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We are starting with a short recap of last week’s performance show and the results. Peter Dickinson’s intro is movie themed. IT’S TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC.

Peter introduces Dermot … and once again, our Saturday night starts right here. The theme is “Saturday night at the movies”. Dermot and Peter Dickinson introduce the 4 judges. Mel B is in red, Cheryl is in black. Cheryl has some bling!

And the phone lines are now open! Brace yourself for the Asteroid song right at the end!

Jake Quickenden – She’s Like The Wind (Patrick Swayze, “Dirty Dancing”)

Poor Jake wants to impress Simon tonight. He used to play football in the past. And he posed naked, too.
Jake starts the performance sitting at the side of the stage. He has vocals and the mimics of a boybander. Ohhh, there were some rough high notes right before the end.
Louis: A great opening of the show. You are a nice guy, you look great, but the high notes were bad.
Cheryl: You could have put more sensuality in your performance.
Simon: We got rid of the useless people, we are on to the good ones. The problem is, if you last another week, you’ve got to get better with singing, there is no dynamic with your vocal.
Mel B: I know how hard you rehearse all week, every single day.

Only The Young – Boom Clap (Charli XCX, “The Fault In Our Stars”)

They had a hard time picking this song from 4 songs. 21 hours before the show, at the sound check: problems. I smell problems.
The beginning could be better. The chorus went better and then the second female singer was even worse than the first one. Another chorus. Oh, this is a hot mess.
Mel B: I do actually really like this song. I thought you did a good job, I would like to hear more harmonies.
Cheryl: I like that you did a current song.
Simon: What was clear from the video, Louis is changing your songs every 5 seconds. The lead vocals were not good. You need more time to rehearse.
Louis: You really look amazing, everything worked tonight!

Jay James – Skyfall (Adele, “Skyfall”)

His wife and daughter visited him this week. He misses them a lot.
Oh, Jay hits some bad notes in the performance. It’s a pretty straightforward cover of the original. This wasn’t a good song choice for Jay, I’m afraid.
Louis: You never let us down, singing a James Bond song …
Mel B: I don’t particularly like that song, but you made me like it.
Cheryl: I think the production saved you tonight. I was missing suave[?] in the performance.
Simon: You know what’s great about you? You respect people who vote for you, you turn up every week and sound better and better … [blah, blah, blah].

Andrea Faustini – Listen (Beyoncé, “Dreamgirls”)

Next up, Andrea will try to out do Queen Bey and Alexandra Burke (look up season 5 finale). Andrea wants to impress Simon this week. He also thinks Lauren and Paul are his biggest competition.
Andrea sings on a sparkly platform in a terrible shirt. The beginning was a bit flat, but the second part was way better. I’m not feeling this version, to be honest. Maybe I’m just too used to the original and Bey’s and Alex’s amazing duet.
Louis: Faultless, effortless, amazing, you nailed it!
Cheryl: You put everything into every performance.
Simon: It looks like Britain has taken Italian teddy bear to their hearts. It’s was like when you want to eat 5 doughnuts and you end up eating 6.
Mel B: I don’t think anyone else in this competition could sing that song like that.

Oh, look, Marvin Humes and his wife Rochelle are in the audience! And Lola’s boyfriend.

Lola Saunders – When You Believe (Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston, “The Prince Of Egypt”)

This week, Cheryl sent Lola for a make over. Vintage look for a fishmonger!
Wow, this arrangement is a mess. In the first part, Lola struggles to hit the notes, the second part is better, but sounds a bit off. This performance needed more rehearsal.
Louis: I love the transformation. You are such an amazing singer and the only one who doesn’t know it is you.
Mel B: That was stunning and you sounded stunning.
Simon: You look beautiful. I know that you had a tough week at home and I heard you rehearsing one hour earlier …
Mel B: You don’t understand how many people you are inspiring …

I have no idea what what going on at home at Lola’s.

Paul Akister – Try A Little Tenderness (Otis Redding, “The Commitments”)

Paul gets choreography this week. YIKES. I don’t know if 4 female dancers in little to no clothing will help Paul. He is singing the song fine, but I think the production tried too hard with this performance.
Louis: You have so much soul and you had so much swag, you will go far in the competition.
Cheryl: Great performance.
Simon: I stand by what I said last week, however, this was a complete transformation. A million times better.
Mel B: You turned into my little Jay Z …

I don’t know, Paul’s performance last week was as solid as this week’s. Last weeks song was boring, but Paul did everything that he could with it. This week, the staging made him look totally out of his comfort zone.

Lauren Platt – Let It Go (Demi Lovato, “Frozen”)

Lauren gets a Skype call from Demi. Lauren plans to keep her version close to the original to show everyone that she doesn’t have to change up very song she sings.
This performance didn’t go smoothly either. She lost the melody in the middle and missed a few notes and in the second part the backing track drowned her out.
Louis: Lauren, I love the song, I love the staging…
Mel B: There is absolutely no doubt you are a great singer. The first part of the song was too safe, you could take a few risks.
Simon: I love your personality. It was the perfect song choice. There was a moment in the middle when you lost the melody. I think this will be TOP 10 on iTunes by Sunday.
Cheryl: For me, that was the stand out performance of the evening.

According to British tabloids, some people are allergic to Simon. Cheryl thinks she might have that.

Jack Walton – Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor, “Rocky”)

Jack thinks he needs to step it up this week. Oh yes, seeing Jack shirtless shows he thinks serious business.
In my opinion, Jack’s problem is that his voice sounds too whishper-y and without power. I don’t this this arrangement worked well. The staging and the production weren’t in his favor either.
Louis: I didn’t like this song choice and I got bored in the middle.
Cheryl: You need to use the stage a bit more …
Simon: It was like you were invited to the party and you didn’t really want to be there. Mel B doesn’t really know what kind of artist you are.
Mel B: We had some issues this week …

Fleur East – Lady Marmalade (Pink, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil Kym, “Moulin Rouge”)

Last week Mel B accused her of cheating and Fleur got very upset.
Fleur sings and raps and everything sounds pretty much on point. What a relief. The backing track still seems a bit heavy in parts, but I think Fleur pretty much killed it.
Louis: You proved you can sing, you can rap, you are the ultimate popstar.
Cheryl: You are the ultimate performer …
Mel B: Well, you just shut me right up, did ya? I loved it, absolutely loved it.
Simon: You are the most improved contestant in this show. It was an outstanding performance.

Stevi Ritchie – Footloose (Kenny Loggins, “Footloose”)

Stevi has a great personality. Oh, Louis Tomlinson was in rehearsal with Simon and the overs.
Oh, this performance is country themed. Wow, this looks so hilarious, it’s actually amazing. Brian Friedman outdid himself with this one. Fabulous.
Louis and Cheryl switched seats!
Louis: I just didn’t get the joke this week, it’s time for you to go home this week.
Mel B: Let’s be honest. You really have a good time up there. Well that’s it.
Cheryl: Honestly, you sometimes look like you have more fun than everyone else.
Simon: I was given you to mentor, so I will do the best job possible. There were some bum notes. Luckily, we don’t control this show, the public does. You are a guilty pleasure.

Stereo Kicks – Let It Be/Hey Jude (Medley) (The Beatles, “Across The Universe”)

The ultimate octo-band sings two Beatles classics.
The boys got serious after last week’s sing-off. Louis said after the results show last week in his dressing room (on the Xtra Factor) that he never wanted 8 people in a band, but Simon put them together. Poor guys. The youngest boy (14) rehearses in school via Skype with the other 7 boys on the other end of the camera. I feel so bad for these boys.
This week, the boys sing solo and in duets. Interesting concept, if I dare so so. This was actually worth watching again.
Mel B: You did everything I wanted you to do, which was acappella.
Cheryl: James, your voice is really beautiful, but you all can sing.
Simon: What Louis did as a mentor was disgraceful. He signed up for this, it was out of order to say we will lose two people.
Louis: They worked really hard this week …

Wow, Simon really put Louis in his place. This was SERIOUS. I guess we are ready for Armageddon now.

Ben Haenow – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith, “Armageddon”)

He was initially assigned “You Lost That Lovely Feeling”, but he decided to do the Asteroid song instead. Simon just said yes.
This song should fit Ben’s voice. Yep. I just wish he dropped the mic stand and that the backing track was a bit more dialed back. He also has to learn how to look in the camera and connect with the viewers. I think he needs a lot of help from Brian Friedman, but for some reason he is not getting it.
Louis: Ben, that was the perfect song for you. You are one of the people to watch.
Mel B: My only criticism is, I didn’t feel that raw emotion. The vocal were on point.
Cheryl: I’m not a big fan of that song, it was done to death.
Simon: That was the wrong song for you. It didn’t make you stand out. I wish you didn’t talk me into that.

This is it, Dermot is repeating the phone lines again. OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran perform tomorrow. Tune in to Xtra Factor, the woman that is allergic to Simon will be on he phone.

It was a rough night tonight. I think Fleur East, Stereo Kicks and Ben Haenow had the best performances this week. Stevie Richie was also in a class of his own. It looks like Simon is stepping it up as the main judge this season by delivering the cold hard truth most of the time and putting the other judges in their place. On the other hand, Louis Walsh doesn’t know what he’s doing this year at all. Maybe it’s time for Louis to go? I think his acts would be better off without him.

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