American Idol 11 – Hollywood Preview – (VIDEO) (MEDIC!)

After a snoozy 3 weeks of auditions I’m more than ready for the drama of American Idol 11 Hollywood Week. Are you? Three hundred hopefuls were put through the paces in Pasadena, CA last December. Only 60 survived to compete in the Las Vegas performance round.

Check out these previews. It’s drama, drama drama and a contestant who faints dead away–falls right off the stage while the panel looks on in shock.

I’m also adding a longer preview that ran at the end of Thursday night’s St. Louis auditions episode.

The Drama of Hollywood!

A contestant faints! After insulting the judges. Medic!

Longer Preview

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  • jan

    Hmm, I don’t think I want to have an emergency situation around those judges. They aren’t very quick to react. 

  • Anonymous

    Is that Jessica Sanchez singing some Beyonce?

    Maybe we will have some female R&B/pop after all!

  • jashala long

    Yep That’s her

  • Anonymous

     Hollywood Week is like the best part, but this kids need to relax a little, that fall was scary, poor girl :( ……. excited for next week anyway :)

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if this belongs here but–did Scott Dangerfield try out this year?  Did anyone see him in the Hollywood clips?  I thought he was coming back…

  • SAM

    is it wrong to say i really don’t care anymore

  • SallyinChicago

    I don’t mind the auditions, but i mind 2 hours of auditions.  and maybe they should cutback on the audition time.  i know they have these longer hours because of commercial costs.

  • Pam

    I’ve got to admit some of those scenes are downright frightening seeing some of these kids getting seriously hurt like that.  It will be interesting to see which contestants the producers decide to highlight during these episodes.  I’m glad the audition episodes are finally over!  I’m ready for Hollywood!

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited! And Jessica Sanchez sounds good! Can’t wait to see her and some more new people.

  • Anonymous

    Who knows, maybe you will find a contestant you like :)

  • iFoundIt

    Now that we already know the Top 24, I’d just rather fast forward and skip the Hollywood drama.

  • larc

    My fingers are crossed there are a few mistakes in the Top 24 spoiler list.  The crew that did it is usually 100% correct, but I’m just hoping this time they aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    People fainting and falling off stages is entertainment, Nigel? Really? I hope viewers tune-out in droves to send him a clear message.

  • Jo Crawley

    People fainting and falling may not be entertainment but it’s drama and Hollywood week means drama and that is why it is my favourite part of whole thing.

  • Kylee

    What are they supposed to do, edit it all out like it never happened?

  • Anonymous


  • Kariann Hart

    My reaction was the same.  Some of these kids have health concerns, and fainting is never good.  Some of these thing do happen on SYTYCD, but seeing it here surprises me.  I hope they focus more on the singing than the drama – but then Nigel probably won’t do that.

    I hope we see a decent amount of time on all of the TOP 24.

  • Jo Crawley

    Yes a decent amount of time on all the top 24 but with lots of drama too!

  • Kylee

    It would make no sense to edit it out-its obviously a major thing that happened in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    I love the DRAMA: the crying, fighting and freaking out!

    A young girl losing consciousness and falling several feet off of the stage, not so much. That was scary and it’s not something I enjoy watching.

    The rest of it…bring ot on!

  • Anonymous

    Jlo and steven were just downright clueless and motionless when that girl dropped off the stage! At least Randy got up. We never know with the editing, how long it actually took the judges to sprint from the panel to the poor girl. I mean come on! You aren’t just paid to sit there and look pretty! and seriously what was with Jlo’s reaction! She looked more disgusted than concerned. Bah!

  • Karen C

    I don’t remember contestants ever getting sick and fainting during Hollywood week, for some reason maybe there’s  some more pressure, I wonder why. Not good to see, though.

  • Anonymous

    I want good singing entertainment, not people fainting and dropping and having Nigel use that as ‘drama’ (with dramatic music edited in) as a ratings draw. Maybe that’s too much to ask from a singing competition show – as least from this one.

  • Anonymous

    There were half a dozen people around the bottom of the stage there to help the girl. It would have been beyond stupid of the judges to just run up there. They would have been in the way.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not the point. They had hardly any reaction just as another poster pointed out. And even if it may had been better they didn’t rush down in case they were in the way, i don’t think it’s beyond stupid for them to emote anything. Steven just sat there, Jlo spazzed a little while Randy got up a few seconds later. I think that usually if I saw someone fall off a stage, I would have a larger reaction than that.

  • Anonymous

    Their reaction times were a little comical. Jlo probably didn’t want to mess up her hair or break a nail. Steven has probably fried one too many brain cells over the years. It might take a little longer for messages to reach certain areas of his brain! lol

  • Kylee

    I think everybody was just shocked at first.

  • Tess

    Having both been a fainter and observed a fainter let me tell you that the whole thing happens in milli-seconds…you just topple.  Obviously the girl wasn’t seriously hurt, other than her pride probably, or they wouldn’t be showing it on TV…and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone dying from fainting, itself, though the 3 ft. fall didn’t look all that fun.

    And I think its rather amusing that the judges are getting grief for not acting like super heroes and jumping in to save the day…this isn’t a scripted drama, this is real life where observers of the incident were just as shocked as the fainter probably was.  And I don’t think the judges could have done anything from 10 feet away…seems like their were lots of peeps in the pitt below her, anywhos.

  • Jo Crawley

    I totally agree with you Tess, I could see nothing wrong with the way the judges acted, they were shocked, it was unexpected and as there were a lot of people helping her, them rushing down there too would have been pointless.  Their reaction time comical?  They hardly had time to react in the few seconds we were shown,

  • Kirsten

    Jlo and steven were just downright clueless and motionless when that girl dropped off the stage! At least Randy got up. We never know with the editing, how long it actually took the judges to sprint from the panel to the poor girl. I mean come on! You aren’t just paid to sit there and look pretty!

    I strongly suspect that them being pretty had more with them getting hired than their first aid skills. I would not expect them to know the first thing on the subject. On any filming set there are first officers who are trained to deal with such issues. How would the judges rushing down and impeding access to trained professionals been any help at all?

  • chessguy99

    In the HW preview from Thursday, they highlighted Colton Dixon, Hallie Day, Adam Brock, Jessica Sanchez and Chase Likens, in the “breakout stars” part. So it looks like HW will start to focus on the talent we’ll have a chance to vote on.

    They look to be introcucing Jessica Sanchez as a HW discovery. She got double exposure in the Thursday preview and is the “little firecracker”, JLo refers to in the promo. After the sleepy audition shows, an energetic rendition of Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied, will certainly wake up the audience.

  • SallyinChicago

    We don’t know what happened.  You can’t judge by an editor’s clip.

  • SallyinChicago

    Karen, she may have an illness like diabetes.  Remember Casey Abrams and his illness and there was another contestant a few seasons back who was diabetic and couldn’t continue.

  • Raftrap

    The music of the second clip sounds like: “Hollywood week and its intense effects on young America. J.Lo investigates”.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Jessica Sanchez !!! 

    But what is up with all the fainting this year? At least they’ll be some drama cause this season has been boring so far. 

  • Miz

    From past seasons, we know these kids are working on very little sleep and sustenance and a lot of stress and emotion. Very likely that exhaustion and dehydration played into it.

    There is also the fact that these kids come from all over the country. I think it was in the 50s and 60s during Hollywood week. I could be wrong. For us locals that is cold, but for someone coming from a colder climate, it’s hot. Their blood would be thicker and that could lead to fainting. My first few months here coming from sub zero temps, I fainted a lot until my blood thinned out.

    As a fainter, the girl probably didn’t hurt herself when she fell. You turn into a puddle. Had she resisted the fall, she probably would have.

    I suspect there has been fainting, vomiting and more in past seasons. They just decided to show how stressful it is this year.

    Edit for typos.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I read insulting the judges and was getting prepared for the fainting girl to get hit by karma.

    Well, at least it’s more…. “entertaining” (for the lack of a better word) and less annoying than the people bitching at each other in the group rounds.

    I think Nigel should eliminate THAT and make group round lovey-dovey and awesome and only show the good groups. You can keep the crying and freaking out on the solo shows where it’s directed at the self and not unfairly at other people. Totally ruins the vibe of Idol, IMO.

    But neither that nor the Idol viewers disappearing in droves because someone fainted off the stage is gonna happen. Sad as it is, this kind of stuff creates buzz. And I’m guilty of being mildly interested in watching the girl fall on TV. If it were really that horrible they probably wouldn’t have shown it. Not that I’m a fan of watching people get injured, especially in the way she got hurt.

    I’m also not that entertained by the judges just sitting there while it happens. Yikes. Get up and check on her, dammit!

  • Anonymous

    They were in shock, also the crew members are on standby. It’s not the judges job to provide first aid lol.

  • jan

    It’s not that the judges should or could have done something helpful. It’s their reaction in an emergency situation. If you witness an emergency, in the first seconds you will see several reactions among the onlookers. Some will appear ready to flee, some will be frozen in place, some will initially move forward as if they want to do something to help. Often when someone moves forward as if to help, they then reevaluate getting involved if they see others are helping and there is really nothing they can do.

    The three judges seem to fall into the frozen state. There’s nothing morally wrong there – it’s just their reflexes. If I’m ever in an emergency situation – I hope that I’m in the presence of someone whose reflexes move them toward an emergency.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Why is this so serious? It is Randy, Jlo and Steven. It used to be fun to poke at the judges!

    Jlo and Steven get paid TONS of money to sit behind a table and utter a few words. In Steven’s case, it is usually only one word!

    People are saying that the immediate reaction times of Jlo and Steven are funny. They aren’t saying that the judges should have done the job of the medics.

    This season isn’t going to be much fun if we can’t poke fun at the judges and Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    Was that Jessica Sanchez?! Wow…impressive! I honestly thought it was a black girl’s voice. I may have my favorite this year….(happy dance)

  • IvanG

    Can’t wait.

  • Jo Crawley

    One of the first things you learn in first aid courses is not to rush into situations, you are taught to stand back and assess and look for any dangers.  Obviously there wasn’t any danger to the judges in this situation but to those saying the judges should have leaped up and rushed to the girls aid, well in everyday emergencies that is the wrong thing to do. Also if as it appeared there were already a number of people attending to the girl why would they get up and rush to the girl, what exactly could they do?

  • mandabutter

    I’m thinking they would become viral videos & instant fodder for entertainment “journalism” –“has Idol pushed these kids too far??” Maybe it’s just the kind of press they want…. :) Plus, this week they’ll be up against The Judges’ Show, I mean “The Voice” – they have to pullout something for the demos they want.

  • mandabutter

    Not when part of the fun for some during Top 24 thru 12 rounds is to discuss whether these singers are “ready” to be stars & cut out for showbiz. Why not have more background on their journey? Happens every year.

  • mandabutter

    Perhaps because they have had medics on scene before and have well-equipped producers and caring pages/interns sitting 8 feet away from these singers. I know if I fainted, the last person I wanna see hover above me is someone unqualified like JLO.

  • mandabutter

    Oh NOES! Did I just read part of the top24? (Spoiler alert? Yes, no, maybe?) I don’t remember any of these names, so I am just gonna look away. I like taking the Idol journey as it comes & don’t read the spoilers from HW or Vegas week. Then there would really be no point in watching til the live shows.

  • Anonymous

     Actually it seemed like lots of people were saying they should have jumped  to their feet and done the job of the medics, which is what people were disagreeing with.

  • Anonymous

    Not really. If you go back and look, most people were just commenting on the judges’ initial delayed reaction times. People just thought it was funny.
    It wasn’t an attack on the character of the judges, just more of a observation that people were poking fun at.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see DeAndre singing!  I didn’t see him in the Hollywood Week commercial, but I hope AI shows him singing his socks off during the show!