Glee Songs: Episode 15 – “Big Brother” – Full Previews (UPDATED)

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss) performs in "Big Brother," the Spring Premiere episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

UPDATE: “Up, Up, Up” and “I’m Still Standing” now posted!

Glee first listen Friday is BACK! HOORAY! The spring premiere, “Big Brother,” airs on Tuesday April 10.

Glee picks up after a 7 week hiatus, with the arrival of Blaine’s big brother, Cooper Anderson, arriving at McKinley to teach an “Actors Masterclass”.  We also visit the aftermath of Quinn (Dianna Agron’s) terrible car accident. Plus, the kids go to an amusement park for senior skip day.

Big Brother Spoilers
Big Brother Previews and Photos
Big Brother Behind the Scenes
Big Brother – Somebody That I Used to Know – Full Performance

Blaine fans are in luck! Darren Criss is featured in 3 of the 5 tunes this week, and I’ve got them all here. Two are duets with Matt Bomer. The Duran Duran mashup is sung in the choir room.  “Fighter” has a Blaine montage with a boxing motif that reportedly features a shower/shirtless season. Alrighty!  You’ve all seen “Somebody That I Used to Know”–Blaine and Cooper finally have a showdown near the end of the episode.

There are 2 more songs in the episode, both sung by Quinn and Artie– “I’m Still Standing”  and “Up Up Up” .  The latter features  a montage of the kids at an amusement park during senior skip day.

So far there are full streams for 3 of the 5 songs featured in the episode. As soon as I’ve got everything, I’ll update this post!

I’m Still Standing by Elton John – Artie (Kevin McHale) and Quinn (Dianna Agron)

Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio – Blaine (Darren Criss) and Cooper (Matt Bomer)

Fighter by Christina Aguilera – Blaine (Darren Criss)

Up, Up, Up by Givers – Artie (Kevin McHale) and Quinn (Dianna Agron)

Somebody That I Used to Know by Goyte – Blaine (Darren Criss) and Cooper (Matt Bomer)

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  • Jolene

    Wow, Fighter is amazing! I love it. Very intense and driven. I loved Somebody That I Used To Know in the performance clip, and I love it even more now that it’s the full version. The Duran Duran mashup uses way too much Autotune for two singers who really don’t need it.

    I think the other two songs might not get an early release. Maybe TPTB haven’t caught on yet that everyone knows Quinn is alive.

  • Axxxel

    So touching/heartbreaking to hear that Quinn is going to sing ” I am still standing”…  So this is Quinn’s second solo… So happy to see that she gets more attention. (and I am not even a Quinn fan).

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, I cannot even recognize Darren Criss’ voice… Oh well…just happy that a Duran Duran mash up made it to Glee…

  • Anonymous

    I think the other two songs might not get an early release. Maybe TPTB haven’t caught on yet that everyone knows Quinn is alive.

      Good point! I didn’t even think of that, because we’ve been spoiled for so long now. She hasn’t been featured in any of the promos. The general public may still be wondering if she’s alive or not.

  • Axxxel

    I thought I saw Quinn in the choir room when Matt Bomer/Cooper Anderson did all those ridicoulous faces but I read somewhere in this blog that they deleted that part in future promos. It bothered me that Quinn was not in the graduation promo picture that is circulating now (it only features Finn, Mercedes, Santana, Rachel, Mike, Puck and Kurt upfront and in the middle). But Sam Evans is also not on the picture (cautious yeah ??!!, because I thought Sam was a senior).

  • Anonymous

    love love love fighter. This is one of Darren’s best vocal yet. Somebody I Used to Know is also fantastic. Agree they should have let the boys sing Duran Duran without voice alteration. I can barely recognise their voices. So glad glee is back.

  • Anonymous

    The original promo went private and FOX put up a new one. I had no clue why. Here’s the original promo (don’t look if you don’t want to be spoiled)

    And here’s the re-cut promo w/o Quinn from FOX

    It’s in a shot of the choir room at about the 22 sec mark.


  • Miz

    I love ‘Somebody that I Used To Know’ and ‘Fighter’. Do not like the Duran Duran mash-up. But I was never a fan of their music to begin with.

    Really looking forward to this episode.

  • Matthew McDonald

    Oooh I do like that Duran Duran mash up something dreadful ;) Look forward to the visuals even more.

  • starfishy2000

    So not only is it the Blaine show, but now its the Quinn/Artie show! LOL

  • Axxxel

    Wow, they really erased Quinn from that scene !! Thank you MJ for the efforts to show both links. They really want to keep a lid on the Quinn storyline…but I am glad to hear about lots of Artie-Quinn scenes… This will build Artie’s character so that we can relate more to him/root for him and look forward to him in Season 4.

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, they are really preparing the juniors Artie and Blaine to be the main carriers of Glee Season 4.