X Factor UK Season 10 Starts Tomorrow

But the season was officially launched yesterday. Check out some press from the event and promos for tomorrow’s episode.

Season 10 of X Factor UK was officially launched this Thursday. You can check pictured of the judges and Xtra Factor hosts HERE and HERE.

Even Simon Cowell showed up.

Digital Spy has a report from the launch.

Dan Wotton’s Twitter:

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
It’s time to face the music! I’m down at The X Factor launch. Judges here soon. http://instagram.com/p/dmA0DgB4LZ/

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
The queen of The X Factor is back! @MrsSOsbourne pic.twitter.com/rzyQDn7AIL

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Gary Barlow got off a plane from holiday this morning and straight to work at The X Factor launch. http://instagram.com/p/dmWzjtB4Fe/

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Look who just showed up! #simoncowell http://instagram.com/p/dmZXfFh4JI/

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Simon Cowell: “Once again, I feel like a proud little daddy.” #xfactorlaunch

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Just seen first X Factor episodes for this weekend. Have to say it’s really strong. Much better than last year. Mrs O makes HUGE difference.

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Having the room auditions back makes a really big difference. And the boot camp twists looks very exciting too. #thexfactor

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Louis might not have quit! He insists: “I might come back!” #thexfactor

Dan Wootton [email protected] 29 Aug
Sharon Osbourne says there is no tension on the panel this year: “We actually like each other.” #xfactorlaunch

Kevin Hudges:

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
At the #XFactor launch..

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
#XFactor Good to see Xtra Factor’s @carolineflack1 @MattRichardson3 as ever. ‘..the talent is outstanding this year.’ pic.twitter.com/mkjVGfj85o

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
#XFactor Nicole Scherzinger looking amazing at the launch.. pic.twitter.com/LDJXcn4ptJ

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
Simon Cowell makes a surprise appearance at #XFactor launch pic.twitter.com/NeUx53RHiO

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
#XFactor Judges and Dermot meet the press… pic.twitter.com/9dejEFzZ5f

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
#XFactor Dermot and Gary share a moment.. pic.twitter.com/1m10WBJcGj

Kevin Hughes [email protected] 29 Aug
#XFactor Sharon Osbourne tells me “It feels right being back..” & Nicole: We’re just, gelling isn’t even the word..” http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/x-factor/news/sharon-osbourne-panel-interview/

The Guardian has a snarky article about X Factor’s “changes”.

The X Factor: 10 glorious years

How is X Factor 2013 planning to stop things from getting stale after a decade on air? It’s hired Sharon Osbourne as a judge.

But she’s already been a judge. That’s not exactly keeping things fresh. Fine then, the contestants must now audition in a small room with no audience.

But that used to happen too! They’re refreshing X Factor by making it exactly the same as it was in 2004! Are they bringing Kate Thornton back as well? No. She’ll be spending her Saturdays in the traditional manner, angrily jabbing pins into a high-trousered voodoo doll.

At least Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh are being reunited. Perhaps we’ll see some of their old chemistry again. This is true. Osbourne and Walsh are the Statler and Waldorf of X Factor, except not quite as realistic-looking.

What else can we expect from the new series? Oh, the usual. Singers singing 12 notes when one would feasibly do. Sporadic outrage from people who don’t understand how public phone votes work. The inescapable sensation that you’re wasting vast chunks of your precious life.

So you’ll be watching on Saturday? God yes. Don’t judge me.

Judges answer questions:

5th Judge:

FIRST LOOK: The Xtra Factor Is Back – The X Factor UK 2013

1st episode promos:

Has Hannah Barrett got The X Factor? EPISODE 1 PREVIEW – The X Factor UK 2013

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