ME on Idol Tracker!

Seriously, I’m blushing here. A big thank you to Richard Rushfield of the Los Angeles Times. He just posted the 20 questions I answered for […]

More on Kelly Clarkson’s New Single!

As I said yesterday, Kelly Clarkson’s new album will NOT be called Masquerade as reported by the Wall Street Journal.  That’s according to Kelly’s publicist, […]

Idol Headlines 1/06/09

Archuleta rocks Governor’s inauguration (with video) Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. might be considered a media-savvy, polished politician, but at his inauguration on Monday even […]

Season 7 Redux – Top 16

Another installment of American Idol Season 7 redux!   I had no major revisions after watching Top 16 week on the Fox Reality Channel tonight, […]