Idol Headlines for 02/21/12 – The Evening Edition

‘The Voice’s’ Adam Levine Responds To Simon Cowell’s Suggestion For A Super Final – “He’s so hell bent on competing with other shows. We’re not really interested in a way… That’s kind of a cool idea, actually, but I’m not so sure we’re totally interested in what everyone else is doing,” Adam continued. “We’re just kind of worrying about what we do ‘cause we all know the more we worry about everybody else, the more the quality of what you’re doing tends to suffer. So, we want to just do what we do.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Did You Notice the Vegas Outfits? – Many of you have tweeted @IDOL_Insider to ask me if these costumes were provided by the wardrobe department. Shockingly, they weren’t! All of the outfits were assembled by the contestants. Some groups like “Great Balls Of Fire” and “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” coordinated their colors from stuff they had in their suitcase or stuff they could borrow from other contestants. Then there were groups like the “Stop In The Name Of Love” girls, who went shopping to find identical dresses. And I’m sure you’re wondering about the uniforms worn on the girls who performed “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” Their parents went shopping at an Army/Navy store in LA shortly after the girls grouped up. – Read more at American Idol

Blake Shelton, ‘The Voice': Country Coach Has Two Adoring Advisors for Team Blake – Miranda got so into ‘The Voice’ that she joined the cast herself, signing on to serve as a mentor to half of Team Blake, the singer’s group of 12 singers. Good pal Kelly Clarkson will coach the other half, and Blake is glad to have both singers help him advise his contestants. “I’ve never met an artist who loves other artists more than Kelly Clarkson,” says Blake of his pop star buddy. “I’ve never heard her sit back and talk crap about other singers. She’s a fan. She lives and breathes music.” – Read more at The Boot

‘Idol’ hopeful has Beaver County ties – In 2010, Brock performed on stage with the Trinity Jazz at a summer show at the Beaver Gazebo and a Christmas show at Hopewell Area High School. Brock and the Trinity Jazz also played together at the former Rochester Riverfront Park; in Butler and Washington counties; at Pittsburgh’s Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, and on Cornerstone-TV (WPCB) near Monroeville. Visit YouTube to see a video from the Cornerstone gig where Brock belts out “America the Beautiful” backed by the TJO. As of Friday, that video had fewer than 1,800 visits, though that number is certain to climb if Brock continues his “Idol” run. – Read more at Times Online

As local Reed Grimm attempts to crack ‘Idol’s Top 24, friends and family talk about this ‘silly, quirky’ young man – Talent, vulnerability, charisma – Grimm has already shown a lot of himself thanks to ample airtime on “Idol.” If Grimm, 26, makes it to the Top 24 (the list will be announced on Wednesday and Thursday’s shows), he will be the first contestant with strong Twin Cities ties to make “Idol’s” semifinals since Casey Carlson and Jesse Langseth in 2009. So far, the only local singer who has cracked the show’s Top 12 was Paris Bennett, who placed fifth in 2006. Moore, who directed Grimm his senior year of high school in the musical “Footloose,” says he wasn’t scared of taking chances. – Read more at Twin Cities

David Archuleta Joins the Bench Family – Talented and has a Boy-Next Door Charm – that’s how I would describe American Idol Season 7 runner up David Archuleta. After winning second place against David Cook, his rise to stardom did not falter. He even got more recognized with his amazing voice. And last January 17 at the Trinoma Activity Center, Bench and professional hair care label, Bench Fix introduced him as one of their newest endorsers. – See the photos at Sugarsmile Blogspot

New Music, New Album, New Direction – Will the fans hear anything new at the Viper Alley Show in March? LD: Yes, we are planning a couple of surprises for my fans. My keyboardist, Lincoln Cleary will be with me at the show. I will tell you that I will be playing a cover of Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” and I have another surprise that I will just leave at that. What will a Lee DeWyze tour look like after the new album is released? LD: We are working on a tour for this album that will include the states and Asia again, but hopefully a European leg as well. I love to perform, so getting back out there and seeing all the fans and having the new music heard is what I am looking forward to. Read more at Red Beanie

Haley Reinhart gets ready for her album photo shoot yesterday (Via @LNEWLAND1)

Clay Aiken tweets, “The odd couple… Together at last! Ha ha @deesnider #DeeDoesBroadway”

Lythgoe to adapt Ukrainian format

MY Tupelo Entertainment has acquired North American rights to Go Dance! (11×120’), in which huge dance troupes representing 12 different cities compete against each other in front of thousands of fans.  MY Tupelo and Nigel Lythgoe Productions are now developing a US version of the show, which is currently in its second season in Ukraine, where it is produced by Star Media and Studio Kvartal-95 for Inter TV. A US broadcaster has not yet been announced. – Read more at C21Entertainment

‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson Has ‘Crazy Taste’ Fellow ‘Idol’ judge Jennifer Lopez dishes to MTV News about working alongside ‘most positive’ person. “He has all different kinds of sunglasses. There was one pair where I was like, ‘Those are too big … those are just too big!’ and he’s like, ‘I love these,’ ” she laughed to MTV News during a recent chat about the Fox reality singing competition. “The thing I love about Randy is he’s always so positive, even when he gives negative criticism on the show, ’cause he’s the hardest of all of us.” “He’ll straight-out tell you that was awful. We won’t say it,” she said, adding that she and Tyler don’t verbalize their feelings as straightforwardly. “Even though he’s that guy, he’s the most positive and the most great-energy person ever. He can laugh at himself so genuinely at the same time. He’s just an amazing person.” – Read more at MTV

Season 10 ‘Idol’ Darling Brett Loewenstern Performs at Yahoo! – Sadly, Brett’s time on Season 10 was cut short–he didn’t make it past the semifinals–but he’s been doing just fine since. He recently got accepted to the prestigious Berklee School of Music, and he’s currently writing, recording, and releasing music on his own. And when he stopped by Yahoo! while in Los Angeles to play a recent Trevor Project event, he performed three of his great original tunes for Reality Rocks. Brett is clearly an example that “it gets redder,” as he puts it. Check out Brett’s performances below. Look at him now, indeed! – See the Videos at Yahoo Music

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  • DoesMonaKnow

    Wow, the contestants put together their Vegas outfits themselves? I’m impressed!

  • Anonymous

    very excited about seeing Haley at the Hard Rock tonight! She’s 1 of 3 acts scheduled to perform and I’m thinking she’ll be on either 1st or 2nd (got to figure Hot Chelle Rae will be last, since they actually have hit songs out). Funny thing is that the 3rd act, Graffiti6, has a new single out that is titled “Free” (same as Haley’s single).

  • Kirsten

    Adam Levine: “So, we want to just do what we do.”

    Missing part of that quote:

    “Plus, our guy, whatever his name was, would totally lose.”

  • Anonymous

    Lane tweeted that she was meeting today with Kris. Hopefully they are finalizing his single and album art as well as plans for finally announcing the single!

    I’m sure they are also gonna discuss the private performance that he’s doing for Wal-Mart next week as well

  • Trina

    Someone better tell Javier that the real winner rather not be bothered with the whole thing so once again hes screwed..

    Clay and Dee Snider duet? I need this like yesterday LOL

  • Kitwana

    I love those Bench ad photos of David Archuleta in that Sugarsmile blog. I wish Jive had thought to use fashion photographers to do his CD covers and promotional materials because these photos really highlight his good looks without changing how he actually looks in person. I wish he had time to do more modeling for Bench. I’m not disputing that he still looks very young in some photos (not quite 15 as someone suggested in a different post, maybe 18 or 19). However, I always thought that good makeup and lighting can easily make a person look older. Look at what they are able to do with the teenage girls who model. He’ll probably look more mature when he comes back from his mission at 23.

  • Anonymous

    Haley !!! when we gonna be able to hear the single? i’m  getting impatient lol ….. March ia almost here !! :)

    I’m not a Lee fan , but i admire his tenacity, and i’m wishing him Good Luck with his new album, yo go boy!! 

    I,m remember Brett from last year  :) , glad he was accepted in Berklee School of Music he’s gonna be able to find his way in the music :)

  • katy

     Clay and Dee together is truly an odd couple, but from all the interviews, they really clicked and liked each other. Sounds like a fun day for them and I’m anxious to hear the single.

  • Rose Jones

    Dee Snider and Clay Aiken? Interesting combination! They are recording a song together? I’ll be interested in hearing that!

  • Anonymous

    Can not wait to hear what song Clay and Dee pick too sing. Sounds like they are having fun in the studio.

      Dee Snider @deesnider
    In studio with @clayaiken. He is KICKIN’ ASS!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the Redbeanieblog interview with Lee-he has such a great attitude.
    I think his new music will be more in the folk-rock vein than his Idol album was. I love his preIdol stuff, so I’m pretty sure the new songs will be even better.

  • Jeff

    Dee Snider and Clay Aiken.  Both cool guys!  
    So they are recording a duet for Dee’s upcoming cd.
    I’ll be checking in on that one!

  • HaleysShindig

    Put together a list of Tweeters for Haley’s concert tonight for anyone interested, subscribe:!/HaleysShindig/haleyhrcconcert 

  • Anonymous

    Loving the Bench Photos of David Archuleta!!  Very Photogenic.  Bench says they wish they’d had more time to do TV commercials but due to time constraints will catch David again in two years.  They seem pretty happy with him.  I think if they stay away from some of the younger outfits like the plaid shirt David will look closer to his own age.  He’s got the young gene from his mother who doesn’t look much older than 30 at times. 

    A very fruitful 5 weeks with a Mini Series, CD, and a Clothing/HairFix Contract.

    Several major Billboards  advertising the series and the Hair products etc.

  • Jonins

    Am very excited to hear what the meeting (Kris-Lane) is all about. Hope it’s about the new single and another show. If there’s another private performance with Wal-mart, it made me think – Wal-Mart must really like him to ask him to perform again for them. Did any Idol person perform for Wal-Mart more than once?

  • Kit W

    Can’t wait to hear the Dee Snider/Clay Aiken Broadway/Rock single.  I bet it’ll be great!  And doesn’t Clay look terrific, all slimmed down?

  • Nele621

    Is Kris doing an entire concert at Wal-Mart this year? I’d be interested to know if any other idol has had more than one invitation from Wal-Mart. It seems when they do private shows, it is a one-time only. They must be paying him lots and lots of money (since they are one of the wealthiest organizations in the US).

  • iFoundIt

    My favorite Adam L. in music is by far Adam Levine.  Multi talented and a really funny guy.

  • Anonymous

    The Bench photo’s are GREAT!  David really should model more clothing and SHOES.. he loves shoes.  

    A sing off between X Factor, The Voice and Idol? would be super lame.  Pitting shows against each other is dumb and desperate. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks !! :)

  • Anonymous

    I’d be interested to know if any other idol has had more than one invitation from Wal-Mart.

    I’m sure that they have.  Walmart is a big sponsor of American Idol, so AI is going to make their alums available to the company.  I believe that Chris Daughtry played the shareholders meeting last year, so he’s done at least two events for them.

  • Anonymous

    Lane Newland @LNEWLAND1
    Great mtng with @KrisAllen! Talked single, talked video, talked website, talked it all! Lots of good things to come!

  • Anonymous

    Lane Newland @LNEWLAND1
    Now with @HaleyReinhart at the MYFM radio event in Hollywood! Who’s here?? You’ll here her play her sing, and some other goods!

  • Miz

     @LNEWLAND1 Great mtng with @KrisAllen! Talked single, talked video, talked website, talked it all! Lots of good things to come!
    I’ve been patient, but it’s wearing thin. I want the single announced and released … ditto the album. Is it ‘soon’ yet?

    girlygirl, you’re going to the Hard Rock tonight? I would have loved to go see Haley, but too late now. Plus I don’t feel like doing the hotel thing again so soon. Hope you’ll give a full report.

  • Anonymous

    There are fewer than 200 tickets available for Scotty’s concert at the NC Azalea Festival – April 13/2012.

  • larc

    Looks as if Scotty gets to meet a few people in his wanderings…

    Scotty McCreery
    Just met Lionel Richie! Are you kidding me?!?!?!

  • Pat

    Looking forward to the Clay Aiken & Dee Snyder duet and to Haley Reinhart’s CD.  Some good stuff coming down the pike!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Lane’s tweets sounds like the meeting was just between Kris and her. But looking at what was covered at the meeting, it was definately with Kris’ full team.
    Release the damn GOOD song already!

  • Kylee
  • Anonymous

    Scotty’s in Nashville right now. Tomorrow, him & Lauren are at a event luncheon with other UMG Nashville artists. So he probably ran into Lionel tonight since Lionel should be promoting his country album & Lionel’s a Mercury Nashville artist, too.

    There’s events in Nashville tonight leading up to the event tomorrow & then more events in the week & performances on the weekend. Tonight’s event was a Country Radio Hall of Fame dinner & then an after-party. Scotty might not have been invited to the dinner, but he probably attended the party. Scotty has concerts with Brad on the 23rd-25th so he will probably have to leave after tomorrow’s events.

  • stargazed
    More than a Feeling from the Timeless Tour.  Clay Aiken can rock.

  • Anonymous

    Belinda Thomas from the LA Examiner is there also. So, we should have some good coverage.

  • Jeff

    Cool!! Thanks stargazed!

  • Anonymous

    Haley debuted her single, Free, and another new song, Wasted Tears tonight at the 1043MY FM New Music concert in LA!!!! Cannot wait to check out the youtube vids. 

  • Anonymous

    Saw on twitter both songs were described as bluesy & slow. Wasted tears was written by Haley.

    Haley Pic:!/blkeener/status/172176287778091009/photo/1
    via blkeener

  • Kelly Weed

    The audio on that is really weird!  Try this one?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    hard to hear all of the lyrics & music with that video, but the chorus comes through almost perfectly. I’ll be really interested to see what this sounds like on a record, because it honestly could be played on the radio. No, not something that shoots to #1 or anything like that, but it seems pretty radio friendly?

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….I couldn’t wait to hear this single from Haley, and now that I have I’m not sure what to think.  I like it okay, but it’s not something I’m anxious to listen to over and over again.  It almost seems to me like they were going for an Adele vibe, with some of the success she has had with her slower songs like Someone Like You, but there is already an Adele out there doing these types of songs right now so it will be interesting to see how receptive radio is to this.  It is a popular sound right now though.  Or then again maybe the recorded version sounds completely different.  I kind of wish Haley would have gone with something a bit more up-tempo for the first single, but that’s just me. I plan on buying her first CD no matter what, just hoping she has success on the radio too.

  • Anonymous

    Clay on one of his tours took the song “Who’s Sorry Now” by Connie Francis & by audience request each night sang it reworked with the band in a different genre. He sang that song in the genres of heavy metal, latin, opera, polka, etc. So he definitely can sing rock with Dee.

    Here’s a video of Clay singing “Who’s Sorry Now” in a death metal style. 

    Here’s a video of him singing it as a grunge song.

  • tinawina

    I don’t think that sounds like an Adele song to me. Too sultry (and the vocals have too much jazzy stuff) for that. I don’t know who it sounds like off the top of my head. I guess that’s good! A lot will depend on the instrumentation/production, but it has potential.

    If anything it reminds me of Benny and the Jets.

  • Anonymous

    It’s very Christina Perri & BC Jean, to be honest. Can’t hate that, though!

  • Kariann Hart

    Heard Adam was going to perform with Queen again.  I still would like to see Queen featuring Adam Lambert perform at the London Olympics opening ceremonies!

  • Anonymous

    YES!  It’s very Christina Perri sounding, you are right.  I actually couldn’t think of who BC Jean was so I looked her up and immediately recognized her song If I Was A Boy – and you are right that Haley sounds like her too.

  • HaleysShindig

    I loved it. I can imagine the studio is going to sound incredible. One of the tweeters has been talking to her all night and says Haley is sick. If she sings like that when she is sick, I can’t imagine how good its going to sound when she gets well. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree. More bluesy though 

  • Kariann Hart

    OMG!  I was laughing so hard, especially at Clay Aiken “Who’s Sorry Now,” Burlesque Style.

    Thanks ptebwwong for the link.  That man has one fine voice!

  • Anonymous

    Listened to it 3 times now and I liked it better each time through. Haley really does have a uniquely interesting voice. 

  • Anonymous

    I Effing Love “Free”……..
    The chorus gives me goosebumps everytime she goes into it
    There is a melancholy in the song that is beautiful, and so opposite of the persona/sound she had in “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. She is showing her versatility.

  • tinawina

    Wow you nailed that. BC Jean especially.

    It’s perfect for her voice. Brings out everything I like best about it.

    Can’t wait to hear the studio version. I’m interested in what choices they made to make this more of a radio song.

    So excited for her! Good luck Haley!

    ETA: I also just realized it is vaguely reminiscent of the Gaga song she covered on idol (You and I). Maybe this is our first clue of how Jimmy sees her.

  • Kylee

    #LeeDeWyzeBountyHunter is trending on twitter….

  • Kylee

    Lyndsey Parker @lyndseyparker So Paul McDonald just did a song called “Dollar Sign” with a chorus that said, “You can kiss my ass, 19.” #signpaulmcdonald

    hmm, talk about biting the hand that feeds ya(or at least got your name out there).

  • Mateja Praznik

    Josh Krajcik has a record deal. Apparently, Rachel Crow has one, too.

    He is working with Adele’s producer, Eg White.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I just read this.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out what Paul is mad about.  Besides the fact that going on AI helped him personally, it has also helped him professionally.  He’s gotten a lot of gigs and opportunities that he didn’t have before, and while his band hasn’t sold a lot of records since AI, he admitted that they’ve sold more than they ever had before.  He seems to be suffering under the belief that someone made him compete on AI.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is Paul serious?  He’s so lucky that he got as much exposure as he did on Idol considering how he croaked out his songs.  lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Ouch!  Clay hit a few real clunkers on that video.  Made my cringe.  Not a great example of his best singing.

  • iFoundIt

    Maybe Paul McDonald would have scored a record deal, like the majority of the Top 11 from Season 10, if he spent more time on his music – vs running around attending fashion shows and being Mr. Nikki Reed.

  • Cheese

    Clay Aiken doing Rock?  That I can’t wait to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Do we actually know how much time Paul is spending on his music?  None of us there with him.

  • Tess

    re: Paul McDonald.  You always see people that are too cool for school once school is out.  Paul appeared to me to think that 5 seconds after he had signed his life away to 19…buyer’s remorse, anyone…. that AI was silly and trite.  I am sure the ’19’ contract with Idol is super restrictive and a hard pill to swallow but everyone goes into the contest with their eyes open, or they should.  Once they’ve placed their John Henry then they should just keep their irritations private…it only shows a less than favorable egotism to blame someone else when things don’t go according to your own personal plan.  I am sure Paul is getting some AI backwash as he is trying to get his “career” up and running…but he has only himself to blame for “his” decisions.  As far as I’m concerned I hope his only claim to fame is his title: Mr. Nikki Reed….his childish attitude from the time he made top 13 to now just reeks of sour grapes. 

  • Anonymous

    Recently Dog the Bounty Hunter tweeted asking fans what celebrity they’d like to see do a ride along on his show. Last night Lee tweeted that he wanted to do that, so fans tweeted the show and trended #LeeDeWyzeBountyHunter.
    Sometimes being a fan is just silly fun. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it comes down to Paul’s attitude.  He seems to be very indie minded where his music is concerned, and he wants to do things his way.  That’s fine, but his attitude isn’t going to endear him to people who can help him.

  • Anonymous

    Are contestants not allowed to express their frustration, even after they’ve been off the show for nearly a year?  Even if it is sour grapes, we can’t know everything that is happening behind the scenes.

    So many Idols get the ungrateful tag and I HOPE YOU CRASH AND BURN! wishes for their career from fans , but do we really are things are?

    Not coming from a Paul fan, but I always find this POV curious.

  • Tess

    Paul was irritatingly ungracious from the time he showed up on my TV screen and it just became more apparent with every interview and his “attitude” during the tour.  Paul made his decision pre-idol and, from my point of view, you make the best of your decisions and you keep your mouth shut after the fact.  The vibe I get from Paul is that he “blames” Idol for his struggles, now, even though he wasn’t burning up the charts before.  I don’t particularly care for people who don’t own up to their own shortcomings.

  • Trina

    The hilarious thing about Paul? He griped about the rest of the Top 10 whining and being ungrateful during the tour. Wonder if any of the same Idols are telling 19 to kiss their ass?

  • larc

    As far as I’m concerned I hope his only claim to fame is his title: Mr. Nikki Reed.

    With his current attitude, it’s likely that will be the case for Paul.  That is for the time he holds that title.  I’m still scratching my head over how Paul got as far as he did on Idol.  Probably his unique factor blinded some voters to the scantness of his talent.

  • Nele621

    Clay is making an attempt to sing rock, but is not very good at it.

  • B

    I love Haley’s voice but not that song – it’s a bit too “jazz” for me. I still am very interested in hearing more from her though. Her voice is always so clear – pure tones-  and she has a wonderful range.