Lee DeWyze "Sweet Serendipity" Available for Digital Download!

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“Sweet Serendipity”, the lead single from Lee DeWyze’s post Idol debut, Live It Up, set to be released November 16, is available for download now from iTunes and Amazon.

Get “Sweet Serendipity”

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  • cristististi

    I assumed they would wait to release it on itunes at midnight at the earliest, I’m glad I was proven wrong! :) The only reason I found out it was on itunes was because someone tweeted about it. I love technology :)

  • aprilfoolish

    It’s not on my iTunes, well east coast here, got seven minutes. Grrr

  • idolfan92

    Just bought it! Go Lee!!

  • artemis

    At last! My own copy of Sweet Serendipity!

  • aprilfoolish

    Got mine !! Now doing the bobble head dance!

  • nabs

    yeeeh! Go grab it now, you lucky Americans & Canadians :)

    cooool moves, aprilfoolish! May i join?

  • wordnerdarchie

    Currently on Itunes

    Top Songs:

    166. Sweet Serendipity – Lee DeWyze
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 6:30 AM (CDT)

    Top Pop Songs:

    53. Sweet Serendipity – Lee DeWyze
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 6:27 AM (CDT)

  • artemis

    It’s moving up-now it’s 106 in Top Songs
    37 in Top Pop Songs

  • flicker

    I’m so happy for Lee today. I bought my copy as soon as I woke up this morning – couldn’t wait!

  • aprilfoolish

    Been listening to Sweet Serendipity on repeat all morning. It’s funny how the different body parts start moving as you listen!

  • leome

    I used to be indifferent to this song, but listenting to it a couple of times the last few days made me find it really really annoying. I can’t make it to the end. But good luck selling it.
    I can’t wait for his album though. I like the song titles and I think there should be more that doesn’t sound like this.

  • rivermaya

    Finally got my very own copy (thanks MJ for the itunes link).
    Such a great song to listen to first thing in the morning – so upbeat .
    Wishing Lee the best in his career.
    Can’t wait for the full album release on Nov. 16 ( hopeful for more Lee-vibe music) :)

  • luly

    It’s up to #93 on iTunes.

  • flicker

    It’s #60 on iTunes now, #21 on iTunes pop.

  • twinkle80

    it’s up to #57 over all iTunes, #17 pop iTunes :) (from lee’s amazing fans on twitter)

  • artemis

    Now it’s #56 on Itunes, #17 Itunes pop. He’s moving up quickly!

  • flicker

    I’m using this chart to track it, since I’m at work and don’t have access to iTunes. It’s a quick way to follow Lee’s progress – not too much graphics.


  • Weebs787

    anybody know how well past songs have done? Just for comparison.

  • flicker

    Weebs, I don’t know much aabout past songs, but I did find the thread from last year, when Kris released his first single.


    I don’t have time to go through it, but just scanning, I saw that he was at #79 at 10:00 am on his release day.

    I could swear I saw a post somewhere on MJs this morning that said Kris sold 24,000 his first week. BUT, his song was released on Friday, and so that only counts 3 days of sales, I think.

  • Weebs787

    that’s alot of reading I just did….

    Basically at this point, LLWD and SS were pretty comparible on the pop charts, but LLWD was well ahead in the overall charts. Not that it means one is doing any better or worse. You really can’t compare I guess because of the Friday release (Wtf Jive?) and the drop in music sales overall. I’d say it’s a good start though with no real radio play and little to no promotion of the single yet.

    Man that Taylor Swift is a beast.

  • kvwicks13

    So excited SS is finaly out! I ordered from Itunes and Amazon through MJs links.

  • ComeBack2Me

    I see it at 61 on my iTunes feed. Did it already start falling?

  • Landmd

    I see it at 61 on my iTunes feed. Did it already start falling?

    SS seems to be holding at 60, and 18 on pop.

  • rivermaya

    I believe all it needed is more radio plays and peeps will soon catch up – you can’t miss this song, it’s really so upbeat.
    A lot of my friends who are aware and like Lee’s music ( although not as fanatic as I am) didn’t even know his single is released today.

  • lili_anne7

    A lot of my friends who are aware and like Lee’s music ( although not as fanatic as I am) didn’t even know his single is released today.

    Unless you’re following AI blogs or Lee on twitter, you wouldn’t know that he has a single out. RCA didn’t even tweet about SS being available until this afternoon. So considering the lack of promo, I think Lee’s doing alright for now.

  • Trina

    The last couple of years first week album sales have been much higher than first week single sales so I think sometimes fans rather just wait for the full album. All things considered I really wasn’t expecting high numbers. Low airplay + no one really knowing the single is out isn’t going to garner big numbers. I remember Kris and Adam didn’t have really high initial single sales and they had a higher profile than Lee at this point so my expectations have been low. Just hope airplay starts picking up more now..

  • poster

    Got the song – love it! I hope it’s a hit for Lee!

  • jennyl

    I’m waiting to get the song on Thursday. Can’t wait for a clear copy.