X Factor UK S13E15 – Week 2 – Motown

Just another Motown night.

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X Factor UK: Song Spoilers for Motown Week

Tonight, X Factor’s TOP 11 will be singing the well known Motown songs. This will be the first live show for 4 of Diamonds, who returned to the competition after the removal of Brooks Way.

Louis says his two remaining acts are going nowhere. Hehe. The show is opened with Dermot dancing with the cast of “Motown The Musical” to “Dancing in the Streets”. He introduces the judges. After the judges take a seat, Dermot invites 4 of Diamonds on stage. They are excited to be back.

Freddy Parker – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrel)

He was in the bottom 3 and saved by the public from the bottom 2. He is determined to bring it this week. He gets a visit from his family. Freddy has a band and dancers on stage. He seems a bit awkward standing behind a mic stand. The song seems a bit too big for him. I wonder why they saddled him with this song? This just isn’t his style, but he is trying to do his best.
Louis said he liked it, but not loved it. He thinks the song was a bit too big for him. Sharon says he was killing it. She says was too little for him. Simon says it was a little bit erratic, but compared to last week, a million times better. He gives him credit for working hard this week. Nicole says Freddy took a chance this week by not playing the piano.

Emily Middlemas – Stop In The Name of Love (Supremes)
She went shopping with the girls this week. At the rehearsal, Simon says they are trying to show her individuality, not big voice.
This week, we get Emily standing on a platform, wearing a metallic dress and singing with piano accompanying her. The beginning was nice, but towards the end the arrangement went nowhere. I do think this was a lot better than last week’s performance.
Louis says Emily made the song her own and that the song could be a hit today. Sharon says the performance was beautiful. Nicole says she managed to show off her chops. She suggests using her range more. Simon says she showcased her artistry. He says she went from karaoke to originality this week.

Matt Terry – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
His grandma is in Spain and Matt says he lived in Spain for 8 years before returning to the UK to audition for the X Factor. Matt’s grandma arrives for Matt’s rehearsal and meets Simon.
This performance was unfortunate set up, as the band is elevated on two platforms. The other thing unfortunate about this performance is the song’s arrangement, but we do get a solid vocal performance from Matt. He looks like a popstar and sounds like a popstar.
Louis calls the performance “a world class performance”. Sharon instructs the boy to rotate for her. She calls him scarily good. Simon says Matt “popped” and says this retro style suits him. Nicole points out his style and charisma. All the fawning over Matt makes my head spin. He must be the chosen one for this season.

Relley C – Ain’t No Sunshine (Michael Jackson version)

Sharon introduces Saara Aalto, but it’s Relley C’s turn. Relley’s dad used to be in a Motown tribute band. He visits her at rehearsal. Relley brings rock solid soul vocals to the performance. She gets a smaller choir behind the judges. This was rock solid, if not exciting.
Louis says she reminds him of a young Diana Ross. Nicole calls her “stunning and captivating”. Simon compliments her confidence and ability to control the song. Sharon says Relley is better than Diana Ross. Lol.

Sam Lavery – Hello (Lionel Richie)
She sang “Impossible” last week and met James Arthur She gets a new haircut and gets to chat with her grandfather via Skype. First part of the performance is just her voice and the piano and for the last chorus a band kicks in, hidden by a curtain. She turned the song into a rock ballad and she sounded amazing.
Louis loved the performance. Sharon compliments her rock voice. Nicole loved the performance and the song choice. Simon says she has an authentic rock voice and that he heard “something” tonight to work with in the following weeks.

5 After Midnight – Get Ready / Reach Out & I’ll Be There

Jordan celebrates his birthday with his bandmates and their parents. The boys explain how they started singing. We see them in the dance class with Brian Friedman. Each of the three boys gets a platform and a mic stand. They leave their platforms to showcase some serious dance moves. I’m not sure this mash up was a good idea. It’s just weird. Their vocals seem fine for the most part.
Sharon calls the performance “absolutely sensational”. Nicole says this this will be their career for the rest of their lives. Simon says he didn’t want the performance to end. Louis continues showering them with compliments.

Ryan Lawrie – Superstition (Stevie Wonder)

Nicole wants him and his girlfriend Emily to stay focused. Ryan’s problem is that he has the voice and stage presence of a boyband singer. He just isn’t standing out in any way. The heavy backing track drowns him out on some parts of the song.
Louis compliments the singing, dancing and the new haircut. Sharon agrees with him. Simon says the performance didn’t work. He says the performance was mechanical and the choreography old-fashioned. Nicole disagrees and says Ryan himself chose this song and she also praises him for breaking out for his comfort zone. Eeek. The bus came for Ryan.

Honey G – Mo Money, Mo Problems (Notorious B.I.G.)
Honey G’s mother visits her daughter in the house. She gets dancing tips from Brian Friedman and the scene looks really awkward.
Honey G and the stage are decked in gold. She can rap, but it’s hard to take middle aged white woman as a credible rapper. I think the audience will get tired on this act and her chanting sooner rather than later.
Louis loved the performance and everything about it. He says everyone thinks she is David Cameron in a wig. Nicole compliments her rap mentality. Simon says she shut it down. Sharon points out Honey G herself wrote a rap verse in the middle of a song. She says Honey G is the best new rapper in years. What a joke.

Gifty Louise – Rockin’ Robin (Michael Jackson)
Gifty went to Fifth Harmony’s concert this week and she also got to meet the girls. They say Simon loves ginger tea.
Gifty starts the song sitting in a sling in the middle of the stage. She commands the stage like a star.
Louis says Gifty is on fire and says she has star quality. Sharon has a lot of fun with this performance and calls Gifty “a gift”. Nicole says she did everything right this week. Simon compliments her vocals and says there is more for her to come.

Saara Aalto – River Deep, Mountain High (Supremes & Four Tops)

She was in the bottom 2 last week. Her family came from Finland and she went sightseeing with her sister.
Sharon says we will get to see a different side from Saara this week. She starts the song on steps and gets attention from 4 guys. I just don’t think people want to see “sexy” from Saara. She comes across as awkward with her dancing. My only reaction while watching that was “No, no, noooo.” The good part of this performance: amazing, big voice. Vocally she definitely delivered.
Louis says he doesn’t know why she was in the bottom 2 last week. He thinks that people think she is cold and distant. Nicole absolutely says “she smacked it around”. Simon says her “Let it Go” performance last week was cold. Simon points out her fantastic voice. Sharon says the performance left her speechless.

Four Of Diamonds – You Keep Me Hanging On (Supremes)

Louis sent them home at judges’ houses and now they are replacing Brooks Way. They receive a big introduction. The girls are excited about this week’s theme.
Girlband is taking on a girlband song and I don’t think this is cutting is as a decent cover. The girls have vocal problems and they look stiff on stage. Their styling isn’t great either.
Sharon compliments them from coming in and jumping right in. Nicole says they are her favorite girl group. She says they are too good individually to double up the vocals. Simon makes a dig at Bratavio and says Louis hates working with girlbands. He gives them advice to watch Little Mix videos. Louis says he is happy to have the girls back.

The voting is now open.

Little Mix are premiering their new single tomorrow on the X Factor and OneRepublic will be performing, too.

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