Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler – CMT Crossroads – (VIDEO)

Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler joined forces on a special Superbowl edition of CMT Crossroads Saturday night, live from Indianapolis, IN.

The show kicked off with a medley of Sweet Emotion/Love In An Elevator and continue with the country girl and the rocker dueting on  Before He Cheats, Crying, a mashup of Just A Dream/Dream On, Undo It, Walk This Way, and the concert came to a close with a cover of Born To Be Wild.

In between songs there were backstage conversations where the duo mused about the differences between their genres and complimented each other on their strengths.

Concert goers reported some bass problems.  The technical issues took so long to resolve, Carrie sang a line of “Super Bass” and the two began writing a song together!

Break while fixing the bass – Super Bass – Before He Cheats

VIDEO: Vinmansmedia

Part 1 (“Sweet Emotion”, “Love In An Elevator”, “Before He Cheats”

Carrie Underwood – CMT CrossRoads Part 1 by Vinmansmedia

Part 2 (“Cryin”, “Just A Dream”/”Dream On”)

Carrie Underwood – CMT CrossRoads Part 2 by Vinmansmedia

Part 3 (“Undo It”, “Walk This Way”, “Born To Be Wild”

Carrie Underwood – CMT CrossRoads Part 3 by Vinmansmedia

Undo It – Walk This Way

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  • Leandro

    What a big mess!! Biggest troll on earth is the guy who convinced Steven and Carrie they sound good together

  • Anonymous

    You know, I love spaghetti and I love loaded mashed potatoes, but I wouldn’t like them mixed together. The same principal applies here.  

  • buffynut2001

    Love it!! Would have been fun to be there!

  • Anonymous

    Thought it was a fun  time I enjoyed the vocals but loved the performance aspect of it thought they rocked it.

  • Pam

    I love the Dream On/Just A Dream mashup but the crown jewel is Walk This Way.  Thanks mj!

  • HaleysShindig

    I gotta give Steven credit, he sounded phenomenal. No, their voices don’t mix perfectly together, but they were both dead on in pitch and their interaction was priceless:) Besides, who was really listening with Carrie’s legs on full display? J/k:) 

  • Anonymous

    I liked their performance especially in Born to be wild and Cryin’. I thought Carrie showed an improvement with her stage presence. There were flaws but overall it worked for me and it was fun to watch. 

  • Sarah

    he’s still got it

  • Ron Simpson

    She is too sibilant for my ears.  Even the Ts sound like eSSes. This matchup was better on paper.

  • Anonymous

    I, along with 5 others, all thought it was one big scream feast with way too loud music and outright screaming.  Steven needs to hang it up and fade quietly into the sunset, and I don’t think Carrie still has stage presense after all these years. It just reconfirmed to me that you don’t have to be good – just sing loud!

  • AllenTX

    what a hot mess. Not a dis on Carrie’s enormous accomplishment, but I have to say Kelly is twice the singer Carrie is.

  • revcat

    I like! Sounded real, raw, if you will, which is a novelty in this age of auto tune. Good old fashioned rock ‘n roll, may it never completely die!

  • Rachel

    I personally loved it. Apart from the music being a bit too loud I thought it was great. I am confused about people still thinking Carrie lacks stage presence. In the beginning of her career she had no stage presence whatsoever. Now? I feel the total opposite. She’s comfortable on stage now and is great at what she does. I don’t understand the need to bring Kelly into the conversation. I absolutely love her too, but prefer Carrie. I can pretty comfortably say they both have the best voices for what they do, which is very different.

  • Ronnie D

    I actually love Steven Tyler live and thought he kicked ass here. Not many artists like him out there still doing it like he is!

  • Mandy

    Steven and Carrie kicked fucking ass! Sure, not everything was perfect but who cares really?! This is a performance I will be watching over and over again. :)

  • Ron Simpson

    “Sure, not everything was perfect but who cares really?!”

    This total lack of expectations is why singers don’t even have to sing any more. We used to expect talent, now we applaud them for showing up.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it.  Totally entertained.  They sound great together.  Steven thought so too.  He’s done this for decades he ought to know.  I love his raspiness with her clear voice.  Best concert in a long time.  For the instrumental dysfunction-things happen.  Still a great concert.

  • Leandro

    People who complain a lot about screaming and loudness usually don’t like hard rock. Hard rock is loud and with screams. I just thought their voices didn’t match and it was very weird. The mixed songs “just a dream/dream on” were also very stupid.

  • Leandro

    People who complain a lot about screaming and loudness usually don’t like hard rock. Hard rock is loud and with screams. I just thought their voices didn’t match and it was very weird. The mixed songs “just a dream/dream on” were also very stupid.

  • windmills

    Here’s the whole show in 3 parts from vinmansmedia:

    Part 1 (Sweet Emotion, Love In An Elevator, Before He Cheats)

    Part 2 (Cryin, Just A Dream/Dream On)

    Part 3 (Undo It, Walk This Way, Born To Be Wild)

    I just watched it and my thoughts:

    1: I was totally entertained. Steven & Carrie’s chemistry on stage was great, they played off each other so well, and seemed like they were having a blast. Steven owns with his stage presence but Carrie was really free and definitely owned the stage with him.

    2: The sound mix was definitely not the best at times but I kind of didn’t mind the rough edges that came with this being live. I think you can tell Carrie & Steven aren’t used to singing with another powerful voice with different phrasing at times but they rolled with the punches and their chemistry sold it. They sounded great trading vocals. I preferred the sound of Steven doing high harmonies with Carrie and Carrie doing low harmonies with Steven to Carrie doing high harmonies with Steven and Steven doing low harmonies with Carrie. If the sound mix had been better, the parts where their harmonies didn’t sound the best would’ve sounded perfect – that was engineers not making an adjustment within the song. But, it didn’t ruin the songs for me.

    3: My favorites were Born To Be Wild, Just A Dream/Dream On, and Cryin, but I also thought Walk This Way and Undo It were great. The only one that didn’t quite live up to what I was hoping for was Sweet Emotion. They didn’t lose my attention once. I loved Carrie’s phrasing choices, she changed up all the songs that were covers for her and really sold the lyrics.

    4: I am ready for Carrie to get back on tour. The way she’s grown from tour to tour has been incredible.

  • Nick Kostenko

    Definitely a problem with the sound issues, but a very good concert overall. Just laughing at people who think they were only “singing loud” which is why people think they are good singers. Some people need to go see Carrie live and maybe then they will understand.

  • Dave McCann

    you’re an idiot (along with 5 other)

  • Tiffany

    St still has it, love his voice.  LOve Carrie but not the best together.  I think she was trying too hard maybe.  Im a huge country fan but I still love my Aerosmith albums.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hang around at Carrie’s board, but somebody mentioned that the first CMT showing had the sound problem, but the second showing was kind of different. I have the first one on DVR and I will check the next showing which is Feb 11 at 7:00 am.

    I watched the first showing and maybe because Steven’s voice is way deeper than Carrie, that I barely could hear Carrie’s voice. And what a treat for the lots of people who were able to watch this. There was somebody on the previous Crossroad thread that said was going to watch this live. I hope that she will post her take on the show.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the need to bring another singer into the discussion. 

  • Anonymous

    I loved it – they are fun to watch and would have loved to have been there live. The remix of Dream On/Just a Dream was genius! Technical issues did not bother me because they rocked it!

  • Adam Lim ™

    It’s not about a concert where you need to be like perfectionist.
    CMT Crossroads is about hyping up the audiences and entertain’s not that People dont care about singing anymore, but HEY, even THAT SH*T TAYLOR SWIFT also sing like h*ll but still gaining those overrated comments by media! Duh….And what’s the purpose of some trolls mentioning Kelly Clarkson here?The more you make comparison between them, the more loser you sound like.Who has better success in career, we all know by ourselves.Just go and support them instead of bullsh*ting here.

  • Adam Lim ™

    QUOTED from an article

    Carrie Underwood not only matched Steven Tyler note for powerful note, but she proved that she could take her own songs, shake off the well known country sound and give them a rock edge. The ability to do so shows the range of Carrie Underwood’s talent all the more. When she took the stage with Steven Tyler, she wasn’t a country artist, she was just an artist.With so many accolades in her short career, it would seem that Carrie Underwood has done it all. However, Carrie Underwood continues to find new stars to reach for and then goes after them with all her might. Her ever expanding career is exciting to watch and her performance with Steven Tyler is sure to leave fans wondering what she’ll accomplish next.

  • torin

    Obviously you have not followed her throughout her career, because Carrie has done an amazing transformation since her idol days. To get to the level of Carrie’s success you have to be more than good…

  • Christa Bailey

    I thought it was horrible. I loved Steven Tyler though. They should not sing together.