Idol Headlines For 01/13/12 – The Evening Edition

So You Think You Can Dance host, Cat Deeley is set to be a guest co-host on the Live! With Kelly show during the week of Jan 24-27. Via The Hollywood Reporter

American Idol’ Alum James Durbin’s Gift to Conan O’Brien: A Conan the Barbarian Cartoon!

James Durbin had a life-long dream come true last night when he performed on the Conan O’Brien show. A day he had always been waiting for. “That’s the one show I wanted to perform on. I got to play with the house band on Leno. I got to sing with Randy Jackson and Jimmy Fallon. I got to perform a cover song on Ellen. But Conan was it,” revealed the singer. Read more at OK Magazine

David Archuleta To Star in Soap – David is here for more than two weeks to shoot for the soap that will premiere third week of February, with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero as his leading ladies and L.A.-based G Tongi as his mother (G also arrived yesterday). In the soap titled Nandito Ako (with David himself singing the Ogie Alcasid-composed song in Tagalog), the soap, directed by Mac Alejandre, will run for five weeks. Perci Intalan, TV5 Creative and Entertainment head, told Funfare that David will deliver bilingual dialogue (English mixed with a few Tagalog words) in his role as a Fil-Am singer in search of his mother. An acting greenhorn, David took a crash course in acting in L.A. before he flew in. Read more at

Pia Toscano sings “The National Anthem” LA Kings

Pia Toscano sang the National Anthem Thursday night at the LA Kings game

Life After The Voice: Interview With Xenia – Xenia was the most interesting contestant on the first season of NBC’s The Voice. One of the last two surviving members of Team Blake, she surprised everyone with her strong performances and pretty vocals. Viewers found themselves rooting for Xenia during the first season, and we caught up with her earlier today to see what life has been like since The Voice for the 17-year old talented singer. She released her first EP “Sing You Home” in December on Universal Republic Records, and thanks to Blake Shelton, she recorded a duet with one of her favorite artists of all-time. – Read more at Keepinitcountry

Didi Benami, Former American Idols on Fox News Chicago

Via DBFansite

Didi Benami Does the Weather – Good Day Chicago

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  • halo9125

    Pia will be performing tomorrow night for Muhammad Ali’s birthday- hence her meeting with David Foster:

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad drawing. But it being tagged with “” and “Buy my album” then distributed to the press makes me question the sincerity of the gesture.

  • Leandro Cardim Da Silva

  • Anonymous

    We saw a video yesterday of David with some fans sitting around a table.  They asked him some questions and had pictures taken with him.   He had been on a long flight and then a half hour or so press conference where he signed the contract with the TV5 officials.  He has allergies and you could tell he was quite stuffed up and couldn’t breath out of his nose, but he requested the meeting with the fans.  They were the organizers of the group who met David at the airport and some bloggers who follow David.  Sometimes I don’t think the young man is real.  He must have been exhausted.  Oh yes, he also got a haircut in there at some point by the hair stylist for the show.  Today he was doing a photo shoot and recording the song that will be the theme song of the show.  Monday, he starts 3 weeks of taping the show.  Busy guy…and all with a big smile on his face.

  • Anonymous

    James is a good artist.

  • Kitwana

    Here’s the David Archuleta interview where he confirms that he made the decision to go on a mission 2 years ago.  He also says that he will find a way to keep in touch with the fans during the mission.  He will also be releasing some gospel and pop songs during his absence.  The interview was conducted by fans.

  • Aden

    Adam is gonna be at Ryan Seacrest morning show on 102.7 KIIS FM next week.  For more info. go to Ryan’s UK website to listen to Ryan’s audio: 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how many songs Scotty sang on the first night? Tonight, from Twitter it sounds like he sang he sang 7 songs for 30 minutes. Could they have expanded his set because of last night’s good crowd response?

  • windmills

    ptebwwong: Does anyone know how many songs Scotty sang on the first night? Tonight, from Twitter it sounds like he sang he sang 7 songs for 30 minutes. Could they have expanded his set because of last night’s good crowd response?

    It’s not unusual for the opening night set list to be a little shorter because you don’t know how long things’ll run when you’re up there as an opening act. Then songs can come in and out once you get a feel for how the set’s going every night. 

    But, I never found a credible complete set list for Scotty from last night. From press reports & video  we have confirmation he sang his 2 singles, Write My Number On Your Hand, You Make That Look Good, and Water Tower Town. He also allegedly sang Better Than That. So, what was the 7th song tonight? 

  • Anonymous

    Yay! I was wondering if he was going to be on Ryan’s show. That Conan drawing by James is pretty good!

  • CindyM

    So excited for Adam and Ryan interview!! We always get some good info and they make each other laugh a lot!@@

  • Jim

    Pia rocks the National Anthem with power and passion!

  • Anonymous

    David A. and his co-stars.   Attractive trio.!/ariesaludo/status/158005022884495361/photo/1

  • Lexie

    I thought about you when I saw that, Windmills:))  Twitter is alive with positive feedback for the concert–new fans, too:)

    Did you see Brian Mansfield’s article? He lists the songs…

  • larc

    Does anyone know how many songs Scotty sang on the first night? Tonight,
    from Twitter it sounds like he sang he sang 7 songs for 30 minutes.
    Could they have expanded his set because of last night’s good crowd

    Sounds as if they may have.  The review in the Grand Rapids newspaper said he performed for 25 minutes last night.  He could certainly get another song in with 5 extra minutes.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Confirmation of the date when Adam being on Ryan’s radio show:

    RSP (Ryan Seacrest Prod.)@username He’ll be @OnAirWithRyan on January 20. Thanks for asking!

  • Anonymous

    James Durbin’s set at the Bing Lounge tonight was great. Best post Idol.

  • Anonymous

    Another lyric tweet from Kris. Some suspect this lyric is from the song he wrote in Nashville that we got the song snippet from the co-writer “I’m Coming Over”. 

    #”foot on the gas the car keeps stallin. A passionate kiss with eyes wide open.”

    #These lyrics are not from the same song.

  • HotHotHot

    Next week is going to be a banquet of goodies for Adam fans!!! 
    So Tuesday Leno, Wednesday Ellen taping, Thursday Ellen show, Friday Seacrest !! So exciting!!

  • Aden

    Adam will be on Ryan’s morning show on 1/20.  Here is a tweet about it:
    @RSP There’s a rumor @adamlambert is going to be on Ryan’s show next week. Any details on when or if it’s true?1 hour ago 
    in reply to ?@RSPRyan Seacrest Prod.@Rae_1985 He’ll be@OnAirWithRyan on January 20. Thanks for asking!1 hour ago via TweetDeckFavorite Retweet Reply

  • Anonymous

    re:  Durbin’s Bing Lounge set should have been what Conan’s audience should have seen.  Best Durbin live performance post Idol….first time I’ve heard Love Me Bad and didn’t cringe….and that’s a compliment.

    He reprised “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” and it sounded great, acoustic (with breaks for chatter).  James looked so comfortable and it showed in his performance

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, Scotty came out to do a duet with Brad on “Celebrity.” For people who don’t know the song or video, it’s parodying celebrities & the video has guest appearances by many celebrities & even parodies Idol.

  • mchcat

    Probably Dirty Dishes – there are videos on fansofscotty and one of them is Dirty Dishes

  • mchcat

    It is a funny song

  • OffLeash

    OMG! That Bing Lounge show was fantastic! James was not only at his best vocally, he was also immensely entertaining and witty as a guest. I haven’t enjoyed myself this much watching a live stream appearance in a long time. 

    First time tonight I hear him perform May, and he sang it so beautifully. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was wonderful as well as funny. If you catch the performance when they post it, you’ll understand what I mean lol. James was so relaxed. Damn, that was good! Too short though… ;)

  • rocklet1

    I heard Allison was great tonight..

  • Kariann Hart

    “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” was my favorite Idol performance from Season 10.  Maybe it will be on YouTube?  James is starting the year off in such a good way!

  • Anonymous

    James forgot the words in WYSLMt, didn’t he?  The audience just sat there with no excitement going on.

  • OffLeash

    The whole appearance will be posted at the Bing Lounge website in a couple days. Definitely worth watching if you missed it. I’ll watch it again as soon as it’s up. Can’t wait!

  • OffLeash

    The audience absolutely loved James. 

  • Anonymous

    Was not a big fan of Pia on Idol, but she sang the hell out of the NA.  Good girl!

  • Jason Sanidad

    Appreciate seeing a Didi Benami update on this site… Obviously, I am a fan! Thank you :)

  • Anonymous

    I saw James on Bing, missed the last song or two though because I went to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil (which was ridiculously good).  I could not believe how well he sang “May” because I heard it was a struggle for him to record it.  It was perfection.  He also did the best version I’ve heard of “Screaming” and gave David Cook a nice mention. He was great, totally connected to the audience, almost like he was in their living room.

  • Kylee

    I heard Carrie Underwood was a surprise guest at the Scotty/TBP/Brad concert. Can anybody confirm?

  • shamrock

    I just liked a bunch of comments though I haven’t seen James’ set at the Bing Lounge yet (drats, why didn’t I stay up for it), because you just made so excited for it.

    Can’t wait to hear “May” and “Crawling Home” for a first time live, and his revisit to “Will you still Love me Tomorrow” (and I agree with you, Desdemona, about his Idol performance of it).

    Hurry up, Bing people. :D

  • Anonymous

    YAY Ryan interview for Adam!  I hope he goes in person and it’s not just phone.  Ryan luuuuurves him some Adam (iykwimaityd) so their interviews are always good!

  • Anonymous

    “Not a bad drawing. But it being tagged with “” and “Buy my album” then distributed to the press makes me question the sincerity of the gesture.”

    You have to follow James to understand his sense of humor. That is just James being silly James. : ))

  • Anonymous

    James forgot the words in WYSLMt, didn’t he?  The audience just sat there with no excitement going on.” We must have been watching a totally different performance. 4squared. The audience was engaged. James was absolutely relaxed and charming. He sounded terrific. LMB sounded great – and we know that has been an issue at times.It was James at his best and the audience was in the palm of his hands. I’m seeing all sorts of pics and personal accounts being posted on facebook from fans who attended the performance and they were all charmed and delighted with the whole thing. May was superb. He should use his falsetto more often – it was just gorgeous on May. Crawling Home – yum, why was that not on the CD rather than just a preorder bonus track. No wonder Steven Tyler insisted it be on the album after he heard it. 

    And the scarf mystery has been solved. Apparently James is self-conscious about having such a large forehead and he hides it behind hats or scarves. I wish he would just let his hair hang over his forehead. I think he looks cute that way.

    Oh yes, potential next singles were revealed – and either one will make the fans very very happy! A very good nite in Durbinville. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Adam’s appearance is now listed on the Ellen site:

    Plus, ADAM LAMBERT returns to the Ellen stage to perform his new
    song, “Better Than I Know Myself,” from his upcoming CD, “Trespassing.”
    You won’t see him anywhere else in daytime! Don’t miss it!

    It sounds like Ellen has an exclusive.  Does this mean no appearance on Live with Kelly, The View, The Talk or the morning newsmagazines? 

  • Anonymous

    I think he’ll do those in March on album release promo.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The Bing Lounge is tiny (capacity 150), so it’s good for James’ fans that they streamed the show.

  • mmb

    Most peeps do the east coast talk shows and morning shows the week of album release. Can’t do every show for lead single and then appear again 2 months later singing same song. So they pick a few appearances for lead single and the rest are for cd release week. Last time around, since wwfm was released with cd, it all blended together.

  • Anonymous

    Weekend Countdown Shows

    MuchMusic Top20 Video Countdown 01.13.2012
    #07 Kelly Clarkson “Mr Know It All” 
    #26 One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful”

    Rick Dees Top 40 (01.14.2012)
    #08 Mr. Know It All Kelly Clarkson
    #34 T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) f/Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger

    Rick Dees HOT ADULT (01.14.2012)
    #03 “Mr. Know It All” Kelly Clarkson
    #05 “Crawling Back To You” Daughtry

    CMT Top 20 01.13.2012:
    #07 “Remind Me” Brad Paisley with Carrie Underwood
    #10 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery

    CMT Top High Five Countdown 01.09.2012:
    The top five videos for each week
    #02 “Remind Me” Brad Paisley with Carrie Underwood

    CMT Pure 12-Pack 01.13.2012:
    #01 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery
    #02 “Georgia Peaches” Lauren Alaina
    #05 “Like My Mother Does” Lauren Alaina

    GAC Top 20 Country 01.13.2012:
    #01 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery
    #02 “Tough” Kellie Pickler
    #15 “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” Casey James

    Crook & Chase Country Countdown – January 13, 2012
    #23 “The Trouble With Girls” Scotty McCreery

  • Anonymous

    ITA – I can’t remember when I heard the NA sung better. Pia’s got some powerful pipes, that’s for sure. I’m really rooting for her career.

  • Anonymous

    Watching Didi do the weather just reminds me of my thoughts of her when she was on AI. She’s very personable, has a lovely speaking voice and really engages with the camera. She’s charming. I’d say ditch the singing, Didi and go the route of spokesman.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great review of James-I was starting to think that I was losing my hearing-ha.   Can’t wait to see it!

  • Anonymous

    “The Bing Lounge is tiny (capacity 150), so it’s good for James’ fans that they streamed the show.”

    Yes. Those radio station shows are usually quite small. Typical radio tour locations. But this one seemed better than most in that there was a bar – lol!

  • DragonFly

    Liking all the JD news – bet Conan likes the drawing, from past shows he loves caricatures done of him–nice job! 
    I think James & the band are having a blast performing.  On a site (fans will know here) we were asked to pick another single from the album if there is another released just as a “fun” thing to do –I kid not, thank God it’s someone else’s choice, for me it was like if someone asked you to pick a favorite “kid”.  Then deciding which type of music to pitch it to – to me, they all fall into HAC & Rock.  Is there any benefit to go to one over the other type of music?  Figured some of you might have an opinion.  Even the choice between Higher Than Heaven or Love In Ruins would be difficult enough.  The different ways I like some of the songs vs. what’s the best for James on the radio right now is asking a totally diff question.   Except for Adele’s Like You–everything else lately is so fast-paced, otherwise May is beautiful.  Bonus tracks would be great too but, of course he would need to stay with what’s on the album.  
    OT & maybe it won’t make it here but enjoyed this Comment from a fan re. the album: 

    Freakin’ LOVE it James!! I have to tell you…last week I was stopped by a cop because I was JAMMING to your cd (Outcast) while driving, he wanted to make sure I was ok. lol By the way…he’s a fan too!! He said he was going to go buy the cd!! :o)

  • Anonymous

    Chris Daughtry another victim of celebrity death hoax:

    Where does this crap come from? People with too much time on their hands and no purpose? Crazy

    However I guess I should say thanks…got me trending worldwide. Haha! Cause that’s important…right?


  • Anonymous

    I think the ‘death hoax’ was referring to his career….