.

The Voice averaged 16.66M viewers last night.  Smash averaged 7.87


NBC The Voice 5.8/16 16.32
ABC The Bachelor 2.3/6 7.84
CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) 2.0/6 6.17
FOX Alcatraz 1.9/5 5.86
CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 0.5/1 1.35


CBS 2 Broke Girls (R) 2.1/5 7.01


NBC The Voice 6.3/15 17.00
ABC The Bachelor 2.7/6 8.43
CBS Two and a Half Men (R) 2.1/5 7.96
FOX Alcatraz 1.8/4 5.46
CW Hart Of Dixie (R) 0.4/1 1.07


CBS Mike & Molly (R) 1.8/4 6.98


NBC Smash 2.7/7 7.87
CBS Hawaii Five-0 (R) 1.5/4 6.55
ABC Castle (R) 1.4/4 6.66

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  • Tinawina

    The View was on last night? LOL. Typo mj!!!!

    YAY SMASH!!!!! Fight on, little show!

    Good on The Voice! They got a nice bump for the 1st ep of a new round as expected (and repeats certainly helped) so lots of folks got to check out their battle rounds, now we see next week how they went over.

  • Anonymous

    Great numbers. I had fun watching theVoice last night. I hope they don’t mess up by airing 2x a year.

    Soooo happy for Smash! Awesome episode.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising as it had almost no competition with repeats and low rated shows, and with it being the first battle round. It will be interesting to see what happens when CBS is off of repeats and when DWTS starts back up.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! All the naysayers said The Voice would be down this week. Whoopsie.
    I wish NBC would rethink airing it twice a year also, but this is literally their only true successful show now, so I can see why they’re going to rely on it for Fall ratings too.

  • Tuki

    YAY! Smash is gaining steam now and holding.
    I LOVE this title show too. I think NBC might just go and announce now they are renewing it.
    So excited for Smash! Go The Voice too!

  • Tinawina

    LOL. No, not this week honey. This week was expected to go up. Next week is the test. Save the gloating for then. :)

    If it does drop, I don’t think it will be by that much.

  • Kirk Wilson

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! Smash!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Daytona didn’t help Smash’s ratings last week but Castle and Hawaii-Five-0 repeats certainly aren’t hurting ratings either this week. In any case, NBC should be very happy with these numbers, which makes me happy for now.

  • Cathy Knott

    actually people were saying it was going to go down.  I think The Voice has a loyal following of people now who enjoy the shows format.  We know that the battle rounds last for a certain time and then it gets into the competition.  Just like Idol fans know the routine of idol.

  • Tinawina

    The first ep of a new round on any of these shows usually gets a boost, so I just assumed it would do that here too. But last year the battle rounds dropped with each subsequent ep so I think that is the pattern folks are watching for this go around.

    But I do agree, I think the show is on better than solid footing. I don’t expect anything dramatic to happen over the rest of the season. It should be able to withstand DWTS and the battle rounds fine, the lowest I see it going is the low 5s at some point.

  • Tess

    Didn’t Idol almost double its viewership from season 1 to season 2.  The Voice is doing OK…but it hasn’t proven that it is “the show” to watch, yet.  I don’t think that The Voice should be matched against what Idol is doing, now, but how Idol did when it was trending upwards.  Apples to apples and all that.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought it would be down this week, it had almost no competition this week and there’s that curiosity factor with the battle rounds and celebrity mentors. Idol’s first few Hollywood episodes were also up. I think it will start dropping again as the battle rounds drag out(a month long of these!) and when DWTS comes back-I think they share somewhat of a similar audience and their cast looks interesting(Urkle!!)

  • Justin

     Idol’s first few Hollywood episodes were also up. 

    nope, it just stayed steady that week

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of ratings…Idol’s Thursday was the most watched show of the week and it tied with the voice in the demo(idol has the slight edge because it had way more total viewers).


  • Anonymous

    Incorrect, the Thursday group rounds episode was the highest rated Thursday episode of the season, and both Wednesday and Thursday were up in total viewers.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising as it had almost no competition with repeats and low rated shows

    The Voice has been up against the same “low-rated” shows this entire season. It didn’t switch nights.

    The ratings are up! Word of mouth and a excitment over the show is helping draw in new viewers. New viewers are checking it out and the adult demo is at a 6.1, which draws in more money from advertisers. The Voice is in a very good place at this time!

    Also, very excited for Smash! Katherine is perfect for this new show and I’m very happy for her that it is doing better!

  • Anonymous

    Hm. Good news for The Voice. Let’s see if Idol gets a bump this wk too….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I know, but it was still against the CBS comedy block and last week against the Daytona. This week it’s biggest competitor was the Bachelor.

  • Tinawina

    I don’t think that’s a fair comparison either just because I don’t think it is reasonable to expect anything to duplicate Idol’s early run. That was a once in a lifetime type of deal.

    But right now, The Voice is easily beating both Idol and XFactor on buzz, pop culture relevance and audience excitement, so I think in that sense it is “the show to watch”.

    It’s still up in the air who will come out this season’s number one show. TV’s big tests are next week and the week after, and Idol’s test is Wednesday. But for now the momentun is with The Voice I think.

  • Justin

     But last year the battle rounds dropped with each subsequent ep so I think that is the pattern folks are watching for this go around.

    Speaking of last year The voice didn’t get any boost coming from auditions into their first battle round episode (it FELL 19%) and iirc neither did american idol this year or last year (it stayed steady but didn’t get a boost). 

    You are talking about first live show. The idol top 13 usually gets a boost for that first show. But that’s not where The Voice is now. They are in the middle stages.

  • Anonymous

    Right. Repeats, or something like the Daytona 500, can alter the ratings. The CBS comedy block has been same all along. Aren’t these the same shows that people have been saying aren’t real competition? How did we go from Monday nights are weak to repeats are what caused the ratings to rise?

    Monday nights aren’t weak nights. The View has been holding its own and even increasing every week against some strong shows. Like Idol, the ratings can go up when there is a night of repeats.

  • Tinawina

    No, I didn’t mean just the live shows… I just meant that when we switch to a new round, thing usually bump up or at the very least stay steady on these types of shows, I don’t expect to see it go down unless things aren’t going well, that’s all.

    The Voice’s ratings last year were greatly affected by the fact that it started right before May sweeps and ended in the summer. I think it threw everything off, though it did do quite well.

    Didn’t the last battle round go up dramatically too? The whole thing was odd.

  • Justin

    first hollywood episode got 6.0 rating (steady from last audition episode) and the second got 5.7 rating, so it fell 0.3 from the first hollywood episode.

    first hollywood week episode:

    second hollywood week episode:

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of ratings…Idol’s Thursday was the most watched show of the week and it tied with the voice in the demo

    But Idol was against repeats, so there isn’t really anything to celebrate, right? ;)

  • Anonymous

    Like Idol, the ratings can go up when there is a night of repeats.

    right, which is what happened :)

  • Anonymous

    right, which is what happened :)

    So we have the same type of celebration for both shows! Yay!

  • Kylee

    But right now, The Voice is easily beating both Idol and XFactor on buzz, pop culture relevance and audience excitement

    I’m not so sure about that atm. On IDF(believe me, there are a lot of Voice fans there also, its not exclusively idol anymore), their discussion threads on the Voice were about 15 pages last night. Idol’s Thursday episode had 94 pages of discussion and around 60 something pages for performance nights. On this blog, there were almost 700 comments for Thursday’s episode and over 200 for last night’s The Voice episode. There’s also zero buzz about their contestants, while just from this last season, Scotty is nominated for an ACM new artist award and is platinum.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. 6.1. That is pretty awesome. And they ended the battle rounds on a high note so viewers will prob come back next week. Good for the voice.

    And yay Smash. It was good last night.

  • Pam

    It’s nice to see some good news all around today.  This is of course my first season watching the Voice and I’m enjoying it so far even though my picks didn’t win the battle rounds last night.  ;)  Hope the rebound for shows continue.

  • Whiskey

    Those are great numbers for The Voice. I’m really rooting for this show because the talent level is amazing and so diverse. I like the fact that the contestant have some professional experience behind them. I was never a fan of the way Idol sets up it’s story of plucking a nobody and than try to make them a superstar overnight. It always felt like success was given to them on a silver platter and some didn’t know what to do with the opportunity afterwards. Having some experience you kind of know the ups and downs of this business and are better prepared. That’s just my opinion. Kelly didn’t hit big until Breakaway so if someone from The Voice from 1st season or if this year winner can make it big this show will be golden. They need to keep it young and fresh and hold on to their young demo. With continued word of mouth and the judges all having a current careers themselves things are looking good. Did I say I love this show.

  • Anonymous

    So, basically so far The Voice had been rather steady around the ~6. adults 18-49 ratings except for the one time sporting event that it, apparently shared a noticeable portion of the audience with?..
    That is great news!

    Despite thinking that this show is hands down the best hour of song-driven entertainment on television right now, I was not going to watch this season, because, basically, there is only so many hours of people singing covers I can take before it becomes a burden. And the clips from X-Factor, and heavily fast-forwarded episodes of Idol have already exhausted this quota.

    But I had a free minute, and ended up checking out the old episodes from this season, and law and behold this show got me hooked in the way that up to this moment only high quality scripted television ever could.

    Big portion of the blame of ofcourse goes to the mentors, their chemistry is supreme and humor leaves me in stitches.
    But the level (and development) of talent, the diversely of styles and freshness of songs contestants choose to cover (I swear, after 3 years of Idol I know all their go-to catalog by heart) and lack of embracing beggnig from rejects all add up to one hell of a show.

    Frankly, once the fall comes X-Factor will have to bring something really special to compete for a fraction of time and attantion that in my mind I have already assigned to The Voice.
    I wonder haw many people feel the same.

  • Kylee

    Kelly didn’t hit big until Breakaway so if someone from The Voice from
    1st season or if this year winner can make it big this show will be

    Kelly’s first album sold 2.7 million and “A Moment Like This” and “Miss Independent” were radio hits. Compare that to Javier’s less than 10K sales and Dia’s 10K sales. Even the “flop” idols sold a ton more than that. The problem with this show is there is zero buzz and investment in these contestants. On idol, the fans are more passionate about their favorites. The Voice’s format doesn’t let the audience get to know their contestants, thus doesn’t allow people to become passionate and invested. This show’s format won’t allow any of the contestants to make it big IMO.

  • Anonymous

     The problem with this show is there is zero buzz and investment in these contestants.

    That’s only a problem for the type of people who want this from their competition shows they watch.. It looks like the same amount of people are watching both shows, so that must mean that there are just as many viewers who don’t care about these types of things that do care.

    That’s why there are three different singing competition shows, a little something for everyone!

  • Linda Vastardis

    Still enjoy both shows.  Really getting into the storyline of Smash and that’s not like me to be ‘committed’ to a weekly series but I am and really enjoying it.  And The Voice was great last night too!

    Good night for NBC and good night for me!  ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Joseph

    Good for the Voice. I still think their decision to run the show twice a year is a terrible misstep. It will tired the program out. If they let the show continue as once a year they could probably reach 7.5 in the demo over the next two years. Now, I think at this time next year, when we are watching The Voice Season 4… we are going to be looking at ratings in the low 5s as the high mark.

    Terrible decision.

    NBC; don’t be lazy! You have one monster hit. Go out and MAKE ANOTHER ONE. Don’t bleed this one out like a stuck pig.

  • Pam

    Here is last night’s upward adjusted rating for the Voice from tvbythenumbers.

    The Voice was adjusted up a tenth of an adults 18-49 ratings point vs. Monday’s preliminary ratings. There were no other 18-49 adjustments with last night’s originals, though the CW repeats were adjusted down.

    The Voice  8-10p

  • Tinawina

    I KNOW!!!!! They have a goldmine that is set to snatch Idol’s crown if not this year, then definitely next… but they are totally going to blow it. It’s so frustrating to watch.

    I get it from their perspective of course… it will still be a hit for a few years at least if they run it twice…. even if it’s not as big of a hit as it would have been…. and they can use it to launch more shows. But it still is annoying.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s too soon to say whether The Voice will snatch idol’s crown this year. Sure, as of now it’s beating it in the demo, but up until two weeks ago, idol was still consistently getting 6’s on their Wednesday show. I think DWTS will have a little bit of an influence. And if the theory that idol is dropping due to fatigue is true, the The Voice should have a similar drop next year.

    Either way even though it doesn’t matter to advertisers, idol will still be on top of The Voice in terms of total viewers.

  • faux pas

    ever notice haw “next week will be the real test…” so say the nay-sayers, and every week ticks upward (you feelin’ me, S10fan). always with the excuses for a great showing. 

    alas, the Kübler-Ross model, commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance of defeat! 

     the first step is… admitting there is a problem. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a crap about The Voice, but YAY SMASH!

  • sweetmm

    Good news for both TVoice & Smash :)  I think by now viewers should no longer compare TVoice with other singing competition.  It has its own format and it should appeal to those who enjoys this; good singers with great song choices and enjoyable banter among coaches.   I am one of those who just love to enjoy the show and not invested in any singers.  I think even the contestants understand that if they want a show that will hand-held them and strong in promotions; they would go for AI or XF.  TVoice is more of a platform to promote themselves; hey its where 15-20 million people watches them and that’s why they agree to go for the blind auditions.  So do stop comparing these shows and let the contestants choose where they put their future in.  Have fun watching different formats of show and isn’t it wonderful as viewers we have a choice, watch all or whichever you fancy most :)

  • Anonymous

    This is the only week where it ticked upward…


  • David I-Chen Lin

    HELL YEA SMASH! XD This show keeps getting better and better, it;s amazing!

  • Joseph

    I agree with Sweetmm.

    The Voice and American Idol are not programs with the same goal in mind, so they both should be able to exist in tandem.