Has Next Week’s Theme Changed to Billboard #1’s?

UPDATE: The Idols just tweeted that they are meeting with their mentor right now.

Maybe it’s just a typo, or a webmaster’s mistake, but if you surf over to the American Idol official site, and mouse over the Top 11 thumbnail, a little message pops up that says “It’s Billboard #1 Hits!”

Check it out HERE (make sure to mouse over the little square photo of the Top 11.)

Did Teen Idol week prove to be too difficult for the kids to find songs? Did song clearance issues force a theme change? Or is the AmericanIdol.com webmaster drunk? (just kidding!)

We’ll find out if the theme has changed or not when iTunes posts the list of Top 11 song choices sometime this weekend. Stay tuned!

Thanks ChristineS

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  • sr4mjc

    Hope that doesn’t change their outfits now that’ve gone shopping! lol

    Leftover code from last year? No, I guess last year was Opry Week right? Very interesting though.

  • larc

    Maybe somebody jumped the gun a little and that’s the theme for week after next. It would tend to fit if Usher is going to mentor then.

  • wjmtv


  • houstonrufus23

    Hmm. I thought the Teen Idol theme was fine. Ah, well. Whatever.

  • http://myspace.com/girlgeek mj

    I wouldn’t assume the theme has changed. It might be a mistake

  • gangreen29

    i have been checking itunes since Wednesday night for a list of songs, I can’t believe the show has thought of another way to make me waste my time lol

  • jammasta

    I also think Teen Idol week is just fine and would provide a challenge with great result for those who knew where they fit in the music industry. On paper, it’s terrible, but in practice, it would give some people the challenge they need to show who they are as an artist.

    I’m not as confident about this one if it’s changed. It’s safer and a bit more predictable. On paper, it works better, but I wanted the unpredictability of Teen Idol week, because it would’ve opened the door for surprises from Crystal and Siobhan. Not that they can’t surprise us during Billboard #1 week.

  • houstonrufus23

    Jammasta, I kinda agree. At first, I was unsure about the Teen Idol theme, but I’d like to see what some of the favorite contestants would do with it. When you think about it, and as much as I like Crystal and Siobhan, they’ve been thrown softballs so far. Might as well provide all the contestants more of a challenge.

  • Mary102

    This sounds very reminiscent of what happened last year, with the official annual “WTF” theme week of “top itunes playlist songs of all time on the radio with Ryan Seacrest downloads” week. I seem to recall that, behind the scenes, there were a number of changes to the theme throughout the week, up to the point that the contestants weren’t even sure what the theme was till the last minute.

    The original theme was stupid, imo. If this is a change at the last minute, they need to be more fair to the contestants and stick with the themes.

  • http://widyatarina.tumblr.com widz

    Aww, I liked the “Teen Idols” theme. Billboard #1s would be a boring show, just like the semi-finals :/

  • kcostell

    Note that that same set of mouseovers also has a picture of Katelyn at the piano with the caption: “Watch Rolling Stones Week Performances Again”.

    Not exactly confidence-inspiring as to its accuracy.

  • Cari

    They had better not changed it to that completely lame theme… Billboard #1s?? Definitely reminds me of last seasons weird iTunes theme…

  • alxsavage

    Maybe the beans have been spilled for the Top 10 week by mistake.

  • TwigLA

    No clue here on what is going on. Was ‘Teen Idol Week’ an official announcement. I don’t recall. I’ve been patiently waiting for the iTunes list to go up. I think that’s one of the best changes they made this year. They finally got it that the audience likes to play along.

    For me the concept of ‘Teen Idol’ said ‘Bubblegum’ and I thought was a huge step backwards in getting street cred for the products of the show.

  • chessguy99

    Billboard #1’s hasn’t been used since Season 4, by coincidence it was also Top 11 Week. That year we got Carrie’s Alone performance out of that week. IIRC, there wasn’t much in the way of “artistry”, the best of the night pretty much sang the song off the original arraignments.

    This could a challenging theme. These are songs that both were big sellers and had massive airplay. Also, if they stick to the BB Hot 100 list, as in S4, it is very limiting as many years had only a dozen songs. The songs are pretty much pure pop, very few country and rock songs make it to #1 on the Hot 100.

  • frogcooke

    Though billboard #1’s could mean more than the hot 100… if they go that route, otherwise it will be limiting.

  • Studio57

    I was on a waiting list for tickets and finally got picked to go to the AI taping next week. It’s Teen Idol Week, and Miley Cyrus and one of the Jonas Brothers are guests on Wednesday according to the email my husband got:

    “Tuesday we have two tapings; the first is a full dress rehearsal which is a
    taping of the entire show including all performances and Ryan Seacrest. The only
    thing you don’t see in the rehearsal is the judge’s comments. The second taping
    on Tuesday is the LIVE performance show. On Wednesday we are taping the LIVE
    results show with special guest performances by Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas!
    Please remember vouchers are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Thank you and enjoy the show”

  • Allison

    Billboard #1’s hasn’t been used since Season 4

    If memory serves me correctly didn’t Taylor Hicks use “Something” as a Billboard Top 10, because it was on the compiltaion disk Beatles #1? I seem to recall some flack on that.

  • http://mjsbigblog.com/luvadamlamberts-american-idol-tour-2009-washington-dc-re-cap.htm luvadamlambert

    I hope not.This woul be a great theme but people would choose old songs!!

  • weese

    I’m disappointed. All this talk about Hanson made me go look up some of their new acoustic stuff. And then I actually bought a song by Tinted Windows for a summer playlist I’m working on.

  • Cari

    No clue here on what is going on. Was ‘Teen Idol Week’ an official announcement. I don’t recall.

    I thought MJ said there was a press release…?

  • rk349097

    Didn’t we just go through three freakin’ weeks of Billboard #1 Hits? Let me guess: Michael Lynche will sing Against All Odds, Casey James will sing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and Katie Stevens will sing My Heart Will Go On (quite possibly the three most overplayed songs in Idol history). What a boring, played-out theme. Yes, the rumored “Teen Idols” theme was cheesy (and a potential epic train wreck), but it at least had the potential to be interesting and fun. This is just…ugh…

  • HstryQT

    If the theme has changed I’ll be bitter. I’m in much anticipation of the cheese-fest Teen Idol theme. (I truly can’t wait!)

  • http://myspace.com/girlgeek mj

    Fred Bronson just tweeted that he was at tonight’s mentor meeting…he’s a Billboard Chart guru. Things that make you go hm.