X Factor UK Season 10: Episode 5 – Auditions

Room auditions, again!

8pm BST/3pm ET, ITV1

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We are back for week 3 of audition rounds. So far, we’ve seen all 6 girls that made it to the bootcamp this year. Also, we saw two boys and two overs. But no viable groups so far. Keep your eyes on the spoilers.

Souli Roots auditions in the room: WEEK 3 PREVIEW

Giles Potter auditions in the room: WEEK 3 PREVIEW

Let’s hope it’s in the curls! Harry Styles lookalike amongst hopefuls to face the judges on the X Factor
He is undoubtedly one of the most famous men to come out of the X Factor to date making up one fifth of One Direction.

So it’s no surprise that the latest series of the singing competition features a Harry Styles lookalike – who is no doubt hoping success lies in his curls.

Airing on Saturday 24-year-old Aaron Dale will try his luck in front of Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne.
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The show starts with a video of James Arthur’s new reality. He won the X Factor 9 months ago and his second single premiered this past week.

Kingsland, boyband. 5 guys. They want to be as big as Take That. They sing acoustic “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. It’s a bit weird, but the judges think they have potential. 4 X YES

Brick City, mixed group. They sing “Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Through to the next round.

Rough Copy, boyband (3 guys) sing “Do It Like a Dude” by Jessie J. They made it to the judges’ houses last year, but had to drop out because one of them had visa problems. Through to the next round.

Ryan & Liddia, duo. Very annoying. They sing a song I don’t know. Judges think they are a joke. Louis thinks they are deluded. Ryan refuses to shut up.

Giles Potter, sings “Price Tag” by Jessie J. Great and fun performance. 4 x YES

Lydia Lucy, 19. Sings “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J. She is overdoing it a bit. 4 x YES

Nicholas McDonald, 16. Wants to be a popstar because he is rubbish at school. He is a bit overweight and his attire doesn’t scream “popstar” either. Sings “You Raise Me Up”. Gary says no, but thinks he will be ready in about a year to be a finalist. Other judges say yes.

Stephanie Woods, 20. When she was 14, she made it to Sharon’s judges’ house. Sings “Run” by Snow Patrol. She has a few pitch problems, but it’s quite good. Sharon is glad she came back. She is through.

Samantha Harper – Can’t sing, but wants to be as big as Beyonce. It’s a no.

J-Koda – White guy in black suit and red tie. Wants to be a rapper or something, but “J-Koda” is all I hear from his mouth at the end. WTF. Judges are stunned. It’s a no.

Aaron Dale, 24. Looks like Harry Styles. Sings “What Makes You Beautiful”. It’s a no.

Souli Roots, singer-songwriter, writes 3-4 songs per day. Bob Marley is her hero. Auditions with an original song. “Recession”? It’s hilarious. Gary says no, the others yes.

James McDonald, 25. Looks older than 25, is a bus driver. Sings Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”. It’s a yes.

Louise Harper – sings Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. 4 x YES.

Next of Kin – 3 brothers (32-27). In 1999 they were supposed to be British answer to Hanson, but it didn’t work out. Yes, they were signed to a major label back in the day. They sing pretty well. Nicole gets emotional. Guys get a standing ovation. It’s a massive yes from all 4 judges.

And that’s it for tonight. Wow, this episode passed by really quickly. We’ve seen a lot of acts in just one hour.

Sharon Osbourne sheds tears when former X Factor contestant auditions SIX years after being sent home from Judges’ house
The new series of The X Factor welcomed back Sharon Osbourne, but she wasn’t the only person making a comeback.

Stephanie Woods, 20, got to the judges houses six years ago but was sent home by Osbourne after an unsuccessful try-out at her Los Angeles mansion.

Auditioning again in Saturday night’s episode, Stephanie’s emotions ran high, as did Sharon’s who was reduced to tears.
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‘Our parents lost everything’: Next Of Kin reduce Nicole Schzeringer to tears as they perform song they wrote with their mother
X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger found herself in tears after watching former 90s boyband Next Of Kin make their return to the music industry.

In scenes which aired on Saturday evening’s show, the trio revealed how their parents lost everything as their brief time in the limelight came to a very rapid end.

The siblings – Nathan, 32, Kieran, 27 and Mark Bass, 29 – received a standing ovation after their performance of their original song – Can’t Find Me, which they wrote alongside their mother.
Read more: Daily Mail

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