Jessica Sanchez – Fairytale – NEW SONG – VIDEO


Surprise! Jessica Sanchez debuted a BRAND NEW SONG tonight at the iHeart Radio American Idol concert. It’s a pop song called “Fairytale”. I have to admit, I was expecting something a little more Urban? But it’s current and hopefully pop stations will play it!

Jessica also announced that she was signed to Interscope records. As if we didn’t know!

Jessica also performed “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore”

Check it out below.


Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore

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  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    Listened to it a few times and I’m in love. I know there’s people that probably aren’t into Pop, but this song is beautiful. :)

  • escape

    I guess the label wasn’t interested in Urban R&B.  Very generic (read: nothing that memorable). 

  • BBchez

    I need a studio!!! Although I imagine it wont be too much longer if her album is being released in Oct/Nov. Its a nice first single..some of the lyrics are alittle too odd for me “did you slay the dragon?”.dragons? Really..but I hope its a successful single for her

  • hayes

    As a Jessica fan, I must say that I am underwhelmed. I feel like the song doesn’t live up to what she’s capable of. I’ve always thought she has a more mature sound than this. Hopefully they’re just testing the waters with this one. But if she finds success with it, then more power.

  • jdanton2

    Love this song . Catchy pure Pop perfection. 

  • jennyl2

    Song is in the vien of Disney pop. Age appropriate for Jay. Its catchy and fun.  Hope its a hit with the “Call me Maybe” crowd. lol!  While I like the song, I hope there is more variety in the album with R&B, ballads and maybe a little rap. Girl is more versatile than Disney pop.    

  • Leandro

    This song is the same pop crap that we see on the top of the charts. Therefore, congratulations to Jessica. She has a good shot with this terrible song.

  • elliegrll

    This is a good song, and she handles it.  I still think that in the long run that it’s a mistake to release a teen pop song first, instead of trying to get her established on Urban radio.  At the least this song should be a mixture of pop and r&b. The same demo who loved Crush and Tattoo will like this.

  • raya

    I’m honestly not sure what I think yet because that was far more pop oriented than what I was expecting from Jessica.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad so much as I’m not used to seeing Jessica in that vein.  It’s catchy though and certainly age appropriate.

  • TackyZacky

    The song is poppy and sounds radio-friendly alright , but dang! looks like TPTB is predictably muscling Jessica’s arm to go the “pop” way first. I just hope at least a couple of R&B / urban songs will be in the final album.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    It’s decent but I don’t know if that’s enough these days for an unestablished Idol on radio like it might have been back when Jordin was starting out. I don’t know about the teen pop route for Jessica. I was thinking that maybe they could do an “Ashanti” or “Nicki Minaj” and feature her on some singles to generate interest in her own music, but she is underage so maybe there aren’t that many artists on the roster they would be comfortable pairing her with that way.

  • Garrett Clayman

    as a guy who’s a jessica fan, its really girly. its obvs trying to be a “call me maybe” but i have a lot of guy friends who bought call me maybe and sing along to it, and no guy can sing “i hope my boyfriends a fariytale”

  • justmefornow

    I hate pop music and all the heavy backing tracks they use nowadays. This is just generic pop, silly lyrics and all. She could do so much better. I like Joshua’s song much better.

  • Cory ??

    The song is OK, it’s nothing special. I just have a problem with them saying they were going in one direction, and then the first thing we hear is something in a totally different lane. I was expecting an amazing soulful single, not a Carly Rae Jepson left over. She sounds incredible though.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Requires little vocal skill. Pedestrian and blaaaaaah….current? Perhaps, and big deal…it’s not original or even ‘catchy’.

  • lovesickheroine

    I dunno what to think, I’m having mixed emotions right now. I wanna be mad ’cause we know Jessica wants to take the urban/soulful direction, and this song doesn’t represent her fully as an artist. On the other hand, the song is bubble gum pop so I can imagine radio playing this song. She’s young so it’s expected that her songs will be light and fun

  • andie dig

    its very age appropriate and very current. Although its a pop song, its definietly catchy and radio-friendly. She really fits the Pop/Urban Genre. Im pretty sure the rest of the tracks in her album has Urban feel to it.

  • SullyD

    Love Jessica and I was rooting for her (along with Elise) all season long, but I honestly didn’t care for the song. Not because it’s “another pop song”, there are a lot of pop songs that you can hear “hit potential” right off the bat (like call me maybe or last friday night), I just don’t see much hit potential.

    I wasn’t expecting her to be a “16 year old Alicia Keys”, but I confess that I wanted a little bit of R&B in it.

  • potatorocks

    Jessica does not need to go this light.  The song is ridiculous.  She deserves better.

  • sweetmm

    She’s 17 she has time to grow and evolve as she ages; get her name out there with a catchy pop song.  I’m quite sure there will be some R&B songs in her debut album for her fans that yearns for them.  We are not even sure this will be her first single :)  Personally I doubt this will be it.

  • durbesque

    Was Jessica singing “faiwytale”?

  • ninjames

    So Jessica Sanchez is their answer to Simon’s Cher Lloyd?! I didn’t expect this. The hair, the lotsa makeup, the big shoes. What’s next? Tattoos?

    Good for her though. Cher is being eaten up by radio. So this should be too!

  • Last Laugh Lane

    Wow that’s a good point about the part about her being featured to gain interest. The queen of that nowadays other than Nicki is Rihanna but she gained success on her own so… a lot of hip-hop/rappers must like her? I think Jessica could make it on a couple of songs that aren’t TOO saucy like maybe Ne-Yo or TreySongz.

    I just hope, point-blank that Interscope does all that it can to make her as big as she can be. They need some master plan, and can succeed. If that plan is giving her “Call Me Maybe”-like songs, maybe that can break her. Haley’s “break” is still in the works with this next single thing so we can’t compare how they pushed her (or reject Pia) to what they’re gonna do with Jessica. I just hope that Interscope doesn’t go with the hit-or-miss approach on her first record. Jessica being moderately successful on their label firsthand just gives her more room to grow mainstream in the future.

  • dcmjlive

    I was thinking in that same way. I like the song, but I can’t find myself singing “did he slay the dragon, did he win the fight”. It’s using too many “he”s and not “me”s.

  • Cory ??

    The thing about Jessica is, she has the opportunity to do the perfect blend of Pop & Urban ala Rihanna, Beyonce etc. She just have to have those records that blend BOTH, instead of records that only fit one genre all over an album because it will make the project seem inconsistent. A perfect example of what type of record should represent Jessica is “What’s My Name”, it was a huge pop hit and a huge urban hit (of course not the sexual message of that song in particular, but I’m talking the sound). I really think she should work with Ester Dean, she is the perfect writer for Pop & Urban smashes.

  • GA

    The whole album will not be pop – she’s been recording with some A-llist R&B producers as well.  “Fairytale” is age-appropriate for her, and appeals to the teenagers who follow her. It will do much better than her singing ballads that don’t relate to her age and life experience. She can grow into that as she gets older.

  • GA

     She’s been recording with RyKeyz (R&B/Hiphop) and Harvey Mason Jr (R&B/Urban) producing.  I guarantee you she’s got some urban lined up. There’s a dozen more songs on the album!

  • fantoo1

    Hmm not what I expected from her, but I’m such a fan that I hope this does well on the pop charts! She could be idol’s answer to a pop star.

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    They never do..Todays pop singers dont really need to sing so a great voice isnot needed.  I keep thinking of the songs Mariah did when her first couple albums came out – esp her first one…It blew everyone away cuz no one else could hit notes.  Now this generic stuff, I couldnt even listen to the whole song…but think, if you heard this on the radio, would you go “hey this is Jessica sanchez”  Dont think so – Thats what of my tests.

  • Kitty Armistead

    Based on her Idol performances, I would have expected something a little more mature.  Surely there’s a happy medium between Taylor Swift and Rihanna in terms of lyrical themes….

    (But maybe TSwift just has me completely burned out on fairytale references….)

  • elliegrll

    The thing about Jessica is, she has the opportunity to do the perfect blend of Pop & Urban ala Rihanna, Beyonce etc. She just have to have those records that blend BOTH, instead of records that only fit one genre all over an album because it will make the project seem inconsistent. A perfect example of what type of record should represent Jessica is “What’s My Name”, it was a huge pop hit and a huge urban hit (of course not the sexual message of that song in particular, but I’m talking the sound). I really think she should work with Ester Dean, she is the perfect writer for Pop & Urban smashes.

    I agree

    I think that the labels have made this mistake with most of the alums, it’s easy to say that the rest of the album will have r&b songs, or that this type of song will appeal to her AI fans, or even that she will release more adult sounding songs later on, but I think that history has shown us that the successful idol alums are the ones who were able to establish who they are as artists with the first album.  There are no guarantees that radio will play the second song, if the first one doesn’t catch on, or that the alums will get a second album.  And as we’ve seen this year, it’s really hard for the alums to get any traction at all for the second album, if they didn’t build up a solid fan base with alum number one.  

    I understood why they went the teen pop route with Jordin, since no one, including Jordin, could figure out what type of music she should make, but Jessica knows who she is, and at least on the American Idol, she showed which types of music work best for her voice.

  • Tommyo2000

    I had the pleasure of being there and it came over very nicely live. I know it’s not R&B but I think it’s an excellent song for her and my prediction is it will get a lot of top40 AirPlay. I am sure her album will have a R&B stuff that will show her vocal chops, but inter scope wants to make sure she sells… Overall I think it’s smart and I am happy for her….

  • hayes


  • rodolfochengcanepa

    It´s not horrible as “change nothing”, but it´s very generic. I hope she could have better material, better lyrics or at least, better tunes, pop songs are huge hits because of the rhithym.

  • Troy Mccoy

    Jessica can do much better then this. Do i know if it will get played no, but overall I am not really impressed. I hope she can mix urban and pop on her album and they can try to take her in Beyonce route.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Hope it’s a huge hit for her! But I definitely prefer the Jessica we see in How Come You Don’t Call Me, and hoping we get some of that in the rest of the album.

  • girlygirltoo

    It’s catchy teen pop and it’s age appropriate for sure. It’s not particularly interesting lyrically and it would be nice to have something more r&b leaning. But I can see this getting a decent amount of Top 40 radio play, which is what they are likely aiming for.

  • Matthew Cavazos


  • sjames08

    I think that this is a good move on Jessica’s part – if ever this is to be her single. At 16, she needs to get the younger demographic first because they will buy songs like this. If she was to be marketed in Urban at 16, I doubt there’ll be tons of new fans because, to put it simply, what sells in Urban are mostly songs about money, sex, and partying, which are all inappropriate for a 16 year old girl. I’ve mentioned this before, at 16, she needs the fans of Jbiebs, One Direction, TSwift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, etc. 

    Plus I don’t get it, the post with her photoshoot picture gets a debate because she’s too “femme fatale”. They said that they prefer cute. Well, here’s a cute song. Just sayin’.

  • Kariann Hart

    I also have mixed feelings about this song.  Maybe a video would help?  I hope Jessica has a hit with this!  She has a much better voice than half the girls/women having hits these days.  She doesn’t need autotune.  I hope her next song will be different.

  • jsnj

    I just read through the comments and am surprised no one commented on “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore”. That was hot. Loved it. More than made up for having to listen to the forgettable drivel “Fairytale”. That song is a waste of time and of her talent. But, again, loved her performance of “Why Don’t You Call Me Anymore”.

  • Steppen

    Looks to me they want to turn Jessica Sanchez into a Selena Gomez. Even the hair is starting to look alike. They’ll definitely leverage her ethnicity to target to Hispanic and Asian (not just within US but around the world).

  • TackyZacky

    And, oh yeah – Jessica’s performance of “Don’t Call Me Anymore” is quite  spectacular!!

  • abbysee

    I think what is interesting is that she can do the pop and pull it off and then slay the r&b hard. I suppose her debut will be akin to Kelly Clarkson’s. A little R&B a little pop.

  • DragonFly

    16 going on what? 25.   She has it.  A “natural talent”.  Fairytale should fit in quite well w/current radio hits & the other one, although again not my choice of music, shows amazing talent also.  She should have no problem selling music imo.  

  • BonnieDee

    Love this for Jessica.  Age appropriate, appealing to her age group, which buys A LOT of music, and did I mention her look?  She looks fantastic.  Young, fresh, hip, and beautiful.  

  • shamrock

    “Fairytale” sounds to me like a mix between “Call me maybe” and a Taylor Swift song. I guess that means it can have a great future on the charts.

    It’s not my choice of music, but good luck to Jessica, she is young and talented and seems to have a really good work ethic, trying to fulfill her dream.

  • huanzf

    Thia Megia 2.0

  • jpfan2

    Not bad. A little too Disney for my tastes.   I just don’t know if she has the charisma you need to make it as a Pop star.

  • IrisandLilies

    I don’t find this song to be catchy at all.  It doesn’t make me want to dance, which is my standard for rating how good a pop song is.  (I have higher standards for non-pop songs).  Plus, based on her live performance, I don’t think Jessica has the “attitude” to sell the song.  IMO, it is the “attitude” of the singer that makes a lot of pedestrian, trite pop songs successful.   

  • tati83

    The song is very pop friendly. I think it has a catchy hook and is in a Taylor Swift-esque lane. I don’t see nothing wrong with that. The girl is 17, there will be plenty of opportunities to get her an pop smash with more urban influences. 

  • jobeob987

    First song:  This is just okay (ho hum).
    Second song:  Jessica kills this — amazing!

  • Tommyo2000

    A lot of the really good female singers that started this young had “pop” music as part of their stuff. Joss stone has “you had me” not full on pop, but not even close to the deep blues she was singing…Christina’a first hit was genie in a bottle… I think they will let her go in the R&b direction, but not 100% out of the get… And if this builds her fan base and give her cred that she can sell then she will have even more say in the future…. I say good start for her…

  • Tinawina

    Well, my big fear all along was that they’d suck every ounce of soul out of this girl, and that ad looking for pop/rock songs a la Kelly Clarkson pretty much foreshadowed what was to come. So I was expecting some kind of pure pop song. And I got it. Sigh.

    The good news is it isn’t bad. To me it sounds musically like something Jessie J would sing over, and Jessie J is someone who finds a way to sing in a R&B/soul style over very pop instrumentals. So I guess that part kind of fits. The lyrics, however, sound like they are for a 13 year old rather than someone almost legal and/or about to go to college in a year. So a big BOO to that. 

    I guess we will see if this is the single and if so, what it sounds like recorded. I could see them getting someone like Diggy Simmons to add a rap to it. I still think they are aiming a bit too young with this song… I don’t think Jessica is really a tween princess type, she’s too old a soul. If they had just grown the lyrics up a little bit I’d like it a whole lot more.

  • Reginald

    Huge Jessica fan hear. Love her to death, and this is a catchy young tune that I think would do well on the charts based on what’s popular these days. I was a little underwhelmed too as I  believe she has a more mature sound and is much better vocally than the song. She sings it well as with anything she touches. I think alot of you are right that this could be a good move for her to really make a name for herself and garner that teen crowd. 

  • songsungblue

    I’m not denying Jessica’s vocal ability, but this song is LAME [imo].  It sounds like a reject from Jordin’s last album.  

  • b_james

    Jessica does not need those backing vocal tracks.  Just let her show off her voice!

  • Happyhexer

    You have some good points, sjames08, but is it too much to wish for a more memorable pop song?  I’m no Jessica fan by any means, but the girl does have a voice, and I can’t help but wish she’d get better material.  But maybe “Fairytale” is one of those songs that becomes catchier upon repeated listening?  And maybe it doesn’t matter what the heck I think anyway, lol, as I am hardly in her targeted demographic.  Guess as long as the younger set likes this, it’s all good.  

  • windmills

    Melodically and style-wise it isn’t bad. But, I think Jessica can handle songs with a little more lyrical substance than this. It feels wrong that Jessica’s singing a song where she’s fantasizing about a prince charming coming to her rescue. I feel like the girl’s too smart, too hard working, and too driven to want that. Or, to look at this from the opposite perspective, if Jessica’s going to sing a song like this she needs to work on more playful phrasing and a more playful, flirty presentation of the song. This is her 1st performance of it so as she performs it more and more maybe she can develop that character. Though, I’m still not sure I’d want her to?

    I think I’d rather Jessica sing songs that present her as confident (in herself, in her boyfriend). I don’t think her singing pop with a slight R&B influence is a bad fit or that it’s a bad idea to go for CHR play though I hope she gets to express more of a R&B side on other songs.

  • raya

    Windmills, I think you just about nailed everything that I’ve been thinking about this one.  The more I sit on it, the more I think I’m just having a hard time reconciling the Jessica I have been watching for the past however many months, both on stage and off, with the sort of overly poppy trite nature of this song.  It feels weird to me, however age appropriate, to hear Jessica sing about a prince charming slaying dragons, or like you said, acting as someone waiting to be rescued.  This is a confident young woman who from everything I’ve seen doesn’t sit back and wait for things to just happen.  It just feels very much not her.

    Though the song doesn’t offend me really and there has been nothing to indicate for sure that this will actually be her single.  Also like you said, maybe as she continues to perform it Jessica will become better at selling it, which I’m not sure she does here.  Though that is totally understandable considering limited rehearsal time, first performance and etc.

  • DB987

    Give the kid a decent song please she is to talented to sing this dripple!

  • Maj

    Definitely could be a hit but I’m not sure if this is necessarily the way Jessica should go.
    I saw someone above mentioning Cher Lloyd…Cher is about “rhyme like beast, sing like a flower”, the whole cute brat thing. I don’t think Jessica is like that. She’s more RnB, more urban, more fierce. On the other hand…she could make some money on this before she goes a less mainstream way. We’ll see.

  • Happyhexer

    I don’t want to go too far afield and make inapt comparisons, but I do think one of the problems that TPTB will have in marketing Jessica is that she is an old soul in a young body, just like Allison Iraheta.  I think it will be a fine line to strike the right balance — songs that are not inappropriate for her age, but still sound on the mature side.  I am not sure they found the right balance for Jessica with this song.  Still, I could be wrong.  And Jessica and Allison are not the same, vocally, genre-wise, or personality-wise.

  • Cherry

    I’m a Jessica fan but I’m not crazy about this song. Probably targeted for teenyboppers (which I’m not anymore). I don’t care what strategy interscope has for her as long as she also has mature songs in her album that matches her incredible singing ability to make her adult fans happy as well.

  • Tinawina

    It feels wrong that Jessica’s singing a song where she’s fantasizing
    about a prince charming coming to her rescue. I feel like the girl’s too
    smart, too hard working, and too driven to want that. Or, to look at
    this from the opposite perspective, if Jessica’s going to sing a song
    like this she needs to work on more playful phrasing and a more playful,
    flirty presentation of the song. 

    Wow Windmills, you really nailed that for me. That’s exactly what it is. It’s just not her vibe… she doesn’t come across like a “light”, giggly teenager on stage, she seems way more confident and mature when she’s singing. So the tone of the song is not a natural match. You said it perfectly.

  • potatorocks

    I think Jessica has been emulating older R&B artists for such a long time that she doesn’t do pop light well.   Selling an original — you can’t pretend you are whitney or mariah—it is your own—may be difficult for her because she has been imitating others and not finding her own inner voice.  I think she will do it but it will take  some time.  Songs like this make it harder.   An eleven year old might be able to make this song convincing.  As young as she is, Jessica is too old for “Fairytale”.

  • elliegrll

    It feels wrong that Jessica’s singing a song where she’s fantasizing 
    about a prince charming coming to her rescue. I feel like the girl’s too
    smart, too hard working, and too driven to want that. Or, to look at 
    this from the opposite perspective, if Jessica’s going to sing a song 
    like this she needs to work on more playful phrasing and a more playful,
    flirty presentation of the song.

    This sums it up very well.  Jessica’s style and presence are too heavy for something this lightweight, which is why the song may not work on radio.  I don’t want Interscope to give her a song that’s a better fit for someone who is 25 or older, but given Jessica’s strengths and the urban format, she can pull off a more mature song.

  • elliegrll

    I think Jessica has been emulating older R&B artists for such a long time that she doesn’t do pop light well.

    I think it’s more accurate to say that she’s not a pop singer.  She can handle a song that mixes pop and r&b, but r&b is the style of music that lets Jessica be Jessica.  I wouldn’t expect some pop singers to be able to handle an r&b song, so why would you expect Jessica to be able to sing a song that’s outside of her genre and sweet spot?

  • Tinawina

    Allison Iraheta had the exact same issue and no one ever accused her of imitating anyone. Lee also has a bunch happy peppy songs that didn’t match his more serious vibe come to think of it. I don’t think this is a “Jessica’s a mimic” type thing myself. YMMV.

  • potatorocks

    I do.  I think her first original song was not convincing.  Part because it was crap.  Part because she has not found “herself” in music yet.

  • elliegrll

    But that’s not true, and why this song doesn’t make any sense.  Jessica does know who she is, she’s an r&b singer.  Her style is similar to Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Jazmine Sulivan, and even someone like Rihanna, so why is she singing a song that is better suited for someone like Selena Gomez.  She has a style, and it makes no sense to try and change it to fit this song. 

  • Tinawina

    If she had sang any other pure pop type song or any other light song particularly convincingly  during Idol then I’d agree with you, but since she had similar issues with “How Will I Know” and “My All” etc. despite having people to “mimic” – and didn’t seem to have issues selling the more soul flavored songs (or more intensely themed songs) in my opinion, then I am more inclined to think it was way more about the fact she’s more of an Soul/R&B/Hip hop type of girl who feels comfortable singing more intense fare. But once again, YMMV.

  • J

    Songs like “Fairytale” will allow Jessica to develop the fun and youthful side of herself onstage. It is a little too light and immature for my taste, but this will appeal to teenagers, who do the majority of work online promoting Jessica through sites like twitter and YouTube. The response from them about this song has been really positive.

    I understand this is not what all her adult fans from AI want, who want the fierce Jessica, but lets see what her other songs are like. Based on who she is working with they wont all sound like this.

  • Steph

    Sounds really teenybopper to me. Nothing urban about it.

  • steph6449

    Don’t they do press releases any more, leaving it to Jessica (a teenage girl for cripes’ sake) to announce her own record label deal?

    The song is ~ok.

  • Jepoy Ramos

    Feels like this song should belong to Hollie instead of Jessica.

  • Steph

    Right after the season ended, those of us who doubted that Jessica would do urban music were shouted down but it now looks like we were right all along.

    This is most certainly NOT a song the likes of Jazmine Sullivan or Melanie Fiona would ever record. 

    Jessica will most likely end up like Allison Iraheta.

  • cklopfenstine

    What I notice in the comments is ; everyone wants something different..Pull her this way ,pull her that way..Jessica can do it all..The song is appropriate for her age and very good!!Let her earn a name ,then she’ll give you the urban R&B blues you want..You know she can do it..Let’s make her the biggest,most versatile star we’ve ever bout it!!!

  • Mei Ling

    Im 41 now. When I was her age this is the kind of music I like to buy and listen. During her AI, Jessica Sanchez gave us all different kind of music which most of them I never heard but when she sings it I love it. I bought an itunes for the first time and bought her EP CD. Even this song is not most people think not appropriate at my age I will still buy it, coz this girl can handle everything and that’s what I love what about her. I think the song is very catchyto the young genre and I would like her career to be successful and I will support her all the way coz I believe in her talents. Thats it!

  • Eve

    Not what I expected from Jessica but it was good, age appropriate.  I am not sure what her stylist were thinking, but waaay too much makeup, not age appropriate!  Jessica doesn’t need it.  She’s naturally beautiful and a little says so much more in a good way.