Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Update [HoH Part II Spoilers]

First of all, I just realized that this is the LAST spoiler of the season! Everything else of importance will take place on the live Wednesday show. So, I’d like to thank you all for letting me spoil things to you, and wish you a great rest of the year! PS, watch Survivor and root for Big Brother 12’s winner, Hayden Moss!

As previously spoiled, GinaMarie won Part 1 of the final HoH competition on Thursday. That advanced her to compete in Part 3 the Wednesday, leaving Spencer and Andy to battle in Part 2 for the second seat on Wednesday. The second part of the final HoH competition is always a timed competition dealing with the order of evictees, Heads of Household, etc.

The feeds returned just a bit ago to reveal that ANDY HAS WON PART 2.

This means that GinaMarie and Andy will compete in Part 3 on finale night. Both appear to be taking Spencer to the final 2, so both of them seem to be fighting for their lives.

For those of you unfamiliar with Part 3, here’s how it works:
Julie reads a statement such as, “Candice said, “My least favorite part of the summer was   ____”
Then, Julie gives the two competitors two options to fill in that blank. They choose, and a video of Candice comes on the screen, in which she says the full sentence.

This is done for each jury member, and Andy and GinaMarie will earn a point for each correct answer. The winner is crowned the final HoH and must immediately evict one of the other two Houseguests.

I’m hoping GinaMarie can pull out a win here. It may be a long shot, because even though he stabbed them all in the back before sending them home, Andy was friends with everyone on the jury at some point, so he probably knows them all well.

Who do you want to win Part 3?