X Factor UK Season 10: Grand Final

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And so this is it. We are left with Sam Bailey, Nicholas McDonald and Luke Friend. And one of them will win X Factor UK season 10 tomorrow night.

This FINAL 3 line-up roughly reminds me of last year’s FINAL 3: older, technically good cruise ship singer (Sam Bailey, Christopher Maloney), ballad-singing boy (Nicholas McDonald, Jahmene Douglas) and a singer-songwriter boy (Luke Friend, James Arthur).

Last year, singer-songwriter somehow managed to win, even though he was the only finalist of the three to hit the bottom 2 once. This year, I doubt Luke Friend can repeat that. He made it to the final after 3 bottom 2 appearances and the other two made it to the final without a sing-off.

Last year, the producers and the media did everything they could to stop Christopher Maloney from winning. Christopher topped the televoting for the first seven weeks and then finished third in the final. This year, TPTB made no serious attempt to try and stop the cruise ship singer from getting to the final or even winning.

I will admit, I thought last year’s FINAL 3 were really dire and I thought that surely this season could produce a better final trio. Sadly, it didn’t happen.
Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald have really terrible prospects for a major label recording artist career. They are the kind of X Factor acts that mums and grandmas love to vote for, but struggle to sell music after the show. Sam is too old and too dated and Nick is just another in the long line of ballad singing boys that fade away after the show (Leon Jackson, Joe McElderry, Jahmene Douglas, etc.). It’s hard to imagine Syco or any other Sony label putting a lot of effort and money into these two. Luke Friend might have a shot in the music biz, but he seems destined to finish in 3rd place tonight. Hell, even LOUIS WALSH thinks this year’s final 3 are all a bit meh:

“I don’t think there’s any international star there,” Louis is quoted as telling OK! magazine this week ahead of the final. “There is no One Direction, no Olly Murs, there is no Leona Lewis.”

“There are people who are going to be very good winners and who are going to sell records.”

“But who is going to be around in a couple of years’ time?”

Louis instead suggested that it would be Tamera Foster who could go on to have the biggest career, despite her leaving the show before the semi-finals.

And turning on his own act Nicholas, Louis continued: “Originally I thought Nicholas was the one, mainly because he’s so young and kids will vote for him.”

“I also thought Scotland always back their own – Leon Jackson, Michelle McManus – but Luke has come from nowhere and is a contender.”

Louis concluded: “The public are in charge though and we can’t control it.”

“Sam Bailey is the one to beat for me.”

Basically, Louis thinks either Sam or Nicholas will win and both are only good enough to sell their winner’s singles and possibly quickly released post-show album, but nothing more. I fully expect the 4 judges to predict international success for the three finalists this weekend, but that’s normal for the X Factor final. They will overpraise everyone and everything and offer nothing constructive. There is absolutely no point in listening to the judges this weekend. REALLY. NO POINT.

The winner of X Factor 2013 will open for Beyonce on her tour in the UK next year. Did TPTB and Queen B’s people make this deal when they still thought Tamera could win this?!

This weekend’s guest performers: One Direction, Katy Perry, Gary Barlow & Elton John, The Killers, Tom Odell.

Potentially the highlight of the whole season: group performance of JEDWARD, WAGNER, DIVA FEVER, KITTY BRUCKNELL, 2SHOES & RYLAN CLARK

Song Spoilers for tonight!

This year X Factor’s Gran Final takes place in London’s Wembley Arena.
The three finalists are presented as: busker from Devon, pub singer and student. They all want to win.

Dermot O’Leary is lowered on stage from the ceiling. The judges enter as usual.

Lines are now open! 3rd place finisher leaves at the end of tonight’s show.

Now it’s time for the final 3 to arrive. But we get a video of them singing Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande collaboration “Lifted“. And now they appear live on stage.

Beyonce filmed a video that was shown to the finalists earlier. Yep, the winner gets to open for Beyonce in February during her UK leg of Ms Carter Tour. I bet she has no idea who the candidates for the opening spot are. Which might be a good thing, at least she will be able to sleep at night.

Louis Walsh brags about having 2 acts in the final. First up it’s his little popstar …

Nicholas McDonald – Candy (Robbie Williams)

We set footage from Nicholas’ homecoming in his VT.
OMG. What a weird song choice. And candy coated production? Someone wants to sink this ship. Holy crap. Gary Barlow co-wrote this song. What will he say?
Sharon: That was like a giant Willy Wonka factory! What a great way to start a show. There is no time to critique …
Gary: On a night like that it’s all about playing to your strengths, and that is your voice …
Nicole: I think you can sing anything, but I’m not gonna lie, but that was quite a trippy experience!
Louis: You are in the final. I have 2 acts, Gary has no acts! Scotland, show Gary who is boss, vote for Nicholas! Gary wrote this song!

Caroline interviews Nick’s fans …

Sam Bailey – Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga)

Footage from Sam’s homecoming in the VT. Crying nan, the usual … Sam and Sharon sing karaoke together in the club. How fitting.
Another huge production. A mess. Maybe it’s just me, but Sam doesn’t seem to be on her best vocally-wise.
Gary: Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s how to showcase your voice!
Nicole: You sang the pants off of that song. You are like a beast! That voice is undeniable!
Louis: You’ve got it all, you’ve got world-class recording voice …
Sharon: You’ve made it, you made it here! I pray your fans back you!

Caroline interviews Sam’s fans. Sam’s nan again. This is getting uncomfortable.

Luke Friend – We Are Young (.fun)

Footage from Luke’s homecoming.
Another huge production. It looks like all three finalists are getting the same treatment: getting killed by stage props and dancers.
Sharon: I hope that tonight is the best night of your life!
Gary: I was sad to lose Rough Copy last week, but I am happy they lost to you. The verses were a bit too low for you, hope hope people vote based on the chorus.
Nicole: The tube was crazy, you bring the cool factor. Your authenticity speaks volumes!
Louis: It’s all about fining somebody new, somebody to sell records worldwide! Devon, vote!

Caroline interviews Luke’s friends.

Credible singer-songwriter Tom Odell is now selling out … ooops, performing one of his songs as a video montage of the season rolls behind him and his band. This guy used to feud with One Direction.


Luke Friend & Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen

Louis says Luke is his dream contestant … Louis “got” Ellie Goulding for Luke.
Luke plays guitar and has a band on stage. Ellie is playing guitar, too. How credible. I just don’t think this duet will have a great impact in Luke’s favor.

Nicholas McDonald & Shane Filan (Westlife) – Flying Without Wings

Shane was at Louis’ judges’ house. Shane believed in this kid from the beginning. Nicholas is a massive Westlife fan. “Flying Without Wings” was a big hit for the boyband in 1999. They disbanded in 2012. Too bad Louis didn’t organize a re-union. It would be fabulous. The duet was cheesy to the max.

Sam Bailey & Nicole Scherzinger – And I Am Telling You (Jennifer Holliday, from Dreamgirls)

Wow, this is a scream fest. Nicole is more feisty, she knows how to get down and dirty. Game Over. Nicole wiped the floor with Sam Bailey and Sam wiped the floor with Nicholas and Luke.

Hmm, this is it for tonight? Looks like the repeat performance is for tomorrow.

Time for the joke acts!


Basically, the performance of the season! Where is the phone number? Finally a performance worthy of our votes!

5 minute warning!

The vote is now frozen!

Time for another credible act to sell out. Rock band The Killers performs.

Results after the break.

TOP 2:
Sam Bailey
Nicholas McDonald

3rd PLACE: Luke Friend.

Phone lines are now re-opened.

Whatever, Sam Bailey is winning tomorrow night, that duet sealed the deal. Nicole Scherzinger absolutely killed it.

X Factor Final: Luke Friend leaves the show as Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald are left to battle it out to be crowned winner
To coin presenter Dermot O’Leary’s opening gambit, ‘the theme this weekend is simple – winning’.

But sadly for Luke Friend winning was not an option, as he left the competition on Saturday night.

Speaking at Wembley Arena, he said: ‘I’m going to keep writing music and doing something I love – and writing songs for you guys!
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Ellie Goulding flashes PLENTY of skin in a barely-there bustier and hotpants… but fails to secure duet partner Luke Friend a place in the X Factor grand finale
She’s a body-confident star, who is never afraid to flash the flesh in rather daring ensembles.

And Ellie Goulding certainly ensured she bared plenty of skin as she performed alongside Luke Friend in the X Factor final at London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

The 26-year-old singer didn’t cover up as she joined the talented teen on stage for a rendition of her hit track, Anything Could Happen, and showcased her incredible figure in a barely-there cropped bustier and high-waisted hotpants.
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‘I could listen to you forever and a day’: Sam Bailey is moved to TEARS as her elderly grandmother makes a surprise appearance at the X Factor final
Emotions were already running high among Sam Bailey, Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald as they battled it out in The X Factor final.

But there wasn’t a dry eye in the house on Saturday night as Sam’s elderly grandmother made a surprise appearance in the audience at London’s Wembley Arena.

The 36-year-old singer broke down in tears on stage after her first performance of the evening when the camera panned across to her proud nan Rita, who was sitting with Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack.
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Nicole Scherzinger steals the limelight from Sam Bailey as they duet for X Factor final…and suffers another technical hitch
It was the night to pull out all the stops in order to make it to the final show on Sunday night.

And coming out trumps was Sam Bailey, whose performance alongside Nicole Scherzinger was most certainly the most memorable performance of the show.

But it was 35-year-old Sherzy herself who stole the limelight, not only appearing in a mesmerising gold floor-length gown, but hitting all the high notes when performing her duet of Dreamgirl’s And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going, alongside Sam.
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Job done! Nicole Scherzinger celebrates in a minidress and gladiator heels after stunning duet with Sam Bailey in the X Factor final
Nicole Scherzinger had a lot to celebrate on Saturday night.

And the 35-year-old dressed appropriately, wearing a sexy minidress and gladiator heels as she headed out in London following the first installment of the X Factor final.

The stunning star’s evening out at the Groucho Club came after she helped Sam Bailey secure a place in Sunday night’s final episode of the show with an incredible duet.
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Save the best ’til last! Nicole Scherzinger pulls out ALL the stops at the X Factor final as she oozes old Hollywood chic in scarlet sequins and glamorous gold
It was a night that was supposed to see all eyes on X Factor finalists Nicholas McDonald, Luke Friend and Sam Bailey as they battled it out in the hope of being crowned winner of the ITV1 talent contest.

But Nicole Scherzinger well and truly stole the show as she arrived at Wembley Arena for the first stage of the series finale on Saturday night.

Positively oozing old Hollywood glamour as she took to the stage alongside her fellow judges Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Sharon Osbourne, the 35-year-old singer dazzled in a striking scarlet sequin gown by Ziad Nakad.
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Dull contestants, dumb presenter, terrible choreography and sub-standard guest stars, the X Factor final was car-crash television, by Jim Shelley
The X Factor final was hell.

It was two hours of torture with three stellar talents Luke Friend, Nicholas McDonald and Sam Bailey singing a total of seven times, plus six ad breaks, one appearance by The Killers seemingly with Peter Andre on vocals, and 88 instances of Dermot O’Leary asking anyone who had just performed ‘how does THAT feel?’

It also had a compilation of the series’ ‘best moments’ that wasn’t good enough for the viewers to actually see, a disastrously unfunny, unmemorable return for the X Factor’s ‘most memorable’, funniest, contestants and someone talking over the top of the one good part of the show.
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