X Factor UK S14E16 – Judges’ Houses (VIDEOS)

Boys and the groups.

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The X Factor airs tonight at 7:00pm BST (8:00pm CEST, 2:00pm EDT, 11:00am PDT) on ITV 1 (120min).

Tonight Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell will be choosing their TOP 3 boys and groups.

The groups flew to the south of France. Simon organized a party for them. The next day they they headed to Simon’s villa. Queen Cheryl flies in a chopper. The performances are being filmed in the evening.

The Cutkelvins – Havana / Mi Gente (Camilla Cabello / J. Balvin)
The Cutkelvins are doing a mash up. Shareen’s vocals don’t sound too great tonight. Her brothers rap. Simon says their performance was really good. Cheryl says it made her want to dance.

Lemonade – Praise You (Hannah Grace)
The girls acapella and showcase strong vocals. Simon says he is happy they didn’t do the obvious. They remind him of En Vogue.

New Girlband – Misbehaving (Labrinth)
The girls sound surprisingly good considering they are a new girlband.

Jack & Joel – Get The Party Started / Get Your Freak On (Pink / Missy Elliott)
One of them sings, the other plays acoustic guitar and beatboxes. Then the guitar player starts rapping. They surely can do lots of things, but it’s all a bit too much. Simon tells Cheryl he likes their personalities more than performance.

Rak-Su – Palm Tree (original song)
They wrote 9 new songs and they picked this one for their judges’ houses performance. It sounds really current.
Cheryl says they have global appeal. Simon says they have the ability to write hit records. Cheryl asks if they can dance. Apparently not.

Sean and Conor Price – What About Us (Pink)
The first bother starts singing and his vocal sounds really, really weak. Honestly, their performance sounds substandard compared to the 5 performances before them. Simon says this was the best they’ve ever sang. WTF? Simon and Cheryl liked it when the boys looked into each other’s eyes. Cheryl questions their versatility.

Later, Simon and Cheryl deliberate. Simon has some tough decisions to make.

The next day, Simon delivers his decisions.

New Girlband – They are going home.
Simon tells them they sounded better in the group than solo. But they still look like 6 soloists and not a group.

The Cutkelvins – They are through to the live shows!
Simon says this was a no-brainer decision.

Jack & Joel – They are going home.
Simon didn’t like their song choices.

Sean & Conor Price – They are through to the live shows!
Simon says they don’t know how good they are.

Rak-Su – They are through to the live shows!
This was another no-brainer decision for Simon.

Lemonade – They are going home.
Simon praises them, but says he has only 3 places. He says any other year they would have sailed through.

Simon’s groups: The Cutkelvins, Sean & Conor Price, Rak-Su

The boys traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. The boys have dinner with Louis somewhere near Hagia Sophia.

The next day Louis meets the boys and introduces his guest judge, Mika. He was a judge on X Factor Italy a few years ago.

Aidan Martin – One Last Time (Ariana Grande)
Aidan is very nervous. He even makes Mika nervous. The first part of the performance is a bit weak. He improves as the performance goes on. Louis says Aidan sang from the heart. Mika likes his musicality and the fact that he wants it. Louis thinks Aidan is a bit desperate and thinks he would be a risky choice for the live shows.

Sam Black – Hard To Handle (Otis Reading)
He was eliminated in bootcamp, but brought back by Louis after Anthony Russell was kicked off the show. Sam is super emotional on camera. His performance is very fun. Mika thinks Sam has no singing technique. He says Sam gives off good energy and is worth taking a chance.

Leon Mallett – Dreams (Gabrielle)
He starts with a rap and then starts singing. Mika says Leon starts well, but then ‘never reaches the peak’.

Jack Mason – Clown (Emeli Sande)
Jack stripped the song. He can sing, but needs more vocal training. Mika says everything about the performance was right. Louis says Jack is a character, but doesn’t know if he has star quality.

Spencer Sutherland – Wasted Time (original song)
He wrote this song about his dad. Spencer’s delivery of the song is way too saccharine. Mika says Spencer is slightly dated and there is bit of stage school to him.

Lloyd Macey – How Far I’ll Go (Alessia Cara)
Lloyd delivers the best vocal of the six boys, but he is singing a really cheesy song. Mika says there is nobody like Lloyd. Louis says Lloyd is not your typical pop star, but can sing. Mika says he is a bit ‘too clean’ and lacks grit.

Later Mika and Louis deliberate. They go through strong and weak points of each singer. In the end Mika teases Louis because it’s been ages since Louis had a winner.

The next day, Louis delivers his decisions.

Jack Mason – He is going home.
Louis says there is something very genuine about Jack and he has great musicality. He says Jack never gave him a great vocal, only good.

Spencer Sutherland – He is through to the ive shows!
Louis decides to take a risk.

Leon Mallett – He is going home.
Louis says he has great potential, but isn’t there yet.

Sam Black – He is through to the lie shows!
Louis praises his personality, but isn’t sure that he is also a reliable performer that delivers on the big stage.
Louis tells Sam it’s not good news … it’s great news. Poor Sam has a breakdown.

Lloyd Macey – He is through to the live shows!
Louis tells him he is too musical theater. Lloyd is sure he is going home.

Aidan Martin – He is going home.
Louis is worried, because he is too emotional.

Louis’ boys: Spencer Sutherland, Sam Black, Lloyd Macey

WILDCARDS: There will be 4 wildcards this year, one from each category. The public will choose one act from each category out of the acts that were eliminated at judges’ houses.

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