Crystal Bowersox Splits From Husband

Crystal Bowersox and her husband Brian Walker are getting divorced. The American Idol season 9 runner up releases a statement exclusively to People magazine.

“After two and a half years, we have decided to end our marriage,” the couple tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “The friendship and love which brought us together remains strong, and we will continue to support each other in our careers and personal lives. We are hopeful that people will be respectful of our privacy as we face this emotional and challenging time for our family.”

Their courtship and marriage back in 2010 was pretty quick, coming within a couple of months after breaking up with a man she’d dated for a few years prior and during her run on Idol.

Crystal recently released her sophomore album, All This For That, and is set to play Patsy Cline this summer on Broadway.

Via People Magazine

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  • John S

    Aw, sad news. I always thought they rushed into it too quick. I think you need to wait it out. She has been through a lot, and I think she will get through this easily. She is a strong woman.

  • Liteasy

    Sorry to hear that.

  • Landon Cox

    This may be gauche but hopefully this leads to some good breakup writing

  • Eilonwy

    Wow, it’s really been a tempestuous couple of years for Bowersox.

    She sounds like she’s being gracious about the split, so I hope the amicability continues and she moves on in a direction that’s happy.

  • bridgette12

    good grief, that didn’t last long. I’m not surprised considering how fast she hooked up him with after breaking up with the boyfriend. I thought their relationship went from dating to marriage way too quick. Well anyway I wish her luck, hopefully she will take some time before hooking up with another man.

  • abbysee

    So sad to hear that. Divorce sucks.

  • Sassycatz

    I remember, during her season, how much she seemed to want to get married, making comments on Idol directed to her boyfriend at the time. Then, after that break-up, the marriage to her friend seemed so sudden. I recall wondering if her relationship with the friend, actually caused the break-up to the guy she supposedly wanted to marry. It seemed very muddled to me. Even though her little boy apparently really loved his stepfather and this is bound to hurt him, I’m happy they didn’t have any additional children. That’s the one saving grace.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I feel bad for Crystal’s son.

  • revolution

    They were best friends for years before Idol…so it wasn’t rushed…Listen to three songs on Farmers Daughter: Mason, Mine All Mine, and Speak Now…they were all written before Idol…Mason by Brian and the other two by Crystal. Speak Now says a lot about how they felt about each other long before Tony (boyfriend on Idol) was in the picture. there are videos of mason while here son was still a baby… They didn’t rush into anything.

  • Li Wright

    OH no, her husband is from Chicago where I am. I guess that means he’s headed back here. She’s out in Oregon. I always wondered why she strayed away from Nashville & Chicago, where the music businesses are located. Too bad.

  • elliegrll

    It was rushed, when you think about the fact that she’d just broken off one engagement within a month or two of getting engaged again.

  • bridgette12

    No one is saying that didn’t know each other, just that she dumped one guy while on the show and then hooked up with another and married him within months. That’s rushing into something too fast., she didn’t give herself time enough to deal with the breakup from the old boyfriend before she hooked up with the guy she married and is now split from..

  • justamccreerian

    I agree, this can’t be easy for him. I’m not even sure if he has met his real dad, then she breaks up with her boyfriend(his father like figure), now is getting a divorce from his other father like figure. Now child deserves to go through so many dads.

  • revolution

    She didn’t dump The boyfriend on Idol, he broke up with her. Didn’t like the spotlight…Brian was her best friend, I think thats a stronger bond than dating…She was probably already closer to Brian than the guy she was dating on idol, when they were dating. If you listen to the songs i mentioned, they were in love before idol.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    It seemed too good to be true- and it was.

  • revolution

    break up was in may or june…They didn’t get married until October…they were best friends for years, Brian took care of her son while she was on tour…

  • breakdown

    Sorry to hear.

  • Tom22

    Maybe my thoughts below don’t apply to their situation but I’m going to tell my thoughts like they did.. just to share some perspective in case others might have something similar in their families.

    I agree about the “rush” or maybe trying to make it fit.. I sensed something in a “guy way” that the guy wasn’t believing it could work. They were parents of the same child together and I think as a mother Crystal might have hoped that her child might (in a perfect world) have what she must have seen classmates had with a tinge of jealousy when she was young. Obviously the majority of people across the country would be uncomfortable with cameras on them etc, but that was easy to look by. I kind of got the impression his tattoo’s/piercings weren’t as much kinship with like minded people, and style he liked but more sort of an “I’m not you” statement than I”m like this statement. I don’t know how glimpses would give me that impression but its a guy thing. He is young and probably hadn’t found something to feel useful in a guy wants to be (he was a father and that’s very useful, but there is a different sort of pride thing – whether its a business owner, a plumber , mechanic, attorney or doctor all can have a confidence of “I’m carrying my own weight in the world” . That’s always a challenge for young people to find and the economy and hours needed to juggle child care made it that much harder.

    But all of that really was secondary to the way I thought that he looked at Crystal … it wasn’t the pride or admiration or joy in his eyes that i’d expect (even through the normal nervousness of being on camera)… I sensed him looking at her like she was too much better than him to be worthy…afraid perhaps she’d stop loving him for it (naturally enough reason for people to feel insecure I suppose, but tough still for a relationship) .

    OK That is a hell of a lot of conjecture… but I sensed it.. and I know how difficult it is for any guy to see his spouse have things take off for them while they’re sort of floundering (unless they are real losers who like to take advantage and I did not read that in him one tiny bit… he looked like a sensitive guy to friends and maybe quite to strangers). I suspect that Crystal’s “Mine all Mine” song had a touch of the situation in it…that she didn’t need him to be hyper sucessful or make a lot of money etc …. but unless a person feels adequate in their own mind it’s hard for them to be comfortable. His calling might be to be a butcher or a baker … perfectly fine jobs that society needs but not especially well paid(especially the baker) . If he couldn’t be at peace with himself doing something on that order when his wife flew around the country(sometimes world) and brushed shoulders with hyper “successful”(often misguided term) people … it wouldn’t work for either of them. Its hard to be lovable when you don’t like yourself. There’s probably all sorts of nitty gritty that followed on, but all other real issues might been follow ons from the basic need to find a place of pride.

  • bridgette12

    If that’s love, then love is very fleeting. Maybe she should have stayed best friends with him instead of marrying him.

  • bridgette12

    It’s shame when the kids have to pay the price for flighty parents who’s hormones come before common sense.

  • revolution

    Speak Now…was to Brian when she left Chicago and went home to Toledo before going on Idol.

    This version of Mason was before Idol…Tony was 2 during Idol.

    Then of course there is this:

  • chillj


  • Miz

    Whoa, I was not expecting that. It makes me feel sad. I wish them both the best moving forward.

  • revolution

    What glimpses? Are you talking Idol boyfriend Tony? He was young…husband Brian was older.

  • Tom22

    I’m thinking that the song “Mine all Mine” might have been partly that… emotions of maybe a similar nature (with a wall of text explaining in another comment)

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, that’s tough for everybody to deal with. Sorry to hear about it.

    But she seems to be speaking about it rationally. Maybe they just realized that good friends was more what they were meant to be than lovers and life partners. It happens. Hope so. Tough on her little boy.

    I still say it’s not usually a good idea to get married less than a year after a big breakup. I know it works sometimes, but I’ve seen that ruin some marriages that I really think might have worked otherwise. It’s very hard to enter into the marriage completely freely and in the right spirit when you are probably still processing something else and are unlikely to really be in a happy place where you feel like you’re freely choosing things.

  • Tom22

    Interesting information on the role he had in the song writing. I thought maybe Mine, all mine related but maybe predated and had no connection to how they got along. As pricelessly important a job caring for a child is sometimes its hard (especially for men and the roles painted for us or wired in us) for a guy to feel content with in terms of being proud of carrying his weight in the world …(shouldn’t need to be alt all… but self perception can become reality in terms of emotion)

  • girlygirl

    I’m sorry to hear this.

  • Hallelujah23

    I remember hearing about her split from her boyfriend back in 2010 and getting way too emotional about it. I mean, really upset for Crystal. All I can say this time is “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

    Sorry for the lame humor :/ I am really bummed out right now.

  • Hallelujah23

    Where did you find out that she cheated on him?

  • revolution

    I am defending both here…lets not point fingers, they wouldn’t want that…

  • revolution

    You saw the boyfriend on Idol and I think everyone is reading too much into that…they were not that serious…It did not seem like a painful breakup.

  • standtotheright

    Very unfortunate. I hope the son does okay through all this.

  • Miz


  • Tess

    The only people that know anything about what causes a divorce are the two people involved…relationships are broken all the time and it doesn’t matter one bit who did what or to whom. It doesn’t matter if someone has known someone for years and years and then gets married, or gets married on the first date…some marriages last, others just don’t. I could care less about all the speculation and the whys and where fores. If Crystal and her soon to be ex are unhappy for whatever reason it is time to move on…life is way to short to stay in a relationship that just isn’t working.

  • usedtobelucy

    Nope. I’m not reading anything in. Barely saw the boyfriend and know pretty much nothing about their relationship.

    In my opinion, just about any breakup, except from the shortest and most casual relationships, is likely a little too weird to make it a great idea to marry somebody else much under a year later. More so when you’re already in a stressful situation like AI, there’s a child involved that you really really would like two parents for, and so on. Being sure your head is clear seems to me to be important for marrying.

    What does puzzle me is your argument. You’re strenuously saying that these guys did nothing risky or hasty or dicey or questionable by the quick hitch. And yet here they are, less than three years later, getting divorced, when there’s a child in the picture whose well being they both care about and after they seemed to imply around wedding time that they thought the whole thing was just perfect and that they were suited for life. …

    If they did something so rational and risk free in the quick marriage as you keep saying, then what accounts for the also quick termination of the marriage they both said was their dream come true. …. I’m missing the logic here. Sorry.

  • mtlfan2

    too bad! I wish her to find a better match soon

  • overthetop1

    Sorry to hear it, but so excited that she’s starring in Always, Patsy Cline.

  • Niall

    It’s sad but these things happen. In the whirlwind of AI and the stress Crystal was under back then, I’m sure Brian was her port in the storm. I hope they can continue to co-parent successfully.

  • mcaro05

    this makes me sad :( I liked them together, rushed or not.

  • deshae78

    Well, that was short.

  • revolution

    All I am saying is that they had a relationship for years before the Marriage. Brian wrote the song Mason at least a year before Idol…The boyfriend during idol couldn’t have been with her more than a few months, he was from Toledo, she was in Chicago for years until just before Idol.

    Listen to Mason their feelings were strong for years.