American Idol (And More) Appearance Schedule for 4/19/13

American Idol and More appearances today include Lee DeWyze, Casey James, Lauren Alaina and more.

Phillip Phillips performs at University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA.
Carrie Underwood performs at James Brown Arena in Augusta, GA.
Taylor Hicks performs at Paris Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
Kris Allen performs at the Iowa State University Memorial Union in Ames, IA.
Lee DeWyze performs at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire, IL.
Casey James performs at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham, AL.
Scotty McCreery performs at Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT.
Lauren Alaina performs at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Crawfish Music Festival in Biloxi, MS.
Colton Dixon performs at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

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  • ladymctech

    I sure wish I could have gone to Viper Alley to see Lee. I think he did a new song?

  • Melissa Will

    Oh that was a tough day. Reading Tweets from al the fans at Viper Alley seeing Lee DeWyze so wish i could have made the trip from Australia. New songs OMG i cannot wait to hear them. This new CD is going to ROCK my world and the one we live in. Hopefully it will bring Lee to AUSTRALIA… I’m begging! So much love for Lee he’s so good to his fans he goes the extra mile! XO

  • Melissa Will

    I believe it was 2 .

  • Anny_nanny

    Lee DeWyze – New Song Don’t Be Afraid – Viper Alley 2013
    Paul Simon-vibe, yes? I like this Lee.

  • perfectstorm

    Lee wasn’t an idol darling, but he picked himself up, moved on, and got another record deal. The same with Crystal.

  • perfectstorm

    Lee wasn’t an idol darling, but he picked himself up, moved on, and got another record deal. The same with Crystal.

  • carrie

    I was fortunate enough to be at Lee’s Viper Alley show last night & I have to say it was the best & most memorable show of his that I have ever been to, and that is saying a lot considering I have been to 8 of his shows. This was the 3rd time I have seen him at Viper & every single time he seems to outdo himself. He sang with such passion, such energy & such soul. He sang 2 new songs, Silver Lining which is to be his debut single off of his new album & another titled Don’t Be Afraid which was written just recently. He also sang Flowerchild off of his Slumberland album & dedicated it to a fan who traveled all the way here to Chicago from Indonesia. It just melted my heart to watch her reaction. He also took the time out to acknowledge a fan who is here studying abroad from Finland & after the show, when he heard she could not get VIP tickets to meet him, he had her brought back stage to meet him. That is the kind of man he is. So humble, so much heart & appreciates all of his fans support from all over the world. “Y’all are my inspiration” #BestFansNoDebate- Lee’s own words from his Twitter account. I could go on & on but you get the idea. An amazing show & one I will never forget.

  • aprilfoolish

    I didn’t get to go in person to Lee’s show but I followed the twitter excitement and watch the videos so I was there ” in spirit”! There was one video where the crowd broke out glow sticks for his new song “Silver Lining”. Really cool. Anyways, hurry album and tour in Florida!

  • Kathy

    I was not at Lee DeWyze’s show April 19/13 at Viper Alley but I felt EVERY moment through the hearts of our FamiLee’s twitter comments and vids (Thanks Kelly Peet for the awesome vids) .Lee is the most talented singer songwriter that has come out of Idol and into my life.His music inspires and touches you deep down in your soul. Lee is so humble and respectful to his fans so much so that he thanks us on a daily basis! He never takes credit for all that he has accomplished-he gives that credit to his fans, his famiLee. He takes time to listen to each and every one of us AND asks us for our input regarding album titles and tour names, song choices we want to hear for his Stage It shows and late night vids he posts for us even when he is so tired he can’t even keep his eyes open!!! (That;s a fact). He has worked so hard to get to where he is at in his career and deserves every second of awesomeness!!! We are so ecstatic he was signed by Vanguard Records-a very prestigious label who have signed the likes of a great legend such as Merle Haggard, as well as John Fogerty. Barenaked Ladies just to mention a few. Lee has a new single “SILVER LININGS” which will be released June 10 and digitally released June 11. This song is absolutely STUNNING and is just the start of what we can expect from Lee. Finally he can show the world who he is and what he is capable of. Lee followed a dream and made it come true!!! He is not a quitter , his tenacity and will pushed him to where he is today. Even when things got tough he never gave up hope-he beLeeved in himself, he beLeeved in his fans, his famiLee and most of all he beLeeved in his dream!!! I am a Canadian and so honored to walk with Lee on his journey and be a part of this amazing Lee DeWyze FamiLee. The friends I have met because of Lee is incredible. One day I will get to a show and have the great honor of meeting Lee and my famiLee. Viper Alley – you will see me the next time Lee is gracing your stage!! BeLeeve me…..

  • Sarah Kendall

    I was fortunate enough to attend Lee’s homecoming show at Viper. Words cannot describe the emotional performance of LeeDewyze before his hometown, family & familee. This show will undoubtedly be one of my most cherished memories. This show was filled with emotion, tears, and joy! I’m so proud of Lee and it’s an honor not only to be a fan but to know him. Lee is a superstar!

  • ladymctech

    Can’t wait for Lee to share his epic surprise, LOL!! The suspense…

  • gatorgirl5028

    I flew in from FL to see Lee perform at Vipe Alley; seeing him perform in his hometown was something I just HAD to experience. What a tremendous show he put on!!!! There was so much energy & excitement in that venue; it was amazing! Lee’s voice is such an emotional instrument that tells beautiful stories through his music. He connects so well with his fans and is always to appreciative of the support. I really hope anyone who never gave his music a chance will listen to the new music; if you hear it, you’ll be hooked. I’m so happy for Lee and all the wonderful “epic” things in his future. Nice guys don’t always have to finish last :)