X Factor UK S11E13 – Judges’ Houses

Rivers of tears continue.

Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.

XF UK S11E13 Previews:

Paul Akister Judges’ Houses Preview

Sinitta joins Simon Preview

Fleur East Judges House Preview



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The unnamed boyband still doesn’t have a name, but they have 40.5K followers on Twitter.

We are back in Mexico.

Danny Dearden – Beautiful Disaster (Kelly Clarkson)

Jordan Morris – Apologize (Timbaland feat. OneRepublic)

Another montage of two acts together. Basically, these two guys are fodder.

Jake Quickenden – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police)

Nicole Scherzinger sent him home at this stage two years ago. He is obviously really nervous to be here again. He is an average vocalist, but he is giving it his 110%. Mel B and Emma think he really connected with the song, but Emma wonders if his voice is strong enough.

Paul Akister – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)

Paul made it to this stage last year. Poor guy is still traumatized by Louis’ rejection. But this year he is getting to the live shows without a shadow of a doubt. He makes Mel B cry. Emma loves him.

And now time for Mel B and Emma to pick the finalists. Everything looks soooo staged.

Danny, Andrea and Jordan will receive the news first. Andrea Faustini is through to the live shows, the other two are going home. Like we didn’t know that earlier when they put the two in a montage.
Paul Akister is finally getting a YES. Let’s face it, we all knew it as soon as we saw his room audition. Mel B is faking it once again? Paul isn’t connecting? WTH?
Jake Quickenden and Jack Walton are the last two boys waiting. Jack is going home. Jake is finally getting a YES. He is not Mel B’s stronger singer, but he will do, if her performs topless.


Simon and the overs are next. Simon took them to his real Los Angeles home. British tabloids report Simon has 9 OVENS in his LA home. Apparently the reporters saw them during the filming.

A while ago it was reported that the conditions were really bad for singing and filming. Expect the performances to be rough.

Simon is taking the overs to One Direction concert in LA! How nice of him. And now, time for Simon’s house. What a lovely place. Simon’s guest judge is Sinitta. She arrives nearly naked in huge native American headgear. HAHAHA.

Stevi Ritchie – I’m a Believer (The Monkees)

He is definitely this season’s WAGNER. He gets back up singers. Not that he can’t hold a tune on his own, but he is most definitely not a candidate for the next big recording artist. Simon: “What the bloody hell was that?” He compares him to a dog with three legs.

Lizzy Pattinson – Don’t Make Me (Blake Shelton)

Robert Pattinson is her younger brother. Simon thinks she hasn’t shown her 100% yet. And she is singing some country, because Simon loves it so much. She sings fine, but I’m a bit bored. Simon says she just doesn’t have “the impact”. Sinitta thinks Lizzy’s performance on the show would be time for bathroom break.

Helen Fulthorpe – I’d Rather Go Blind (Etta James)

Helen is a single mother of two children and her son has diabetes. She is doing this for the kids. She starts singing and her vocal sounds fine, but something isn’t right. During the performance Simon points out to Sinitta that Helen has timing issues. Later on Sinitta is a bit frustrated. She says the show is meant to give people like Helen a chance and she obviously blew it. Helen returns to the waiting room. She knows she messed up. Poor woman.

Jay James – Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)

He misses some notes during the performance and destroys the melody. Simon obviously expected more from him. He also points out that Jay has a bad habit – sometimes he sings through his nose. Simon is disappointed.

Fleur East – Bang Bang (Jessie J)

Simon stopped her during her room audition. Yikes. Fleur wants to prove herself to Simon. Simon says he hardly remembers her.
She is doing Jessie J’s new song. She is giving it her 110%, Simon seems to be enjoying it. Fleur even does Nicki Minaj’s verse. Simon and Sinitta are pleased.

Ben Haenow – With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles)

Ben’s performance is saved for the end and there is a reason for it. Rock solid.

Before Simon is due to reveal his decision, Helen suffers a panic attack.

This is it for tonight!

Second time’s a charm: An emotional Jake Quickenden scrapes through to the X Factor finals after being kicked out last year… while Jordan, Danny and Jack head home
Last year was one of the toughest Jake Quickenden has ever had to face.

The X Factor hopeful was booted out of last year’s competition by Nicole Scherzinger at the Judges House stage, and then tragically lost his 19-year-old brother to bone cancer just weeks after.

‘If I get rejected again it’s going to be heartbreaking. When I got a no last year the journey home was horrible. I don’t think I could do that again,’ he admitted ahead of his performance on Saturday night’s show.
Read more: Daily Mail

Truly the mane attraction! Sinitta steals attention at Judges’ Houses as she teams outrageous ‘hair-kini’ with giant Native American headdress on X Factor
Fans were only just beginning to get over the risqué palm leaves outfit she wore in 2009.

But Sinitta managed to outdo herself as she left X Factor bosses speechless by turning up to help Simon Cowell at Judges’ Houses as a naked Native American.

The 50-year-old ensured that all eyes were on her as she maintaining her modesty with a ‘hair-kini’ while she also covered up with nude underwear.
Read more: Daily Mail

Flushed with disappointment: Sinitta brands Lizzy Pattinson’s X Factor performance the perfect time for a toilet break
With her pretty looks and tuneful voice, there’s no doubting that, like her little brother Rob, Lizzy Pattinson has got bags of talent.

But Simon Cowell’s ever-present sidekick Sinitta wasn’t quite so sure when they came face-to-face on Saturday’s X Factor.

After listening to London-born Lizzy perform a gentle rendition of Blake Shelton’s Don’t Make Me, the Eighties popstar turned to Simon and hinted that she’d been far from blown away.
Read more: Daily Mail

‘I think she might be having a panic attack’: X Factor contestant Helen Fulthrope is overcome with emotion as she feels the pressure at Judges’ Houses
She gave an impassioned performance of Etta James’ classic hit, I’d Rather Go Blind.

But it seems the pressure of her audition was too much for X Factor contestant Helen Fulthrope as dramatic scenes played out at the Judges’ Houses on Saturday night’s show.

The mother-of-two was battling it out with fellow contestants in the Over 25’s category to convince Simon Cowell that she deserved a place in the live rounds.
Read more: Daily Mail

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  1. So sad I miss JustinTv I can’t find a site that I can watch live :( so I will be back later for the videos :)

  2. Paul and Andrea are my favorites not just for this category but for the whole entire show.

  3. Read the instructions how to watch in the post. Google Chrome rules.

  4. It’s annoying because they are similar vocally so eventually one will cancel the other out. But ideally both should make it really far.

  5. Um, can all the boys go through? LOL They are leaps and bounds better than the other categories it’s embarrassing. Even the Justin Timberlake copycat is better than the girls. :P

  6. If life was fair, only one of the two should go through, but Lord, I can’t imagine the one without the other. Love them both too much LOL

  7. I loved Paul’s reaction. And Andrea’s. So freaking pumped for live shows!

  8. Too bad about Jack. I would’ve have put him through over Jake. Jake is too ordinary for my taste. At least Jack could pull a surprise here and there. Hopefully he gets a wildcard.

  9. but he may steal votes from the BoyBand… and all things point to them being TCO…
    at least as things stand at this stage…

  10. I’m going to be pissed if Stevi makes live shows. But I think it might happen.

  11. Sinitta is being so snobby and rude. And Simon not knowing why he got the Over. Lulz. Simon, don’t cha produce this dang thing? Puhleezzzzeeee…..

  12. If Ben goes through, Paul and Andrea has some stiff competition ahead. Wow, the males not named Stevi are so good this year.

  13. I’m not so sure. I think Paul and Andrea are slightly better. But Ben is my third favorite.

  14. Ben reminds me of a more soulful, more serious, slightly hipster version of Olly Murs. LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes top 5.

  15. I HEART Ben!!! Sigghhh… way better than that overrated Jay James imo…what is up with that excrutiating nasal singing!

  16. I think based on the two nights we’ve seen, my favs are for sure Paul, Andrea, Ben and Fleur. Didn’t know she had it in her. Excited for this season :)

  17. Is he even overrated, someone would have to think he’s good but no one does so he just sucks.

  18. Those 4 seem to be the best and that oversized boyband is just way too many ppl.

  19. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people like him, starting from the show’s production.

  20. The judges love him. Here in Brazil, people are mad over him. I don’t get it. Too nasal.

  21. Well I must watch something different than the rest of the world. I do not like any of Mels boys, not one. Andrea sings great, but we have heard him a million times before. Jake is very limited and not edgy enough to overcome his lack of singing ability, Paul kills it too, but again, there is nothing special about him. I felt Jack could win the entire show, and he does not make live. The montage showed Danny+Jordan both killing it, both had a unique tone. I would have picked the other 3 boys. I love watching X Factors in Australia UK+ especially New Zealand (Glad it returns next yr). The us version ran out of gas after the first year auditions which were full of pleasant surprises, but my favorite group did not make lives and now the 3 under 25 boys, especially Jack dont make lives. There is not one over, maybe Fleur that I would care to listen to. This is all shaping up rather bleakly. Sad.

  22. I personally would have prefered to have Jake,Jack and Paul through in the boys. As for overs, I loved Ben and Fleur. Not a huge fan of the others. Janet Grogan should’ve been there. As far as the groups I am so happy the boyband and only the young are through. I’m still a little upset Overload aren’t there.

  23. I beg to differ. This is the first season i ever watch The X Factor UK (after a fan of The X Factor US) and I found most of the Top 24 are good and likeable. The 6 picked for live shows so far are excellent choices (scratch that … Blonde Electra, not a good choice). The next 3 expected from Simon’s overs will be excellent choices as well. Only Nicole’s girls top 3 that i most probably disagree with (what… no Lola???)
    The two joke acts … Blonde Electra and Stevie … I found Stevie can actually sing and he is likeable and kinda entertaining. Blonde Electra is just annoying. Don’t like their voice (especially the short-haired sister) and don’t like their rapping. They are too much in ya voice … literally. The Brooks are good tho, they should have been chosen instead of the Blondie. The new girlband is too bland. The other boyband is forgettable. Overload for wild card? Should be The Brooks, really. I don’t think it’s fair the ones left in bootcamp were chosen ahead of those andvanced to the Judges’ Houses.

  24. I think this year will be all about the boys. Jake, Andrea, Paul, Ben, Jay and the new Boyband. Plus Jack and Overload (or hopefully the Brooks) … how can the girls stand a chance? Good luck for Lola and Fleur anyway. Blonde Electra will be one of the first to be eliminated … if not the very first. Jay is early front runner but i think he will fade later in the stage. Just watched the full episode of this second judges’ houses … any of you notice the cute banter between Jake and Andrea? (my cute Italian bear?) that’s saying so much about both of them really … which I suspect may hinder them to actually (but sadly) win the competition. I think the top 3 will be Ben, Paul, the new Boyband and hopefully Lola makes to top 4. To win? Barclay Beasles!!! Ooops sorry I mean the new Boyband hehehe

  25. My god! This year is a bad bad year. No one stand out. Andrea and Paul are the big voices… and they haven’t big voices. Poor year.

  26. Rather their too similar or not they both will carry the votes. Both Have amazing voices with a lot of soul which I think is why you have a problem.

  27. Imo those are the least interesting people from the show 2014. We have all seen them before, the concept is old, the creativity zero.
    Some refreshing talent would be Jack Walton (the absolute winner, creativity, artistry and great multdimensional voice) and The Brooks (Cute and very musical). I even like Chloe Jasmine, she is refreshing as well, but she needs better singing skills to break through, because when your arrangement is that different you need to be excellent to be succesful.

  28. Mr Conspiracy:p Hahah. But I don’t know, Jacks presence in the liveshows would have made me watch them, now I don’t. So from the producers sight of view, I don’t know if this is necesserily beneficial for the number of x factor viewers. Also, what profit would they have if the new boyband gets succesful to the detriment of Jack Walton? If Jack would rock, they would also have someone incredibly marketable.

  29. Overload should be in the lives anyway. Just like Jack Walton (and the Brooks, even). Very disappointed.

    I like the new boyband, but the show/judges want them succeed soo badly that I am almost not liking them anymore.

  30. it’s Cowell’s record label (Syco) that wil be signing the X Factor winner and releasing their music (and any other acts they decide to sign)…

    Cowell and his label have a proven track record with boy/girl bands and pop stars (think 1D, Olly, Ella, Leona, Cher Lloyd etc…) as well as MOR / AC big ballad belters doing albums of covers (SuBo, Sam Bailey, all the BGT show tune acts…)

    they don’t have much of a track record with rock or singer songwriter acts… in fact when Syco have dabbled in that… with likes of Lucy from X Factor or and BGT act Loveable Rouges… they didn’t have much chart or radio success… and got dropped by the label…

    so Syco would probably prefer a pop act like the boyband to be the winner…

    also the UK audience that like new rock & singer songwriter musicians doesn’t view contestants who have been on the X Factor as credible… and therefore would be unlikely to embrace / support their post show career…

    so unless Jack wanted to give up the singer songwriter thing and become the next Olly Murs… X Factor doesn’t seem like the right vehicle for him…

  31. All right, so I summarize: S. Cowell & Co need karaoke singers to be the next pawns in his big money puppet show.
    I have one remaining question: Why did they sign up James Arthur? That is not exactly a karaoke singer, more an artist. Although he said somewhere that he thought they (the record label) were going to give him room to practice his artistry and they didn’t, they just wanted him to sing mainstream – easy to listen to – crap.

  32. James Arthur won season 9. They had to sign him and considering Jahmene Douglas and Christopher Maloney were in the final 3, James Arthur was the best option. His winner’s single (“Impossible” cover) was absolutely massive, but once he came out with his own music, he wasn’t able to score a hit. He also turned out to be a jerk and soon after his album was released, UK radio stations banned his music.

  33. They had to sign James Arthur, he won the show…
    I didn’t really watch that season closely… But my understanding is that he only became a truly pimped contestant after Ella was given the boot mid way through…
    The writing was on the wall for him after what happened to Matt Cardle… Syco wants pop stars not ‘artistes’

  34. You are telling me that the producers determine who wins, not the voters? A question I am thinking about since the start.

  35. Well no, but they did pimp James Arthur to the 9th degree to ensure his win. Christopher Maloney was a huge threat. The winners is decided by the public, but the producers are free to manipulate the public.

  36. Exactly. James Arthur and Ella both ended up in bottom 2 at TOP 6.

    She was the last female contestant that season. I guess TPTB and the judges thought James Arthur was more ready because he is older than her. So they sent Ella home. Then James Arthur turned out to be a jerk. Luckily Syco also signed Ella and gave her time to write her album.

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