X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 10 (with VIDEOS)(updated with RESULTS)

So they’ve decided to add a week to their show, I was all for a grand finale with a final 4. But instead we get to have the likes of Marlisa, Reigan, Dean, and the Bros 3 fight out for a spot into the final 3. Walking into this week the two acts that haven’t been in the bottom 2/3 are Marlisa and Brothers 3 and while this could make us assume they are guaranteed a spot in next week, I actually think Marlisa is in the most trouble going into this week. Reigan and Dean could be on a upswing, and Brothers 3, well they have publics support. Marlisa could end up just short of making it all the way. Videos below.




Well it happened an under 25 girl finally made the grand final on X Factor. Big Congratulations to Marlisa, a well earned achievement. Can not believe Reigan is gone, my opening guesses of a Tee vs Reigan finale showdown was so wrong, so, so, so wrong. Here we are with our final 3: Dean, Brothers 3, and Marlisa. I think I could actually see any of them winning. Now with only one female, Marlisa may pick up Reigan’s voters. So really it is anybody’s game.


  1. While anyone winning would be alright for me, I’ve loved Marlisa’s growth over the weeks. I hope she does make it and that the girls aren’t the first category out for the fourth year in a row. Let’s see if she can do what Christina, Bella and Jiordan couldn’t do and make it all the way to the end! Come on Australia don’t let me down!

  2. I think it would be great if Dean Ray could win so that natalie can finally be a winning mentor! I would like the top 3 to be Brother 3, Dean Ray, and Reigan. I can’t stand Ronan lol

  3. This is the first week where I’ve not been able to pick someone who I felt did badly. The only performance that was a little on the “eh” side for me was Dean’s first performance, but he totally made up for it with the second one. I don’t know who is going home, but whoever does did the best that they could do, and I will not be disappointed to see any of these four in the finals.

  4. Brothers 3 did badly in both of their songs IMO, specially the first one.

  5. I can see that. To me, they’ve never been the most talented, but have always been among the most energetic and actually seeming to enjoy themselves, which I felt was true with both of their songs. Their songs were technically the weakest this week, but I felt they continued to have fun and push their “boy band” vibe, which has served them well so far.

  6. Marlisa is the only contestant that moved me,that was incredible performance…

  7. Marlisa has the best vocal among the four of them. I hope she goes to the grand final.

  8. I really liked both of Dean’s songs !!!! Come OZ make him the winner :)

  9. After watching the videos, I think the top 3 will be marlisa, brothers 3, and dean.

  10. Marlisa´s Impossible was a very fine crafted art, stunning.

  11. Couldn’t agree with you more. I feel bad for the Girls’ category each year having to miss out on the grand-finals. Let’s hope Marlisa breaks that curse and actually make history!

  12. The Brothers 3 sabotage continues. Foo is a moron, so it does not surprise me that he says the same idiotic, “The song needs a moment” comment. Brothers 3 songs will not have the big power notes. They have cool harmonies. The power is in the beauty of their singing. They killed Massachusetts, however I thought the 1d song was a disaster. Brothers 3 are my favorites but Best Song Ever was too manic, too forced. They tried so hard to make it fun and exciting that they forgot to sing it well. By far their worst performance. They reversed it completely with Massachusetts. That was amazing.
    Dean is the man. With Brothers 3 first song debacle, I now hope he wins. His mixing of textures, tones and loud soft contrasts made The Power of Love a masterpiece. I did not like his medley as much, but that still makes it excellent.
    Marlissa sang both songs well, but she does nothing to them. She is very good karaoke, nothing more.
    Reigan despite what Foo said, did not convey the pain that that vocal that Only Love Can Hurt Like This requires. She is monotonous. She bored me with both her songs. She does nothing special. They must want her to win as she gets overpraised every week, we get to hear about her family coming first, we get to hear about her interview and how she takes criticism so well. Meanwhile, when she was in the bottom 2, we only heard Foo and her bitch about it non stop. Hoping her or Marlissa is gone tomorrow. Hoping especially Brothers 3 stays so to shove the attempted sabotage right down Foos throat.

  13. Well Sorry to disappoint MJSBIGBLOG….but Marlisa made it to the finals……Marlisa is such a brilliant performer…..she’s just underrated not only because of her age but also her ethnicity…People would hate to see someone from the minority…win…sad but true….

  14. The judges were tough on everyone last night (except Dean), and that does not equal sabotage. Not to mention Massachusetts was far from the great performance you are trying to make it. It was boring, monotonous, old fashioned and their harmonies were far from stellar. Foo was only saying what many were thinking. Just look at the dislike bar in their videos.

  15. Hmm not sure why you’re commenting this here, from what i read most people on this thread like Marlisa O.o

  16. Yeah I wonder why they got so many votes every time, it;s crazy! I mean they have good harmonies and they are original, but their individual voices lack something. I know its about the group but,, i just dont knoww why they get só many votes.

  17. Marlisa will surely win this. I think AU franchise will copy israel’s result, that season in israel where a filipina won has the biggest rating during those months plus they gained many followers on their social media account and doubled their sponsors as per google. So i bet marlisa will win this and will just use bro3 for text votes (money) and dean for viewers.

  18. Okay I have a lot to say so here goes:
    She did it! ^_^ Oh my gosh, that was the first real nail biter final showdown in awhile (For me the last time was Caitlyn vs. Rochelle since it could have fell either way) since I couldn’t figure out who would be eliminated (Last week was so obvious i wikipedia’d it(I live in the States wasn’t watching live) during the sing off, the only time I did all season).

    Second I watched the vote announcement and learned who the B2 was, but then I had to leave for college today, so it was torture all day to think who’d make it!

    Third, I do feel bad for Reigan, she did have some great performances, especially towards the beginning of the live shows, but the last three weeks for me, she just lost her invincible status in my head. While this was the most exciting semifinal I’ve seen in awhile, possibly ever, if I did pick my F3 it would be Marlisa, Reigan and Dean. I’m not gonna repeat the reasons each should go through since we all know how the Final 4 have done in their progression this season, my decider was that Brothers 3 just did not do that great last night. I still wouldn’t have minded if they had gone through, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit annoyed they didn’t even need to sing for survival. As a side note, Dannii says their fan base has been BEGGING for Massachusetts by the Bee Gees? I’m not going to make any assumptions, but I’m not sure their fan base is necessarily this primarily teenage girl crowd that the show has been telling us if that’s true.

    Fourth, James Tolentino, when you say Marlisa has the best vocal among “the four of them” did you mean the top girls of the last four seasons or this Final 4? And JustJam, yeah the category does get a bad deal a lot. In Christina’s case they missed out on the Quarterfinals! Only Sally can also say she made it, although I liked Hayley Teal better that season.

    And fifth, the format this year has been my X Factor Dream Season! 11 weeks, with the first 8 one song, Quarter- and Semifinal two songs, and the Final at 3 songs, with a bottom 2 (okay and the one bottom 3 why not) all the way up to the Final 4! (Im also okay with ending at Final 6 like the UK used to, for me either the Quarter and Semifinal should both have a showdown or neither should) Not only did they add an extra week, they even let the F5 sing twice, which I always wondered why Australia was against every year. Seriously I have never seen my hopes for a show come true in such detail (scripted or or unscripted). Australia has always had the best version and this year they cemented that even further. Long may it continue!

  19. Brothers 3 should never even have made the live shows, never mind the finals. It’s a joke! What’s wrong with this blog? Go elsewhere and note the endless comments of disbelief that Brothers 3 got this far. There’s something fundamentally flawed with the voting. Reigan Derry will have a career in the business….Brothers 3 might get a few karaoke giggs, at best!

  20. I’m so fed up with this years farce it comes down to this: ABB3
    Yes, anyone but that joke geek act Brothers 3!

  21. Disagree. Marlisa’s ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Her voice is just really unique and versatile as well. The show probably wants a younger female artist grand-finalist this time since they’ve already crowned two Over 25s in a row. It would be a fresh change to the show.

  22. No its probably just her age..let’s not bring the race card here. The blogger wasn’t like that to Dami Im last year. Calm down..

  23. I know I am in the minority here, but I believe they got the bottom 2 right. Neither singer does anything with what they sing. They sing well, but they both lack creativity and more often than not, miss the emotion attached to the song. I do think Marlissa won the sing off. Reigan sang another over sung ballad well, but the song has been done a thousand times, and again she did nothing original with the song. Props to Marlissa for changing up the Beatles song. I do not think the twists were any good, nor did they add much to the song, but at least there was creativity and for change, she did convey some emotion. I think it would be a crime if Marlissa won as she is clearly the worst of the 3 that remain. She may have the best voice, but she lacks greatness that Dean clearly has and the reason that people dislike Brothers 3, “They are old fashioned” is exactly why I love them. Should be a great finale, except when Olly Murs opens his mouth.

  24. Whats wrong with this blog? Nothing at all. This blog usually is full of intelligent comments. People disagree in a polite manner, generally making valid points for both sides of any disagreement. Who cares what people say elsewhere. It is all subjective anyway. Personally, I think Reigan is a total bore. I have heard a thousand of Reigans. She does nothing creative with any of her songs. Ultimately that is what sent her home. I could listen to Brothers 3 all day long. The Sounds Of Silence was one of the best performances I have heard on any of the X Factors. They bombed with Best Song Ever, but they made up for it with Massachusetts. I do hope Foo continues to dump on them. He has not a clue about music and his incessant badgering of the boys, probably creates votes for them. Enjoy the finale.

  25. I guess it is a matter of taste after all. I for one loved Reigan’s tone and thought she did make songs her own in several ocasions (Toxic, Stay With Me, Burn for You…), and as far as can remember from your comments on the earlier weeks you did like her and thought she made interesting changes in her songs (not that it matters that much, nothing wrong with changing opinions). As for Brothers 3, yeah, they are good, but honestly it is hard to argue they weren’t the weakest this week. Best Song Ever was an utter disaster and Massachusetts had all the problems I already mentioned, also, it wasn’t really creative as this song is a 100% in their confort zone.

    Anyway, I think you’re wrong to say that what sent Reigan home was her lack of creativity. The problem was she was the type of character that the demograph on these shows don’t usually embrace.

  26. As I stated above in my way too long comment, Dannii mentioned I think at some point their “diverse” fan base, although I think they’ve been set up primarily for the teenage girl crowd. But then Dannii commented that their fan base was “BEGGING” her on twitter for weeks for them to sing Massachusetts. As I also said above, I will not make any assumptions, but I’m not sure how many teenage girls would have heard this song, much less felt the need for their favorite boy band to sing it. I could be wrong, but if Dannii was right about the begging, they might have an older crowd than they thought voting for them.

  27. This result is just ridiculous to me! How on earth Brothers 3 are in the final and Reigan isn’t!!! B3 shouldn’t have made it past week 2 or 3, come onnnnn (so pissed right now!)

  28. I actually think most of their voters are older people, who appreciate their more classic style and their “good country boy” personalities. Honestly I don’t see that many teenagers voting for them, they are far from being the most current act and are not even pretty .

  29. As for your comment above that Reigan’s “not the kind of character” the shows don’t usually embrace, well, to her credit, she did get to the Final 4, and wasn’t in the Bottom 2(/3) until the Final 6, so I wouldn’t say they didn’t embrace her. In my opinion, if you can make it to the Quarterfinal than people at least somewhat embraced your artistry/style.

  30. Do you like Marlisa or Dean? If so, just focus on supporting them and that’ll give you something to look forward to.

  31. Full of intelligent comments you say?: “Foo is a moron” hmmm and “He has not got a clue about music…” Funny that, seen as how he’s internationally famous and has sold bundles of records. What are your credentials?
    As for “Massachusetts. That was amazing.” There were bum harmonies all over it and it fell way short for a song that was made for them. The judges called it spot on. But then…..you know better!

  32. She looks good and sings well much like the winner 2 years ago. She is far superior to Dami, another over 25 female that won the show. So I shall restate it, her lack of originality, I never felt I knew who she was is perhaps even better stated was her undoing.

  33. So you want me to write my opinion without conviction. Give me a break. And by the way, Foo is a moron. He rarely makes a comment that has relevance. He thought Sounds Of Silence was Bros 3 curve ball? Listen to him talk, it is sheer torture for me and I am absolutely sure for others.

  34. Of course Marlisa won’t win. They cant do anything with a girl who still has to go to school has a beautiful voice but no starquality.

  35. Of course Reigans tone is good but I agree with bostonred she bored me from day 1, plus there are plenty of Reigans already in popworld. Snooze.

  36. Foo mistakenly comments on the boys based on the song they sing and not how well they sing it. That is both unfair and stupid. He does not speak the English language well, his comments are simplistic and in general unnecessary. They add nothing to the show. He may sell records but what does that mean? It means he sells records. It does not mean he sings well. It does not mean he knows music. You may like Foo, that is certainly your prerogative. I do not, nor do I think he is capable of being a good judge in a singing competition. Nevertheless, Australian X Factor has some very good talent this year. I am thrilled that years later, they can still find some gems in the rough. Enjoy the finale.

  37. OK so we’ve seen the final now. What stood out for me was the standing ovations the judges gave to Dean and Marlissa but not to B3. B3 are an embarassment at this level. There’s a real problem with the voting. The fact that not many people vote leaves the show open to manipulation. Who would have been at very long odds at the start? Yes, B3. What if a syndicate put big money on them and then proceeded to ‘manage’ the voting? It could easily be done. That sounds OTT but there has to be a reason that B3 made the finals. They have no stand-out vocalist, average harmonies and dance routines the 3 stooges would be proud of.
    Dean is a worthy winner and Marlissa would also do the title justice. B3 winning will make a laughing stock of the competition.
    It was written all over the judges faces last night what they thought (but couldn’t actually say). Ronan, yet again, was laughing at B3 and trying to explain it away. The fact is he laughing at them because they are a joke and if you think they deserve to win, or even be anywhere near the final, then i’m afraid you are no judge of musical talent. B3 ain’t got it.

  38. You could be not be any more wrong. Musical taste is subjective. Procol Harum is my all time favorite rock group. Just because they are not the most popular, does not mean they are bad, it just means that others do not hear what i hear. Similarly, I enjoy Brothers 3. They are doing something a bit anachronistic, but that is part of the charm. They are a joy to listen too. They took on Sounds of Silence something I doubt Marlissa would dare even if she could choose the other 2 to sing with. I think Dean is far and away the best of the bunch, but I prefer to listen to Brothers 3. Trust me, I do know music, way more than you could ever imagine, but what we like is entirely subjective. All that being said, I think it would be criminal if entirely ordinary Marlissa wins. I have heard her a million times before and will 1000 times again. I can not say that about either Dean or Brothers 3. That is what matters to me most. Again, it is just what I like. For you to come on hear and accuse someone of not knowing music, because they like one group over another, is ignorant. Thinking that Marlissa is a worthy winner, to me is moronic, but I will not accuse you of being an idiot for saying so. Enjoy the finale.

  39. Exactly. It is a matter of taste. Music is entirely subjective, I mean people like to listen to Redfoo. I can not stomach anything he does, but that does not mean he sucks, it just means I do not like him. I can not stand these people that write how so and so is an idiot for liking this act, and you know nothing about music cause you like this act. People who write that crap are ignorant. What people enjoy listening to is entirely subjective. For a while I did enjoy Reigan but late in the show, she lost me. I stopped enjoying her. I think it is because I have heard her voice before, so now she must make the songs interesting to keep me hook. The last few weeks, she failed to do that for me, so yes, I did enjoy her for a bit, just not near the end. Thanks for replying. Enjoy the finale.

  40. Keep your shirt on!! Show me where I called you an idiot. What I said was you are no judge of musical talent. I detailed why I say B3 should not be in the final: “They have no stand-out vocalist, average harmonies and dance routines the 3 stooges would be proud of. ”
    I stand by that. The subjective argument doesn’t fly here. It’s about identifying an act that will make it big and be in demand. It’s about identifying what has market appeal not what some minority view might prefer. B3 are the one remaining act (have been for weeks now) who don’t have what it takes to do that. But of course you are entitled to your view and we’ll see what unfolds. I nearly want them to win it now so we can watch them crash and burn!

  41. I never said you called me an idiot. I simply said that I would not call you one. It horrifies me that something different rarely succeeds. It is this Pied Piper world we live in. But I did not enjoy Dean or Brothers 3 to be provocative. I liked what they did. Marlissa bores me. It is just that simple. Cheers.

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