Kris Allen – “The Vision of Love” – Live! With Kelly (VIDEO)

Kris Allen performed his single “The Vision of Love” this morning on Live! With Kelly.  The season 8 Idol winner is in New York City promoting his new album Thank You Camellia.

Look who is co-host! Why, none other than L.A. Reid from the X Factor

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  • Banished

    I can’t believe they cut out the best line: Tell this girl she’s ????? why leave off beautiful? I think he was just trying to catch his breath to hit the high notes!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, he sounded great! Strange that he cut out the  words “she’s beautiful” on the “someone tells this gilr she’s beautiful” line but it looks like it was deliberate rather than a mistake.

  • Sunny Mc

    So great seeing Kris and his band on Live with Kelly.  Did Kris really have dinner with La Reid last night?

  • Nick

    Great performance Kris! Listened to TYC the whole way to work this morning. Great album Kris! Did not disappoint. Now get that single up the charts somehow so more people actual pick up this great album! *crosses fingers*

  • Mikas

    I think he lost his breath and was trying to catch it again. He was a little nervous.

  • Kirsten

    Great performance and fun interview! The interactions with LA were great.

  • Anonymous

    He did a good job, but listening to him, I am reminded of Billy Joel at a concert of his I attended who, explaining that older men lost the ability to sing the high notes they wrote in their youth, introduced the back-up singer who sang all the high notes of his songs that night. The notes seem a little tough even now, but he hit them!

    I like the song And enjoyed listening to the album. It will be an upcoming purchase.

  • Anonymous

    The Live With Kelly people did a good job promoting the single and new album.  I love that they played a snippet of LLWD to remind people about who Kris is, and what he’s accomplished.

    The band didn’t skip a beat when Kris didn’t deliver the line about tell her that she’s beautiful, so it seemed like the edit was intentional.  

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that as well, Kristen. I guess they had a great dinner together. Pretty cool!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or has voice gotten better since Idol?  He nailed all the notes – including the falsetto part!  I didn’t completely get him at the beginning, but I really like his voice and music now!

    ETA: Watching this inspired me to check out his album…and dang, I’m buying it.

  • Anonymous

    Did not mind the missing lyrics at all because he sounded mighty fine on the falsetto.  If I saw Kelly or LA right now I’d be giving them fist bumps for the great promo. Kris was perfection, the band was too. It was all great – loved the interaction after he performed.  :)

  • fed

    wow, his voice has gotten a lot stronger. maybe it’s the acoustics on that stage, he sounded a lot better than on idol (but every guest performer seems to sound sub-par on Idol)

    and it sounded like the dinner with l.a. was a joke? haha seemed like it.

  • David I-Chen Lin

    AWESOME! The album is climbing charts! #ThankYouCamellia

  • Cinntillicious

    Wow, pretty good falsetto for early morning!  That was pretty sweet!  The album is doing so well on iTunes so happy for him and everyone involved!!!  

  • Anonymous

    I think they were joking around about having dinner together. Wasn’t Jim and his wife at the Apple party last night? Along with Katy, I bet Kris had dinner with them (and maybe his band). Still very nice interaction with L.A. (although it would have been really funny if L.A. had said Simon sends his love or something like that–ha!).

  • Anonymous

    Well I think he left out “she’s beautiful” intentionally and it was like a subconscious thing that emphasized that lyric and its intent – so there! lol

  • Anonymous

    Great Kris performance on Live With Kelly. He sounded great! Since Kris initiated the comment about going to dinner, I kinda think they did.  Jim Cantiello has an  X-Factor connection so perhaps they all went out to dinner.  But maybe not.

  • David I-Chen Lin

    They left out the lyrics simply because they had to shorten the performance to fit the segment. They did it pretty well I thought, it doesn’t sound strange or abrupt, though of course I wish they kept everything.

  • Anonymous

    Prime_Minister – Kris said recently that he’s not taken any voice lessons since Idol but he pays attention to other vocalists to figure out what he can incorporate into his technique.  On a recent performance he added an amazing vibrato to the falsetto on TVOL.  I wish I remembered where that was cause I’d post it here for you.  It sounded great.

  • Amy

    I appreciate that Kelly had listened to the album.  She seems like a fan.  So happy for Kris today!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Jim Cantiello and his wife went out with some people form MTV.  They posted some pictures on twitter and tumblr.  Just based on what LA said about the paps reaction to them, and Kris’ reaction, it didn’t seem like they were joking.  Plus, the hugging made it look like they do know one another.

  • too-cool-for-school

    “dang, I’m buying it.”

    That’s the spirit! ;D

  • too-cool-for-school

    His voice was strong here! Well done by Kris & the band!

  • Anonymous

    Just bought the new CD and love it!!  You’re right that was a very good falsetto.. Good job, Kris..!!

  • Ronnie D

    They had this on the TV’s while I was working out at the gym. I couldn’t hear him because of my headphones, but he looked cute!

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the interview. LA seemed very complimentary.

    theseanporter ?@Bigdaddysays
    We got to party with @La_Reid this morning. He jammed a bit on the drums. #LiveEpic #bigdaddyonellen #ThankYouCamellia @KrisAllen

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing they were joking about having dinner together, just ad libbing off Kelly’s comment about how everyone in the music industry knows each other.

  • Anonymous

    watch it live  …. had my cd bought from wallmart … its amazing … every single song is good to listen to …. now enjoying it while driving !

  • wicked

    They sounded great. I’m sure that was the bands intentional shortened version – it totally flowed and the band was completely in sync with Kris as he sang.

    The intro from LA though  “with a brand new hit version of a Vision Of Love”?
     Not quite accurate – it’s The Vision of Love not a version of a Vision of Love.

    Edited to add – I’m not slamming LA – he was adorable co-hosting actually.

  • Anonymous

    That was good!! He sounded great that early in the morning and the little interview was cool

  • Sunny Mc

    I know, was this x factor sabotage? LOL  Actually In think LA was very gracious towards Kris, and had a jam session with the Kris allen band afterwards.

  • Miz

    They obviously had to shorten the song for time. Maureen VanZandt was there and she said Kris was supposed to do 2 songs and they cut the second one too. It seemed Jimmy Fallon was on longer than normal for a guest and there was some misstep with their Teacher of the Year thing too. Shame.

    Kris and the KAB sounded great though and I loved the interview. I’m guessing that the dinner was a joke, but would be very cool if they did go out. I’d crack up if Kris ended up as a guest on XFactor.

    Lots of good interviews and reviews today.

  • Anonymous

    That was a great performance! Kris never disappoints!

    In the PIXIEMAG interview, Kris mentioned LA Reid is going to be on LIVE ON KELLY and that he doesn’t know what that means for him. I thought that was an interesting thing to say. Hmmmmm. I wouldn’t mind LA Reid taking Kris along with him. He’s doing an amazing job with his artists so far!

  • Anonymous

    Just watch the show that I recorded earlier. He did good esp. the falsetto part! After watching one of his interviews (released today) that Kris talks about another one of his song may be on someone else album.. I’ve been wondering who else is coming out with an album.. and Jimmy Fallon says his is coming out in June. Man I know it’s very unlikely.. but it would be pretty cool if one of his songs is of Kris.. I’m quite a dreamer, don’t I? :) Anyway, it’s good to know that someone else appreciates his music and songwriting talents!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Jimmy Fallon owed Kris a guest appearance on his show because of that, don’t you think ?

  • Miz

    LOL, well I did tweet Jimmy that he should have Kris on. 

  • MissMyEm

    I finally got to watch the show and while I’m not a big fan of Kelly, I did enjoy seeing Kris on TV.   I also enjoyed what appeared to be some comraderie between Kris and L.A. Reid.   I guess they go back to Jive days.    Kris sounded good as usual.  Have no clue why he left off some words, but nevertheless…I loved the performance.  

    I hope he got to talk to Jimmy Fallon backstage.

  • Anonymous

    I was at the Apple Concert last night and had a great time.I went by myself but stating talking to the man next to me on line who was also by himself and found out he lived a few few buildings down from me.Small world even in NYC.He was also a big Elliot fan.Katy was talking to a few women right near us.Maybe the other woman was Lane but I don’t know what she looked like.Jim was there with his wife.They were so sweet together.He seemed to be completely devoted to her.
    Apple was taping the show but i don’t know when it will be available.Cale interviewed Kris and they were both so relaxed and funny.The whole band performed which surprised me.Kris had a m&g afterwards and I decided to finally meet Kris.His manager tried to rush people along but Kris really took his time with everyone. Kris was beaming with happiness and treated every fan as if they were a guest in his home.I only  had the old album(I forgot to bring the single and the vinyl was delivered after I left) and Kris joked about signing the new one in the future.Kris has such a warm personality and he really is very  handsome up close.

  • judes

    Thanks nyc57 for your take on the Apple Concert . Glad you enjoyed it & finally met Kris for the first time. 

  • Anonymous

    nyc57, thank you for your take on the Kris’ Apple Store show.
    I’m glad that you met Kris. Yeah, if anybody have a chance to meet him, don’t be shy, he is really nice. :)
    And yes , I think that he is more handsome in real life too.