Zayn Malik Signs with RCA Records

It’s true, Simon let Zayn leave SYCO MUSIC.

Earlier this month The Sun reported that Zayn Malik would be leaving Simon Cowell’s label Syco Music. Syco is One Direction’s label home and when Zayn crashed out of the band, Syco had the exclusive right to sign him to a record deal. And they did. But since then, Simon Cowell apparently changed his mind. He decided to stay loyal to One Direction and to keep things fair, move Zayn to one of the bigger Sony labels. Check out the tweets below.

As you can see in the picture, Zayn signed a recording contract with RCA. We don’t know which RCA – the British one or the American one? Or perhaps, both?

I think it’s safe to say that Zayn’s solo material will be far removed from One Direction’s pop/rock lane. Zayn was the one member of One Direction who had to really compromise his musical taste. The other four guys fit the pop/rock lane, Zayn didn’t. He was in the biggest band in the world and making millions, but the music wasn’t to his taste at all. Remember, his X Factor’s audition song was Mario’s “Let Me love You”.

Since Zayn’s departure from One Direction we saw him cover “No Type” by Mic Righteous.

Zayn also left Modest Management. He joined Turn First Artists, where he’ll be managed by Sarah Stennett, who also manages rapper Iggy Azalea. I guess we can say Zayn has all ducks in line for a career in hip-hop?

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