Idol Headlines for 05/08/12

Suspect in Jennifer Hudson case goes from confused to chatty during interrogation – Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law expressed confusion as he sat hunched in a corner in a cold interrogation room.
“Why am I here?” William Balfour asked Chicago Police detectives Thomas Kelly and Allen Szudarski on the night of Oct. 24, 2008. But soon Balfour grew chatty, providing detectives with theories as to why his mother-in-law, Darnell Donerson, 57, and drug-dealing brother-in-law, Jason Hudson, 29, were gunned down in their Englewood home hours before. – Read more at Chicago Sun Times

Nikki Reed Feels Pressured to Start Having Children With Paul McDonald – Despite rumors to the contrary, “I’m not having a baby!” the 23-year-old Twilight actress — who’s married to singer Paul McDonald — tells Celebuzz. “All of Hollywood is pregnant, but I’m not!” Babies “are more on the brain for Paul than they are from me,” Reed adds. “Paul is from the South, so all of his friends are having babies. He looks at me all the time and goes, ‘Should we just do this?’ I’m like, Yeah maybe in a little bit.'” – Read more at US

Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Whose Big Mouth Turned Them Into a Bully? – “[The apology tonight] was public. In private, there were apologies too,” Maks told us. “Look, it is what it is. It’s the good with the bad. Nobody is perfect. You put two people together 24 hours a day for the past 15 weeks, you’re bound to see things you don’t want to. We’ve got each others back and I just try to give herself to fight with. Regardless of the scores, regardless of the comments, we’re going to give our fans something they can point their fingers at and say ‘That’s why I voted for them.’ And that puts a lot of pressure on us.” – Read more at EOnline

JC Chasez Weighs in on ‘The Voice’s’ Tony Lucca, Britney Spears on ‘X Factor’ (Video) – Former ‘NSYNC member and current judge on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew J.C. Chasez has been a longtime pal of the former Mousketeer, and during a recent visit to The Hollywood Reporter’s Cover Lounge, Chasez explained why he throws his full support behind Lucca on the NBC singing competition. “I’ve been watching the show like everybody else that is friends with Tony and I’ve been supportive,” he said. “I have some of my own opinions about his performances and I’ve made them clear to him — we contact each other through the process.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘The Voice’ Finals: 10 Things You Didn’t See on TV – 8. Not a “B” word to speak of, though there could’ve been. Tony Lucca, whose performance of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” came under fire from Aguilera for being offensive to women, says there was a point in which they were going to keep the song’s “bitch” word in the performance. “It was in the cards,” Lucca tells THR after the show. “Then last minute, it wasn’t in the cards.” That was probably best for everyone involved. – Read more at THR

‘The Voice’ on the scene: Add one more to Tony’s ’99 Problems’ – Was it all a dream, PopWatchers? These past months, in which I did no blogging, covered no singing competitions, never ended a question with “[comma] PopWatchers” — did I hallucinate them somehow? Or is it possible that your Aunt Whittlz set out on a path in her life that led her from EW, circled through the Thousand Acre Wood, and deposited her right back here, to a PopWatch blog about a singing competition? Am I some sort of demented Tigger with a penchant for self-abuse? You be the judge! – Read more at EW

Go Backstage with ‘The Voice’ Top Four – Monday night was full of drama, drama, drama during “The Voice’s” final showdown. We had children’s choruses, white-robed choirs, Cee Lo riding a motorcycle onstage, Juliet Simms rocking a new hair color while battling the flu, teary Jermaine Paul having an emotional moment with his doting parents backstage, Tony Lucca controversially daring to do “99 Problems,” and, most excitingly/perplexingly, Tony’s ex-“Mickey Mouse Club” castmate and arch nemesis Christina Aguilera sinking her gel-manicured claws into him (accusing him of being a misogynist, texting during his performance, implying that he’s not a “real man,” etc.).
In other words…it was great television. –

‘Glee’ Star Darren Criss Responds to ‘X Factor’ Hosting Rumors – Oh, it made me look awesome! I had nothing to do with it, and it made me look so cool. It was, like, free press,” he told THR at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Ball on Monday night. He added: “I’m happy to say that that was not actually true.”
“It was a classic example of people running with something that they didn’t bother to check facts with,” said Criss. “But I didn’t want to get in the way. – Read more at THR

Dianna Agron Promises ‘Surprising Moments’ At ‘Glee’ Prom – “We had Eric Stoltz back with us, who directed last year’s — he’s really fun and really knows teenage life. That prom episode last year really felt like ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Sixteen Candles’ — it had that awesome touch to it,” Agron said. “This prom is very different from last year’s. It wasn’t some of our last year, and there wasn’t really that thought process like that this might be one of the last moments together, so that’s all really incorporated in this year’s. There’s a fun theme to it; there’s some really surprising moments. I think people will like it.” – Read more at MTV

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  • windmills

    I guess The Voice is getting its watercooler buzz over Tony/Adam versus Christina. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like that compromises what made The Voice such an appealing alternative to Idol and especially XFactor. It’s supposed to be the good vibes show where contestants are respected as artists and the competition is good-natured instead of having its main storyline being passive-aggressive baiting between coaches and dragging a contestant into it.

    The new Country Weekly with Gary Allan on the cover has a review of Carrie’s Blown Away. It’s a 4 out of 5 star review that I expect will be online soon. The review says 2 of Carrie’s most arresting performances come on revenge tales Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs while she effortlessly switches gears for the very country Cupid’s Got A Shotgun and the acoustic country/pop of Nobody’s Ever Told You. The review also cites the sentimental elegance of Forever Changed, talks about how Carrie really excels at the country heartbreak ballad Wine After Whiskey (also talking about the clever use of metaphor in the lyrics), and mentions the closing track Who Are You. The review says Blown Away is easily Carrie’s most confident and well rounded album.

  • Anonymous

    Another great review for Trespassing. From SpinorBin

  • Anonymous

    James and Ariel Small speak to FoxNews on the PBS documentary “Different is the New Normal” that James took part in and is reairing May 20th.

  • Anonymous

    I have been listening to Trespassing on this French streaming site and the quality is excellent. So much better than what we have had the last couple of days, even on my computer speakers. This album is just massive.

  • mmb

    There is an excellent review of Trespassing in today’s NY Daily News, one of the 3 major NYC newspapers (albeit tabloidy).  So far the reviews have been very good. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this news story with James and Ariel Small in it.  The sound was not in sync for me, but it was still fun to watch.  Ariel Small still looks at James like he’s in awe of him.  It’s nice to see that they bonded over the experience.

  • Anonymous

    Qburgh ? @Qburgh
    It’s Q-uesday, which means FREE music for you! Download “The Vision of Love” by Kris Allen until midnight tonight!—Free-Download-Every-Tuesday/7526894

  • Anonymous

     So far so good on the reviews! BTW that French streaming site I posted earlier has me enjoying the album on whole other level. I hadn’t realized how poor quality the earlier rips of streams were. The end of Nirvana, holy crap! Man, I can’t wait for the physical CD!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting that, mmb. I am absolutely loving what I have heard from Trespassing so far. Congrats to Adam on an amazing album.

  • Tinawina

    Uh, so when is this thing going to stream in the US? All the hubbub has me pretty impatient. LOL #TresspassingStreamNowPlease

    ETA: Oh wait, I see there’s a French stream up. Thanks! Off to listen….

    ETA: Holy shit. I’m only 3 songs in but I have to say… Shady???? Goddamn. Must listen to that again. It might take me a minute to get through the whole stream LMAO. This is my new favorite song right now. :)

  • Leigh Rogers
  • Anonymous

    That Shady is an awesome piece of funk! Lurve it tons.

  • YankeeFan08

    Shady needs to be a single!  What a fantastic song!

    So many good reviews today for Trespassing!  It’s generating a lot of buzz. 

    Unfortunately, I don’t think moving up a few hundred spots on Amazon counts for much.  Sort of like iTunes.  It really doesn’t take much to move up when you are at the lower end of the chart.  Both guys are going in the right direction though, so that’s good. 

    I hope Adam gets a nice bump after his AI performance.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed this article from Charleston called “Can Elise Testone emerge from American Idol with grace? ”

  • Anonymous


    We will be talking with @TaylorRHicks today at 8 pm EST! Tune in!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i agree about Shady being the single. It’s very retro and “not what radio’s playing now”, but I think radio will play something out of the norm if enough people love it. And this is the one song everyone seems to love instantly. It’s superfun and catchy.

  • Anonymous

    Shady is awesome, but Runnin is absolutely killer.

  • Sher

    Shady, Runnin’ Pop That Lock, etc.  This is one heck of an amazing album.

  • Tinawina

    Wooo… that was a great album. I need to listen again to get a fuller opinion.

    First impression was that this has one of the best opening set of songs I’ve head in a while. From Trespassing all the way through to Kickin In (Prince!) I was dancing around in my study room. Usually I have this site up while’s I’m writing or reading in another window but I wasn’t writing a damn thing right there. LOL. That was so much fun.

    There were a bunch of songs in the middle there that were fine but I didn’t pay that much attention to them, then Underneath started and wow… that was my next favorite behind Shady. Great song. Underneath-Chokehold-Outlaws In Love was a good 1-2-3 punch.

    The bonus tracks are fine but I need to listen to them and those middle songs again.

    So I’m totally buying this next week rather than waiting and buying a bunch of albums at once like I normally do. After listening to this, I do want to contribute to him opening as high on the BB200 as possible.

    THIS was the Adam I really liked on Idol. All about de sex, fun, flirtatious, hedonistic.. the joy is back! That’s what was missing before. He sounds like he’s really having fun with a little bit of serious thrown in. Plus it sounds cohesive and like he has his own sound. There were a couple of generic songs on there but they didn’t matter. Now I know what an “Adam” record is.

    Great job Lambert!

  • Marie
  • EH

    Wow, Adam really likes drinking, dancing, drinking, sex and Adam!  The album sounds great, even if dance pop has to be relegated to “guilty pleasure” in my music library. I’ll probably buy a couple of songs. I still like Trespassing, Kickin’ in was kind of fun, and the ballads near the end were pretty. At least he’s not singing about eyeliner and leather anymore, ha.  

    ETA: I’m sure it’s not all about dancing and drinking and sex and it is deeply meaningful to Adam and his fans. On first listen to parts of a bunch of songs, it sounds like a lot of well-produced and well-sung songs about dancing and drinking. The ballads at the end seem to be much deeper. My computer hates the streaming sites, so I can only give a quick first impression.

  • randi

    Wow, Adam really likes drinking, dancing, drinking, sex and Adam!  The album sounds great, even if dance pop has to be relegated to “guilty pleasure” in my music library. I’ll probably buy a couple of songs. I still like Trespassing, Kickin’ in was kind of fun, and the ballads near the end were pretty. At least he’s not singing about eyeliner and leather anymore, ha.  

    This album is so much deeper than just dancing, drinking and sex.

  • Sue

    Not a fan of Mr Lambert but decided to listen to Trespassing. It sounds very Euro Dance to me, I predict it’ll probably sell more in Europe than in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still going gaga over Underneath and Shady. It’s hard for me to move on to the next tracks, because those two each in their own way is truly addictive. This album is fantastic and i can’t wait for mine to arrive Monday. 

  • Marie

    I so agree with everything that you wrote.

    Yeah, Underneath is just wow! That song is so powerful. As for the bonus tracks, they do take a listen or two to get into them. I’m still not that into Take Back, sounds too poppy, mixed with lite rock to me, basically too close to WWFM, which I hated from FYE.

    But Runnin..that caught me by surprise. He pretty much uses his whole vocal range, almost all 3 octaves, in that song. Never heard Adam sing so low. I love the drums in it, it just sounds so tribal.

    Nirvana, the last song on the album, is just…I love that song. It’s so dreamy, like lying down on a bed of clouds or something. Really pretty.

    I love the fact that he wrote on all the tracks but three, BTIKM, NCOE and Naked Love. His writing has gotten so much better, and everything sounds so much like..Adam, lol.

  • Marie

    Sorry, accidently posted the same thing twice

  • Trina

    For all the crap Christina and Adam are getting for this drama, did anyone see the meltdown Cee-Lo had last night on Twitter? Naturally he deleted the most offensive tweets like he did the last time he flipped out on Twitter, but he showed last night hes just as bad as the other two in the class department.

    eta: Here’s an article that mentions some of the bad tweets. Yeah stay classy, dude. Wishing death on people is way worse than calling anyone a bitch or “buying” votes.

  • BigNLiddle

    James Durbin will be in Essex, Vermont tomorrow for an “invitation only” show. That’s only 20 minutes from me. I cannot, for the life of me, win any of this contests to be put on the “list” so I can show – and I want to SO bad. Intimate shows like these are the best! 

  • Anonymous

    As long as it sells enough for him to get a third album, I don’t care where it sells or who buy it.

  • Anonymous


    I started a post for the legal stream of Trespassing. Let’s move the convo there. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

     Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sending you all the good luck vibes I’ve got in my pocket b/c I really hope you are able to go somehow. Seeing James in an intimate setting is such an enormous treat. I saw him in Atlantic City in January (sounds similar to this Essex show) and it was exceptional to say the least. 

    I was not able to win tickets either. If it wasn’t for a fellow James fan who gave me an extra ticket the radio station gave her, I wouldn’t have gone. She actually didn’t win them either–she called the station and said she was a huge fan. The station manager got such a kick out of her and her enthusiasm for James, she gave her 2 tickets. You may want to try that route. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Woah Cee-Lo.

    I think The Voice is about to self-destruct.

  • Anonymous

    Sony Canada tweeted a pic of the Tresspassing album cover & there were four songs on the sticker, not shady. 

  • Anonymous

    Skylar Laine is on Anderson Cooper today.

  • Anonymous

    Kris 74 with up arrow, Adam 15 with up arrow.  Go season 8 guys! Oops, needs to be in the numbers thread.

  • Anonymous

    Kris tweeted the back of his new cd Thank You Camellia;

    A&R: RCA Records Keith Naftaly & Rob Inadomi
    A&R: 19R Iain Pire & Myles Lewis
    Mgmt: Josh Klemme & Lane Newland at 19E

  • BigNLiddle

     I’ll have to see what I can do! :)

  • Anonymous

    John Simon Daily (JSD): A Coversation with Kris Allen + Starburst/VH1 Save The Music’s Music With The Masters Series

  • Nele621

    Kris’s album is going up by leaps and bounds.

  • Roger Kramjet

    Probably has nothing to do with the fact that Europeans are less uptight and puritanical as the fledgling nation of the US. The entire album is not Euro Dance. Underneath baby… Underneath.

  • Anonymous

    I would say that most of the songs you can dance to, but there are other songs with strong messages. BTW, the Euro sound is big right now.

  • kesia monteith

    Not much of a fan myself of Adam myself, but that Europop music seems to be becoming increasingly popular in the US. So things might turn out real good for him with this album.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t condone CeeLo’s language or death threats to people who were bugging him, but I do agree with him about this:

    When a fan pointed out to Cee-Lo that the famous Justins were
    campaigning for Lucca to win and asked who he has for Juliet, he
    replied: “all we have is talent and fate. Even if it caused tony to win
    miraculously it wouldn’t be respectable in my book.”

  • Anonymous

    Woah Cee-Lo.I think The Voice is about to self-destruct.

    That man is ridiculously talented.  But I’m so over his inability to step back from the computer.As for the show, I’m so glad I never got into it.  No time for the drama.  I’m just sorry for the kids who go on the show and get sucked into the vortex.

  • saga

    There is one song on Trespassing that is Euro pop and that is Naked Love. Funk was never Euro pop as far as I know, neither is pop/rock.

  • Gerarda DeSanto

    The back cover reminds me even more of Abbey Road then even the front. I had a flashback to my childhood.  Nele where is Kris’ album going up by leap and bounds?