David Cook – Alexandra Burke – “Rolling in the Deep” – Vietnam – VIDEO

David Cook, X Factor UK Season 5 winner, Alexendra Burke and Australian Idol contestant Thanh Bùi performed a special concert  in Hanoi, Vietnam today for H-Artistry 2011.

David performed songs from his new album including his new single “The Last Goodbye”, plus hits like “Light On” and “Come Back to Me”.

As a special treat for the fans, David and Alexandra joined forces on a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. Check out the videos below. More videos and photos HERE.

David Cook and Alexandra Burke – Rolling in the Deep (Partial)


David Cook – The Last Goodbye

David Cook – Time Marches On




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  • Pam

    I had to miss the livestream yesterday so thanks a bunch for the vids mj! :)

    This is not as good quality as the vids mj put up but here is RITD (FULL).

  • wordnerdarchie

    I hope David survived the pyro in “The Last Goodbye” performance. LOL.

    Thanks for the videos, MJ. It looks like David was really enjoyed being on a big stage again. He sounded & looked terrific!

  • HappyDaisy

    Any info on how many people were at this concert?

    Excited for Monday and June 28!

  • spritely

    I’m really loving TMO. His voice sounds wonderful on it.
    Thank you, MJ.

  • Pam
  • sma11ie

    Whole vid of the duet, crappy quality but you can hear the whole song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OwoH0moJrM&feature=BFa&list=UL0n8m2l33_PQ&index=18

  • Sassycatz

    Any info on how many people were at this concert?

    I know I saw a number go by on twitter as David fans not at the concert (i.e., those of us not in Hanoi) were tweeting back and forth with those at the concert. This is it:

    @lovethemusic 10,000 people at the concert @emialas said. She will try to write a recap. RITD genius.

  • unidentified

    I watched the stream. My feed kept pausing and hanging up. Thanks for the Youtubes.

    Not sure how many people there, looked like a lot. David seemed to enjoy basking in the love. Lots of signs and glow sticks everywhere.

  • Listening

    The thing about Rolling in the deep is David’s mic was too low it was hard to hear him. Alexandra’s was loud and clear oh well seemed like the crowd was into him

  • wordnerdarchie

    Dave is clearly audible on the verses of RITD, just when he was singing harmony that he was a bit soft. After seeing Dave sing harmony with several different people (Ryan S for example), it’s pretty obvious to me that he backs off a bit so that his partner singing the melody is more easily heard. JMO of course.

  • progression

    The thing about Rolling in the deep is David’s mic was too low it was hard to hear him. Alexandra’s was loud and clear oh well seemed like the crowd was into him

    In the partial RiTD vid Dave is loud and clear and Alexandra can barely be heard. Hard to tell from these fan vids how it really sounded live.

  • spanishfan

    I was just posting in the other RITD video Davis was loud and clear and Alexandra barely audible. What I noted was how David took over the stage yesterday. He was loving the interaction. He moved to the front and his facial expressions were wonderful. The audience were loving him and I was tapping my feet.

    He is a wonderful entertainer. Has anyone seen a video of Come Back to Me, which trended no. 8 worldwide yesterday.

  • DLPF

    Very cool. And so amazing to think they’re playing a Western style rock/pop concert in Hanoi, and thousands of screaming fans show up. 35 or 40 years ago, no one in their wildest imagination could have seen something like happening, ever.

  • shenanigan

    Even with the “crappy” sound quality, I do prefer this video. It is a little like being in the crowd and his voice is so clarion clear and powerful, especially in the first verses. When he starts this song, it still gives me chills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OwoH0moJrM&feature=BFa&list=UL0n8m2l33_PQ&index=18