Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Nomination Spoilers!]

Well, everyone, it has finally happened. In Eric’s spoiler last night (thanks again for filling in, Eric), we learned that GinaMarie became the new Head of Household. We also know that last week, GinaMarie, Judd, Spencer, and Andy formed The Exterminators, an alliance dedicated to getting McCrae and Amanda out of the house.

Tonight, when feeds returned, we learned that GinaMarie has nominated Amanda and McCrae for eviction. Amanda is going completely berserk now, having expected Elissa to be nominated. Now, it appears that she must win the Veto tomorrow or talk to Julie on Thursday night.

On the other hand, Judd seems to really want McCrae out this week, because Amanda kind of sucks at competitions. Tomorrow, one of them may win the Veto, but it’s extremely likely that one of them will be going home this week regardless. We’ll see what happens!