Glee Video: Warblers Perform “Glad You Came” + “On My Way Previews”

Sebastian (Grant Gustin) and the Warblers compete at Regionals with “Glad You Came” by The Wanted.

The Glee kids are smiling way too much in the audience–considering the nasty way Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel (Lea Michele) into dropping out of the regionals competition.  Finn + Photoshop is pretty much all you need to know about that.  Eep.  And Blaine standing up and cheering? For the guy who nearly blinded him and his so-called “friends” who left him for dead? WTF?

The bitchy exchange between Sebastian and Kurt (Chris Colfer)? Not to be missed.

Glee Spoilers!  “On My Way”

As far as the performance, The Warblers haven’t been the same since the Tufts Beelzebubs stopped singing and arranging the group’s songs. But at least here, they don’t’ sound like a cut rate boyband.

Listen to Glee Songs from “On My Way”

Bonus: Watch a sneak peek of “On My Way” Chris Colfer says the episode will send the audience on “emotional rollercoaster” and the fans will freak out.  “I did a lot of crying in this episode,” says Chris.

Watch The Warblers perform “Glad You Came”

Kurt and Rachel Have an Unfortunate Run in With Sebastian

Sneak Peek: “On My Way” Sneak Peek

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  • starfishy2000

    What the hell?? Ugh that is soooooo not what I thought Sebastian’s blackmail was going to be. I like the guy playing him, but I am so done with his character. And what the heck was with Blaine being the first to stand up and cheer the Warblers? Does that guy have short term memory problems?? LOL

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused by supportive Blaine as well…but if you watch the TTs performance (one of the entertainment sites has it), Sebastian is cheering their performance…with all this “devastating event” and emotional talk that’s been going on, I’m wondering if something happens before the competition that changes the dynamic between the groups? In that sneak peak Grant does say there’s going to be a lot of shocks..

    The visual performance of Glad You Came makes it a little better..I still think they ruined the song, but there’s nice choreography in there and I like the lighting. Also, I can’t take my eyes off Grant/Sebastian :)

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best Sebastian can do? I’m sure he’s sent plenty of racy photos of himself to “Gay Cyclops.” As if those couldn’t be photoshopped themselves. Sorry to see he’s so lacking in confidence in his own performance abilities that he’s afraid of the competition. But there’s Blaine so my fear that he went back to the Warblers for some inexplicable reason is relieved. There’s a rumor going around that two scenes were filmed. One where New Direction won and another that the Warblers did. And that the cast doesn’t know which one will be used. Just a rumor of course, but a good way to keep spoilers from getting out.

  • Axxxel

    I can imagine that Blaine still has a soft spot for the Warblers. In the Warblers he was the star….  Remember Kurt who still wanted to go back to his old school despite his protected stay at Dalton. Why should it be different for Blaine ? Love does not conquer all… I would not be surprised if Blaine wants to move back to Dalton…

  • Axxxel

    Kurt as Betty White ??? this is  close to the real life  of the actor…it reminds me of  Jane Lynch’s biography calling Chris Colfer someone who has an “inner-grandma to help keep his feet on the ground and his eye on his work. “…  Other examples taken from the actor’s real life:
    Sai-swords, Burt advising Kurt to make his own parts (of movies ?), Defying Gravity…

  • Axxxel

    Reasons why Kurt may be crying…. (but I am not good in predicting plots of Glee)….
    1. Kurt and the Finchel wedding. He was not invited and that hurts.
    2. Blaine did something hurtful to Kurt…related to Sebastian ?
    3. Kurt did something hurtful to Blaine… related to Karofsky ?
    4. New Directions don’t win and Blaine runs off to Dalton ? (just like Kurt did in Season 2).
    5. Kurt does not like his outfit for the competition. (naah kidding)…

  • Kariann Hart

    I think the blackmailing plot is very weak.   Yes, Sebastian is very easy on the eyes.  I have often wondered why an Idol alumni hasn’t been cast on Glee.  There’s at least 10 I could picture being on this show.

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, the blackmail plot would have been heavier if the picture was a real one and not a photoshopped one.. But then again, this is the Glee-universe so everything is possible, even the weak plots.

    Adam Lambert said in an interview that he wouldn’t mind to be the cocky coach of Vocal Adrenaline LOL.

  • Alisha Brayboy

    wow the warbler’s performance made me change my entire opinion of Sebastian. When he was singing there was this joy in his face that was so different from how I’ve seen him so far, there was some kind of vulnerability in him at the beginning and end of the song, whatever happened must have hit him hard.