X Factor UK S11E16 – Week 1 – The Results

16 become 14 tonight.

Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

Tonight’s episode starts at 8:15pm BST, 9:15pm CEST, 3:15pm EDT, 12:15pm PDT.


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TOP 16 become TOP 14 tonight. Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams perform.

Who might be in trouble: Stephanie Nala, Blonde Electra, Jake Quickenden, Overload Generation, Stevi Ritchie

The show starts with a cold open, followed by Peter Dickinson‘s long intro.

Peter introduces Dermot O’Leary and then the 4 judges. Lines are still open.

TOP 16 perform Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen”.

Time for a looooooooooooooooooong recap.

Watching that, I actually think this year’s line up is pretty good.

Over 2 million votes came in last night. For the first time ever the viewers can vote for free via the X Factor app (5 votes).

Pharrell Williams performs “Gust of Wind”. He has Asian dancers on stage and the background is full of autumn leaves. The song … is just okay. He tells Dermot that he liked Lauren’s rendition of “Happy”.

5 minute warning! We are going to a commercial break.

The lines are now closed. Dermot asks the judges who was the best last night.

And now, it’s time for Taylor Swift. She is performing “Shake It Off”. She wouldn’t get far as a contestant on the X Factor with her vocals. There is nothing interesting on stage to hear or see, I’m afraid.

Another commercial break.

Time for the results!

The judges and their acts come on stage for the results.

Fleur East
Ben Haenow
Lauren Platt
Paul Akister
Lola Saunders
Only The Young
Jack Walton
Chloe Jasmine
Jay James
Stereo Kicks
Andrea Faustini
Stevi Ritchie
Jake Quickenden

The 13th act safe to be revealed after the break. 4 acts remain on stage: Stephanie Nala, Blonde Electra, Overload Generation and Jake Quickenden.
We are back. And the 13th safe act is: Jake Quickenden!

Bottom 3:
Stephanie Nala
Blonde Electra
Overload Generation

Blonde Electra received the fewest votes and is out of the competition!

Overload Generation sing “For A Thousand Years” (Christina Perri). This is painfully bad.

Stephanie Nala sings “Have You Ever?” (Brandy). Sappy song, but she sounds way better than the boyband.

Judges vote:
Simon sends home Overload Generation, based on the performance.
Cheryl sends home Overload Generation.
Mel B sends home Stephanie Nala, because Overload Generation are her wildcard.
Louis sends home Stephanie Nala.


Overload Generation are leaving the competition! I can’t believe Stephanie pulled through this deadlock, but she deserved it! Simon must be happy knowing that One Direction’s copycat is gone. Louis Walsh is down to 2 acts and this was only week 1!

Next week, TOP 14 will sing the music of the 80’s. Jessie J and Maroon 5 perform. More judges, ex-judges and mentors from The Voice. Heh, too bad The Voice is unable to produce a successful contestant.

Double blow: Louis Walsh loses TWO acts as Blonde Electra and Overload Generation are sent home on The X Factor’s first elimination night
It appears that Louis Walsh’s dream of finally having a winning act on The X Factor may be slipping through his fingers once again.

The Irishman saw two of his acts – Blonde Electra and Overload Generation – leave the ITV show, after a tough first elimination night on Sunday.

Sister act Blonde Electra were the first act to learn that they were departing the show, as it was announced by host Dermot O’Leary that they’d received the least votes.
Read more: Daily Mail

She isn’t well RED! Cheryl Fernandez-Versini loses X Factor fashion battle to Mel B, despite her bizarre long-and-short dress
She surely has both a personal stylist and a packed wardrobe.

But Cheryl Fernandez-Versini hit a bum note when she wore a red jumpsuit for the X Factor on Sunday.

The Newcastle-born singer failed the fashion-off with fellow judge Mel B, who won by default in a bizarre black, sleeveless number.
Read more: Daily Mail

Always by her side: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Jean Bernard look loved up as he guides her out of X Factor studios
They tied the knot in July, after a whirlwind romance and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her husband Jean Bernard seem as though they can’t bear to be apart.

The handsome French man accompanied the former Girls Aloud singer to the X Factor results show on Sunday night and was seen holding her hand as they left the Fountain studios later that evening.

Cheryl, 31, was dressed to kill in a plunging red jumpsuit which she wore with matching court shoes and a slick of lippy in the same hue.
Read more: Daily Mail

A wolf in sheep’s clothing! Mel B leaves The X Factor studios after results show in white woolly onesie
She’s proving popular with the public for her no-nonsense attitude and honest feedback on The X Factor.

But tough love judge Mel B looked like butter wouldn’t melt as she left Fountain Studios in London on Sunday night after the first results show.

The former Spice Girl covered up in a sheep inspired onesie, pulling the fluffy hood over her head.
Read more: Daily Mail

She’s shining star! Taylor Swift shows off her svelte frame in glittering crop top and matching high-waisted shorts during high-energy X Factor performance
As the freshest crop of X Factor hopefuls nervously awaited their fate on Sunday night’s live eviction show, they got to rub shoulders with one of pop’s biggest stars.

Before Blonde Electra and Overload Generation became the first acts to be voted out of the competition, Taylor Swift took to the stage to perform her latest hit, Shake It Off.

The 24-year-old beauty showed off her svelte frame in a glittering two-piece ensemble, consisting of a crop top with matching high-waisted shorts, giving her legs extra length in a pair of strappy heels.
Read more: Daily Mail

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  1. here we go… time to break between 2 and 13 hearts… depending on who goes!

  2. As if we needed proof that Louis=Randy, Louis just said “in it to win it”.

  3. LOL… i’m not sure who that insults more… maybe both equally in diff ways?!

  4. still finding it a little odd when PD and Dermy call Chazza by her new posh French double barrelled surname…

  5. Lauren gets to kick it off… Alphas girl now shes top 20 on iTunes?
    Chloe sounded awful… awful

  6. other than Paul I thought they all sounded rubbish… Overs were better… even Stevi!

  7. Paul and Andrea were ok. but yeah. this is among the worst group numbers I’ve ever seen.

  8. Paul & Lola both get the… you should’ve gotten through last year edit

  9. Jay & Jack… positive recap
    Overload and Steph… super negative recap edit

  10. SK… get the 2nd coming of 1D edit…
    Stevi… the we want you to be Wagner edit…

  11. Lauren gets the ‘you’re in it for the long haul / she’s a star’ edit…
    BE get a reasonably positive edit!!

  12. Ben gets mixed edit… Mel’s negative and Chazza and Simon’s positive comments…
    Jake gets a positive edit… no ‘you cant sing and your only here for your Geordie Shore looks comments replayed…

  13. Fleur… your the full package pop star / cool and fresh edit…
    OTY… like Ben get mixed feedback…
    Andrea… gets short but very positive comments…

  14. Is it just me or is Pharrell not that great of a singer? This kinda sucks.

  15. Pharrel’s new song is a bit dull… and he is clearly lip synching… and not very well…
    what’s with the Chinese references with the dancers costumes…

  16. I think he’s singing part to be fair, but the backing track is handling most of it.

  17. nope. and that’s a good thing. I remember being super pissed when they didn’t stand for David Cook or Candice on idol.

  18. running out of time… and he is a bit of a boring interview… so Dermy interrupts him… rather amateurishly imo!

  19. thinking about it… this must be the first live results show since 2006 when the years previous winner hasn’t performed his/her/their new single… anyone have any idea if Sam B is still even with Syco??

  20. I think she is. I read something about her album being re-released before Christmas, I don’t know if it’s true. Anyway, her album was released in March and is off the charts, so there is nothing to promote. Right now she is caring for a newborn daughter.

  21. nope. James and Little Mix both waited until later in the series.

  22. didn’t watch all of the last couple of years… boring acts and judges… this year feels like a return to what made the show interesting (S4-S8)…

  23. ok. I liked the past few years but if you didn’t watch then yeah. Last two years the winner waited until live show 7-8ish.

  24. I’m going to make a guess that the first act safe will be a “shock” aka an act that should be in the bottom.

  25. have they confirmed how the double elimination will work…
    assuming the bottom will just get the boot and the 2nd and 3rd to bottom will do a sing off… as in previous years…
    or will there be some sort of 3 way sing off?

  26. should we read anything into who they are being paired with as told they are safe??

  27. Ok so these results aren’t bad so far. I wish Stevi was in the bottom three but I knew it wouldn’t happen.

  28. he’s not as annoying as likes of Rylan/Wagner/Jedward (or doesn’t appear to be)… so I imagine people will get bored of him by episode 3 or 4…

  29. he’s not as funny as them. he just can’t sing. so I hope you’re right.

  30. Last 4 left are Blonde Electra, Overload, Stephanie, and Jake Quickenden.

  31. no problem. two of them go home, one is safe, one is in the sing off

  32. I think Overload will be eliminated right away. The sing off will be between stephanie and jake.

  33. whichever of that 4 is safe… they have unfortunately been branded as bottom of the heap… unlikely to survive that stigma after 1 week…

  34. as predicted jake is safe… but now branded a bottom act by being left to 12th to be announced safe (and post an ad break)…

  35. BE are out… no shock there…
    sing off time… I imagine Steph is toast… Overload needed to be the counterpoint to SK narrative as the better boyband…

  36. Well that’s the difference between annoying joke act and likable joke act.

  37. They are such a knockoff of 1D. I hear a lesser Harry Styles singing right now without looking at the screen.

  38. Thanks. Blonde Electra was entertaining to watch though, but I understand why people wouldn’t like them. I want Overload Gen to be eliminated next.

  39. why are the two singers in this group at either end of the line up… shouldn’t they be in the middle… they are clearly the better singers… gets most solos and the guy with glasses seems most star like…

  40. This is too boring to give her much of a shot. Her best chance is deadlock.

  41. It started out just boring but then turned awful towards the end. Bye Steph.

  42. I think Simon doesn’t like Overload very much. and Cheryl will back her girl. Louis will of course back the group. Mel B will probably back the group since she picked them to be the wildcard.

  43. this tells me that all the twitter followers these 2 have acts have… just don’t vote…

  44. groups are always the first to go when the live show starts right?

  45. me too… I thought they’d set up a 2 or 3 week narrative of a ‘battle of the boybands’… maybe they felt SK needed these guys votes to survive?

  46. doesn’t matter what they set up really if people don’t vote.

  47. Louis didn’t even sound like he believed his final comments there…

  48. She’s lucky! But the boys deserve it. They appear to be an obnoxious bunch, particularly the Bieber haired kid.

  49. Wow I’m hoping the kid with glasses comes back as a solo act and ditches overload he is so good much better then the act and how bout the long haired girl in blonde Electra she’s good I hope she comes back as a solo also

  50. gotcha. i don’t think there will ever be another group that will win the show aside from little mix.

  51. Maroon 5 on next week… will Jay still get the ‘ you’re the UK Adam Levine comments’… and then be shown to be nothing like as charismatic as him??

  52. I don’t know why Cheryl brought Stevi back. I was so disappointed, I wanted the overs wildcard to be Janet Grogan.

  53. Just noticed that the guest performers so far all have connection to the voice. pharrell and adam are coaches and taylor is a guest mentor lol.

  54. I thought the glasses guy in OG had more star power than most of Stereo Kicks… maybe they could sneak him in there… swap out one of the other guys… probably without any one noticing…

  55. watching Xtra Factor… LOL… Simon blaming Louis for failure of the groups tonight… and Simon taking all the credit for success of his acts… song choice… allowing Fleur to shine and be a star etc…

  56. When it went to deadlock I was sure Steph was a goner, but then I was pleasantly surprised. She was definitely the better act in the sing off.

  57. me too… they were both pretty bad…
    if Steph is lucky she will get a vote surge next week (if only in sympathy)…
    but will be out the following week…

  58. True now if Usher or Gwen Stefani perform after that, you know something’s up. Lol

  59. Wow, Stephanie got more votes than a white boyband call me shocked. Lol

  60. so for next week I would say…
    They can’t have another group (OTy) leave so early on… unless they want Louis to just focus on SK… like he did with JLS in S5…
    so I expect Jake is in for a nobbling by TPTB… I expect him to get more direct (and unfavourable) comparisons to Ben…
    and also one of the girls… Chloe probably needs a B2 appearance to help perpetuate her role as polarising a la Katie/Kitty…
    if not them then maybe they will try and kill Steph off once and for all…

  61. According to Sofabet an act from each category has revealed song choices revealed on The Xtra Factor for the 80s theme next week (though I guess these may change)…

    Chloe Jasmine: Call Me (Blondie)… previously done by Diana Vickers in S5

    Jake: Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)… yawn… could be an epic fail to get him in B2

    Only the Young: Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News)… could be cute / boring (or both)

    Stevi: Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer)… I guess the Wagner impersonation continues…

  62. All of the bottom 3 are just plain bad, as is Stevi in general.

  63. Well no surprise here although Steph sure pulled a horseshoe !!

  64. Would be nice to see some Idol alums like Kelly and Carrie performing on the XF. I don’t think Carrie has ever been on XF before. Would be a good opportunity to promote her Greatest Hit album to the UK and Hopefully Kelly will perform her new single from her Christmas album so it can get a proper promotion unlike last year.

  65. Paul and Andrea are way better than you think. They must just not be your type of singers which is fine. That does not mean that they don’t have good voices. There are some top musicians whose voices I just can’t connect with so I’m not a fan of theirs. That does not mean that they can’t sing. The same with Paul, Andrea, and some of the others. Other people have said that this is the best group of contestants they’ve seen. Then there are people who are very negative every year about the contestants

  66. They aren’t that good. What they have? Big voices? No. Awesome stage presence? No. Artistry? No.
    Yeah, they sing in the correct picht and pick big songs, but I have seen much better voices in reality shows.

  67. I liked Blonde Electra, it’s a shame, they were fun, and well I’m glad that Steph is safe, she’s not great, but she is good, and I can’t stand to see her not smile, so all in all good.

  68. I think you’ve misread me. I was saying that on this particular group number they weren’t good. I agree that Paul and Andrea are fantastic. They are my two favorites.

  69. look up Wagner and you might see why. but you probably won’t. i still don’t get the rationale either.

  70. Sorry but Stephanie was C-R-A-P last night and during her sing off. At least Overload were on-key and had harmony not to mention stage presence. Unfortunately TPTB and Simon dislike Overload. It’s Simon’s show after all so Steph got safe. Expecting her to go next week. She belongs in a girl group and not on stage as a soloist.

  71. My prediction next week is Steph to go first if its a double elimination. She just lacks X-Factor and personality to click with the public. Most of the Boys & Overs are too likable to leave. Bottom 2 sing-off could be between Chloe and Paul. Stevi’s safe since he’s the joke act that entertains.

  72. I think Only The Young has potential if given the right song choices and proper promotion. The problem with Groups is usually mentoring. When Louis & Simon mentor, they turn them into teeny-booper magnets(boybands) or boyfriend stealers(girl groups). When Tulisa was mentoring Little Mix she promoted them as female role model so they connected with the public and got votes which rarely happens to girl bands in the past.

  73. Overload got the least votes. If they just wanted to save Steph, why go into deadlock?

  74. Thank goodness that One Direction copycat is goone.. As soon as i found out how they were copying it is just pathetic.

  75. Simon knows 1D very well, he sees that Overload is trying to copy them, which is annoying. That Ryan kid has done a study on Harry Styles,, like: How do I look like Harry Styles? How do I get the same attitude as Harry Styles? How do I clothe like Harry fucking Styles? It is exceptionally annoying.

  76. Exactly. Paul and Andrea do nothing for me. Beautiful voices, but thats it. Not marketable, not original nor creative.

  77. Jack Walton is actually the only act I am really interested in. Fresh, original and creative talent. Very marketable as well.
    The resemblence between Jake Quickenden and Cristiano Ronaldo hits me every time. The same vanity, hair, trimmed brows, dito breast, pussy-ness/soft egg-ness and crybaby-ness.
    At least CR7 has talent, and is interesting to watch.

  78. Kelly has done UK XF before… Carrie isn’t big here in the UK… so can’t see her being on … unless no other bigger act was available that week…

  79. LOL…I think he looks more like a Geordie Shore reject… but I can sorta see where you are going with that comparison!

  80. Overload was my favorite group through the auditions but they imploded the last few performances. Not surprised they were sent home. No brainer for Blonde Electra to be gone. I still think Jack is the favorite to win. He is the only one who has a different but cool vibe.

  81. I like him but he is competiing with the 8 pieces as a young cute guy, so I expect him to be sabotaged at some point.


  83. Why not? Joke acts were always popular on the XFUK. Remember Jedward, Wagner, Rylan…

  84. Exactly. I loathe the fact that with acts like Andrea and Paul, who always get big diva ballets the audience will be all dramatic about it. The song often starts low, then build towards the climax the audience is crying like crazy into their big brought towels. They don;’t even hear what or how he sings anymore because they are too busy with the ‘oOooh my Godd’s, so gooodd’.

  85. Eh, I thought she was pretty good actually. Mateja’s right, it was a sappy song, but she still sounded pleasant. Stephanie does have a lot of vibrato in her voice, but she never pushes it too far to be unpleasant. As for being 14th in the votes, I personally was surprised she wasn’t eliminated immediately (I’m watching this a day later hence why I’m typing now.) Given her lack of screen time and pleasant but forgettable performance on the main show it’s a small miracle considering she was basically set up for 16th place.

  86. Jake’s whole style is picking songs “too big for him” but “connecting” so well that the judges like it anyway.

  87. I disagree, she has a “good popstar” voice, i.e., made to sing “marketable” songs well, but good enough that fans can say she has a better voice than whatever other singers are contemporaries to said artist (Ariana Grande is a modern example).

  88. I’m not sure if there will be a weekly ranking done for XF UK this year… like with Idol and US TV??

    But if there were to be… at this early stage, rather than a numerical ranking… I would suggest a grouping by the following categories…

    Group A – acts TPTB are positively promoting due to talent/marketability… Andrea, Stereo Kick, Lauren, Ben, Fleur & maybe Paul/Lola (although these last 2 may also be in group B)

    Group B – acts TPTB are positively promoting due to novelty/drama/ratings due to specific demographic appeal… Chloe & Stevi (the villain and joke acts) and also I think Jay, Paul and Lola (they fulfil a specific demo / help with a specific story arc and I think once they have fulfilled that and reached mid pack… also there to be a surprise boot)…

    Group C – acts TPTB are neutral or undecided on… so happy to watch and wait / no great loss if a surprise B2 place… Jake, Jack, OTY

    Group D – acts TPTB are actively trying to get rid of… Steph… in week 1 this also included Overload and BE

    An act may move from one group into another… i.e. if a Group A/B act falls into the bottom two… or once they have fulfilled their role… they will end up moving into Group C/D (i.e. all novelty acts, or previous Alpha acts like Tamera from last year)…

    likewise a Group C act… may end up moving into Group A… but normally only to replace a Group A act that didn’t last the distance… unlikely a Group D will move out of that group…

  89. However the ladies have commented that he is good looking too, so perhaps that is a wash. I think his potential is unlimited. His tone is killer. When he gains a bit more confidence, he could be a star. He is creative and different unlike Andrea and Paul, who will bore us every week with the same type song. I have heard them a million times before, only done better. Jack is unique and talented. I hope he goes far, so I have reason to watch this declining show. Good news is X Factor New Zealand will air again next year. They did it right the one year they had it. Honest and knowledgeable judges, that make interesting, intelligent and relevant comments.

  90. I agree that OTY have potential. I don’t think they will win but they are my favorite group. And I never thought about that with Little Mix but yeah, that’s true.

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