Idol Headlines for 2/15/13

‘American Idol’s’ Gurpreet Singh Sarin on Singing His Way Past Stereotypes – While this may have ruffled the feathers of most, Singh Sarin doesn’t let that kind of thing bother him. “I’ve been getting that kind of stuff all my life,” he says, flashing his infectious smile. “I know that if I stay in the contest, people will stop focusing on how I look and start noticing my voice.” It turns out that Singh Sarin’s assessment has been right. In his most recent appearances, the judges and viewers have started to embrace his Sikh identity and appreciate his diverse musical talents. This past Thursday, Singh Sarin pulled out his guitar and soulfully crooned a hit made famous by Ray Charles—“Georgia on My Mind.” – Read more at The Daily Beast

Carrie Underwood has joined Instagram!

Carrie tweeted, “Hi guys, to kick off the second half of the “Blown Away” tour, I’ve joined Instagram!”

She also uploaded a photo of herself wearing an oxygen mask in Colorado “In high altitudes, they put oxygen in my dressing room under the stage! This is me before the encore,”

Kellie Pickler Sends Valentine’s Care Packages To Female Troops – BLACK RIVER ENTERTAINMENT artist KELLIE PICKLER is lifting the spirits of deployed female soldiers in AFGHANISTAN and KUWAIT. While visiting the desert on multiple USO tours, PICKLER learned first-hand how tough it is to be a female overseas. When she learned about the USO’s monthly “Ladies Night,” KELLIE put together special gift packages for the FEBRUARY event. KELLIE sent hundreds of boxes to the ladies, filled with items such as NAIL POLISH, SLIPPERS, MANICURE KITS, CHOCOLATES, and “chick flicks.” She then visited the ladies at the event via SKYPE to deliver a message of support. – Read more at All Access

Lumineers, Jordin Sparks, Ray Parker Jr. Talk Issues With U.S. Congressmen – A bipartisan group of 11 U.S. legislators met with musicians and artist managers in Los Angeles before the Grammys last week. The annual briefings that precede the Grammy Awards gave representatives a chance to hear opinions about performance royalties, ticketing legislation and the wireless white space issue. Joining representatives, artists and managers at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday (Feb. 9) were Jordin Sparks, songwriter Josh Kear and producer Mark Bright. The Sunday morning briefings at the Staples Center included the Lumineers, Copyright Alliance executive director Sandra Aistars, sound engineer Hank Neuberger. – Read more at

Greyson James, 2 Weeks! – Great Greyson! Kara DioGuardi and husband Mike McCuddy became first-time parents on Jan. 31, welcoming son Greyson James Carroll via gestational surrogate. The songwriter and former American idol judge, 42, posed with her bouncing baby boy shortly after his birth in an adorable snapshot. – US Magazine


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  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    Jessica performed a 14 song set in Manila. videos of each performance can be found on this tumblr page. She was a little under the weather and had a hoarse voice on a couple of songs, but was still sensational on everything she did.

  • ali_359921

    We are in mid Feb … Jessica keeps saying that the single will be out in Feb !
    Is there any promo 4 the single ..

  • No Thanks

    I see they recorded an American Idol shout out while she was on stage.  I’m sure we’ll see that soon a future episode.

    Thanks for the link!

  • No Thanks

    Promo will probably start after she gets back from the Phillipines.  It will probably coincide with when she starts taping on Glee.

  • Cherry

    Thanks much for the link!

  • heartly

    Tim Halperin got himself a gig..

    Tim Halperin ?@timhalperin
    BIGGEST NEWS EVER! IM OPENING FOR @kelly_clarkson MARCH 1 @VerizonTheatre WATCH THIS: … TIX:

  • elliegrll

    Great news for Tim.  I can’t say that I was sad when he was eliminated, but no one can accuse him of not working hard to launch his.  Unlike some former contestants, even ones who made it to the final round, he’s never acted like being on AI entitled him to anything, or acted like AI was his only shot to make it.


    Phillip Phillips – Interview and Live Performance 2/14/2013

  • Lobilobi

    Phillip is so funny and people seem to like him wherever he’s around
    I love him when he’s with his guitar in these radio show, his performance of Home was really good
    Bravo !



  • Lexie O’Neill

    Scotty’s 2nd show of the Weekend Roadtrip Tour tonight is in Niagara Falls…they were doing some sightseeing and Niagara Falls tweeted this:))

    NiagaraFallsUSANiagara Falls USA 3m 
    Welcome @ScottyMcCreery to #NiagaraUSA!…8561152/photo/1

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • Kariann Hart

    Kellie Pickler is such a sweetheart!  I just know Bob Hope would have loved her on his USO tours. Nigel said she was the contestant who had the nicest personality over the years.  I believe it!

  • Lobilobi

    10 minutes with Phillip Phillips

    it’s an interview that Phillips did monday

  • mikaylaislove

    has Jessica’s whitney cover for billboard been posted?

  • Lexie O’Neill

    This review is just amazing. Scotty is so growing into a FINE performer.


    Agree. Kellie has such a great personality and is such a giving person. She is really born to be in show business.

    She is not getting the recognition that she deserves.

  • tucker davis

    Phillip’s college tour in March & April will be with a band called 
    Churchill band.

  • justmefornow

    James’ tattoo contest is posted on USA Today’s Idol Chatter column which has then been picked up by a lot of local Gannett affliates, in places like Cincinatti, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.

    I hope they cover his new album release at all those sites as well, lol.

  • tucker davis

    Brought over from another thread:

    The latest People magazine reviewed this year’s American Idol (p.41) and gave it 2 & half stars out of 4. Here’s the couple of sentences that floored me:”But where’s the magic? It’s a letdown, especially after Britney Spears’s mesmerizing contribution to this season’s The X-Factor, to watch these glam bobbleheads.”
    Did this reviewer actually watch Miss Spears on The X-Factor???

    **Unrelated: Carrie Underwood is so pretty!!

  • roarpen

     It looks like James has a St. Paddy’s Day gig in Scottsdale next month. I wonder if this is just a one-off or if he is to tour soon.

    Isn’t Lit the band that he was going to perform with at Austin’s in Libertyville?

  • elliegrll

    “But where’s the magic? It’s a letdown, especially after Britney Spears’s mesmerizing contribution to this season’s The X-Factor, to watch these glam bobbleheads.”

    LOL.  This reminds me of one reporter who loves X Factor the most out of all of the singing competitions, because it’s the closest one to a reality show, like The Bachelor, Real Housewives, etc.  He feels that AI should make changes to be more like those shows, too.  The funny thing is if AI was like those shows it would have been canceled a long time ago.  X Factor’s resemblance to a Saturday Night Live skit is the reason why it will never have a loyal viewer base like AI, or touch that show’s ratings.

  • justmefornow

    Yes I believe that’s the same band. He’s in N.C on March 15th at some college gig as well.

    Maybe more dates will start popping up soon as well.

  • roarpen

     LOL – paul mcdonald has submitted a tattoo suggestion to James:


    @DurbinRock or the Tony Danza front of leg special?

  • justmefornow

    LOL. He’s been submitting a few to James. I think this one’s my favorite:

    Paul McDonald ?@thePaulMcDonald
    @DurbinRock I’m a big fan of this Patrick Swayze centaur & rainbow calf tat…thoughts? #InkJames

  • roarpen

     lmao at that one! It’s fun to see the Season 10ers goofing on each other. They do seem to get along.
    About the date in NC – that is the day before the AZ gig. That makes me wonder if the AZ one is for real. Lit seems like a good fit for him though. They toured with Buckcherry in the fall after James’ went to Nashville.

  • roarpen

     lmao at that one! It’s fun to see the Season 10ers goofing on each other. They do seem to get along.
    About the date in NC – that is the day before the AZ gig. That makes me wonder if the AZ one is for real. Lit seems like a good fit for him though. They toured with Buckcherry in the fall after James’ went to Nashville.

  • justmefornow

    2 days before. They could fly to AZ on the 16th.
    I hope it’s legit. It could signal the beginning of some sort of spring tour perhaps.

  • roarpen

    nvm it is listed on James’ website. North Carolina on Friday night followed by Scottsdale on Saturday night. 

  • justmefornow

    Ok, I read that wrong, the second date’s on Sat. the 16th, not the actual St. Pat’s Day on the 17th. 
    Seems like a short turn around.

    I wonder if his new bass player has been rehearsing with Blake and Jeff yet?

  • roarpen

     It would be fun to see James with Lit – remember this song of theirs?

    I like their newer songs too.

  • justmefornow

    Lit have more of a punky vibe than Buckcherry’s rock vibe, but I agree, nice fit.
    I would love to see James open for Sixx A.M. who have a new album coming out later this year as well and will be doing some limited touring. Good fit with their heavier rock sound. He has lots of connections with those guys, so who knows. 

  • Larc

    James’s NC gig is at Johnston (County) Community College in Smithfield.  The auditorium has a capacity of about 1,000.

  • DragonFly

    James’ tatoo contest is written:  “Crazy in love…submit your tattoo idea now and help me celebrate Valentine’s Day with my wife, Heidi!”
    (Fan):  Tatoo my name LOREEN on your arm. 

    My “twisted sometimes” humor got a chuckle out of it.  GOTTA LOVE FANS TRYIN’ ANYWAY! 

  • Namarinad
  • justmefornow

    Since it’s a headlining gig, just him and his band, at $30-$35 a ticket, should be a nice take for one night’s work.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Clive Davis @CliveDavis
    The entire hour of @katiecouric’s @KatieShow on Feb 19th is dedicated to @CliveDavis & will feat @UsherRaymondIV & @JordinSparks #Clive

  • girlygirltoo

    We may get a S8/S9 reunion today, since Kris is doing a show in Portland tonight and he told Crystal he wanted to see where she lives and maybe ride some sheep :)

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • mchcat

    Wish I had 700 like buttons  to hit- this is such a great review -love it


    WOW That person is our friend with a capital F. That review is just fantastic.  

  • Caro3278sweet

    Well, I’m feeling feisty today, so I’m going to wade in.

    In hopes that I don’t get thrown to the wolves by Scotty fans, I will say that I have listened to all three of his new songs, and two of them are great. I honestly hope he gets traction on radio. RTN would be a good first step.

    That said, what I found interesting about these two reviews is how they both grind on me a bit as a country music listener – and an AI watcher:

    But McCreery embraced his “idol” roots, taking the stage to the sound of show host Ryan Seacrest’s voice proclaiming him the winner. And while his new confidence let him play with the song “I Love You This Big”, he paid it the attention it deserves and, in doing so, gave tribute to the fans who got him where he is, rather than dissing them once they won.

    Huh? What AI winner has ever dissed their followers? Can’t think of a one. They might not leap at singing their coronation songs, but that’s surely because most of the songs are crap. Including, by the way, ILYTB, though Scotty, to his credit, did his best to sell it. I’d list only P2’s Home as a really good coronation song.

    And then there’s the opening highlighting that he comes from AI. I’m sure this delighted all his AI fans, but if I’m new to Scotty, I’m thinking… oh. One of those singing contestants. There is a stigma – even in country – about coming from a singing show. So not sure that would be how I would want to present myself to potential new fans. And also to any radio DJs out in the audience. IMHO Scotty needs to lead with his new music. And not his past win. Yes, that’s my opinion. :-)

    Finally, there’s this:

    Scotty McCreary is the new face of country music in America

    I cringed at this. For Scotty. Because there is nothing that will turn off country music fans more than claiming your dude is it. There is nothing more obnoxious to DJs than some crazy AI fans claiming their guy is the best EVAH. And really, Scotty is not THE new face of country music. If anyone, that would be Hunter Hayes.

    All that said, I’m still hopeful that radio will give Scotty a shot. I’d just like him to focus on his new music and his fan/reviewers stop setting him up for instant rejection.  

  • Chrissie H

    Well well well –  Reading those great reviews and adding countless complimenting comments from the audience, listening to his new material, watching the many videos with screaming and estatic crowds and seeing his sales go up and his fan base growing – I think we can say that Scotty´s career is going the way all of us fans have wished for and dreamed of and believed in. Life is good :D

  • Lobilobi

     Phillip Phillips at Stranahan Theater, Toledo Ohio

  • Caro3278sweet

    Carrie was in my neck of the woods for V-Day. Wish I could have gone, but had other plans. Here’s a review and lots of coolio pictures of the Queen.

  • Chrissie H

    Caro3278sweet “There is nothing more obnoxious to DJs than some crazy AI fans claiming their guy is the best EVAH.” 

    Yes probably they do. Not that I care.  And I find it hard to see the relevans here because the praise was not made by his crazy AI or crazy Scotty fans but it was written by a reviewer.

    Caro3278sweet “And really, Scotty is not THE new face of country music. If anyone, that would be Hunter Hayes.”

    Who is and is not the new face of country music is relative. If that´s what the reviewer thinks it is what the person thinks and has a right to think. 

  • Lobilobi

    ‘Idol’ winner Phillips to play second concert in Sioux Falls

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’d like to address the Idol part…the thing is, everyone knows Scotty is from Idol, it’s not like he’s going to wipe that from their brains.  I think it’s refreshing to be grateful (not saying others weren’t, but if Scotty acted like it never happened dissing Idol might be the way it was perceived).  Then, if you watch his opening, the Idol win is just the first, and then it’s the ACA win, then the ACM, then the CMT.  

    Oh, and this was actually a reference to Scotty including ILYTB, where the past Idols he’d seen in concert (and he listed them) didn’t sing their Idol song (which is their choice).

    And both of these guys are reviewers, not crazed fans.  I find it hard to believe someone would reject Scotty because of fantastic reviews…but I’m definitely with you on the hope that radio will give him a shot.


    Caro3278sweet I promise I won’t throw you to the wolves but I will say that we all retain what we want out of a review, good or bad.

    As far as the face of COUNTRY music, well it is debatable.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Oh, and I’m happy you think that his new songs are great–me, too.  I appreciate the discussion…

  • LongKissGoodnight

    Thank you for the videos,  Lobilobi!

    Fools Dance is even sadder and chilling live.
    Dave Eggar’s cello vent pretty much banshee crying on this song.

    And Errol on Wicked Games? Possessed!)))

    I’m glad that we are starting to get performances of the songs Phillip rarely sung before.
    Drive Me, A Fool’s Dance…

    Is there a live performance of Wanted Is Love? One of my favorites.

    Overall I love how tight and in harmony with each other this band is already. They get each other and that means there is a lot of space for improvisation, and performances had such an organic flow as if they have been playing together for years. I throughly enjoyed it. %)

  • jpfan2

    From the link below:

    “Phillips’ originally scheduled concert, set for 7 p.m. on March 19 at the Pavilion, sold out in less than two hours.”
    So they added a second show.

    I don’t think we’ll ever get numbers but I think P2 is having a very successful tour of colleges. I saw some interviews he did yesterday (I think) and I’m surprised how light he kept it. You would never know the bad news about his Mom was all over the place. He either lets the bad stuff roll off him or is good at hiding what’s going on.

  • girlygirltoo

    That particular reviewer has his definite favorites when it comes to ex-Idols. He has ticked off as many fans as he has made happy with his reviews. But, hey, at least he goes to their shows and writes about them, good or bad.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m happy that we can have a respectful discussion about Scotty. That’s one of the reasons I like MJ’s sight. We, mostly, behave ourselves.

    The bottom line for Scotty is he needs to make progress on radio with this new album. We can all like his songs and think he’s got a wonderful voice and believe he’s a great guy – but for him to really become the new face of country music, he needs hits. Like Hunter Hayes. 

  • Caro3278sweet

    All publicity is good publicity, I guess. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “And then there’s the opening highlighting that he comes from AI. I’m sure this delighted all his AI fans, but if I’m new to Scotty, I’m thinking… oh. One of those singing contestants. There is a stigma – even in country – about coming from a singing show. So not sure that would be how I would want to present myself to potential new fans. And also to any radio DJs out in the audience. IMHO Scotty needs to lead with his new music. And not his past win.”

    I have to say that I was surprised at Scotty using the footage from his Idol win as an intro to his concerts. I didn’t regard it as negative, per se, but just kind of outdated, since he’s not fresh off his win. I’m sure that Scotty will forever be grateful to Idol for his career, but at this point, it seems a little anachronistic to remind people of his win.

  • SaSa8

    I think the review of Scotty’s concert was great. First of all, Scotty has always acknowledged his appreciation to AI for giving him his start and to the fans who supported him. When he sings ILYTB at his concerts, he always thanks the fans. Scotty continues to support AI today by watching it, texting about it, talking in interviews about it, etc. I I don’t think other AI winners are dissing their fans, but not all winners are supporting AI or give a sense they are proud to say they won AI. Some winners never even watched AI before they were on it. Not all winners “embraced” their coronation song. And I would bet that most folks in that audience, old or new fans, knew Scotty won AI. And I highly doubt there were any radio DJs in that audience that did not know he won AI. The opening video montage starts at the beginning of Scotty’s career which is American Idol and his first song of the night started with his new music. As for being the new face of country music, that was the writers viewpoint from someone who photographs and reviews rock, pop, & country concerts. That was not an obsessed fan saying that to a DJ or PD. Everyone will have a different view as to who the new faces/rising stars are of country music. You make view Hunter Hayes as one. I choose to believe there are several, and I hope that Scotty is one of them. And I hope radio comes on board and will give him that chance.  And that is my opinion :-)

  • kayd23

    I agree.  I do listen to country radio and have not heard Scotty’s music played in a very long time. I do hear Hunter Hayes and Casey James’s songs played  all the time on country radio. Scotty needs hit songs played on country radio or else he really can’t be the new face of country music. Time will tell if country radio does play Scotty’s music when his new album is released but for right now they are not.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    It’s just part of his story…starts off with him as a kid playing Idol, then works his way forward.  

    His show in Atlantic City at the Golden Nugget is Sold Out.  :))

  • escape

    Scotty didn’t have a lot of radio airplay with his first era and his last single sold poorly. He is also the only winner of the past 5 guys who relied solely on songs being written for him.  Season 12 seems slotted with a had lot of Country singers, which will mean more competition for Scotty.

  • H.A.

    He is also the only winner of the past 5 guys who relied solely on songs being written for him.

    That may be true but Scotty is young and has plenty of time to write his own music. You need a little experience in life to write songs that mean something to you. Also none of the winners actual hit songs were songs they themselves wrote. Am I right?


    On his sophomore album he said there will be a couple (maybe more) that he has co-written. His goal for this album is to get at least a #1 hit.

    As far as Season 12 having country singers, they may all be gone next week, who knows.

    He’s going forward with his career the way that is best for him and looking at how the new songs are received at his concerts, they appear to be doing extremely well. All we can do is hope that the elusive #1 happens. Then you will hear a lot of him on Radio

  • girlygirltoo

    I think Scotty will have several co-writes on this album.

    But country music seems to be a genre where a lot of hit songs are not written by the artist, so it may not matter as much if he can write or not

  • durbesque

    Thanks for those links.  After I watched them all, I tried to find them without the links, but couldn’t.  YouTube keeps the most recent clips hidden in a vault and brings up the old vids that I’ve seen.  Frustrating. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I haven’t followed Scotty so I’m not clear on how his singles have done in radioplay. What are the top rankings for his songs on the country charts?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t know about other winners, but Kelly co-wrote “Miss Independent” on her debut album and “Because of You” on her sophomore album, both of which were #1 hits (there may be other songs, but those are off the top of my head as a casual fan).

  • Ria

    Unfortunately the norm is that the first singles released from an Idol’s debut album will not be songs co-written by the Idol even if almost everything else on the album is a co-write. This is particularly unfortunate given Kelly’s early co-write success.
    Phillip Phillips co-wrote all but 3 songs on his hit debut album.  His first 2 hit singles Home and Gone, Gone, Gone are not songs he co-wote. 
    Lee DeWyze co-wrote everything on his first album including the lead single Sweet Serendipity which was a moderate radio hit.
    Kris Allen co-wrote most of the songs on his debut album but not the two singles Live Like We’re Dying and The Truth.  Allen did co-wrote Alright With Me which was used in his Ford commercials, and I Need to Know which was played during at least one TV show. 
    Kris Allen co-wrote everything on his second album including Vision of Love which had moderate success.
    Kris Allen has also recently co-written songs recorded and released by other artists.
    David Cook wrote or co-wrote everything on his hit debut album except the 3 hit singles Light On, Come Back to Me, and The Time of My Life. Cook did co-write Heroes which was regularly used by NBC sports for years, and Permanent which had a bit of success as a non-radio single.
    David Cook co-wrote everything on his second album including the 2 singles, The Last Goodbye and Fade Into Me, which both had moderate radio success.
    David Cook has also recently co-written songs recorded and released by other artists.

  • dd999

    All three of Scotty’s first ‘Weekend Tour’ shows have been SOLD OUT and the reviews have been nothing but glowing  for Scotty’s singing and stage presence! That’s a very good thing!  Tweets like ‘best concert I’ve ever been to’!  His opening song ‘Rock This Night’ is really good! He’s only been in the music business a short time, and for his first tour, for those who don’t know him well, why not show who he  is, and what he’s accomplished so far. I think its a fantastic way to introduce yourself. I also noticed the last time I looked Clear As Day is climbing the I-tunes chart again now that he’s on the road again after taking a month off! As far as writing his own songs, which he co-wrote at least one  for this new album, I never could see the importance of that, who cares, there are writers to do that and I think Scotty feels too, if someone else writes a better song he’ll choose that one! What I’m looking forward to now is his next single release!