X Factor UK S12 – Wildcard Announced

Pointless, but hey.

On Sunday the TOP 12 of X Factor UK S12 was revealed. Tonight, TPTB revealed a wildcard act on the Xtra Factor. Monica Michael from the girls category was chosen by the judges to return.

I’m not thrilled about this. I think Rita Ora picked the right TOP 3 girls on Sunday. Monica Michael is talented, but her main strength is songwriting. She wasn’t standing out as a vocalist and there is something unlikable about her. I had the same reaction to her last year and this year. Both times I was happy to see her being let go and I’m not happy that they brought her back. We have only 7 weeks of the live shows this season. Even without a wildcard act added we would have several double eliminations and now they brought back another act. This is just pointless.

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