Lauren Alaina Announces New Single “18 Inches” at CMA Fest (VIDEO)

Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina, announced to the CMA Fest crowd last night at her LP Field acoustic set that her next single with be the Carrie Underwood co-write with Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace, “18 Inches”. Yay for a new single!

Watch Lauren perform “18 Inches” last night as part of her acoustic set at CMA Fest’s nightly concert at LP Field below.

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  • Guest

    That’s a good song, hope it does well!

  • Anonymous

    She. looks. so. old.

  • Keyera Mullins

    I’m so glad this is her next single! Great performance.

  • Anonymous

    this was one of my favorite songs off of wildflower. i really hope radio embraces it and gives her spins. georgia peaches did well, but it should have done better. 

  • Anonymous

    Not at all crazy about this choice as I think there are many other better choices on the album but happy she’s getting another single.  She put out a great album.

  • windmills

    Label chooses single I can actually get behind? I almost don’t know what to do with this!

    I’m interested to see how this goes because this is the kind of song that could break big IMO. But, I don’t know if this is just Mercury Nashville throwing a single out there and hoping the Carrie connection will help the song get traction. I hope that’s not what it is because when I reviewed Lauren’s album, I thought there were several reasons this song should be a single:

    a) It’s a well written story song, 
    b) It has a great, catchy melody, 
    c) 3/4 time songs tend to stand out on the radio in a good way, 
    d) It’s a song that fits Lauren’s perspective on life and even though it has a lot of elements people might associate with a Carrie song, it doesn’t sound like Lauren imitating Carrie.

    Put away the Carrie connection and even then this is the kind of song country radio and country fans should eat up. But, you never know because it has to get the chance to reach a critical mass of fans in the 1st place and that’s all about what the radio gatekeepers decide and how much effort the label puts in if the song struggles at any point. 

    IMO it’s possible Mercury Nashville saw Jana Kramer’s Why Ya Wanna crack the t20 (and it’s gaining this week after stalling, though that could be because this is album release week) and noticed she’s succeeding with a 3/4 time song after Eli Young Band got their 1st #1 with a song that was also in 3/4 (waltz) time. Eighteen Inches is catchier, better sung, and better written 3/4 time song than Why Ya Wanna so maybe they’re thinking it could break through for Lauren too. 

    I also think with this news we’re going to get an announcement about Lauren being added to Carrie’s tour.

    P.S. I definitely don’t think this was the only acceptable single choice from the album or the best song from the album (that would be Dirt Road Prayer), but if the label’s serious about getting Lauren a hit then this may be the smartest choice.

  • Anonymous

    I agree this probably means she’ll be doing shows with Carrie, which I would be thrilled about!

  • Anonymous

    I think it will do well! I love it! This is an unpopular opinion, but I would love her to release she’s a wildflower eventually as a single too.

  • Anonymous

    Well…. Lauren’s third single might do better for her being that she’s TAGGED the name Carrie Underwood to it and CU fans might just jump on board and give her an extra boost.  We’ll wait and see, afterall it’s still Lauren singing it and we all know how radio feels about last year’s AI winner and runner-up! It’s a real shame because these two artist have worked really hard to get to where they are now! I would have much preferred “Dirt Road Prayer” which shows Lauren’s vocals at her best! Just my opinion. :-)

  • AlesheaDominique

    Eileen, I’m  curious as to what song you would have released then. I am beyond thrilled that this is her new single. I think people will jump on it because of Carrie. There is a chance for a good video and it tells a great story. While I like The Locket it is far to long. She already has a hard time getting air play and that song would prove to be more difficult. DRP doesn’t really seem right for the summer even though her vocals are flawless. Ballads are harder to get air play on in the summer. At least 18 Inches is mid tempo. OOTB was the main song off the album that, is not a single, that keeps charting on iTunes. While I love the song, it is short and shows of more personality than vocal ability.

    We all know she needs a single that will take her somewhere and this very well could be the one. I was on twitter during her set last night and the tweets were pouring in for her and how well she sounded and did. She sang that acoustic to a crowd of about 70,000 or so since she was moved to the end of the night. I can’t think of a better way to show her off. Guarantee the Opry will “eat her up” if that is part of her set tonight. Carrie wrote it, plus Opry, plus good story equals gold.

  • Anonymous

    I was really hoping for DRP, but this would be my second favourite. I feel that this single could do really well for her. Go Lauren! 

  • Anonymous

    ok….so who are we talking about here? Carrie or Lauren? This is Lauren’s song and she should be able to sell it as her own song. I don’t disagree that she may get extra sales since Carrie is going to be tied to this song forever, but it sure would be nice to separate these two artists and say that Lauren made it “gold” (as you said) so if it makes it Gold we shall give all the credit to Carrie for co-writing it?…This is all so ridibulous!! Maybe Kris Allen should go record with Keith Urban and get “his gold” record as well!! just sayin.. :-/ 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m far from an expert on country radio, but for uptempo, I would have picked Wildflower or Funny Thing About Love.  If they wanted mid-tempo, I like The Middle.  Among the slower songs, I love love love Tupelo, The Locket & DRA. 

    I love Jason Aldean, but for some reason Georgia Peaches burned for me really quickly. Even so, I am sorry it didn’t do better at radio and hope 18 Inches breaks through for her.

  • BigNLiddle

    Just a few things to point out:
    1. I don’t think her image really suits her personality anymore.
    2. I Love this song; it’s my favorite from her album. And, to be honest, it’s probably because of Carrie Underwood’s name being tagged to it. I love her (Carrie).
    3. Even though it IS my favorite song, I don’t think it’s really as recognizable as some of the other songs that are uptempo. In order to have an “good” career in the music business, she needs to have something catchy on the radio (kind of like how “Call Me Maybe” is stuck in just about everyone’s head these days. That girl came out of no where, really. Canadian Idol didn’t treat her well haha).
    4. I think Lauren has an amazing, pure voice, but this probably isn’t the best move for her. :-/

  • Sharon

    This is a great song to be released as a single. It has a great story and it shows off Lauren’s vocal talents. I hope it will at least make top 20 or higher.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I’m just saying that personally I think it is a good song to be released next and the “Carrie” aspect will be helpful. 

  • Taro

    So happy that the new single is 18 inches. It’s one of my favorites off her Wildflower album. I love the storyline lyrics, catchy melody and very nice production. It’s one of those songs that grows on you and can sustain multiple re-listens IMO. And she sounds great on the recording. It sounds good acoustic too.

    Really hope it does well on radio and is a bigger hit than GP. Crossing my fingers and toes.

    Props to Carrie too. She is a very commendable songwriter which she does not seem to get enough credit for …

  • Tiffany

    I hope this song does well for Lauren but I personally don’t like it at all, nor do I like Scotty’s new single. 

  • Tiffany

    I remember being Lauren’s age and thinking, gee, this makes me look 18. yayy!!!  All my gf had the same mindset.  Young people always want to be taken for older then they are.  It seems to me the label and stylists should step in on her fashions unless shes is adamant about what she wants to wear.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good song. I don’t have a problem with Lauren’s voice – which is strong if she’s standing in one place, and not moving at all. It’s her personality that puts me off.  She seems to find herself just so adorable.  I just find her sort of fake-sugary.  Ick.  She’s also starting to look like Kellie Pickler – well, I prefer Kellie to her, so maybe that’s okay? :)

  • Anonymous

    i don’t see how carrie being attached to the song is a bad thing. at the end of the day, it’s lauren selling the song. if carrie’s involvement can help her take it that much higher, then good for lauren. she can use a huge break.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I was hoping for DRP also, but this is a good song too. I hope she has success with this single!

  • Anonymous

    I am glad about the choice for several reasons the high school and college age kids love it which I feel is the market she is best suited for.  It is well written and she sings it well but will sing it even better over time as  we have seen with other songs she performs repeatedly. It could also have a interesting video so that is always a plus. Lauren can be flaky at times but she is very aware of what she is up against and seems to totally get what she must do to have a chance to break through to the next level.
    Wish her the best of luck with 18 inches and I say use Carrie’s name as often as you can don’t know if it will help but I am sure it will not hurt.

  • Sue

    About time they gave her a new single. Now I’m just waiting for Wind-up to release HTH. I hope Mercury Nashville actually pushes this song to radio and not just throw it out there as I don’t think the Carrie connection on its own will be enough to sell the song.

  • Anonymous

    Thats the closest you have ever come to saying something nice about Lauren.LOL

    In terms of the sugary stuff I think it had more to do with her age and falling back on it due to lack of experience.  I see it disappearing from her performances as she gets older has more stage presence.  She is a quirky kid
    sometimes does ackward things but I do not believe she is a fake in anyway.

  • Troy Mccoy

    LOL okay, now you dont have a problem with Lauren strong voice. Just the other day you thought she was sheer karaoke ;)

    Moving on just had to throw that in there. I still like DRP as the best choice. I am partial to eighteen inches because I believe it has a good story line. Hope it does well. Love your insights windmills.

  • Wynona

    First off I am beyond thrilled that lauren’s is releasing this single. Not only because lauren needs a hit song but because this song spells HIT and I can see it crossing over on other charts, but the fact that carrie wrote it will give those radio DJ”s pause when they say they are not going to play it because its’ lauren singing it. Lauren’s fanbase is exploding right now on twitter because once people hear her or see her they fall in love with her. So radio play is key and the djs are going to have to give this song a chance.

    I have had several people on lauren forums say they called their radio stations and requested Ga Peaches to be told they will not play both laurens and scotty’s single at the same time. Why, I have not a clue. But one girl said that her DJ told them they will support each but seperately which doesn’t make any sense. Some DJ’s flat out will not play either of them from IDOL cause they figure they haven’t paid their dues whereas others have sacrified to get where they are.  Some stations played the heck out of TTWG but wouldn’t play GA peaches even though folks requested it. I truly believe who they play determines success or failure and these radio dj’s can really determines how much a song gets played. But anyway,hopefully they will embrace this song better than Ga Peaches. And whats funny is now ga peaches seem to be kinda taking off with listeners cause people go nuts at these concerts when lauren sings it.

    I truly believe lauren has the goods to be as big a Taylor Swift because IMO she has better personality and better vocals. Also she is young and sassy and infectious and she needs a huge hit single to take off. 18 inches is it.

    I already see the video treatment.

    scene it shows lauren talking to her best friend and her boyfriend and
    they are telling her they are leaving together in the morning and are
    telling her goodbye. They are in love and they want to move to
    california and spend the rest of their lives together. She hugs them
    and walks away and she starts the 1st verse

    It’s about fifteen hundred miles to California,
    they’ll get there Friday if they leave tonight,
    she sneaks out at three thirty in the morning,
    leaves a note so she won’t see her daddy cry.

    in essence she is singing about her friend/boyfriend and telling their
    story while she is singing, and the have scenes of showing them in california as she
    is singing the song. This will show the world lauren’s serious side, a
    mature side, and it could catapult her to superstar status and be her
    1st crossover song.

  • Anonymous

    Well if the song goes gold, Carrie would get a gold record for being the co-writer — so would whoever the other co-writer is (are?) :)

    But considering the fact that Bruno Mars wrote NCOE hasn’t given much of a boost for Adam’s sales of his single, I don’t know if Carrie being a co-writer of this song really matters much in terms of whether the single will be successful for Lauren. Will that mean country radio will play it more (or more quickly)? Will the majority of Carrie’s fans care — considering she isn’t singing on the record? 

    As far as I can tell, it doesn’t really seem to matter that much who the writer is. 

  • md

    Seems more like an adult video title than a song title.

  • BonnieDee

    You have a right to your opinion, but I wonder if you’ve actually met her?  I have, and she is so sweet and wonderful.  She had a roomful of people at a meet and greet and spent personal time with each one.  She was gracious and had personal conversations with everyone.  

  • Rebeca
  • BonnieDee

    Even live, in a crowd, her voice is sounding great.  This will make a great video too as others have said.  I think she looks fabulous.  As far as age, Lauren will be 18 in five months.  She looks to me like any other 18 year old performer would look in this situation.  

  • Anonymous

    Radio DJs play what they are told to play by their station PDs. It doesn’t matter if the DJ hates Idol or loves it or loves a particular song or hates it — if the PD tells them to play a particular song, they have to play it if they don’t want to lose their job. 

    I’ve been told many things by a variety of DJs over the years when calling to request songs. Most of what they tell listeners is a bunch of bull.

  • BonnieDee

    Since you are very critical of her personality, I have attached this article, very recent, about her personality during a fan event this week at CMA fest.  I think if you got to meet her you would change your mind.  She’s very friendly and there is none of the sugary sweet you are talking about.  Here’s what the article said.

  • Anonymous

    Im very disapointed that that is her next single.  It is one my my lease fave songs on wildflower.  I think the only reason why she chose it was because carrie wrote it.

  • Anonymous

    Only time will tell whether Eighteen Inches catches fire but there is no denying that Lauren has a very bright future ahead of her! IMO, her debut album Is one of the BEST by any artist regardless of genre and am very surprised that sales haven’t been bigger even by country standards. Her Carrie connection is definitely a plus and is a benefit that any person in their right mind would utilize as much as possible!

  • Anonymous

    When it comes to celebrity, none of us will ever know what they are REALLy like.  For the record, I don’t like her ‘public’ personality and how she comes across to me. I’m not a fan of the Mommy thing, or the I Love Jesus cheerleading.  She’s a certain kind of Southern girl that I recognize as I’m from Arkansas.  Not a fan. That’s okay, she doesn’t need to please me. She has other fans, lol.  I’m sure for them she’s not icky, she’s bubbly and happy. Hey, I don’t care for Tom Cruise either, and my not caring for him has not caused his career to wither and die. :)
    And I still think Lauren is basically karaoke.  You can have a strong voice and be a karaoke singer.  There are thousands out there, and IMO – not any different from Lauren.  

  • BonnieDee

    I do know people who have known her for years and know what she’s really like, and they love her.  I don’t think you really know her well enough to say what she’s like.  I have at least met her and I know people who know her well from her hometown.  I am also from the South  and don’t appreciate sterotypes.  Nobody deserves to be stereotyped, especially by someone who has never met them.  Also, her fellow Idols seem to really like her, including Scotty.  Carrie Underwood talks all the time about how she adores Lauren.  Dierks Bentley mentioned in the White House interview how sweet Lauren is, and on and on and on.    Karoake she is not.  Her album got very good critical reviews and I haven’t seen one album review that said she was karoake.  Her reception from other stars, such as at the Guitars and Stars event, was amazing, and they all complimented her voice.  Kelly Lovelace complimented 18 Inches and said this should be Lauren’s next single.  Well I guess he was right.  He also said he wished he had written it, and he’s written a lot of hits.

  • windmills

    BonnieDee: Kelly Lovelace complimented 18 Inches and said this should be Lauren’s next single.  Well I guess he was right.  He also said he wished he had written it, and he’s written a lot of hits.

    Kelley Lovelace cowrote 18 Inches with Ashley Gorley and of course Carrie. 

  • BonnieDee

    Oops, either he was joking or I got the wrong guy. LOL. I know somebody said that.

  • Anonymous

    It was him that said it at that event Hearts something at her local radio station where she filled in for Randy Houser at the last minute when his baby was born.  He was kidding around.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anybody’s saying that Carrie should get all the credit should this turn out to be a big hit. All they’re saying is that hopefully this song will get an extra help – a promotional angle of some sort, getting the buzz out there – making it via the Carrie connection. That’s not a bad thing. 

  • BonnieDee

    Yeah, Lauren is such a HUGE Carrie fan that she just keeps saying Carrie wrote it.  

  • Sharon

    Lauren is a very genuine and sweet person and is not “fake”. There may be some people who put on a sweetness that is not genuine but that is not Lauren. She has a great personality and most people feel that way when they meet her. She also visits children in hospitals and is the special ambassador for Special Olympics which she has been involved in for several years.

  • Chris

    Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think it was Lauren’s choice.  I think the label, along with a lot of support from research is what led to 18 inches.  For a long time, it appeared that Dirt Road Prayer was going to be the next single, she sang it at the big radio seminar.  They must have received feedback it was too xxx, maybe too young or too slow or too something.  Next, I thought it would be Tupelo or One of Those Boys, but clearly 18 inches gives them a song that should appeal to a large enough audience, it has a message, its not “sassy”, so it checks a lot of the boxes.  That and Carrie is hot right now, so go for it.  

    Either way, I’m happy she has a 3rd single.  Now I want them to promote it properly and above all, this song needs a well funded video.  This is a great story so sell it for goodness sake.

  • Chris

    Maybe they can hire you as a writer.  LOL

    Good ideas, in my head I was wondering if Lauren will be the main character or just a narrator of the story in a video.  i.e. she’s just the “guardian angel” telling the story of these two crazy kids running off.

    The main character will be more interesting, but it could be controversial having her 17 year old self in that role.  So, my guess is they won’t go that route.

    As I just posted though, I hope she gets a real budget… there can be great scenes if they follow through.

  • Chris

    It is a good album, lots of choices.  We have to hope the label knows what they are doing… fingers crossed.  For summer, I like Tupelo or OOTB but its not my call and they aren’t going to release multiple songs for her like they do for major artists.  e.g. Carrie has two trains running Blown Away and Good Girl.  Newbies don’t get that option.

  • MzBeachgal

    I am happy that 18 inches is Lauren’s next single and I am positive that this song will do well!!!

  • Anonymous

    The way things move so slowly it will be fall before/if it is T30.LOL

  • AlesheaDominique

    Wynona, your post is exactly what I have been trying to say for weeks on here. Everything you listed is what I experience as a listner. It is very frustrating when you try and support an artist and request and then radio basically laughs at you. I’ve even had some dj’s tell me how much they like GP and then still won’t play it. At my stations medibase ranking does not matter to them. They play what they want not matter how hot you are at the moment and go on with life.

  • Chris

    I know, if GP was the pattern, it could be fall before we see a video. Things move slow as a snail (grumpy face, by now you know I am the impatient one of the bunch.)  Launching at the Opry and LP field as prestigious as it sounds in Nashville, doesn’t really help move the song to be played on radio in Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, and beyond so we’ll have to see where her label goes next.

  • Anonymous

    I am interested to know the add date I know Windmills thought it might be early July which seems about right amount of time from when people announce new singles and then they go to radio. So you might be right video in Oct. This video if done right could really push the song young adults/kids will eat it up I am guessing.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Hi, reporting from Nashville here:)  I’ve got the four night passes to LP Field:)

    I really haven’t formed an opinion of this song yet because you really couldn’t hear it that well and I’m right behind the side stage they’ve got set up…sorry.  The setup this year is strange,they have the acoustic performers on top of a stage the opposite from the main stage and they perform basically right after a main stage performer (helps things move along very nicely).  So, people are up and moving, taking their breaks and talking. 

    Lauren got a nice reception, but I’d say only a third at best were paying attention (my daughter and I sat and gave our full:).  Lauren gave a nice performance, but I can’t say a thing about crowd reception to the song.  We had a hard time hearing the words and it didn’t stand out–really hoping the Opry was different.

     Gwen Sebastian performed last night and her voice came across as tinny.  “She met him in a motel room” is a good song.  People around me seemed to like Lauren’s voice, Gwen’s song. 

    Really hoping this does well for her…off to the softball game:))

  • CanadianLady

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering but didn’t want to ask for fear of sounding negative why it seemed as though people were talking while Lauren was singing.

    Yeah, on this video of the song I couldn’t tell what she was singing at all.

    I’m not a huge Lauren fan, but I bought her CD. This song is definitely not one of my favourites. Not really a great hook. Seems to be like multiple other songs in this vein, etc.

    Plus, there are only about 14 inches between my forehead and my heart (I measured) so it makes no sense to me! :)

    Would have vastly preferred One of Those Boys, DRA, or I’m Not One of Them.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the Orpy vid of 18″.  It is a song that lends itself better to a quieter venue or moment not when everyone is getting their beers refilled or bladder emptied.LOL hope you are enjoying your time for what I see on line it sounds like tons of things to do.Enjoy the game.

  • Anonymous

    I just listened to this and it makes me wonder why they could not find more age appropriate material for Lauren. Jana kramer song is something that sounds like it should be coming out of a teenagers thoughts ( I have no idea how old she is) while Im not sure many can relate to this song coming out of someone as young as Lauren.

    On that same point her styling is also reverting to a more aged look that will not attract the younger set.

  • Anonymous

    Dont understand your comment this is a song about younger kids running away for love. Lauren is a younger kid.The kids seem to love this song as they can relate to it.  Jana Kramer song speaks of a somewhat older experience to my ears. She is in her twenties. I think this is more where the next album will sit as Lauren will be 18 by then.

    That is a conservative outfit that seems to be required dress code for Opry.
    I do not think it was that old looking it had a nice drawstring waste tie that gave it a nice look though it did not show up well on the vid ie I dont think it was as old looking as it came accross on the vid.

  • Anonymous

    Why I believe it is an old song as it is not present time it is a look back on being a young runaway lover who has progressed through the struggles of making it at menial jobs for love. The is really a darker look of Carries “All American Girl” right through the birth of a child and becoming a mother.

  • Anonymous

    That’s all to deep for me.

    If that was Carrie’s intent when she wrote the song 99.9% of the people who hear it will not know that and it will stand in present day on its own merits I,m guessing.

  • gferna

    sorry, wrong thread…

  • Anonymous

    I think this a good single choice, hopefully country radio PDs will play it. 

  • BonnieDee

    She looks beautiful as always.  I’ll be glad in 5 months when she turns 18, is of legal age, and maybe we won’t get all the “age” comments.  

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren is 17.  She’ll be 18 in 5 months.  Certainly old enough to talk about teens being in love and running off together.   I think the video will either be from the Lauren’s point of view as a friend of the couple in question, or she’ll be reflecting on the love of a parent or grandparent, thus the Thank God for those 18 inches, part of it because if the parents or grandparents hadn’t married and had a baby she wouldn’t exist..  There’s other possibilities, those are the ones that come to mind.  

  • Chris

    Thanks. We had discussed before the My Kinda Party tour that some of the slower songs may not work well in an arena filled with the party crowd. Lots of beer flowing they want a good time. Even if it’s her new single, an Uptempo like OOTB with the U2 intro may have worked out. Trying to entertain a huge crowd with a new single is a tall order.

    That said, I saw some nice tweets so maybe she made a few new fans.

  • Pam

    Yay new single!

    I would have gone with DRP as well but this is still a good song.  I hope it does well for Lauren.

    Thanks for the video mj.

  • Chris

    Bigger sigh. I gotta switch back to pop, the timing in my head is not used to this….

    As a waltz, and with a late summer/fall timing of climbing the charts, maybe it could get picked up for DWTS.

  • Anonymous

    I bought Lauren’s album and really like it. Like a previous poster, I thought Tupelo or One Of Those Boys would make a good single. I’m not as enthusiastic with 18 Inches but hope it does well for her. I really love her voice and am rooting for her.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks–am definitely enjoying my time (except for those who perform with that wall of sound I hate). 

    Didn’t know if this thread is done, but didn’t know where to put this.  Lauren was the star of yesterday’s softball game (she and David Nail who was an outstanding player).  She was just being her sassy self, chasing the TN Titans football players (he’d insulted her at the plate or something) with a supersoaker, but somehow she was the one got soaked with water balloons.  She was charming and hilarious, chased the guy up in the stands.

    As far as cheers when they came to bat, Scotty, Carrie (who can play!) and Brantley Gilbert (as much as I hate to admit it) got the biggest cheers.  Scotty played very well (he can bat, too, doubled every time, I think), but was rather serious.:)

    Scotty’s fan club party…sold out.  A girl in front of me at LP Field hadn’t heard about it until I told her (we’re getting to know the people all around us:) and tried to get tickets, but no luck (she joined the fan club yesterday, though:).  Waiting in a line that snaked around the building to get in during the middle of the day, a girl passed out and they brought in the fire truck and ambulance (but she went in to the party anyway).  We had Bojangles for lunch (too greasy, Scotty) and then he gave a private concert.  Fantastic to be in the small setting (800) and so close:)  He sang his three singles, You Make that Look Good, WYNOMH, and Trouble.  Then, he went into another room and they had a professional photographer take his pic with all the fans.

    His family and friends formed a reception line, and it was all very efficient.  A Nashville radio station dj played games and did the announcing. 

    Hope you enjoy the details!  Have a great day, will tell about his performance at LP field tonight tomorrow;)

  • Anonymous

    Quite a number of people over at Pulse were not that happy about 18 Inches being the next single.