Idol Headlines for 03/20/12

James Durbin steps up his “STAR” power – (CBS News) James Durbin is showing off his rock star power in more ways than one this year. The former “American Idol” contestant is nominated for best lead vocalist at the April 11 Golden God Awards, honoring some of the biggest stars of rock and heavy metal music. The 23-year-old singer is also the new celebrity spokesperson for the Be a STAR Alliance, an anti-bullying initiative, cofounded by The Creative Coalition and WWE. – Read more at CBS News

‘American Idol’ Castoff Shannon Magrane Doesn’t Regret Tackling Mariah Carey – Although Shannon Magrane was sent packing on last week’s episode of “American Idol,” the 16-year-old Tampa, Florida, native has no hard feelings about her early elimination. On Monday (March 19), Magrane stopped by the MTV Newsroom and reflected on her fun, if brief time on the “Idol” stage. “It’s hard, you never know what America is thinking,” Magrane admitted. “It’s crazy, but I loved it. It was a great learning experience for me. I loved every minute of it.” – MTV News

‘Voice’ Judges ‘Love House Parties,’ – “We hang out a little bit,” he told us. “It’s different out there in Los Angeles, and I don’t really fit in on the scene, but there’s been a time or two [we’ll hang out], normally during the live episodes, especially last year. We’ll get together almost every night, all the coaches, believe it or not.” Shelton remembered one get-together where the only lady judge showed up to party with bells on. “I had a party last year at my house,” he recalled. “And I’ll be damned if the first person at my door wasn’t Christina Aguilera. We love our house parties on ‘The Voice.’ ” – Read more at MTV

Dancing With the Stars Behind the Scenes: Who Is Sherri Shepherd Apologizing To?! – Is this the best season of Dancing With the Stars ever?! Well, judging from tonight’s premiere, it might just be! Seriously, two couples scored 26 out of 30s on their very first dances of the season, so it’s safe to say season 14 is not messing around. When we caught up with the celebrities and pros after the show, they all couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing everyone was. – Read more at EOnline

Casey James counts his blessings post-’Idol’ – “Making the album has been a lot of work,” said James who co-wrote nine of the 11 tracks and co-produced the project. “I’ve always dreamed of making the album I wanted to make and never had the ability to do that because I didn’t have the money to go into the studio, or amazing minds and creativity around me. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it, from the writing of the songs and the music to going into the studio and being present for every single second of everything. It was something that I’ll never forget.” – Read more at

Where are They Now: American Idol’s Kimberly Caldwell (Interview) – Kimberly Caldwell made it to the top seven on American Idol’s second season. Though Ruben Studdard took home the recording contract that year, Caldwell has seen just as much success after appearing on the singing competition. For seven years she held a variety of hosting gigs on Fox Sports Network, MTV, VH1, Oxygen and TV Guide Channel before releasing her debut album “Without Regrets” last year. Reality Idols recently had the chance to chat with Caldwell about her experience on the show and her successful life after Idol. – Unreality TV

David Archuleta Introduces his Little Sisters

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  • Anonymous

    Nice to see James working with the antibullying campaign. I believe that is a coalition that includes GLAAD. Great for all of the Idols working for this cause.

  • GS61

    I agree. It’s always good to see James and other Idols giving back. The STAR campaign is a very important and timely cause to be a part of.

    On another note, are you as curious as I am to hear this song “Sunday’s Gone” he wrote about his father? I also heard rumors of an EP the band is working on. Did you hear anything about this?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    David A. put up a blog yesterday evening and it already has over 18 thousand hits.  It is David and his 2 little sisters just doing what normal families do…hanging out, teasing each other, etc.

  • Mateja Praznik

    British boyband The Wanted lands in LA, gets mobbed by fans at LAX:

    One Direction will visit Ryan Seacrest in the studio tomorrow morning.

  • Anonymous

     I am SO anxious to hear more about “Sunday’s Gone”, and hope the rumors are true about an EP. GAH! More James, please! Always happy to see nice headlines about him – he’s like a breath of fresh air. Good to see he’s living his dream and an inspiration to others.

  • Tess

    I know One Direction is the made-up boy band via Simon and X-Factor UK but who are The Wanted?

  • Tess

    Don’t get me wrong, ’cause I love Archie’s voice and am rooting for him to have a career post mission but I just don’t get his Vlogs….they seem so juvenile and make him appear as the quintessential nerd.  Guess I’m just expecting something more interesting from a 21 year old singer than seeing him surrounded by his kid sisters and talking about what they have been doing together (though I stopped watching a couple of minutes in). Oh well, I’m obviously not who he is trying to appeal to.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently The Wanted is another British boy band for the tween set. Watch out Justin Beiber, lol.

  • Anonymous

    They have a nice little hit in “Glad You Came.”   Like it.

  • Anonymous

    Liked that interview with James – good to see him happy with the way things are going.  And such a homebody – cute.

  • ronnie

    I wouldn’t really think Kimberly Caldwell has had the same success as Ruben, he has sold millions of records with two TOP TEN hits, even if it was at the beginning.  Her stint at the TV Guide Channel and David Cook’s girlfriend isn’t really comparable.

  • Mateja Praznik

     They were put together via open auditions by the owner of radio Capital (London). Their manager n America is Justin Bieber’s manager.

  • Mateja Praznik

     They were put together via open auditions by the owner of radio Capital (London). Their manager n America is Justin Bieber’s manager.

  • Tess

    So are they “new” like One Direction or have they been around for awhile and are being introduced to America as direct competition to 1D?

  • Anonymous

    I hope the rumors are true about James-Would love to hear more from him

  • Anonymous here is an acoustic version of cuckoo at a KC radio performance.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Archie’s vlogs are about “trying to appeal” to a certain demographic or specific person. I think he sees them as a way to stay connected with his fans, not as some kind of marketing campaign. As far as seeming like a nerd, I think he specifically cops to that in the video lol.

    I find it pretty refreshing when someone is comfortable enough with themselves to be just that and doesn’t feel it’s necessary to put on a front or an act.

  • Mateja Praznik

     They’ve been around since 2009, I think. They released two albums in the UK. They are One Direction’s competition, but they are not as cute as 1D.

  • Janina

    “I don’t think Archie’s vlogs are about “trying to appeal” to a certain demographic or specific person. I think he sees them as a way to stay connected with his fans, not as some kind of marketing campaign.” DITTO.

  • Anonymous

     Adam is just as amazing singing acoustic as plugged in. These new songs are so funky and really allow him to play with them vocally. Cuckoo would make a fantastic next single but I have been listening to Trespassing and damn that song is pretty major funk pop too. Both of them have tons of attitude too. Love this!

  • rhed31

    I’m glad David doesn’t try to make himself look more cool or his life more interesting than it is. He doesn’t have to because his life is very interesting. We have enough people out there being fake to try and win over more fans, sell more albums, make more money. Having your priorities straight and being the best brother, friend, son, and person that you can be – that’s the coolest thing ever in my book.
    Plus, to fully appreciate david’s vlog, you have to watch past the 5 min mark. Hilarious.

  • Indigobunting

    Wow James- way to go!  I have been a little out of it since I haven’t been watching Idol this year so I didn’t know about the Golden Gods award.  Good job :) and Good Luck.

    I am really enjoying his album more than I thought I would-and my husband really likes it (he doesn’t watch Idol).  His voice sounds great and his is such a good vocalist for a rocker.  Although I’ve bought more than a few Idol albums, it is in my top 4 fave Idol albums right now, along with Daughtry, Gokey and Crystal B.

  • randi

    I wouldn’t really think Kimberly Caldwell has had the same success as Ruben, he has sold millions of records with two TOP TEN hits, even if it was at the beginning.  Her stint at the TV Guide Channel and David Cook’s girlfriend isn’t really comparable.

    They didn’t say her success was the “same”; they said she’s had just “as much” success as Ruben.  Success comes in many forms, not just album sales.  Kim has been gainfully employed in the entertainment industry since the end of her season.  TV Guide channel was just one of many television hosting jobs she’s had since her season. 

  • ronnie

    Adam looks and sounds amazing, but this song is just not very good and it would be a terrible single choice, I hope they don’t decide on it, there’s no hook, no melody, I don’t see it being a hit at all.

  • Anonymous

    ::Shrug::  I actually like it and have no problem finding a hook.  Not that that means anything.  Just different tastes I guess.

  • LJR

    Andy Skib – member of David Cook’s band – tweets of being in the studio again today.  – “Good studio session today with @TheRealDevinB & Marathon Man @thedavidcook. More MWK vocals tomorrow! BOOSH!”
    I am so looking forward to more music by “marathon man” David Cook & these guys.

  • Nele621

    I actually like Cuckoo (yeah, can you believe it? ha). Just never liked BTIKM. Something about it. But the lyrics for Cuckoo are cool, and I like the catchy melody. Would be interesting to hear it with a full plugged-in band.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed David Archuleta’s Vlog as did his fans.  It was nice and light which is just what we needed while we are watching a Mini Series that’s very emotional and getting ready to say farewell in 8 days.  Great role model, showing love for family and following his journey.  We will hopefully get one more before he leaves.
    He also has an album being released of OPM love songs for his fans and music he is recording to be released while he is gone.
    Some people will never be satisfied no matter what he does.  There are plenty of us that admire him not only for his Voice but who he is as a person.
    He knows and will stay true to himself no matter what.

  • Pam

    It was nice seeing Archie being goofy and having fun with his sisters.  haha

  • ozarko

    David’s sisters are so pretty.  They have both blossomed into beautiful young ladies since his time on AI.

    I just heard that there will be an official music video for David’s new single “Forevermore”…

  • Anonymous

     I was on team Cuckoo pretty much but this version of Trespassing has been kicking my butt. Hot vocals, performance, just wow.

  • Nele621

    Is it common to be in the studio recording so soon after an album has been released? It hasn’t even been a year. I’m surprised the label would shell out that much money. They must have lost a lot of money for album #2.

  • chearts77

    An ACM Zine Pack Walmart exclusive featuring Scotty’s YMTLG.  The lady talking calls YMTLG his “new hit”.  I know it’s not official…but all the signs are pointing to this being his next single.  I hope…I hope…  :) 

  • DragonFly

    Touring tease from James!!!! (funny).   Might as well I guess,if they won’t let him announce yet.  …& now rumors????   Hope it’s ALL good!  Incredible journey & lifestyle change in 1 yrs. time–nice to be able to give what a performer’s life requires & like being the essential homebody when not on the road.  As always, I’m being semi-patient waiting for more info.

  • sue

     Lols that is why we love him so much. He is real and not fake. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t . This vlog was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. If you watch the whole thing you would see both of his sisters playing the piano and him thanking his fans for the fan mail. Plus all the bonding and giggling. It’s fun to watch and it makes the fans happy to see him happy and smiling. He always updates us and reassures us that he is there.

    Plus David has been working nonstop since his announcement to leave on his mission. He is making sure that the fans aren’t left with nothing for 2 years and I think that is great business wise.  We are just happy that he is getting some time off to spend with his family because he deserves it.

  • Anonymous

    I think I am on team Trespassing after hearing that. Could it possibly be any cooler?

  • Anonymous

    Many singer-songwriters (or professional songwriters) do demos in home studios before officially recording them (or having artists officially record them), because they want the labels to have the best sense of the potential for the songs as professional studio tracks.
    The size of those small studios can vary, but software is advanced enough these days that reasonably competent instrumentalists and singers can stitch together credible working demos by tracking on a computer from home.  From the label’s perspective, this is actually beneficial, as the teams have to spend less time (and money) on figuring things out in the studio, assuming that the artists and respective producers are on the same page.

    In Cook’s particular case, since he’s writing with his band in his home studio, the label isn’t shelling out much money for those demos at all.  There’s an advance outside of recording costs, of course, but it’s probably smaller than the last one.  And “recording costs” will include sessions with “professional” cowriters, but Cook has, AFAIK, only had a couple of those.

    But they all do them.  The labels expect it, and arguably even demand it.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Clay and Aubrey O’Day (from the Celebrity Apprentice) will be singing the national anthem at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg IZOD IndyCar Series Race this Sunday.


  • Anonymous

    I 100% agree with you, hellomusicgirl. 

  • LJR

     I don’t think the label’s shelling out any money for Cookie.  He did go to Nashville to write with a couple people, but otherwise just w/his band buds.

    At this point I don’t know or care how much money was lost on album number 2 – I loved it, & loved hearing him perform some of those songs live.
    In my opinion David Cook is a super talented singer & musician & hopefully he will have some sort of career in music, & hopefully he will be happy with that.
    Speaking of money, he just raised about $100,000 to fight brain cancer with another fundraiser coming up.

  • Anonymous

     Can you imagine a performance like this (but plugged in) on Idol? Holy Guacamole.

  • Anonymous

    Archie’s vlogs are a breath of fresh air man… the real deal…like the dude himself.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of Adam clips on Hitpredictor;
    Naked Love
    Never Close Our Eyes

  • Anonymous

    It is funny to me that most vlogs or videos are put out to the fans with a set up theme or skit that you can tell isn’t really a real life situation.  That is what David’s fans like about his blogs/vlogs.  It is real life David.  David is always “what you see is what you get”.  Subterfuge is not in his DNA.  If people think that being a clean cut, family oriented, humble guy is being a nerd.  Then maybe he is a nerd, but I prefer nerds to celebrity who set up their “moments” to make them look a certain way.  David makes his fans feel like family by letting them into his everyday moments.

  • Kitwana

    I love 6:20 of David A’s vlog. I’ve never seen that side of him before. I’m going to really miss these vlogs when he’s gone. He’s really spoiled his fans with the regular vlogs. Whose vlogs should I follow when he’s gone? Maybe Brooke White?

  • Anonymous

     Doesn’t feel like the label is doing much at all spending money to help create whatever David will be releasing next. There’s not much info, interest or buzz outside Idol centric blogs about him or his music, which IMO hurt him before, and will not help him do much business beyond his Idol base when he does release something new. It’s good to see him doing the same charity functions and concerts year after year. If not for that, and the yearly obligatory Idol appearance one would assume he’d fallen off the face of the earth. If he’s alright with that, then I guess it’s alright

  • Anonymous

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! These are all amazing! Can’t decide which one OMG. Right now team Trespassing!

  • Monica Linder

    Love Trespassing the most!!! The hand clapping and foot stomping are so infectious!!! Team Trespassing for the next single for me too!

  • Anonymous

    Team Trespassing. No Cuckoo. No Trespassing. No…  (Surprised at how much I like NCOE though)

  • Anonymous

     Love the clapping and rock vocals on Trespassing! They are all so damn catchy in different ways though, aaaaghhhhh!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Adam’s studio versions are awesome, cuckoo and tresspassing are great. Naked love is a notch below, but still good.

  • YankeeFan08

    How will they ever choose the next single?  These songs are SO good.  I vote for either Trespassing or Cuckoo as the next single, but I’ll be okay with any of them.  I think Never Close Our Eyes is the Bruno collab.  Naked Love is already trending in the U.S.  That didn’t take long!  LOL

    I can’t wait to see Adam perform these songs!  He is going to kill these songs live!

  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with Naked Love, sadly it will never be a single in the US.

  • Anonymous

    Cuckoo or NCOE for the next single! And if I didn’t hear Bruno’s demo I bet I’d love NCOE even more. Adam’s version stays pretty close to the demo but it sounds sooooo cool omg. Cuckoo’s awesome, duh!:DDD Both are insanely catchy.

    Tresspassing is sassy and fun, and very Adam, but I think may be too out there for the single? idk.
    And well, IMO, Naked Love has only fun lyrics and, like, the whole “nakedness” theme going for it. Otherwise, it’s catchy but really generic. I want Adam  to have a radio-friendly song, but I’d like it be instantly recognisable as Adam’s.

  • Anonymous

    Still flailing over these snippets. I vote Trespassing or Cuckoo but I bet it will either be NL or NCOE. As long as it is a hit is fine with me and then release TP for next single!

  • Anonymous

    Holy mother of….. I just barely managed to meditate my way through the
    the fact that we are not getting any new music from Adam for at least a month or longer!
    And now  4 two-minutes long snippets just pop up like this?!?!?!? One of them Never Close Our Eyes?!?!? What the….. is the guy trying to kill me or what?

    I think I might need medication…..*breathe in, breathe out*

    HELP ME, I´m flailing myself to death here…..

  • Anonymous

    I like David A.’s vlog. I think his sister’s are so cute and it is nice to see David being so relaxed. One thing that I have always liked about David is that he does not have a phony bone in his body. Just a sincere guy which to me is a breath of fresh air when you look at some of these other music artists today.

  • askance

    Snippets are good! I LOVE Trespassing, I don’t know if it’s the best one for radio but it’s the best one for me!

  • Anonymous

    OMG song clips!!!

    Trespassing is so cool. Love it! The next single will probably be Naked Love or NCOE—and both are great! Happy either way!

  • Enough already!

    ‘Don’t need no GPS to tell me”  how much I love all these news songs, but think I am I team Cockoo! , but then again Trespassing is one dynamo song!!!!

  • Nele621

    If these were the original singles for consideration, why did Adam have to go back into the studio to record new songs. I thought the label didn’t like his album and current single, BTIKM, so they delayed his album to get some fresher  tunes. I don’t think radio will play Trespassing. I don’t think they’ll like the message.

  • fed

    ranking the new clips. 
    1. naked love (by a large margin); hit waiting to happen, imo.
    2. cuckoo
    3. never close your eyes
    4. trespassing (not a fan of this at all, to be honest)

  • Emmy

    These snippets are killing me – they’re all soooo good but if I HAD to rank them I’d say 1. Trespassing, 2. Cuckoo, 3. Naked Love and 4. Never Close Our Eyes.  OMG so excited for this album, I’m loving what he’s doing here!

  • Anonymous

     Where did you get the idea that the label didn’t like his album or BTIKM? Just because it was delayed doesn’t mean they didn’t like it, lol. I just think some great songs showed up last minute that they wanted to work on and logistic issues, also wanting BTIKM to climb a bit, which it has.
    Trespassing has a great message, so don’t know what you mean. Pop radio isn’t exactly about the message anyway. I don’t think it will be the next single either because it doesn’t seem as commercial as the other three but I am hoping it is a single at some point. I think it is an awesome song that really showcases Adam’s voice.

  • mmb

    Wow wasn’t expecting snippets today. Really like them. Trespassing prolly my fav -love the baseline. But I doubt it will be the next single. A bit too funky for current radio. Cuckoo is a ton of fun. Love NCOE ever since I heard the demo. Sounds great with Adams voice. Naked love is definitely a radio song. It’ll be interesting to see what they choose for next single.

  • marie

    OMG, OMG, Adam’s snippets I cannot choose one as a favorite for next single. Any of those amazing songs will do it for me. 

  • ronnie

    These clips are just so-so.  None of them are hit songs.  “Naked Love” is okay, but where’s the chorus, there doesn’t seem to be one,  all these songs seem stuck in the late 80’s, nothing really fresh or original about them.  I was hoping he would be more of a trailblazer with his music, but so much of it is just rehash.  “Cuckoo” is a weaker version of “If I had you,” BTIKM is a weaker version of “WWFM”- so far, nothing really stands out.

  • askance

    But what do you think of Trespassing? Isn’t it just so amazingly good?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, Never Close Your Eyes reminds me of Deadmau5’s Ghost n Stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for you ronnie but oh well.
    Back to Adam. I just realized we also have Chokehold and OOL on the darkside, both of which I love, love, love! This album is a winner for me. Also just realized with album release in May will put it closer to all the press from the Queen performances. I think this is all working out for the better!

  • Anonymous

    I’m team cuckoo, that’s my favorite besides Outlaws of Love.

  • YankeeFan08

    I hadn’t thought about all the press he will get for the Queen gigs.  Total win!  

    A May release is also great timing from the standpoint of an Idol appearance, and who knows where else he may appear on TV.

    LOL, Trespassing is trending now!

    I’m so excited for this album!  All these songs are fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly why did they pick a mid tempo lead single again?  NCOE is clearly the best radio song, but I love Naked Love and Cuckoo. Trespassing is very different for radio but is a great album track.  I still love Chokehold, I want to hear that recorded. 

  • Anonymous

    What a difficult job it will be to choose the next single. I would choose Naked love because of its easyness to sing or humm to. Perfect for pop radio. I like them all and believe this album has a chance to be a big time hit!!!

  • Nele621

    I thought some posters said the album was delayed because BTIKM had flopped and the rest of the album wasn’t good.

    I actually like the melody and beat of Trespassing, but I just don’t think radio will play a song where it sounds like Adam is saying he is an outsider and not allowed (cuz he’s gay), but screw them, he’s going to “trespass” anyway.

  • Anonymous

     A couple of internet poster stated that as their opinion, but that’s all it was.  Never has anyone provided actual facts to back that up. All evidence that has been given states that they had last minute opportunities, and took them.  Short of someone from RCA saying otherwise, that’s all we truly know.

  • Anonymous

    Out of the snippets, I really like Naked Love and Cuckoo.  Out of the 4 clips my husband liked NCOE.  So I’m thinking RCA is debating between Naked Love and NCOE as the most radio friendly singles.

    Anyway I’m psyched for the album.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty soon we will know what the whole album sounds like before it is even released!
    I love just love everything about this album so far. My two pics for the next single would be either Cuckoo or NCOE. Still not a big fan of OOL. Like it but not as much as everything else.

  • shamrock

    You said it best as always. :)

    Great interview with James, and while I also hope to hear more of
    “Sunday’s gone” soon, in the meantime I would happily settle to finally
    know who he is touring with (James became such a tease!! ;p) and get to hear a decent-quality rendition of “Alien”.

    And it would be AWESOME if the EP rumours were true!!!!!! (with extra jamesalistics exclamation marks ;))

  • Anonymous

    Greetings all!

    Wow I am late to the party. Well we Brits are not wrong about this new sound we told you so!!  HaHa!!

    IMO its as if Adam Deleted FYE from memory. There is not a hint of the last sound completely NEW Ass-busting kick ass sound-Did I say x2 Ass! How could he have possibly done it? If this album is not a hit I will eat my…….can’t say what lol:-0;-)

    OK here we go:

    1.Cuckoo: Remains the one for me!!! INSAne and more!! With more revelation this is a big hit for Adam-I am convinced. My Cuckoo head will have it no other way.

    2.TP: Very catchy possibly this is the one they want to release so that it lays down the name Trespassing and the sound planted in our subconscious! But will RCA do it? Who knows!

    3. Naked Love: My Lord. I hate to say this. But this could be a bigger hit than anticpated. But wait its got the word ‘naked’ love! For US radio its too gay! For Christ-Maybe they are more gay than gay-whatever that means. Load of hypocrites:-) It has stuck in my head like a hole in the head!! I wait to hear  the album

    4. NCOE: Again this to me is catchy while not been uptempo like Cuckoo/TP. I think this could be one of his darker ones with an edge. A potential hit I feel. Unforgetable

    For me Adam’s Album is building up to be as most Brit critics have said the album of 2012.

    What you want to do in pop is be crazy give tham something they did not know they wanted. Adams words not mine. No I change  my mind; thats mine as well;-) Very edgy with a new sound with atitude. This is what I like: dont follow the crowd, stand out!

    Blessu Adam. I am your patient Brit crazy fan including my family. We are dancing like crazy!

     Dont worry what the critics say take it by the balls and just break out! Well I dont take critics seriously they are a good laugh!-and they INspire;-) WIN WIN! 
    Am so excited!!I could hardly sit or stop dancing!;-)Oh Lord!




  • Karen C

    David started writing new songs for the next album after the tour ended in December, so I wouldn’t expect there to be much information other than what he has given about the new album.  He has said that he wants to get the next album out faster.  And other than the LA Marathon, and Race For Hope, he is doing some concerts the next couple of months, including opening for Jon Bon Jovi.  

    And actually, as a fan, I would much rather he write the album with his band anyway, and maybe a few other cowriters.  

  • Anonymous

     Thanks, shamrock. I’m so excited for the good things coming our way as fans of James. We get to enjoy all those good things because HE has made them happen through hard work and perseverance. Thank goodness he never gave up!

    Oh, and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just ’cause I love this cute pic:

  • iani

      Doesn’t feel like the label is doing much at all spending money to help
    create whatever David will be releasing next. There’s not much info,
    interest or buzz outside Idol centric blogs about him or his music,
    which IMO hurt him before, and will not help him do much business beyond
    his Idol base when he does release something new.

    You might be right about label-support and the buzz surrounding David. I felt the same last summer that his last album had just little money for its promo support, only few day-time/late night shows, even DC’s “friend” Jimmie Kimmel or Jimmie Fallon didn’t have him as musical guest; at one point I thought he suddenly disappeared from the music-scene few weeks after his album-launch. It is what it is, as long as your music or persona creates sufficient buzz you might get some spots on these shows easily, otherwise I don’t know how, maybe only put your name on the waiting lists and pray. But that doesn’t mean DC’s situation might be like this for good or to generalize it like there is “no escape”, no options further for his career. Artists in similar situations like him are many, with no buzz and little money for their music-support, but part of them with some good music, good management and some luck have some success. He might be part of this group if, first of all, he would take advantage of his his AI performance in May and come with a strong song; it might be his crucial point of his career in the last 3 years after last-year poor performance with TLG. If he wants to he can do it, he proved it on his AI-run. He should think twice like the words in his Billie Jean-performance because he needs a BJ-moment for an eventually relaunch of his career.

  • Karen C

    He did sign a new management contract with XIX in August, and his old one had run out in May, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This might have been what happened after the album release. So it’s possible that he has better management in place now for the next album.

    Whatever happens, he does have a loyal fanbase that likes his music, so that’s important for any artist.

  • Anonymous

    Cook himself said he was a songwriter first and a performer second.  He also said the the “celebrity” wasn’t as important to him as being a good person.  I think with the charities he has chosen to commit to and the fact that the media attention he gets is first and foremost for his charitable efforts, then he is getting his wish.  As long as he is happy with his career, the I am happy for him.  

  • jonnyk

    David A’s vlog cracked me up so much.  Just like normal siblings goofing around and have fun.  My siblings and I love to joke around and play video games!!!  I’ve never seen such a genuinely caring guy as a celebrity.  Most of celebrities wouldn’t want to show a goofy side of their lives and many fans are used to seeing contrived stuff, but not in David A’s world.  Sad, though that they are not going to have fun together for 2 years. 

  • ShannonM

    WOW!!!   NOW I am Really excited!!  Incredible performances!  Thank you so very much for posting these!

  • iani

    As long as he is happy with his career, then I am happy for him and I will be right there as a fan.

    This is a great sentiment, to share as a fan the same happiness with him for his artistic-career, achievements, to be in general there for him… But is it enough for a longer career to have the kind of success like he has had with TLM or it would be more secure for the career to have some more success? I am happy with his music(he has at least 3 gems in TLM, I think), I like a lot the raw David (his pre idol music, especially AH), music from the his “basement” or “garage” is my dreamed music he might come with someday, like Foos’ latest album of witch they are proud of(garage album) and say it in almost any interview. But I think he still has a pretty long way to establish himself as a known musician first, even with a moderate success to support a family and then to do whatever music he wants when he has a good(or bigger) fan-base. So many things have changed after he won AI and unfortunately  he has gotten in the middle of confusions, the music he made 4 years ago and had success with it was almost nothing next years with all the changes on the music scene. As long as the AI show exists, he has to be the proud AI winner of the successful S7 and it hearts me when I read articles of him as a looser, being part of WGWGs as terminators of the show, when he had such success with DCTR, great talent and persona and his contribution on the show to continue its status as a successful one. 

  • Anonymous

    iani I have no fear that Cook will not have to go back to painting houses or bartending. He is establishing a reputation with know songwriters and known musicians.  If it is his goal in life to be a reputable song writer and make a living at it (there is apparently very good money in being a songwriter if you have a hit or two) then all is good.  If he continues to perform and that makes him happy then I am too.  You don’t have to be a celebrity (as in the Kardashians) or in the celebrity eye (as in media ho’s) to make a living in this business.  

  • Alexia Katrantzis

    I wanna hear “Sunday’s Gone” so bad! I’m dying to assess his songwriting chops.

  • happyhexer

    Hey, Indigobunting!  So glad your husband likes James Durbin’s CD. It’s always interesting to get feedback about Idol CDs from those who are outside the Idolsblogoshere.

    I also have a bunch of Idol CDs.  Danny Gokey, of course, since he’s the guy who got me involved in my current twin musical interests of Idol and country music.  Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Michael Sarver, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, and single tracks by Matt Giraud, Paris Bennett, Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta.  And I’m considering purchasing Casey James, Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams, and Naima A.  Maybe the 2nd CDs of Adam and Kris as well.  (Kris is surprising me, in a good way.)

    In all honesty, I’d rank James’ CD as one of my favorite Idol CDs.  He might even tie with Danny for first place, except I like Danny’s voice better.  :-)  Part of the reason I like James’ CD so much is because I like that style of music.  But even so, he exceeded my expectations.  (Wasn’t sure what to expect, since it seemed like the CD was being rushed out.)  But I like every single song, and don’t skip any.  Very solid effort.  It proves to me what I’ve always thought — a good voice isn’t enough; you need good, solid songs too.  I personally don’t care where the songs come from either — it could be Mars for all I care.

    Congratulations on the Golden Gods nom, James!  And congrats for doing exactly what you said you were going to go, when you said you were going to do it.  I know that James often puts his foot in his mouth, which has to be hard on his fans.  But at the end of the day, it’s about the music.  And while James has a long way to go, he’s made a great start . . . 

  • Anonymous

    Cook has said from the beginning that he understood that fame was fleeting and could be gone at any moment (so many in the industry don’t think it will ever end, but inevitably it does for most).  I think the guy has his head screwed on straight. 

     Any musician is one song away from stardom and so is Cook.  Could be the next album (Bon Jovi and Springsteen didn’t hit on their first two albums either).  It may never happen.  Who knows, but like I said before if he’s happy, I’m happy for him and as long as he writes and puts out music, I’ll be there.  I’m not a fair weather fan.

  • Karen C

    I have seen interviews where DC has said that he was very happy with TLM, he wanted to do the album he wanted, and wasn’t worried about sales or to have a bunch of singles.   It was more important to him to put the album out as he wrote it.   In that respect, I think as far as the album did go up the charts for both the album and the singles that were released were remarkable.  Maybe they did expect to sell more, but maybe the sales were expected.   I do also think they are trying to build an audience for him.  Though I agree I think it would be effective to use some of the songs on the album for soundtracts or other things on tv or movies.

  • iani

    “I have seen interviews where DC has said that he was very happy with TLM, he wanted to do the album he wanted” Karen C

    You’re right Karen, it’s my mistake, I’ve read back and I see it’s not so clear: “I don’t think he has been content either with the way TLM has turned”; I was thinking about the general perception of TLM, not about album-itself, sorry for confusion. It is his work and it hurts when you see your work unrewarded by critics, buyers, singles nowhere, talking about business($) not placements(top 40s) … Sure he got the album he wanted, he worked on Circadian like “crazy” and it went nowhere too :-( when the outcome might have been totally different(I’ve traced some thoughts on the other foot-long 2 posts)

    but many musicians would kill for it.

    Unfortunately it’s true, it sounds like a “medal receiver” or like a consolation price, be happy you got a position on top 40, even his ex got one. The truth is, HAC has started to sell less and less, even some of the top 15 positions have slim sales.

    ETA: No, it is not a derogatory statement for Kim’s position on top 40(I’ve admired her for her determination, hard working lady, nice soul, not so much for her attitude) it was as part of “but many musicians would kill for it” to point someone known from his/idol circle with no promo at all to get a position there.
    “Singles nowhere” is about promos for them, to be used somewhere for some commercials, RCA to send them to other formats (not only HAC as FIM for ex.). Practically he had just little money allocated for TLM! He has now a management with a big name, Simon Fuller, I’ve expected more from his team, just saying! I remember like last year there was a rumor that CBTM might be used by Glee, why not for a try?!
    Sorry if my different points of view about David’s career-situation is different than 99.9% of his fans here. I’ve never said David is a failure because he didn’t sell 1M, I even said like a week ago, he sold more for RCA than some other RCA artists, when someone said why he was not dropped by RCA by now. I am the person who is pleased with little when I have a little, but he has more than nothing to take advantage of his talent. It drives me crazy when I assist to his career not only going down but ridiculed by newspapers or even musicians. His 100K sold might be like 500K 3 years ago, a good number to be proud of as musician and his fans too. But the way TLM was promoted from June last year till now, not so great with all the good sound in, great talent from David, big names, RCA and Simon Fuller… Even Archy was able with no label, no management to get more gigs and promo than David. If my thoughts are taken like derogatory ones or spam-fan or something else, sorry for them(it’s me and my taken on David’s musical issues), but they are pretty inoffensive I think to really hurt someone’s feelings or to change others thoughts who see different than my though. This conversation could go forever, lol, I stop here, “ventilation” enough.

    OK, my last words now to summarize already the 3 foot-long posts:
    There is nothing wrong with the guy’s talent, it’s something wrong with the way his last album promotion went and the way he, personally, is promoted outside the AI circle!(JMO)

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess 2 top 40 songs on a music chart are nowhere to some, but many musicians would kill for it.

    ETA: “Unfortunately it’s true, it sounds like a “medal receiver” or like a consolation price, be happy you got a position on top 40, even his ex got one. The truth is, HAC has started to sell less and less, even some of the top 15 positions have slim sales.”

    With the state of the industry today, you will see less physical sales than ever before (which was what most charts have been based on). The industry is just now starting to realize that sales will be determined digitally and not from physical sales. The days of 1 millions sales the first week will be few and far between.

    I guess then we will just have to agree to disagree. Out of the thousands of records that are released in a year that never see the light of day, I still consider charting on ANY chart an accomplishment. Sorry you think it’s a consolation prize if it’s not Top 40, but I wouldn’t say a career was dead because of it. The Top 40 may sell more but many a musician had wonderful careers and never made the Top 40.

    As to “even his ex got one”, that is still an accomplishment for her and should not be a derogatory statement. To bad many think if you don’t sell a couple of million you are a failure.