X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 10 (with VIDEOS)(updated with RESULTS)

So they’ve decided to add a week to their show, I was all for a grand finale with a final 4. But instead we get to have the likes of Marlisa, Reigan, Dean, and the Bros 3 fight out for a spot into the final 3. Walking into this week the two acts that haven’t been in the bottom 2/3 are Marlisa and Brothers 3 and while this could make us assume they are guaranteed a spot in next week, I actually think Marlisa is in the most trouble going into this week. Reigan and Dean could be on a upswing, and Brothers 3, well they have publics support. Marlisa could end up just short of making it all the way. Videos below.




Well it happened an under 25 girl finally made the grand final on X Factor. Big Congratulations to Marlisa, a well earned achievement. Can not believe Reigan is gone, my opening guesses of a Tee vs Reigan finale showdown was so wrong, so, so, so wrong. Here we are with our final 3: Dean, Brothers 3, and Marlisa. I think I could actually see any of them winning. Now with only one female, Marlisa may pick up Reigan’s voters. So really it is anybody’s game.